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All Stuffed Up

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/21/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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All Stuffed Up

Evil Angel/Toni Ribas Productions

Genre: Gonzo, DP

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Director: Toni Ribas


Cast: Carter Cruise, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Vicki Chase, Bonnie Rotten, Veruca James

Length: 192:16 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The extras were minimal, a cast list and websites included along with a 22:43 minute long set of interviews and photoshoots called a Behind the Scenes feature (though none of the resulting photos were used on the disc).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: All Stuffed Up was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to director Toni Ribas for Evil Angel. The bulk of the camera work was handled by the world renowned Chris Streams, Toni contributing in some POV portions and when he was not on screen at a given time, the editing by Sid Knox polishing up the footage captured quite well. The tease and action were shot much like Chris’ work elsewhere so I knew the production was going to look good, the lighting helping to get the flesh tones looking very accurate, the framing exceptional, and the company watermark compensated for ahead of time by positioning the camera to get each tryst looking the best it could. There were some compression artifacts observed on the big screen and a hint of pattern noise at times, placing so much material on a single disc, even a double layered disc, having repercussions, though it was not terrible by any means. The standard definition disc offered the resolution at 720 x 480p as expected though the scenes were all shot in high definition (check the company website for the best version), the 2.0 AC3 stereo sounding monaural as ever even when listened to via headphones but the vocals were crisp and the tease music unobtrusive when played.


Body of Review: Toni Ribas is best known in porn circles as a performer that likes to engage in rough, hardcore sex with women but his porn resume also includes a lot of directing works for various companies, the man now working out a distribution deal with Evil Angel to direct. His first release for the company is called All Stuffed Up, a set of four scenes involving the director and Ramon Nomar giving four high end hotties various forms of double penetrations (DP’s). While DP’s are not my big thing to watch, seeing ladies like Carter Cruise, Vicki Chase, Veruca James, and Bonnie Rotten get worked over to the point of exhaustion sexually does offer a lot of potential, most of the ladies even giving up the gush as the man stimulate them into squirting too. In my experience’s with Toni’s works, the quality of the work is largely tied to who he has as a production crew and whom he hires to work with so knowing ahead of time he nabbed one of the best cameramen in the business (Chris Streams) and picked four of the most sexually stimulating ladies available gave this one a lot of potential to truly score big.

The company website described the movie like this: “In “All Stuffed Up,” veteran pornographer Toni Ribas’ Evil Angel directing debut, he and fellow Spanish stud Ramon Nomar manhandle flexible vixens in furious double penetration, double vaginal and double anal action! They train bodacious blonde Carter Cruise in Español while drilling her holes, or vice versa. She’s pussy-slapped and fingered to a crying, squirting female ejaculation, which giddy Carter laps up. Thorough DP includes double vag, double anal, even a toe-and-dick combo. Scorching L.A. Latina Vicki Chase brings her adorable ass and sex kitten smile to a rough sodomy session. She sucks both pricks at once in an oral DP, which escalates to hair pulling, choking, ass-to-mouth sucking, tit slaps and spanking, plus Vicki’s dirty bilingual oaths. Busty, elaborately tattooed Bonnie Rotten gets DP’d like a rag doll. Vivid footage shows a double anal fuck, and as her intestines graphically prolapse, her cunt blasts multiple plumes, a geyser of girl squirt! The fellas carry her bodily in another DP. Pale, brown-eyed Veruca James howls and cries in DP joy, her butthole gaping. She jerks jism up her nose and over teeth.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Carter Cruise, the multi-award winning sensation that won virtually every award of consequence this last year, was up first as the blond cover girl teased by the pool, her brilliant blue eyes and all natural curves exactly what Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar needed to establish some credibility going into the show. Carter wore a metallic gold top, black booty shorts and black fishnet stockings as she teased the camera, caressing herself and showing off her nipple and tongue piercings. There was some slow motion but not too much, the gal showing her breasts but not the rest of her before she ended up with the guys in the house. They were all over her after it was established that she was going to do a DP, Ramon crawling over to gobble her gash as she kissed Toni on the mouth. The language lessons didn’t work out as well given how distracted she was, the guys adoring her as they continued to pleasure her, Carter reciprocating by slobbing their turgid knobs aggressively, inhaling the men in 69 or kneeling between their legs as the men fought for her oral affections in the living room. She throated them to the bone and applied hand to gland friction when jerking them off, some spanking and fingering of her perfect pucker showing she was well warmed up for the guys though they rimmed her first all the same. They even made her squirt before the active vaginal and anal riding took place, Carter sucking them clean from time to time but maintaining her great eye contact and always showing appreciation for the guys. Granted, the use of so many fingers in Carter (either hole) got excessive and the inclusion of the two of them porking her precious pussy at the same time (DPP) was more than I cared for but there was a good deal of energy, enthusiasm, and chemistry here as she drained their dragons of sperm, milking their balls dry of semen before the dick drunk doll fed herself any remaining seed found on her face to swallow. The company website described the scene like this: “Bodacious, blue-eyed blonde Carter Cruise shows off a tight, natural-breasted body and a playful smile, telling Spanish studs Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar she'd like to be double-penetrated every day. They train her in Spanish while drilling her holes, or vice versa! The threesome is on with a spit-soaked 69, a hair-pulling face fuck and both uncut pricks sucked by Carter's thick, BJ lips. She's fingered to a squirting female ejaculation, which giddy Carter licks up. The Spaniards switch off fucking cunt and butthole, thorough DP rides for Carter. She masturbates orgasmic pink and takes a double-vag, both pricks simultaneously plowing pussy! There's a toe-and-dick DP and the boys carry her bodily, pricks pounding her holes. After crying orgasms and much ass-to-mouth flavor, Carter slurps up two cum facials.”



Scene Two: Vicki Chase, a charming Latina hotty with a body made for speed over comfort, was up next with Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar, the “Spaniards” finding the exotic hotty to be another high level babe worhty of showcasing. Her tease was in the house with white veils concentrating all attention on her as her sheer black dress, open in the back, did little to hide the g-string nestled so lovingly in her ass crack as she pranced around the place. Unlike Carter’s scene where some build up took place, Toni was going balls deep in Vicki’s heart shaped ass in POV, the gal actively riding as she pushed back to meet his thrusts (the gal sporting a natural anal gape he used more of later). The guys then made her crawl to them by the second story landing where the white couch was positioned, Vicki easily throating both of their raging boners to the hilt, streamers flying and her hands complimenting her mouth as her eyes gave the men the attention they needed. They even plowed her mouth at the same time, secure in their sexuality as they rubbed together, the men soon repositioning so one pounded her pussy while the other took her mouth though they switched out and eventually gave her the advertised DP she wanted. While I was unaware of it going into the show, the guys were able to both fit in her pussy and ass at the same time after they warmed her up, the DAP looking more passive on her part than the DPP, some minor squirting showing her to be at least as fluid as Carter though nothing close to Bonnie if you know what I mean. This was another fun scene where all three were in tune with each other the entire time, the chemistry enhanced by the passion for pecker Vicki gave up, the end result being Vicki savoring their manly fluids, even getting what fall to the tile floor as though every drop was important. The company website described the scene like this: “Scorching L.A. Latina Vicki Chase shows off natural titties, adorable ass, fur over shaved labia and a sex kitten smile. Petite Vicki crawls to Spanish studs Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar for an oral DP, sucking both uncut pricks at once. Spit flowing, Vicki deep-throats one dick as the other invades her twat. She's fingered to ejaculation, with hot squirt rubbed in her face; she masturbates and fellates as she's roughly sodomized. A manhandling double penetration includes hair pulling, choking, ass-to-mouth sucking, skin-reddening tit slaps and spanking, plus Vicki's dirty, desperate oaths in English and Spanish. After double-vag and double-anal reaming, Ramon creams her face (and Vicki licks the spillage from the floor). She sucks Toni ass-to-mouth, jacks his jism all over her face and joyfully sups up the mess.”



Scene Three: Bonnie Rotten, a heavily tattooed extreme queen known far and wide as the reigning goddess of gush, was up next as she followed the general outline to tease in sexy lingerie in the white veiled room before showing Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar she could take anything they threw at her with ease. The light infused bra removal was of interest but so was the manner in which she crawled in the contemporary home with her firm ass in the air, the coy vixen constantly touching herself and giving that look to the camera, a look almost daring a viewer to get off. The slow motion portion of the tease was minimal and the upbeat nature of the music well suited for the alluring manner Bonnie was projecting, the gal showing all her goodies rather than wait for the music to stop like the last two ladies had. This led to her stuffing her panties in her pussy, her voice a bit ragged as she engaged Toni verbally while he whispered from behind the camera in POV, Bonnie learning her language lesson from Ramon as she crawled between his legs to orally pleasure him in a noisy affair. As with the others, Bonnie inhaled cock to the bone with relative ease, her drenched panties wrapping around Ramon as she continued to blow him and jerk off lucky Toni. Her oral then extended to Toni as she rolled her eyes into the back of her head, both men sucked at the same time or alternating as she saw fit to before they moved to a black couch in front of the picture window where a wealth of light poured in. The oral led to some vaginal and toy play, balls stuffed in Bonnie’s ass to be propelled outwards, her ass then porked soundly as she would blow one and the other would pound her two holes. The DP’s followed with the squirt queen allowed to let loose the juice and even do a powerful double anal (DAP) as part of the circus act sex. In all, Bonnie was as active a rider no matter which hole was being worked, her sheer enjoyment of the totality of sexual acts, a small pink wand vibrator helping her get off with a geyser though there seemed to be more anal as a separate act this time than just the DP stuff. Of interest was the expression on Bonnie’s face when Toni beat off a mini gusher in front of her where the manly fluids fell short of her face, her semen goatee showing she wasn’t going to swallow either of their loads, Bonnie grabbing the wand for another session of squirting except that the scene cut out first. The company website described the scene like this: “Busty, elaborately tattooed Bonnie Rotten poses in bikini, heels, fishnets and cat's ears; she stuffs her panties in her pussy. Thrilled to share a double penetration date with Spanish studs Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar, she sucks their uncut cocks. As she blows one, the other plows her shaved gash. One stud fucks her face as the other fucks her butt, with Bonnie drooling, gasping and moaning. The studs switch holes, and Bonnie masturbates to a massive, flooding ejaculation squirt. Nomar and Toni DP Bonnie like a rag doll; she speaks in tongues and sucks cock ass-to-mouth. There's vivid footage of a double anal fuck, and as Bonnie's intestines graphically prolapse, her cunt geysers multiple plumes of girl squirt! After the fellas carry her bodily for another DP, they obliterate her face in semen.”



Scene Four: Veruca James, a lean brunette with milky white skin and some small wisps of pubic hair, was up last with Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar, her sheer lace lingerie and overall physical appeal perfectly suited for the production even if some might consider her the most underrated performer of the entire movie. Veruca wore no panties as she teased and that allowed her juicy ass to shine, her fetching eyes and nicely shaped ass as inspirational as ever as she teased in the house. Her puffy pussy and all natural boobs contributed to her appeal, the montage showing a variety of angles that kept it interesting even if I could have had twice as much footage to enjoy. The tease ended to find the trio engaging in some verbal banter, a quick reset showing the guys in front of the white couch shoving her back and forth, Ramon taking advantage of this to plunge his pecker in her mouth as Toni fiddled with his pants to unleash his beast as well. Veruca gave both of them hand assisted hummers, initially one at a time though they upped the ante by rubbing together in front of her. Veruca showed a lot of energy here, never letting up as she gazed alternating in their eyes, Ramon taking dibs on her pussy as she kept blowing Toni. She then bent over with her head down and ass in the air for the director, sucking Ramon as Toni porked her pussy and then ass, the gal losing concentration briefly but resuming her stance soon after. The guys continued boning her like they owned her and she sucked them clean, the DP footage showing her capably handling anything they could come up with, Toni using his hand to make her visibly squirt just like the others (then feeding her the resulting juices). The coolest thing was how bright red her pussy got from the guys slapping her and working her over, the bald beaver showing a large triangle of pubic hair hidden under her garter. There were several bouts of DP boning from there too, the standing version showing her sense of sexual abandon before she knelt to finish them off, Veruca savoring the taste of their ejaculate as she bounced her gaze back and forth between them. The company website described the scene like this: “Pale, brown-eyed brunette Veruca James masturbates in lacy black lingerie and heels, showing fur over her pussy. She sucks/strokes the uncut Spanish cocks of Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar. The studs trade off fucking her mouth and cunt, while spanking her natural tits and ass deep pink. Double penetration makes her howl and cry in joy, and Veruca's butthole gapes. It's a rough fuck, with the boys slapping her pussy and pinching her clit as they sodomize her. With Ramon's thick meat stretching her bunghole, Toni chokes her with his feet ... and the whore flushes pink with orgasm. DP and ass-to-mouth deep throating trash Veruca's make-up. A standing, choking butt fuck is intense. Veruca jerks jism up her nose, all over her teeth and face; after orally cleaning the mess, she takes a second facial coating.”

Summary: All Stuffed Up by director Toni Ribas for Evil Angel was a surprisingly strong movie courtesy of the world class ass the director deployed her, Carter Cruise, Bonnie Rotten, Vicki Chase, and Veruca James all in rare form for camera man Chris Streams to capture with the two Spaniards going all out in a squirting, DP pounding, hardcore set of scenes. The replay value and strokability were top notch and I expect to hear more about this title later on this year during awards time, my rating of Highly Recommended showing how it had set itself apart from the pack. In short, All Stuffed Up was the kind of gonzo outing raincoaters look for, no subtlety involved in the balls to the wall fucking and sucking, each lady bringing her A game to the mix to make Toni and Ramon look their very best here so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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