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Black & White 2

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 5/31/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Interracial/Gonzo



Cast: Ash Hollywood/Jillian Janson/Riley Reid/Scarlet Red/Dakota James/Rob Piper/Prince Yahshua/Flash Brown

Director: Greg Lansky

Extras: Slideshow/Web

Release Date: 12/15/2014

Runtime: 160 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Greg Lansky's 'Black & White Volume 2'!

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*Scene 1:

Jillian Janson/Rob Piper

Anal, Squirting, Creampie

The premeire scene in Greg Lansky's second installment of the Black & White series begins as we see a decked out Jillian Janson chatting it up on the phone, giving a bit of a synopsis for the upcoming scene as she shows her eagerness through some schoolgirl like expressions to her pal on the other line. The intro segment rolls into a short tease that shows some nice walkshots of Jillian before encountering her fuck buddy in the form of Rob Piper. The action kicks off with a sloppy makeout sesh between the two, translating very sensually as things continue onward with a blowie. The sex sets in with some doggie style dickdowns from Piper, evolving into a missionary bang that soon picks up with some anal fucks. Things begin a little slowly and less significant but the scene picks up pretty well as it movies forward, encapsulating a pretty solid anal fuck sesh that features Jillian pumping out some cooze in the latter moments before Rob spills his jizz into her love tunnel. A pretty nice scene here for the most part; the sensuality mixed with some light moments of intensity in the middle to late stages makes for some cock-stiffening action. 



*Scene 2: 

Riley Reid/Dakota James/Rob Piper



Riley Reid and Dakota James are next up, beginning the scene in some classic schoolgirl attire as Riley tells her bestie about how she's been dating a black man in his mid-thirties. After Dakota's initial disbelief, she asks if she can join the two for a threesome, with the scene evolving into an abbreviated tease sequence that leads into some girl/girl action as Rob Piper sits front row to the action. The girl/girl segment lasts for around 10 minutes, ending after Rob unsheaths his meat sword and Dakota blows him while Riley administers. Riley adds a lot to the scene here, playing the primary role as the more experienced girl, as the blowie continues on wonderfully upon the scene's progression. The chemistry between the 3 is really nice as well, and this early cock-worshipping schlong slop has some exceedingly strong moments leading up to the sex. Sex sets in with Dakota bent over with her ass pointed toward the sky, as Riley plays the role of assistant and sucks on Rob's pipe during pullouts. Sex progresses very well, with all of the senuality playing a large role in the unraveling, and lots of meaningful kisses giving a really sexy vibe to it. Dakota also plays a believable role as the more naive of the two, with the chemistry of the scene relying on the characters they're playing and being pretty solid because of it. Things ultimately cap off with Rob releasing a load of internal cock-cream in Dakota's vag, as the girls send him on his way after cleaning off his cock with their mouths. A pretty great scene here in my opinion; positioning and cinematography added a very nice touch to it all, and the outcome benefited largely based on it. Good stuff. 



*Scene 3: 

Scarlet Red/Prince Yahshua

Scarlet Red encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, opening up the scene with a phone call to a friend, as she talks about her weekend being ruined because of all the studying she has to do. Soon afterwards some loud music plays in the background, resulting in an angry Scarlet going to her neighbor's place to ask him to turn it down. Prince Yahshua plays the role of Dakota's neighbor, kindly apologizing to Dakota as she willingly accepts his offer to resolve matters with a drink. The action starts only moments later, with a cocksucking and throat fucking for the ages that features Prince jamming his jizz-nozzle deep into Dakota's mouth, making for an outstanding introduction to this scene. The intensity has a believable factor to it, and Scarlet's vocal ramblings about how "small her bf is compared to Prince" actually translates really well in comparison to the usual tacky feel that we get from a lot of scenes in the same sub-genre. Sex begins with a doggie style dickdown from Prince, hammering away at the adorable Scarlet while she moans to the heavens, as position changes are fluently switched up with a pretty authentic feel to it all. The scene ends coming out of a missionary style bang, with Prince unloading the contents of his balls over Scarlet's smiling face before the screen fades. Overall I was extremely surprised and satisfied with this scene, it's my favorite one yet. Scarlet radiates a naturally adorable vibe; nothing in this scene seems forced in any way, and the finished product is easily one of the best that I've seen of Lansky's work to date. Great stuff. 


*Scene 4: 

Ash Hollywood/Flash Brown

The final scene in Greg Lansky's Black & White 2 begins with a short tease set to some soft music, as the gorgeous Ash Hollywood stands dressed in workout apparel while showing off her various pieces and parts. The intro rolls into yet another phone conversation, setting up the scene as Ash eventually fesses up about her affairs with her personal trainer, who's played by Flash Brown. The action gets underway in an outdoor setting, with a post-workout blowie that eventually leads to the couple going indoors to continue the bj fun. The blowie is solid for the most part, having some notable throat fucks that lead into a doggie style dicking from Flash to initiate the sex. The sex in the scene carries a pretty nice energy from both parties, with some dirty talk from Ash giving an added effect to it all. Positions switch up naturally, with the camera cutting between each of them as the work within the cinematography adds an excessive amount of appeal to the overall feel. Things cap off with Flash blasting a load of cock butter over Ash's face, coming out of a reverse cowgirl positioning as she laps up the goods with a smile to close out. To be honest I thought there were some things that did seem a little forced in terms of talking in the scene, but I think this is one of those examples where people can really see how much good directing can do for a scene. It's truly remarkable how much thought was put into the capturing of this scene and even though I didn't love the performances this was still a really good.




Greg Lansky's 'Black & White Volume 2' from Blacked.com has some good interracial stuff throughout it's context, with an opening scene that gives a decent intro but the middle two being my primary reasoning for recommendation. Scarlet Red and Prince were incredible in the third scene, with Riley carrying her scene with Dakota and Rob very well, which is the essential reason that it shines. The camerawork and thoughtful direction here is really strong, and even though there are some weird cuts, the overall cinematography does SO much good for every scene in the film. Extras include the dreaded slideshow viewing of some photo stills, along with web access to round it out. I think people that have yet to give Lansky a shot should definitely take a look at his stuff; his work really shows in the scenes and any gonzo fan who appreciates porn should find a lot about these scenes that they like. If you enjoy interracial gonzo-esque porn I think you'll like this one. Give it a look. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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