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Auditions 2

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/1/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Auditions 2

Girlfriends Films

Genre: Dramatized Interview Showcases

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Director: B. Skow


Cast: Tia Cyrus, Karlo Karrera, Aidra Fox, Tommy Pistol, Marica Hase, Steve Holmes, Sabrina Banks, Toni Ribas

Length: 205:40 minutes

Date of Production or Release: 5/1/2015 (per cover credits); 8/20/2014 & 8/21/2014 (movie credits)


Extras: There were three trailers and a 33:17 minute long bonus scene from Beautiful New Faces 2 starring Chloe Amour & Clover as described below.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Auditions 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Using high definition cameras, Skow set forth to provide an upgraded experience from both his award winning “Brand New Faces” and newer “Beautiful New Faces” series that I always appreciated. Mike Towers handled the camera along with Skow, and Hashiell Dammett was the editor, allowing Skow to interview the ladies without dealing with all the ongoing issues involved. There was no continuous company watermark on the screen and while certain portion of the footage looked like a filter was used to soften the image, the overall look of the show was solid. The aural components were likewise well done, the 2.0 Dolby Digital encoding added in during post production to limit the background noises, the vocals heard reasonably well in most cases, few ambient noises disturbing the flow of the show other than some wind noise or the muffled vocals of the first scenario.


Body of Review: B. Skow is one of the most technically proficient directors in porn today, his creative mind always trying to spin something worthy of fans as he explores the fringes of the industry. His current distribution deal with Girlfriends Films has allowed him a great deal of freedom in this regard, spawning a title called Auditions 2, a spinoff of sorts from his other newcomer series where he offers a dramatized interview before each scene to test the resolve of his cast. How much of the resulting interviews come from Skow’s fertile imagination is a topic for another forum but in terms of entertainment value, I recall earlier this year singing his praises for the first volume in the series, the fun factor alone making it worth adding to your collections. This time, Skow delivers ladies such as Aidra Fox, Sabrina Banks, Marica Hase, and Tia Cyrus with no pretense that they are “new”, one of his biggest stretches of the imagination in his others works, and it again often works well with the theme of the no holds barred auditioning he puts them through, the sex afterwards sure to appeal to their fans too. The back cover described the movie like this: “A girl enters a house and she is led to a waiting room. Her instructions for the shoot are posted on a wall. She is then led to the audition room and agrees to do anything that is asked of her.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Tia Cyrus, a tiny little Puerto Rican gal from California, was up first in a red dress as she was asked to role play with the director about getting a ticket from a cop. She was funny in how she handled it, the discussion getting more sexual as she took off her top and tried to pour on the charm. The following scenario was about her visiting her father in jail, her comfort level adjusting as Skow fired back with comments, the gal then moving to the tan couch and showing an ability to get sexual as she showed off her lean figure. Given she has been around for awhile and starred in over 120 scenes, Tia was good at giving impromptu responses, masturbating with ice cubes and otherwise having fun before Karlo Karrera entered the picture around the 29 minute mark of the show. Muscular Karlo was told to pick her up physically and toss her around, semi complying with ease given their size disparities, Skow moving in to capture their tryst from various angles. She was built for speed over comfort but this scene was better than the last time I saw them together, their heavy kissing and solid eye contact leading to her playfully working to get his turgid boner, the gal eventually slobbing his knob to the point where his shaft bends while licking him, nuzzling his nuts, and otherwise teasing him orally before moving to the bed upstairs. Karlo spanked her with his hand after throwing her over his shoulder, the second camera already set up to catch them in the better lit room. He sucked her itty bitty titty and laid her down to gobble her gash aggressively, Tia bending over so he would rim her as well. From there the two were on fire in terms of chemistry and desire so while she was not an active vaginal rider, she sure seemed to enjoy his boner tearing her pussy up and licking him clean, Skow’s micromanaging of the action having stopped. She finished Karlo off with some hand to gland friction as she licked the tip of his pecker, the guy assisting her in beating his meat until she milked his semen out handily.



Scene Two: Aidra Fox, the cute gal on the front cover, was up next standing in front of the striped curtain as she portrayed an employee in trouble during a meeting with employer Skow. Aidra seemed nervous and rolled with the punches as the director through her curveball after curveball, not knowing the parameters of the scenario making it almost impossible for her to adjust to make him happy. She wore her white top and tight blue skirt as he modified the scenario to make her show her bobs to “Grandpa Skow”, the man allegedly on his death bed and the idea being that it would lift his spirits. As soon as the breasts came out, she was in charge of things with a newfound sense of sexual confidence, Skow making her talk dirty as she teased her tits which set her at odds again, another set up bringing her to the tannish green couch in the living room so commonly used in the scenarios. She was ordered to “break up with him” and “let him down easy” after a five year relationship which flustered her a bunch, Skow testing her resolve as he would then have her strip for another situation, this time with her fucking her shrink. Her tits were out and her neatly trimmed snatch spread wide, the gal made to act like she was getting off until he started another one where she was dancing with all her girlfriends and trying to excite a guy, Skow calling Tommy Pistol into things as Skow reminisced about the good old days when he was 16. The final scenario was to give her 60 seconds to show her interest in Tommy, the two supposedly sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Her frustration at Skow’s demands seemed to ease up once things turned sexual, the gal bending over with her skirt up so Tommy could lick her asshole. Aidra’s perfect pucker seemed to really excite Tommy who dove in with abandon, the camera changing settings a few times to optimize for lighting as best I could tell. Tommy then whipped out his raging boner to face fuck her, Aidra throating him with ease as she went all the way to the base, Tommy’s modest gift a lot easier than some of his peers to do this with. They made out and moved to the bedroom upstairs, Aidra’s oral continuing until they went hardcore with the vaginal penetration positions, her eye contact not great but the young lady actively riding his package in a number of positions. They did more oral and he jerked off to her face, Aidra draining his dragon soundly to take the facial finish like a champion.



Scene Three: Marica Hase, a perky little Asian cutie with very limited language skills in English (other than dirty words of course), was up next on a fluffy, muted red sofa as Skow asked her to tell him her entire vocabulary which didn’t take long at all. She couldn’t stop laughing and he pushed her further to yell out some of the terms. He then gave her an easy scenario about blowing a Japanese businessman, ordering her to be verbally expressive (loudly) though it did not work as well due to the major wall between them in terms of communication. The following scenarios were of mixed value too, still good in terms of amusement factor but in a different manner than the other ladies who all spoke much better English. Before long, she was naked with her juicy little ass in the air, Skow suggesting a medical situation where he was questioning her anus pain, making her spread herself wide and finger herself before a train situation led to Steve Holmes going down on her. He devoured her pussy and ass as she reclined on the couch, her little purring noises as he worked her bald beaver certainly having an effect. She then reciprocated by tossing his salad with the camera crawling right to her ass at one point, the couple moving to the bed to complete their tryst with some massaging (of her no less). They fucked and her modest eye contact was less of a factor, the gal so tiny yet so actively riding him vaginally (at least at times), more oral by both of them including some 69 and Steve playing with her pucker, leading to him nutting all over her crotch with his sperm, the manly fluids oozing out of the much, much older man onto her stomach before she gave some post coital head.



Scene Four: Sabrina Banks, a fetching young brunette with pretty eyes from Florida, was up last as she lounged on the reddish couch in her crop top and shorts. The first situation he hit her with was portraying she was at the dentist and coming onto him. Of course he played it straight as she threw in some zingers of a sexual innuendo type, the fish hook look working for her. The modeling situation he tossed at her next was classic, and the stowaway set up was amusing in how it was explained if not the execution of it. The solo masturbation skit was easy for her by comparison, her legs were spread wide and she was told to use her body to calm down an angry jerk, the gal fingering herself and otherwise doing well before Toni Ribas was brought forth with about 25 minutes left. She was naked on the reddish couch and he was instructed to not touch her tits, pussy, or other erogenous zones as they kissed standing up. He held her arms over her head and was particularly gentle at first, the sensual kissing by both working well to warm her up. She was then told to beg for his cock, some very light whispering giving her additional instructions to help her through the situation as the couple started the oral, Sabrina throating him to the base with ease before they retired to the bed. He fingered her bald beaver and she stroked his raging boner, the active oral and vaginal showing some chemistry between the couple as they worked each other over in heated fashion. While the situations of the scenes might have been a little too gimmick oriented for some, the result in a scene like this where the two had great eye contact and were into each other helped make it work as a whole, her ending hummer pushing him over the edge to give her the expected facial.


Bonus Scene: Beautiful New Faces 2: Chloe Amour, a lean and angular brunette wearing a black dress, was up next in the house as Skow tried to engage her mind outside the standard questions as she danced around. A montage of her in various states of undress played here too, the gal sporting a bald beaver and a perky ass, the tease leading to her with Clover in a vignette. He questioned whether she was comfortable with various aspects of modeling, Chloe showing her ease by getting increasingly sexy as he took some shots with his phone. The interview was kind of stilted and seemed like Clover was not the best at improv to say the least, Chloe sprawling out on his desk naked for him to paw before his caresses led to some oral by both of them and his clothing joined hers. Her sloppy hummer left a wealth of saliva all over her but she didn’t care because they moved onto various positions of vaginal boning, the gal passive for much of the tryst though she put some energy into it toward the end when she was on top. He finished it up by unleashing his sperm on her face for her to swallow her efforts rewarded as expected.

Summary: Auditions 2 by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films took his previous formulas and tweaked them enough to allow for more variations, the “auditions” amusing at times, probative to a degree, and while highly suspect, also adding to the replay value. As such, I rated the movie as Highly Recommended, the insight to each young lady of interest in how they handled it as much as their specific responses. Each interview was different and deployed Skow’s snarkier side in varying amounts, his comments to Marica Hase and Sabrina Banks markedly different from those of Aidra Fox and Tia Cyrus so don’t make the mistake some of the slacker “consortium” reviewers make and skip through to the sex or you’ll cheat yourselves of some of the finer reasons for picking this one up. In short, Auditions 2 was the latest industry starlet showcase series for more established performers, the kind that can work with Skow on a much broader level as he offers them work but only for a price, the nudge and wink approach taken leaving ample room for plausible deniability though entertaining all the while so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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