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Pretty Sloppy 6

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 6/4/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal



Featuring: Maddy O'Reilly/Vicki Chase/Jillian Janson/Adriana Chechik/Holly Hanna/Kelsi Monroe/Layla Price/Savannah Fox/Diamond Kitty/Sean Michaels/Proxy Paige/Kristina Rose/Chastity Lynn

Also Starring: Krissy Lynn/Sheena Ryder/Kayla West/Edyn Blair/Brianna Brown/Hope Harper

Director: Jay Sin


Extras: Photo Galleries/BTS/Outtakes/Trailers/Web

*Exclusive Bonus Scene featuring Gabriella Paltrova, Adriana Chechik, and Jenna Ashley

Release Date: 5/11/2015

Runtime: 4 Hrs 21 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Jay Sin's 'Pretty Sloppy 6'!

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*Scene 1:

Diamond Kitty/Kelsi Monroe

Girl/Girl, Dildo Anal, ATM 

The premiere scene in Jay Sin's sixth installment of the Pretty Sloppy series kicks off nicely as we see playful big bootied cuties Diamond Kitty and Kelsi Monroe, strutting around a room as sexy indians with feather earrings and tight skirts while interacting with the home viewers. The set is made to look like a silly indian campground, with a makeshift tee-pee in the background as the girls do a perverted rain dance while showing off their asses. Things get slopped up in a hurry, with tons of spit-filled kisses and dildo play encapsulating the first 15 minutes, mixing in each of the girls giving each other some muff munches and progressing into some anal tongue-fucking later on. The dildo sizes range from normal size to fairly sizeable (by Jay Sin standards), showcasing both Kelsi and Diamond giving some gapes and gags while the other one jams their holes full and drools into any opened orifice available. Action is good throughout the scene, with lots of exaggerated moans and groans and a decent camera interaction to keep the viewers attention. The scene's "pretty" sloppy, without as many props as Jay usually uses, and the runtime is almost an hour long, with some parts that people are likely to skip through before all is said and done. Things close out after some deepthroat dildo jams from the girls, crawling back into their teepee and waving goodbye before the screen fades. A pretty nice scene here that had the potential to be better; like I said previously there were some slower points, but still par for the course. 



*Scene 2: 

Layla Price/Savannah Fox/Sean Michaels

Krissy Lynn/Edyn Blair/Sheena Ryder/Kayla West/Hope Harper/Brianna Brown

Squirting, Anal, ATM

Layla Price is the centerpiece of the next scene, welcoming us as she sits in an oversized bowl while a group of 7 girls encircle her with dildos in hand as they spit into her mouth and jam their prosthetic peens into her throat. The scene again wastes no time in getting sloppy, as Layla happily accepts amass amounts of saliva into her mouth and over her face as the introductory moments continue. Eventually, all but Savannah Fox leave the set as she claims that the spit soup looks to be finished, and Layla slips and slides around her bowl for a while before Sean Michaels steps in for the next act. Savannah plays a domme role of sorts to start, coaching Layla and cheering her on as she dives face-first onto Sean's slurpstick for some excessive throat-thumping cock jams. Sloppiness heightens even more throughout these parts, with Savannah sitting spread eagle on the kitchen sink and jostling her pussy to release some monstrous pussy squirts, while Layla regurgitates even more slop from her mouth as a result of her ridiculous deepthroats. Savannah joins the cocksucking fun soon after, as both girls slop up their cock nicely to prelude the sex. Savannah is the first to get slammed, doing so in a doggie style fuck as Layla sits under them and catches Savannah's squirt directly in her mouth. The buttfucking sets in with Layla being the prime recipient, as Savannah stands next to her with her asshole gaped and waiting for Sean's sword to give it a go. Things progress wonderfully as the scene continues, with both of the girls giving it their all and getting their asses handed to them before Michaels blasts a generous load of cock-snot to close it out. Great scene here; Layla and Savannah absolutely killed it and Sean did his thing. The early parts ran a little slow for me personally, but once it became a two on one effort it never let up. It was hot, it stayed true to the title, and it carried a great energy. Cool!


*Scene 3: 

Maddy O'Reilly/Jillian Janson/Vicki Chase

Girl/Girl/Girl, Dildo Anal, ATM

A fantastic threesome encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, as Maddy O' Reilly, Jillian Janson, and Vicki Chase welcome themselves while wearing matching lingerie and flirting heavily with the home viewers. The spit-swapping sets in quickly here, with the girls feeding each others hungry mouths with mass amounts of saliva as Vicki eventually takes her place in between the two with her pussy and asshole lying in the spotlight. Jillian and Maddy poke and prod at Vicki for much of the early parts of the scene, slamming random dildos into her various orifices while sticking true to the film's title as they slop up their mouths and pussies for added effect. All of the girls end up getting their holes filled amongst the sloppiness, with Vicki casually going off on her own at random points and sticking a massive suction dildo up against a nearby mirror and using it to slosh up some extra saliva before rejoining the pack and slathering it over Jillian and Maddy. Ultimately, the scene's excessive runtime tends to do less good than I'd imagined, as most of the sex acts are just re-enacted over and over again without too much contrast. Jillian, Vicki, and Maddy are all powerhouses in their own regards, but this scene dragged in a way that I never thought possible when I first saw who was in it; the camera interaction wasn't really there and things just translated slowly an ineffectively. 



Disc 2: 


*Scene 4: 

Kristina Rose/Proxy Paige/Chastity Lynn

Girl/Girl/Girl, Dildo Anal, ATM, Enema, Prolapse

Another powerhouse trio encapsulates our view for the fourth scene in the film, as Kristina Rose, Chastity Lynn, and a go-to-girl for many of Jay's movie's Proxy Paige step into view. The girls all wear matching coveralls to start the scene, splattering each other with paints as they playfully interact with the home viewers making the early moments of the scene sizzle. Kristina seems to be our early narrator, welcoming us by saying, "Hey there Mister!" in her exaggerated squeeky voice while the other girls giggle and carry along with the same demeanor. Action sets in pretty quickly as the girls are naked by about 10 minutes in, with Kristina being the first to get her asshole christened by a nearby dildo, while Chastity jams it in and out of her hole and feeds it to Proxy at sporadic points as well. Things progress nicely upon the scene's continuance, with each of the girls staying in character nicely and thus translating into a pretty strong effort here overall. There's a good amount of ass gaping and exaggerated ATM dildo throating, and the sloppiness is never neglected as the latter stages involve some enema action where Kristina creates modern art by spraying pink paint over Chastity's face and tits as Proxy laps it off of her face like a hungry puppy. The finale moments feature Proxy's asshole withstanding a ridiculously large purple dildo, giving out some extreme gapes and even some prolapse action to show off her anal skills. A solid scene here overall; the enemas run rampant throughout the later parts of it all, and the girls overt behaviors and expressions worked wonders in my personal viewing of it. The camera interaction was a key factor in my enjoyment as well, everyone played their part well here. Cool!



*Scene 5: 

Holly Hanna/Adriana Chechik

Girl/Girl, Dildo Anal, ATM, Speculum 

The final scene in Jay Sin's Pretty Sloppy 6 kicks off with Adriana Chechik and Holly Hanna, 2 absolute beauties who are no stranger to hardcore. Each of the girls are dressed in similar outfits, with too-too's that are strategically placed so that their g-strings pop out, and clear heels that accentuate the porn look nicely. The action sets in with a dildo induced makeout sesh, chock full of sloppy spit strands and face jamming deepthroats, evolving into a no-holes-barred muff munch from Holly that shows a great energy from the girls carried throughout the entire 45 minute runtime of the scene. Early moments include speculum play and a shit-ton of anal dildo jamming, and the scene progresses with a plethora of saliva-filled kisses and extreme spitplay that surpasses every scene in the film by a longshot. The energy shown from these two is something in and of itself; I loved the scene overall and thought the runtime was perfect. Good stuff. 



*Bonus Scene: 

Adriana Chechik/Gabriella Paltrova/Jenna Ashley

Girl/Girl/Girl, Dildo Anal, ATM, Squirting, Prolapse


The bonus scene here is exclusive to the DVD, with a playful setup that involves Jenna Ashley in a makeshift kissing booth, approached by bad girls Adriana Chechik and Gabriella Paltrova. Early moments consist of Gabi and Adriana giving some innocent kisses to Jenna as she sits in her tiny booth, before she asks for 25 cents from the girls for her efforts. After finding out that they have no money to pay Jenna, she says she's thirsty, and so begins the debauchery. Some solid action unravels upon the scene's progression, as Jenna plays the role of naive girl getting her anus banged by two troublemakers. Sloppiness is pretty strong to keep true to the title, with the bulk of the action showing the girls banging the "never before fucked" asshole of Jenna and having a great time doing it. The dirty talk and excessive acts of the girls made this scene a winner for me personally, with Gabi and Adriana being the driving force behind making it all super hot upon my viewing of it. Gabi's incredible ass takes center stage in the final moments, getting her ass reamed at the hand of Adriana while giving out some sporadic gapes and moans for added effect. Another good one here overall, especially considering it's a bonus scene. Apparently the editing worked wonders for it, because I thuoght it was a pretty solid watch. 



Jay Sin's Pretty Sloppy 6 from Evil Angel Video has some great stuff sprawled throughout it's 4 hour plus runtime, featuring mostly girl/girl sex with a classic Jay Sin twist that makes most of the scenes translate really well to hardcore savants such as myself. I thought that the film started out a little slow, with all but the second scene on the first disc being a little less memorable to me, but the 3 scenes on the second disc bolstered it into a solid release that has some good hardcore action. The scene's all have their moments though, with spitplay and anal being the driving force behind it's strength, and the energy of those in the more prominent scenes being the icing on the cake. Tech specs were good enough I suppose, having a less-than crystal clear viewing in opposition to what I'm used to seeing in most Evil Angel flicks, but it was captured nicely and has an authentic filthiness to it that we don't get nearly enough of these days. There's a plentiful array of extras as well, with a great photo gallery, a 20 minute BTS segment (featuring some watersports at the end), a 42 minute outtake segment, a few trailers from Jay's recent works, and of course, a solid 45 minute bonus scene featuring Gabi Paltrova and Adriana Chechik. Fans of hardcore should certainly enjoy this one; lots of top notch talent in some sloppy scenes that I found to be mostly good shit. It's a four hour plus movie, so you'll probably be skipping through certain parts of the scenes regardless, but some of them are really strong from front-to-back. If you like watching hot girls in sloppy hardcore fuck-fun then I think you'll dig it. Give it a look if you get the chance. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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