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Scale Bustin' Babes 56

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 7/3/15

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Genre: BBW, Big Boobs, Big Butt, Gonzo

Director: Rodney Moore

Cast: Eliza Allure, Becki Butterfly, Mina Pavlovia, Petra, Phoenix BBW, Alexxxis Allure, Raven Triple X, Kinky Kendal, Vallery Vixen, Duchess, Rodney Moore

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 2 hours, 35 minutes

Release Date: 5/28/2015

Condoms: No


Overview: You always expect good things from this series if you’re a fan of big babes and usually Rodney delivers. Not this time, definitely not his best work which is a shame considering the talent. I wish to be put on record that the talent had nothing to do with the subpar quality this time around. Rodney, a premier gonzo director, seems to be trying to take his films into a more artistic direction which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. That’s especially clear in the opening scene up to the closing lesbian gangbang.


Scene 1 Eliza Allure, Rodney Moore

This scene lasting over 40 minutes features quite possibly the hottest BBW performer today, a girl who’s a naturally sexual being she doesn’t need any sort of enhancements to make her sexier. But Rodney decides to shot Eliza in slow motion for over 10 minutes and while Eliza is her usual playful self and her body looks amazing, the slow motion doesn’t work. We want to see Eliza tease for sure that she doesn’t need slow motion to make herself look tempting. The slow motion adds nothing to hear tease and striptease and when Rodney does stop with the slow motion, it comes back intermittently throughout the scene. There’s also some fetish such as Eliza sitting on a toilet to suck Rodney off. When they move to another move we see Eliza wiping herself, something we don’t need to see. Rodney fucks Eliza hard but the sex in this scene lasts about 10 minutes total. Seeing Rodney titty fuck Eliza makes her appear as though she’s in discomfort in the unnatural way he’s doing it. The worse is seeing Eliza suck on Rodney’s toes and there’s nothing sexy about Rodney’s yellow crusty nail being sucked on. Eliza may have enjoyed herself but I received no pleasure at all enduring through this scene, a waste of talent all due because of the artistic direction Rodney is trying to go in.


Scene 2 Becki Butterfly

For the first half of this scene Becki is motioning herself in front of the bathroom mirror, showing off her body and doing some tease. Becki’s strength has never been in her teasing but she’s sexy enough to get guys going when she’s naked but the whole over-directing of this scene doesn’t make us look forward to the scene; we just want to get it over with and see some solo footage. Finally, when Becki’s laying in the tub she’s fucking herself hard with her dildo, one of the few spontaneous, organic moments in this entire film and one of the few bright spots.


Scene 3 Mina, Rodney Moore

Mina has kind of a goth look but she’s dressed in black business outfit and when janitor Rodney comes in, she orders him to suck on her toes. At least that’s better to watch than seeing Rodney get his toes sucked. She removes her clothes, unveiling a sexy curvy body and sits on a short, springboard seat with a hole in it that’s made appearances before in other Rodney films. Rodney gets under it to eat her pussy as she jumps up and down it. She gets off having his tongue on her pussy so the two start to fuck. But this scene is more concerned with fetish such as belly button fucking at one point, that the sex seems to be more of an after-thought. There’s some stroke value in this scene but mostly, it’s another scene Rodney seems to be trying too hard to explore his artistic side.


Scene 4 Petra, Rodney Moore

This scenes begins in usually Rodney style, he playing a radio doctor who comes over Petra’s house because she has an oral fetish. She must always have something in her mouth and sucking on something, so Rodney comes by bus to see the problem up close. Of course Rodney gives her something to put in her mouth and the two begin to engage in a long oral session. Petra can suck but the two don’t really share any chemistry, making the scene drag. It goes on for too long, even for the usual oral scene from Rodney. Rodney dumps a big load so if anything, he at least enjoyed himself but viewers may not necessarily get off as much as Rodney did.


Scene 5 Phoenix BBW, Alexxxis Allure, Raven Triple X, Kinky Kendal, Vallery Vixen, Duchess

With a scene full of gorgeous BBWs you’d think you have a winner but when you have them do something they’re not particularly good at which is acting, you don’t get lots of good results. The sex is fine but the scene is just too choreographed. I liked the way the girls looked in their Arabian garb but the girls just seemed not sure what to do with themselves or each other, the camera shots aren’t very good here, we get no good up close shots, not much in nudity as the girls are too covered up, and they seem to be trying to follow directions. The scene would’ve have just been better had the girls just been allowed to fuck, forget about the Arabian theme, and let them go at it. You have two future superstars and the rest are talented enough to make great scenes, the girls would’ve been better off just doing what came naturally. The girls never looked too into the scene, none seemed to cum too hard, and the heat that could’ve been generated just wasn’t there. Ending without warning it seemed, this scene is another one that’s a waste of talent all because of this artistic direction Rodney again, is trying to take his films in. It just doesn’t work.


Summary: As stated, you have great talent here but they just don’t seem to be getting what Rodney is trying to do. Eliza seems most receptive but the slow motion, the music, the toe sucking is too much when all we want to see is Eliza naked, sucking dick and getting fucked, that’s it. Petra’s heart doesn’t seem to be into her oral-only scene, Becki’s solo scene from the beginning seems too over-directed until she’s finally able to just masturbate, one of the few highlights in this title. Mina appears to be the only person into her character but as sexy as she is Rodney seems more concerned about the fetish direction of the scene than the sex. And I like lesbian gangbangs but the girls just seem to be going through the motions and appear directionless. It ends rather abruptly, not really the best way to end a scene, let alone a film. We want Rodney the gonzo director back because this new arteest version has earned itself a Rent It.

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