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Naughty Bookworms 38

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/3/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 6 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Genre: All Sex; Teachers; College

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Starring Madelyn Monroe and featuring Scarlet Banks, Trace Sweet, Aria Arial, Megan Sweetz, Alan Stafford

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Photo Slideshow; Janice Griffith Interview; Trailers for My Sister’s Hot Friend; My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend; Chapter Index; Motion Menus


Madelyn Monroe stars in Naughty America’s Naughty Bookworms 38 and she leads the pack in this 5-scene flick featuring A+ students who are up for a little extra cock credit. Madelyn is joined by starlets Scarlet Banks, Tracey Sweet, Aria Arial and Megan Sweetz in this over 2 hour movie. Madelyn is such the bookworm that she brings all of her favorite books to class and piles them up on Billy’s desk. He’s shocked to learn that all of her books are about sex. Billy explains to her that she doesn’t need to study books about sex, she can study his cock. Madelyn learns a lot that day. Scarlet Banks is attempting to steal next week’s final exam out of Alan’s desk. Little does she know, Alan sees the whole thing. After he confronts her, she begs him not to report her because she really needs to pass this class. Once she offers him her hot, wet snatch, Scarlet ends up with an A+ after all. I recommend this movie. It’s a solid collection of 5 of Naughty America’s scenes. They are all shot well and really play up the classroom sex scene. These girls all love being fucked and it comes through on film.

Scene 1: Scarlet Banks and Alan Stafford


Scarlet is sneaking around in Alan’s classroom trying to find a copy of the test so she can cheat on it. She finds the test in his drawer and starts copying the questions just as Alan walks up behind her. He watches her for a minute then taps her on the shoulder. She’s startled to see him behind her. Alan asks her if that’s a copy of next week’s exam that she has in her hand. Scarlet explains that she has to pass this test. She can’t fail it and she begs him not to tell the dean. Alan says he has no choice but to report the incident. Scarlet resorts to something else to get out of trouble, she grabs hold of Alan and starts kissing him. She definitely won’t fail the test now.

Alan starts spanking her pretty ass and helping her out of her clothes. He works on her tits first, sucking and licking them, then he lays her back missionary style on his desk, opens her legs and starts eating her pussy. He licks her clit then fingers her pussy and it’s driving Scarlet crazy. She grabs him behind the head, pulling him closer to her snatch. Scarlet wants to suck cock and she deep throats Alan’s meat, jerking his dick and licking it all over. She’s an aggressive cock sucker, bobbing her head harder and faster on his dick. Scarlet gets fucked missionary style on her teacher’s desk, spreading her legs and moth wide as Alan slams in and out of her pussy. She rides him cowgirl style on the chair then gets back on top of the desk to ride him cock in reverse cowgirl position, fingering he clit while Alan pumps her pussy. She’s in ecstasy as she takes more and more of his cock. The pair moves into spoon position on top of the desk and the fucking continues. Scarlet bends over the desk in standing doggy position for more of Alan’s cock. She looks back at him in ecstasy as she fucks her. Alan pulls out and cums in Scarlet’s mouth.

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Scene 2: Tracy Sweet and Bill Bailey

Tracy meets with Professor Bailey who is grading papers. She tells him that the school election is next week and she’s running against another girl, but she needs Professor Bailey to help her rig the election. He’s not comfortable doing this, but Tracy rubs on his chest and tells him that she knows what she’s doing. She kisses his him and tells him that their secret is safe with her. He helps her out of her clothes and she pulls his cock out of his pants and starts sucking it, deep throating it and looking up at him while she does. Tracy licks Bill’s balls and tells him that fucking him will help her win this election. Bill beats her face with his cock and tea bags her with his balls. She bends over Bill’s desk standing doggy style, putting her right where Bill wants her. He fingers her pussy and ass hole at the same time, sending her into a cycle of pleasure, making her body shiver. She tells him to stick his dick in her tight pussy and Bill follows her orders, fucking her from behind in standing doggy position.

Tracy puts one leg up on the desk and fingers her clit while Bill fucks her. Her pussy is wet and she screams out in ecstasy, telling Bill how good the fucking is to her. She tells him to give it to her and to keep it right there. She sucks his cock again, licking up her own pussy juices then she rides him cowgirl style on the classroom floor, bouncing up and down on his cock. After sucking Bill’s cock some more, Tracy lies back on the desk in missionary position as Bill slams in and out of her snatch. She grabs her ass cheeks, telling Bill to fuck her pussy hard. Bill pumps her harder and faster, holding one of her legs up over his shoulders. She tells him she’s cumming. Just then, Bill pulls out and jerks his dick off, cumming in her mouth and on her face.

Scene 3: Aria Arial and Alex Knight

Aria shows up to Alex’s classroom for a meeting. He tells her that he has a project that he’d like to use her for. Aria tells him she has a full load this semester, but she wants to do the project. Alex tells her the project is top secret and she can’t tell anyone about it. She can’t tell her boyfriend and other teachers or anybody. Alex tells her this job will take her out of town and she has to be available. Aria is up to the task. Alex tells her that he’s working on his thesis on the sexual life of a college student and he needs help with it. She’s game and she’s ready to get started.  Alex walks up to her and pulls his dick out and puts it in her face. Aria doesn’t understand. Alex reminds her that this project is about the sexual life of a college student. Aria starts sucking his cock, kissing and licking all over it. Alex tells her she’s a great student. Aria says she better get a lot of extra credit for this.

She continues sucking his cock, making him hard as she looks up at his with her big eyes. Alex sucks her nipples, driving her crazy before she goes back to beating her tongue with his cock. Aria lies on the desk in missionary position with her legs wide open. Alex pulls up a chair and starts eating her pussy, taking his time and licking her clit. This gets Aria off. She tells him how much she like his tongue on her pussy. Alex starts fucking her missionary style on the desk, breaking for a minute to eat her pussy again before sticking his dick back in her wet snatch. She sucks his cock then goes for a cowboy ride on top of his dick on the desk. She takes control of the fucking now, keeping Alex’s cock right where she wants it as she rides him faster and faster. Aria turns things around, taking more of his cock in reverse cowgirl position then standing doggystyle over the edge of the desk. Alex buries his face in her pussy then fucks her missionary style before pulling out and cumming all over her face and glasses.

Scene 4: Madelyn Monroe and Billy Glide

Madelyn has filled Professor Glide’s desk with tons of books. He asks her why she has all of these books on his desk. She reminds him that he suggested they bring their favorite book to class. Billy starts reading through some of her books and realizes that they’re all about sexual fantasies. He tells her that they can’t read these books in class about fellatio and other sexual positions. Madelyn tells him that she reads these books all the time. These books are her life. Billy grabs her hand and puts it on his dick and tells her she doesn’t need any books. He stars kissing her and Madelyn asks if she can suck his cock. She starts sucking him off and Billy assures her that she’s going to give great head because of all of the books she’s been reading about it. She tells him that she’s never seen a cock this big in any book as she continues to suck him off.

Billy fucks her tits and then helps her into missionary position on the desk where she starts playing with her pussy. It’s already wet as Billy starts eating her snatch and fingering it. They fuck missionary style on the desk with Billy filling her wet pussy with cock. She’s cumming as Billy pounds her pussy. He pauses the fucking for just a second so he can eat her pussy again. The start fucking again and this time it’s hard and fast as Billy plows deeper and deeper into her pussy, making her scream. She bends over a desk in standing doggy position where the fucking continues. She holds her ass cheeks open while Billy spanks and fucks her. She takes more cock in reverse cowgirl position, screaming at the top of her lungs before switching to cowgirl. She sucks on his balls while he jerks off and cums in her wide open mouth.

Scene 5: Megan Sweetz and Barrett Blade

Barrett is playing the guitar in his classroom just as Megan walks in. Barrett isn’t sure why she’s there because class doesn’t start for another hour. Megan tells him that she saw him in a music video on TV. Barrett tells her that she can’t tell anyone about that because he could lose his job at the school. Megan has a fantasy of dancing around just like the girls in the music video she saw. She says she would be perfect for the video and she wants to show him her dance moves. Megan moves in closer to him and Barrett tells her that those girls in the music video did much more than just dance. He pulls out his cock and Megan gives him a greedy blow job, deep throating him right away. She lubes his cock with spit and Barrett helps her out of her clothes. She lies on the desk missionary style where Barrett starts fucking her deep and hard, keeping one of her legs hoisted up over her shoulder.

Megan moves easily into standing doggy position with one of her legs up on the desk. She holds on as Barrett pumps her pussy hard. He spanks her as she looks back at him fucking her. Megan is enjoying being fucked by Barrett. The standing doggy fucking continues and it soon turns into a long reverse cowgirl ride on the chair. She has a big smile on her face as she takes his cock. After sucking her own pussy juices off of his dick, she rides him cowgirl some more and then gets into some spoon fucking on the teacher’s desk. She tells him to cum and he pulls out and shoots off all over her face.

Final Thoughts:

The 5 bookworms in Naughty Bookworms 38 are really book smart, and much to the surprise of their male teachers, they are really cock savvy too. Madelyn Monroe stars in this Naughty America flick and she deserves the starring spot for her desktop fuck with Billy Glide. Madelyn loves books so much that she brings them all to class and piles them up on Billy’s desk. Billy is shocked to learn that all of her books are about sex. It’s not long before Billy teaches her to study his cock instead of the ones in those books. Tracey Sweet is another bookworm to watch in this flick, as she uses her pussy to convince Bill Bailey to rig the student elections in her favor. It’s a no brainer. I recommend Naughty Bookworms 38. You’ll enjoy these 2 hours and 6 minutes of desktop fucking that ends up teaching these A+ bookworms a thing or two.

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