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Naughty Bookworms 39

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/4/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 16 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens; Teachers

Condoms:  Now

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Molly Bangs, Ashley Stone, Summer Rae, Sunny Marie, Chrissy Nova, Johnny Sins, Johnny Castle, Levi Cash, Luke Longly

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Photo Slideshow; Interview with Janice Griffith; Trailers for My First Sex Teacher, Neighbor Affair; Chapter Selection


Summer Rae is the star of Naughty Bookworms 39 and she is the perfect student for Johnny Castle’s cock lesson. Naughty America brings us 5 scenes that run over 2 hours and 16 minutes in this flick and it’s a good round up of classroom fantasies. Summer Rae is joined by fellow starlets Molly Bangs, Ashley Stone, Sunny Marie and Chrissy Nova who all aim to do whatever it takes to land that A in their favorite professor’s class. Summer’s dilemma is that she’s always been a straight C student but her teacher Johnny is confused about how she aced the hardest test of the semester. When he discovers she may have cheated, Summer realizes that there is only one thing that will keep her from getting expelled and she’s up for the challenge. Sunny Marie brings the only anal fuck of the flick, taking Levi Cash’s cock up her ass on the teacher’s desk in hopes she will get chosen for the study abroad group. The Naughty Bookworm series plays up classroom fantasies and this 39th installment in the series does a good job of presenting a variety of desktop sex scenarios. I recommend this movie. The scenes are shot well, the production quality is good and these bookworms are as naughty as ever.

Scene 1: Molly Bangs and Luke Longly

Molly is frantic in class that she is going to fail the test she’s taking. She knows that her mom is going to kill her if she fails. Her teacher Luke tells her that time is up for the test. Molly asks if there is any way Luke can give her the answers to the questions on the test. Luke tells her he can help her with the answers but she has to be able to keep a secret. He rubs on her breasts and tells her the answers to some of the questions. She asks for more, but he tells her that she has to earn those answers. He walks her over to the desk and bends her over in standing doggy position and makes her promise to keep this secret between the two of them. She says yes and he sticks his tongue in her pussy, tongue fucking her and licking her click, turning her on. She tells him it feels good and he tells her it tastes good.

After fingering and eating her pussy, Luke starts fucking her in standing doggy position and Molly is enjoying it, looking back at Luke and telling him to slap her ass and fuck her hard. She gets out of the rest of her clothes and continues getting fucked in standing doggy position then she moves to missionary position on top of the desk, telling Luke her pussy is wetter and better than his wife’s pussy. She does a little pussy to mouth then goes for a cowgirl ride on top of Luke’s cock on the chair. After more pussy to mouth, she switches to reverse cowgirl and then back to missionary position on top of the teachers’ desk. She makes sure she’s going to get the answers to the test as Luke tells her that her pussy is so tight. Molly is cumming and squirting in missionary position as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Luke tells her he’s going to drop a huge load in her mouth. He pulls out and Molly begs for his cum. He shoots his load all over her tongue.

Scene 2: Ashley Stone and Johnny Sins

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Class is dismissed and Johnny wants to thank Ashley for being so attentive in class. Johnny tells her that she’s his favorite student. He sits her down at his desk and starts massaging her arms and shoulders. Johnny tells her that she doesn’t have to be so shy. He takes his dick out but Ashley says she doesn’t want to get in trouble. Johnny promises her that she won’t get in trouble. She starts sucking his cock, slowly at first, and jerking it. Johnny tells her he knew she was a hard worker and compliments her on her cock sucking talents. Ashley aims to please her teacher as she makes his cock wet in her mouth. Johnny stands her up and helps her strip out of her clothes, rubbing her tits and kissing her neck.

Ashley moves into cock sucking phase 2, spitting on Johnny’s prick as he sits back. After passionate kissing, Johnny bends her over doggystyle on his chair and tongue lashes her pussy from behind, driving Ashely crazy. His sticks his tongue in her snatch and licks her clit. She holds on to the desk in ecstasy as Johnny dines on her pussy. The pussy eating continues for a while, making Ashley’s pussy wet. She bends over the desk in standing doggy position with one leg up on the desk, taking Johnny’s cock from behind. He slams into her wet pussy, stuffing it full of meat as she looks back at him, telling him it feels so good. Ashley says she’s wanted this fucking so bad and now she’s getting it. With her arms pinned behind her back, she takes more doggystyle pounding then rides Johnny reverse cowgirl style, bouncing high on his prick. She fucks him cowgirl style then does pussy to mouth, licking up her own pussy juices. Johnny eats her pussy again then holds one of her legs up over his shoulder and lays her down missionary style for more fucking. Ashley spreads her ass cheeks wide, making her wet pussy even more visible. The missionary style fucking turns to a standing cowgirl fuck that climaxes in cum all over Ashley’s face and glasses as Johnny shoots his load.

Scene 3: Summer Rae and Johnny Castle

Summer has gotten one of the highest grades on her last test and Johnny calls her into his classroom to discuss it. Johnny is confused because Summer is a C student, but she got an A on the hardest test of the semester. Johnny noticed that Summer sat next to the other guy who got an A on the exam and he’s wondering if she cheated on the test. It just so happens that Summer and the other A student got all of the same answers correct and they got the same 2 answers wrong. Johnny believes he has enough to prove that she cheated on the exam and it’s enough to get her expelled. Summer begs him not to report her. They decide they can work out this issue right here in the classroom as Johnny tells her to drop to her knees. He pulls out his cock and puts it in her face. She’s nervous at first but agrees that she doesn’t want to get expelled so she starts sucking his cock and balls, licking up and down his shaft.

Johnny sticks his cock down her throat and asks her if she’s sorry for cheating on the test. Summer gags on his meat and mumbles that she’s sorry, spitting up all over his cock. She bends over the teacher’s desk in doggy position, holds her ass cheeks back and gets fucks doggystyle. She holds on to the desk with one hand and looks back at Johnny as he slams in and out of her wet snatch, spanking her ass. Summer’s greedy mouth leads her to do some pussy to mouth cock sucking before she lies back on the desk in missionary position, opening her legs wide to enjoy getting her pussy eaten. She climbs on top of Johnny in reverse cowgirl position and rides him balls deep, screaming louder and louder as she hosts his cock deeper and deeper in her snatch. After turning things around into a cowgirl style fuck, she gets back into cock sucking in 69 position, then gets spoon fucked on the teacher’s desk, telling Johnny to fuck her hard. The missionary desk fuck quickly turns back into a standing doggystyle fuck with Johnny stopping from time to time to eat her pussy. They fuck doggystyle until Summer begs Johnny to cum all over her face. Johnny pulls out and blows his load all over Summer face and in her open mouth.

Scene 4: Sunny Marie and Levi Cash

Sunny does the only anal of the movie, taking Levi’s cock up her ass all over the teacher’s desk. Sunny has questions about the study abroad trip to Greece and she hopes that Levi will pick her for the trip. He has already picked 2 girls and there is only 1 spot left. Sunny tells him that she would really like to go on that trip and she really wants him to pick her. Levi tells her that it’s a really competitive process and there’s only 1 spot left. Sunny grabs him by the tie and tells him that she heard these study abroad trips are a lot of fun and she likes to have fun, especially being fucked up the ass. She starts kissing him and promises not to tell anyone if he fucks her. She strips and puts her tits in his face. Levis sucks her nice boobs then starts running his fingers down her pants to her pussy. Next he eats her pussy in standing doggy position and fingers her ass hole, sticking his finger deep in there, getting it warmed up and ready.

The oral play on Sunny’s pussy continues as Levi lifts her over his head to eat her pussy then finishes his pussy eating job by lying her back missionary style on the desk.

While in missionary position, Levi sticks his dick in her pussy, penetrating her slow and deep at first and then picking up the pumping pace as Sunny tells him to keep it right there. She holds one of her legs up over his shoulders while he pounds into her deeper and faster. She rides him in reverse cowgirl position, fingering her clit while slamming herself up and down on his cock. She does the same in cowgirl position and then decides to do some pussy to mouth cock sucking before continuing her cowgirl ride. Now it’s time to get fucked in the ass and Sunny is ready. she gets her pussy slammed some more in standing doggy position, bent over the teacher’s desk and now she is ready to get her ass hole stuffed. She lies on her side on the desk as Levi opens up her ass with his dick. She screams for Levi to fuck her as he plows through her ass hole. The anal stuffing continues in reverse cowgirl position and Sunny is an anal trooper, making Levi’s cock disappear up her hole. She does an ATM then gets fucked in the ass again in standing doggy position. Levi pulls out and cums right in her mouth.

Scene 5: Chrissy Nova and Johnny Castle

Chrissy’s grades are sub par. She’s not doing well in Johnny’s class at all and he doesn’t understand it because she’s doing well in all of her other classes with other teachers. Johnny tells her she seems to be distracted in his class. Chrissy tells him that it is too hard to focus in his class because she’s looking at him and fantasizing about him while he’s teaching science. She likes his muscles and the way he looks in his shirt. Johnny tells her that he’s too old for her and she shouldn’t be fantasizing about him. That doesn’t stop Chrissy as she starts rubbing his muscles and then stars kissing him. She has nice, big boobs and it’s not long before Johnny is sucking her beautiful tits. She reaches for his cock and starts sucking him off too in front of the teacher’s desk, deep throating him and rubbing her big tits. Chrissy licks his balls then bends over doggystyle to have her pussy fingered and eaten.

Chrissy lies back missionary style on the desk with one of her legs hoisted up over Johnny’s shoulder and takes his cock. She looks up at him in ecstasy as she gets her pussy stuffed. The missionary style fucking gets harder and faster and Chrissy screams out in pure pleasure. She sits on top of his cock in cowgirl position on the desk then doe some pussy to mouth cock sucking, licking up her own pussy juices off of Johnny’s cock. The fucking continues with Chrissy lying on her side on the desk and Johnny diving deep into her pussy. He fingers her first to get her even more turned on and wet and all that fingering action makes her cum right before he spoon fucks her. They fuck in standing doggy position again and Chrissy is sexy bent over the desk with one leg up on it. Her big natural boobs are a turn on as she tells Johnny to give it to her. Johnny fucks her and pulls out, cumming all over her face and hair.

Final Thoughts:

Naughty America’s 39th installment in their Naughty Bookworms series is a good round up of hot classroom fantasies. Summer Rae stars in this 5-scene, 2 hour and 16 minute flick that shows just how naughty our bookworm starlets can really be in order to make the grade. No position is off limits and these girls all get the A they’ve worked up a sweat over. Summer Rae is joined by starlets Molly Bangs, Ashley Stone, Sunny Marie and Chrissy Nova who are just as eager as the next girl to do well on top of the teacher's desk. The one anal scene in this flick is handled by Sunny Marie who hosts Levi Cash’s cock up her ass as part of her plan to take the last slot in the study abroad program. The flick’s featured star Summer Rae has been caught cheating and she quickly realizes that a hard fuck over the desk will prevent her from getting expelled. I recommend this movie. The scenes are shot well, the production quality is good and nothing is off limits as these bookworms land their A.

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