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All Access Carter Cruise

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by silkenshadow » Review Date: 7/11/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


ALL ACCESS Carter Cruise


Cast: Carter Cruise, Ramon Nomar, Adriana Chechik, James Deen, Aidra Fox, and Toni Ribas

Genre: Gonzo Pornstar Showcase

Director: Derek Dozer

Condoms: No

Running Time: 2 Hours 38 Minutes

All Access Carter Cruise: This Gonzo showcase  from Airerose Entertainment features on the past year’s newest star who has garnered quite a few awards. We are treated to this beauty as she enjoys a bit of everything: Boy-Girl, Girl-Girl-Boy, Girl-Girl, and  Boy-Boy-Girl with Double Penetration. Lovers of porn won’t be disappointed.


Each scene begins with a short interview where we learn a little more BTS of that particular scene and get a taste of who Carter Cruise is and what she enjoyed about each scene and her fellow porn stars.

Scene 1: The Slap with Ramon Nomar

This scene is a straight Boy-Girl but opens with shots alternating between Carter and Ramon and even a few of them together. We see that both seem upset about something. Ramon tries to buy Carter’s forgiveness with a lovely pair of earrings and necklace. None of this works and Carter slaps Ramon daring him to do something more. So Ramon decides it's time to break out his one unfailable weapon: Sex. From this point on it's a feast of non-stop Boy-Girl Sex. Ramon quickly takes control of the situation and begins to use Carter in many different ways much to Carter’s pleasure and enjoyment. There is a bit of oral that soon moves into  just good old fashion sex. We see that Ramon is willing to let Carter have an orgasm or two and even encourages Carter exactly how to move and fuck him. Lovers of squirting will enjoy watching Carter gush and squirt some for Ramon as he enjoys her. In the end Ramon shares with Carter a lovely cum shot. There is a lesson to be learned here: Be Careful what you wish for because you just might get it, but I don’t think Carter minded too much.

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Scene 2: The Pizza Guy with James Deen and  Adriana Chechik

This scene opens on Carter and Adriana sunning themselves but a bit hung over from a wild party the night before. Eventually they decide they are hungry and order a large no strike that an “extra-large” cheese  pizza. After ordering they begin to talk again and Adriana dares Carter to have sex with the Pizza Boy when he shows up. Carter isn’t sure, afraid it might be some short, geeky nerd but seems up for the challenge but only if Adriana joins in a helps her. Cut to Adriana receiving a phone call saying the pizza Guy is there. The girls open the door and here is the Geek of a Pizza Guy, the one and only James Deen. The girls are quick to start to enjoy James but little do they know he has plans of his own. James  begins to use each of the girls in turn and at times at the same time. He even has them take turns sucking him off. Adriana is not content to be just used by James but encourages him and even begins to share in a domination of Carter. We are treated to sloppy wetness all around. Carter is soon used and enjoyed by both James and Adriana. It is lovely to see her dominated. She clearly is enjoys it and towards the end exclaims proudly: “Fuck! This is Fucking Awesome!” The scene culminates in an epic cum shot by James that leaves both girls’ faces wet with cum. Carter expertly takes what she describes as a cliche in the begining BTS interview, fucking the pizza guy, and makes it her own and turns it into a beautiful work of art that is fun to watch and indulge in. You may want to want this more than once just to enjoy it to it's fullest.


Scene 3: Girls with Guns with Aidra Fox

For This scene Carter Cruise is joined by lovely Aidra Fox. We open on them enjoying various caliber of guns on a range out in the desert. They are clearly having fun but the real fun is not far behind. We next see the girls run down a hill to a spot that was prepared just for them.  A blanket and a few toys are laid out. It’s in this scene we see Carter take control and be the one who does the domination. This is a lovely juxtaposition after the last scene where she was clearly submissive. The girls enjoy kissing a bit before going onto some more hardcore fun. We are treated to some wonderful pussy licking and fingering with a bit of wet sloppiness thrown in for a bit more fun. Carter soon begins to use a pink toy that can only be described as a “mini-bat” on Aidra Fox. There are moments where Aidra gets to return Carter’s control but clearly its Carter’s turn to shine here as she dominates Aidra. You won’t be disappointed and even enjoy seeing Carter in a slightly different role than her previous two scenes.


Scene 4: The DP with Toni Ribas and Ramon Namor

This scene after the interview opens on the stunningly beautiful Carter Cruise, dressed all in gold, in a cabana that is actually in the water of a pool. The viewer is treated a few beautiful moments of Carter’s strikingly beautiful body. It is as if we are learning her curves and beauty. Soon though the infamous spaniards Toni and Ramon enter. They clearly wish to have a bit of fun and naughtiness with this hotty. They both lower their pants and have Carter suck their cock’s in turn. FInally they ask her exactly what she wants. Carter is happy to reply that she wants them to take her inside and fuck her at the same time. Cut to the scene moving indoors, but don’t think that the DP action starts right away. Toni and Ramon both want to have a bit of with Carter first. They take turns enjoying her pussy and sometimes ass while the other enjoys having Carter suck his cock. Slowly they begin to take turns putting their cock in Carter one after the other. Carter who first says OMG is corrected that she needs to be saying “Oh My Spaniards” instead. This is a lesson she is quick to pick up. The Spaniards happily make Carter cum and even squirt many times over and we still haven’t even gotten to the DP. Finally they begin their final preparations and then indulge. We see Carter begin to enjoy DP. Toni and Ramon are clearly not going to let her off that easy though, they are sure to enjoy DPing her in a variety of positions and each taking a turn at her ass and vagina while the other is using her other hole. Carter is also given an extra special treat of having both their cocks in her Vagina at the same time. Toward the end she asked “Are you thirsty?” and is made to squirt while her legs are pushed back toward her head. Finally we come to the double cumshot. It’s lovely to see Carter painted in Ramon and Toni’s cum.

This was my favourite scene of the four because we clearly see the most pleasure from Carter. Although she is experiencing a new intensity the smile that I saw as she was being enjoyed shows how much pleasure she is receiving. It’s truly a lovely site. Carter is once again submissive and given what she wished for, a nice bookend to her first scene that also included Ramon. In the end all she can say as she attempts to recover is “Thank You, Thank You, My Spaniards!” with the biggest smile on her face.



Audio/Video: The audio in all four scenes is clear and enjoyable. Carter is a vocal lover and loud at that. It’s a pleasure to hear the pleasure she is enjoying. As for the video, I did find the video quality in the first few scenes a little below par. Skin appeared to take on an orangish-hue in the first two scenes and for the Girl-Girl scene the desert floor appeared very blue. These issues seemed to correct themselves in the last scene that lent to me enjoying it much more.

Extras: This DVD is loaded with extras. We are treated to selfie videos that include her acceptance speech for Best New Starlet at this year’s XBiz to just sharing how much she loves Australia during a recent visit. We are also given a galleries from each of the scenes so we can see how beautiful Carter truly is with her all-natural body. There is also a special bonus scene featuring Carter with an interview from one Airerose’s releases Pure 2. Also included are a few physical snaps and a nice note from Carter thanking the viewer for buying this Porn-star showcase where she gushes she loves her fans more than pizza, well almost.

Final Thoughts: What started out for me at the beginning a little slow turned into a wonderful treat. This showcase is a great way to acquaint yourself with Carter Cruise if you have no previous knowledge of who she is. You also get a bit of everything so even if you don’t like Boy-Girl Porn there are other scenes that may tickle your fancy. I will say that it's worth taking the time to watch the whole thing at once because it has a way of circling back and hitting on a few themes. You will enjoy  meeting and seeing why Carter Cruise is one of the HOTTEST New Starlets in porn. She is a multi-faceted woman who wants you to enjoy getting to know her and what she can do when supported by such wonderful talent. She certainly does enjoy all kinds of sex and isn't afraid to share that love with us the viewer. She has a way of drawing us in and leaving us wanting more. 

With the use of the extras we also get to know a bit more about Carter Cruise. It’s makes for a fun watch and is definitely a nice add to this showcase. Definitely take the time to seek this DVD out if you are a lover of a bit of everything when it comes to straight and/or lesbian porn. You will enjoy the variety and getting to know Carter Cruise. I am sure she has a bright future ahead of her and this DVD helps to prove that.                                    

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