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Crack Fuckers 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Crack Fuckers 7

Evil Angel/Kevin Moore Productions

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Genre: POV, Ass Crack Masturbation, Blowjobs

Director: Kevin Moore


Cast: Kimberly Kendall, Kevin Moore, Dakota James, Gabriella Paltrova, Amirah Adara, Abby Lee Brazil, Kalina Ryu, Natalia Starr, Chanell Heart

Length: 152:48 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: There were trailers, a cumshot recap, a cast list, filmographies, and some websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Crack Fuckers 7 was presented in a fine looking 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot in POV by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel. The bitrate was okay and the lighting covered the action well so there were not a lot of shadows around during the scenes. The flesh tones were usually accurate and the composition of the shots was usually the best for the ladies but the tease that so fascinates Kevin were obviously the most important thing to capture for him again; this being his core audience from what I’ve learned over the years. Still, the action was clearly recorded and the raw energy of the cast was caught better than I expected; making it a decent looking fuck flick in most ways (as long as you are into the specific fetish and don’t mind the heavy use of a fisheye lens), the editing by Mel Phoenix showing some care going into the final product. For the record though, there was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen all the time. The audio was presented in stereo Dolby Digital English; the lack of separation and dynamic range meaning the audio was a bit flatter than hoped for. It was low end audio for the most part but given the gonzo niche of the movie, this is to be expected. The musical interludes were pretty decent though and added to the fun but they did not last long for those who care.


Body of Review: Kevin Moore has climbed the ranks at Evil Angel in recent years to become one of their most prolific fetish directors, even becoming the director of photography for another director. His latest title of note is Crack Fuckers 7, a collection of eight scenes where Kevin gets to play with some of the finest asses in porn, using their ass cracks to get off with though he also sampled the various orifices of the quality cast too. This time he played with Amirah Adara, Dakota James, and Abby Lee Brazil (among others); each with their own selling points worth mentioning. With enough fuck for your fetish buck to appreciate a number of times, this point of view extravaganza should be inspirational for fans of the previous volumes, all ass aficionados needing to check this one out.

The company website described the action like this: “Kinky director Kevin Moore’s “Crack Fuckers #7” glorifies the thrill of rubbing off in deep, hot ass cleavage. The eight butt-blessed beauties in Kevin’s multi-racial cast tease, twerk and booty-clap in tight, sexy garments that seductively encase dramatically curvy rump flesh. Each girl strips down to a thong that rides up her crack, the target of Kevin’s lewd frottage. Each girl indulges him in a blow job, making intense eye contact with his POV camera. And each shapely rear gets oiled up so the flexible girl can “twerk off” Kevin’s cock with her slick, naked ass cheeks ... till his prick erupts creamy cum. Kevin’s spunk spackles phat-assed Kimberly Kendall’s tramp stamp. Blonde Dakota James humps back at Kevin hypnotically. Bubble-assed Gabriella Paltrova says, “You came all over my twerking!” While crack-fucking pretty Amirah Adara, Kevin’s cock slips into her cunt. Brazilian Abby Lee Brazil’s tiny waist contrasts with her broad, heart-shaped ass. Asian-American knockout Kalina Ryu is stunning in skin-tight leggings that show her camel toe. You can hear blonde Natalia Starr’s slick skin and wet, shaved labia caress Kevin’s cock. Epic-assed African-American Chanell Heart says her booty tease is “self-taught with lots of mirror practice,” and jism floods her back yard.” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Kimberly Kendall, the busty brunette with bulbous butt seen on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up first teasing in the home in skimpy black lingerie, director Kevin Moore remaining largely quiet as his fish eye lens captured the gal shaking her juicy ass which got him whispering to her. She was a bundle of energy and enthusiasm, her outfit nestling up her generous ass crack as Kevin whipped out his turgid pecker to use her cheeks to pleasure himself. She then wrapped her lips around his cock to slob his knob, some hand to gland friction enhancing the moment as she peeled off more of her attire to oil up and generate even more friction with a titty fuck, Kimberly’s solid eye contact adding to the replay value for me before she let him vaginally pork her until draining his dragon of sperm, the wealth of his manly fluids left all over her ass and lower back. The company website described the scene like this: “Phat-assed, busty Kimberly Kendall auditions for kinky director Kevin Moore. The long haired, dark-eyed bimbo twerks in high heels, tugging her shorts up her ample crack, and Kevin cock-smacks her meaty cheeks. As he shoots POV-style footage, Kimberly blows his boner with big, thick lips. Her spit-lubes a titty fuck. Kevin rubs his hard meat in Kimberly's thonged ass crack. She thoroughly greases her big rump for more slick frottage. Kevin's prick slips from her slippery crack to her juicy pussy and he humps away. The thick jism he blasts in her butt cleavage runs to her tramp stamp.”



Scene Two: Dakota James, the fetching blonde cutie with pretty eyes seen featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next in a neon pink outfit that nestled deep inside her perky ass, the outgoing young lady full of sexual self confidence as she teased in the house for Kevin Moore. The two engaged in some verbal banter, the babe bending over and arching her back to accentuate her glorious ass. This was her first time allowing a guy to fuck her ass crack, most men preferring to shove their raging boners inside her though this allowed for more tease value, Dakota shaking her money maker as he rubbed against her soft skin. She aggressively blew him with a smile and pushed back to meet his thrusts, enjoying Kevin’s fetish as a tribute to just how desirable she was in the scene. It was so good that he couldn’t hold out, Dakota milking his balls dry of semen before he nutted on her ass crack, the gal twerking with the seed running down her as the two seemed to hit it off on another level. The company website described the scene like this: “Cute blonde Dakota James sports a thick butt ... perfect for director Kevin Moore's frottage fetish. With tight pink lingerie riding up her deep crack, she flexes her shapely cheeks, twerks and booty claps. Kevin pulls out his boner to fuck her thonged anal crevasse. Dakota, from Alaska, gives Kevin a blow job/hand job. She oils up her ample ass for Kevin's cock, which rubs, digs and pulses in her cheeky cleavage. Dakota humps back at Kevin, ass moving hypnotically. Finally the fetish freak can't take the heat -- he pumps creamy spunk in Dakota's delicious rump crack.”



Scene Three: Gabriella Paltrova, a sultry brunette Latina who is no stranger to all things sexual, was up next with Kevin Moore, her sheer black outfit observed partially on the front cover. She teased him in the living room by pulling her ass cheeks apart, her heart shaped ass always welcome in porn I watch as she tormented him for watching her ass in a playful manner. She groped herself and applied some dirty talk as Kevin remained silent, the gal asking him to pull out his cock and show it to her in POV as she caressed herself, the gal giving him a double handed meat beater handjob that led to some fine oral before he began communicating with her and rubbing against her delicious ass crack. Gabi looked particularly hot when oiled up and she adored him to the point she was always trying to blow him, Kevin erupting easily all over her crack before some ending tease was provided. The company website described the scene like this: “Bubble-assed brunette Gabriella Paltrova teases and twerks in a thong and high heels. The dark-eyed, slope-nosed, playful minx looks seductively into Kevin Moore's POV camera as she sucks and strokes dick. Kinky Kevin frottages her thonged crack, running the length of his shaft in supple, sweaty butt cleavage. The ride gets slicker when they add oil to the crack fucking ... and subtract her thong. Naked twerk-jerking makes Kevin's erection spit creamy jism into her split rump. 'You came all over my twerking!' exclaims Gabi.”



Scene Four: Amirah Adara, the sexy Hungarian booty princess featured on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next as she used her terrific ass to tease Kevin Moore, her black banded attire and matching thong leaving little to the imagination. Kevin complimented her and she loved the attention, his verbal encouragement getting her to pose in a myriad of positions as she replied to his questions with her exotic accent. Otherwise, her polished moves were well captured by Kevin’s fish eye lens, Amirah slowly disrobing as he pulled back from rubbing on her so she could get naked and oil up. She looked heavenly with just a thick coating of oil on her body, the gal pushing back and twerking to get him off, vaginally mounting him instead of going down on him again as the hard pounding and eventual oral caused him to plaster her ass and lower back with his spew. The company website described the scene like this: “Longhaired Hungarian beauty Amirah Adara poses in fetish lingerie, leg warmers and heels, showing natural tits and a tiny waist contrasted with her fabulous bubble butt. Kinky director Kevin Moore shoots POV-style footage as he caresses her ass cheeks and pulls her thong aside for some naked frottage. Amirah sucks his hard prick. Her rear looks irresistible when it's greased up. Kevin sticks his meat in that backyard cleavage for some slick crack fucking. Oiled twerk-jerking gives way to a doggie-style fuck (in POV footage) as Amirah shakes her booty. She sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. He grips her little waist, pumping away, and pulls to splash semen in her crack and up her back.”



Scene Five: Abby Lee Brazil, a curvy Brazilian lady with a fine ass, was up next as she walked in the dark house with her leotard riding deep inside her ass. She then bent over to kneel on the black ottoman and ask that age old question about her yummy ass as she grabbed it, spread it, and twerked it to the delight of lucky Kevin Moore, her impossibly tall pink stripper shoes remaining on as she spanked herself. The resolution was not as solid this time due to the lighting but her physical appeal was certainly obvious, the gal flipped over to blow him just when the lighting was adjusted too much to over compensate and wash her out a little, Abby throating him with ease as she kept her sultry look on him nearly the entire time. The oral led to the expected ass crack play once she blew him, her white thong left on as she pushed back to tease him so he wrapped his cock in it as he continued. She then oiled up and shook it while ever so lightly brushing her perfect pucker on his head, her hands almost guiding him into her ass at one point before the combination of dirty talk and physical sensation caused him to lose it on her. The company website described the scene like this: “Brazilian beauty Abby Lee Brazil's tiny waist contrasts dramatically with her broad, plump ass. In a tight one-piece and heels, the leggy hottie twerks and booty claps her righteous butt. Fun loving Abby asks kinky director Kevin Moore, 'You wanna rub your cock in it?' He says he has to and proceeds to frottage her thonged crack. Her ebony eyes make deep contact with Kevin's POV camera as she sucks and strokes his meat. She spits lube onto her hot boobs to lube a titty fuck. Abby oils up her rear for naked booty clapping, heart-shaped twerking and butt flexing that makes Kevin's jism erupt.”



Scene Six: Kalina Ryu, a perky Asian cutie in neon orange stretch pants and a tied off white tank top of sorts, was up next in the house as she posed and touched herself near the front door. Her tall black stripper shoes added considerably to her height and her allure was enhanced by her huge smile as she looked over her shoulder at Kevin Moore behind the camera, the couple verbally bantering back and forth as she assumed the position on the black ottoman. The fabric was sheer enough that I could see everything she had to offer, her playfulness and flexibility keeping her moving as she professed to want to keep Kevin “happy”. Despite her claims of being camera shy, she showed no credible evidence to that effect, massaging her own ass as she gaged his desire for her based on the manner in which he must’ve been looking at her. The tease led to some aggressive oral on his raging erection, Kalina licking and sucking his balls as well as the entire cock, pumping him and keeping great eye contact until oiling up for the main event of ass crack fucking as she laughed with abandon. She went wild with the combination of friction and oral, some nice footage of her ass in the air from behind as she blew him a rarity as it showed Kevin as well. He busted a sizable nut on her as well, their personal chemistry a given from what I could tell. The company website described the scene like this: “Asian-American knockout Kalina Ryu is stunning in sky-high heels and skin-tight orange leggings that show camel toe. She's a little nervous about auditioning for director Kevin Moore, but her smile is irrepressible as she poses, bounces and stretches for the director. Kalina says she's camera-shy until the dicks come out, so Kevin accommodates, and Kalina blows him as he shoots POV-style footage. He rubs his meat on her tightly clad ass, then peels her leggings down for naked crack fucking. The kinky frottage gets all the slicker with Kalina's rump greased. She holds his prick in her rear cleavage and grinds. After more cocksucking, her cheeks hump his dick ... till he nuts in her crack and up her back.”



Scene Seven: Natalia Starr, the blond hotty on the lower left corner of the front cover with the amazing ass, was up next as Kevin Moore pestered her while she got ready, her claims that she was going to be late causing her to compromise with a “little tease” as her tight black skirt was lifted and it showed her white thong lost deep inside her wonderful ass as she bent over the dresser. Her twerking and other tease actions were sublime, her beautiful eyes keeping great contact with him as she blew him in an energetic hummer that included a lot of hand assistance. She licked his balls and taint too, at least from what I could see, the gal bending over to rub her ass and bald beaver on him both with oil on her and dry, until he launched his load to please her. The company website described the scene like this: “Blonde Natalia Starr is hot in a lacy top, heels and a tight black skirt that accentuates her tiny waist and shapely rear. She sways and teases director Kevin Moore, hiking her skirt to show her thonged crack. Natalia twerks and booty claps. She makes blue-eyed contact with Kevin's POV camera as she sucks his dick. He rubs his meat in her enticing rear cleavage; more POV-style footage shows her greased ass as he bends her forward for a crack fuck. You can hear slick skin and wet, shaved labia caressing his cock. Kevin presses his prick into her soft crack, and the friction makes creamy jism erupt.”



Scene Eight: Chanell Heart, a thick black gal with an ass fans will adore, was up last following the general formula with lucky Kevin Moore, the gal wearing a revealing lime outfit as he explained what he wanted from her. Her “real deal” ass impressed him and she admitted that she was self taught but had a lot of practice bouncing her bubble butt, the dress hiked to show her colorful g-string on a white couch before she alternated the oral and rubbing action requisite of the scenes here. She then got naked at his request,pushing against him and giggling as she got him all excited to the point he lost it all her, glazing her ass crack and lower back. The company website described the scene like this: “Pretty, shapely African-American chick Chanell Heart auditions for a music video in heels and a skin-tight hooker dress that shows off her fabulous ass. Posing for director Kevin Moore, she says her hypnotizing booty tease is 'self-taught with lots of mirror practice ... how can you have all this ass and not know how to shake it?' When her dress rides up her epic butt, Kevin can't help pulling out his prick and rubbing all over her cheeks. Not surprised, she bounces right on his meat ... and sucks his dick, lewdly dragging her tongue over his balls. Chanell oils up her thick rump for some naked frottage. Her righteous cheeks 'twerk him off,' cream erupting in her crack and all over her back yard.”

Summary: Crack Fuckers 7 by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel was a very solid set of eight scenes devoted to ass crack fucking, each of the ladies adding something different to their scene which helped keep it fresh, strokable, and add lots of replay value. I thought this one earned a rating of Highly Recommended for the tease enthusiast into ass crack action, the interesting casting including a lot of lesser known but quite fetching ladies that are very under rated. In short, Crack Fuckers 7 was truthfully advertised as having a pop shot going to the sweet cheeks of every lady and a cast including such suitably shapely ladies as Natalia Starr, Kimberly Kendall, Kalina Ryu, and other notable hotties so check it out if you enjoy watching a lot of teasing with shapely asses as the primary focal point in the POV fuck flick.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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