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Young Tight Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 7/12/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Teens/Gonzo/POV+



Cast: Lucy Tyler/Alli Rae/Dakota James/Marley Brinx/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers/Studio Preview/Web

Release Date: 6/30/2015

Runtime: 197 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Mike Adriano's 'Young Tight Sluts'!


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*Scene 1:

Lucy Tyler/Mike Adriano

Speculum, Squirting


The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's Young Tight Sluts starts as we get a glimpse into the background of now-former "new" porn starlet Lucy Tyler, whose most noteworthy accolade (as some would call it) is her role in the stigmatizing documentary on the porn industry entitled, 'Hot Girls Wanted'. This scene is the last one that Lucy performed in as far as I can tell, as she opens it up with some filthy-mouthed dirty talk into the camera while showing off her gorgeous ass to the home viewers, asking our director if he thinks his dick will fit into her tight hole. Lucy's dressed in a tight purple skirt with white high heels and a few appealing accesories that complete the look, with Mike soon whipping out his handy fiber optic lens to get an up-close and personal look into her cock pocket while giving directions to his new and seemingly unpracticed cameraman throughout the introductory moments. Mike takes a face-first dive into her anus to set up the action, ultimately feasting on her pussy, before Lucy tells the home viewers how she is willing to make her most valiant efforts in attempting to take Mike's nozzle as deep into her throat as possible. The blowie sets in wonderfully, with Lucy yucking it up hard for the camera through some outstanding viewer interaction as tears fall from her eyes and her radiating smile lights up the screen while dickspit drips from her mouth when she pulls out for a breather. Some rimjob action gives way to more BJ action, with Lucy putting in some seriously top-notch mouth work on Adriano's cock before he takes a missionary style plunge into her ham-hole. Lucy's expressions are so hot as the fucking continues forward, with Mike showing some initial hesitance toward her but Lucy ultimately opening up well as she sticks a finger up her asshole while our director gradually hardens his thrusts. Some speculum fun takes place in the middle stages of the scene, doubling as a bit of a halftime show while Lucy boasting about how much she loves attention as her pussy lies gaped directly in front of the camera while her smiling face is perfectly visible in the background. There's a great intensity to the scene as things progress, with Lucy trembling and throbbing while spurting out some geneorous squirts numerous times in the latter stages of it all as she pounces on Mike's hog like a jack-rabbit. The fun ultimately ends with Mike unleashing whatever nut he has left over her face, as she smiles and blows a kiss into the camera after saying, "This is the biggest dick I've ever had, and I've never been fucked so good in my life." Awesome. Lucy's expressions and energy throughout this scene were SO fucking fun to watch; she was as adorable as she was hokey but I thought it translated really well in my viewing of it nonetheless. It's terribly unfortunate that she won't be around to really make a name for herself, but such is life I suppose.  I knew from the second that I interviewed this girl at last year's AVN show that she'd be be great and this scene was one of the best I've reviewed in quite a while. Her expressions and spunky antics make this one stand out really well.  I've never been so depressed about watching a great scene in all my life. 



*Scene 2: 

Alli Rae/Mike Adriano


Gorgeous blonde cutie Alli Rae encapsulates our view for the second scene in the film, telling us a little bit about her background in the industry while wearing a tiny pink skirt with a silver top and silver high heels to complete the look. Some tease takes place to follow, with Alli posing well at various times throughout the intro segment, before Mike gives some of his trademark pre-scene tongue fucks to her asshole and she thrusts her hole on his head like she's wiping her ass with it. Alli returns the favor with an eye-watering mouth fuck, slurping Mike's stick sloppily while simultaneously keeping a keen eye on the home viewers as the throat squelches decorate the audio portion of the segment. Afterwards, Alli offers up a rimjob to our lucky director, coming back with a facefucking for the ages that evolves into a missionary style pussy pummeling. Alli's reactions are wonderful upon the initiation of the sex, harping about her "teen pussy" as Mike struggles to hold back his load. The trusty speculum makes another appearance around the midway point, prying open Alli's box at maximum capacity while Mike puts his finger in her asshole and she says, "I want you to make my body feel used." The dialogue in gonzo porn movies never gets old. Some doggie style dick-dunks come next, with Alli pushing back hard on her stunt cock, ultimately resulting in Mike draining the last of his nut as she erratically turns around and shoves his dick into her mouth, sucking all of his juices before blowing a kiss to the home viewers in closing. Outstanding. Alli was a goddamn rockstar; not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she can suck and fuck with some of the best of them. Cool!



*Scene 3:

Dakota James/Mike Adriano


Dakota James is the next of the Young Tight Sluts posse to grace us with her presence, kicking things off as the camera pans over her glamorous black high heels kicking back and forth as she lies on her stomach while typing on a laptop. Dakota looks sensational as she comes into view, with her ass on display for all to see as she's dressed in ridiculously slutty schoolgirl attire while telling us a bit about her hometown in the early moments. The tease segment consists of Dakota giving us some outstanding walkshots, with the camera focusing only on her ass and panning up at various times throughout before she wipes Mike's face over her ass to start the action. The tongue-fucking fun lasts for quite some time throughout the introductory moments, giving us some nice shots of Dakota's luscious dirtbox before Mike oils up her cheeks and takes a penis plunge in a doggie style positioning. The sex has some really nice moments intensity-wise, but there are some wasteful close-up penetration shots that last for such an extremely long period of time that it tends to take away from the greatness of it all. However, Dakota's outstanding ass helps us forget about some of the lackluster camerawork, and the exceeding energy portrayed from these two performers gives the scene an added bonus that could probably translate well even if an untrained monkey were filming it. Things progress wonderfully, with the later parts containing some outstandingly cock-slopped facefucking action, with Mike halting things a bit and getting out his fiber optic lens so we can get a look deep inside Dakota's va-jayjay. The best parts about these final moments are Dakota's concentrating looks at Mike as he ganders inside, smiling big while looking enthusiastically at Mike's incessant perversions. Things ultimately cap off with Dakota leaping up and down on Mike's jizz-nozzle, but Mike has apparently shot every ounce of jizz in his balls because there's no cumshot at the end. A poorly edited closing sequence features Dakota looking into the camera and saying, "You gonna fuck me some more or what?!" Apparently not, I guess. Eh. This scene was performed as well as any in the film, but lacked any attentiveness or care in the shooting. Dakota is absolutely gorgeous and I could have saw this as one of the best scenes in the film if it were edited right, but negligence was unavoidably present. 


*Scene 4: 

Marley Brinx/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM, Speculum

The final scene in Mike Adriano's Young Tight Sluts kicks off as we adorable new girl Marley Brinx, dressed far more casually than the other girls in the film as she chats it up with our director before showing off her flawless butthole to the home viewers to start. Marley's tight and tiny asshole is like a pervert's dream, with the intro continuing as Mike does what any like-minded person would do, eats it like he's a vagrant eating dinner in a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving Day. After Mike continues groping, she returns the oral favor with a blowie that shows some gradual sloppiness, eventually redefining the "tight asshole" as we get a front row seat to Mike lodging his jizzwhistle into her anus carefully, like he's cracking a code on a bank safe with his penis. The sex picks up very nicely, with Marley's reactions being the prized piece to the puzzle as positioning holds to only a few different looks while giving us a flurry of ATM mouth fucks before Mike butters up her asshole and plunges his dong into her. Things progress nicely throughout the scene, capping off with Mike releasing some generous streams of cock-snot directly into her mouth, ending as the director congratulates his new colleague, who's second anal scene was a definite winner. Great stuff; this is the second time I've had the opportunity to watch Marley and I can't wait to watch her flourish in the industry, if she sticks it out she's going to be one of the best. 




Mike Adriano's Young Tight Sluts from Evil Angel Video is far superior in it's comprehensive viewing to most of what I've seen from Mike as of late, but the poor camerawork and lackluster edits are unavoidably bad; even when comparing it to his recent work where his renowned cinematographer had already flew the coup. Regardless, there's a lot about this movie that you'll like if you're a fan of Mike's stuff, with the ultimate proof lying in Mike's ability to perform and most importantly, evoke his co-stars to reciprocate his performance. I think this movie features all four stars doing some of their best gonzo work that I've seen to date, with each one making a strong case for being "the best" in the film depending on specific viewer tastes. Tech specs were seriously downgraded in comparison to what I would expect from a perfectionist like Mike; it seemed like the filming and editing was just sort of thrown together rather than actually taken time with, and although the result has a negative effect on the film, I still didn't think that it was enough to give this one any less than recommendation. The girls are fucking gorgeous and the sex is authentic and genuinely hard gonzo themed fucking. Extras include a few trailers from Mike's recent works for Evil Angel, as well as web access and an Evil Angel preview for those keeping score. I'd definitely recommend this one noting that it'd have been a far higher score if the tech specs were there; so, if you fancy hot, young holes being slammed and slung with a bit of anal thrown into the mix, then you really can't go wrong with giving this one a look. Recommended.  


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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