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I Survived A Rodney Blast 9

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/11/15

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Category: Blowjobs/Facials/POV


Cast: Vanity Faire/Nadia Ali/Miss Catherine/Ryon Cherry/Lilah/Rodney Moore

Director: Rodney Moore

Extras: None

Release Date: 5/11/2015

Runtime: 165 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Vanity Faire/Rodney Moore

The premiere scene in Rodney Moore's I Survived a Rodney Blast #9 kicks off in candid formatting, with our director welcoming Vanity Faire onto set after a knock at the door and getting to know her a little better as things open up. After a brief introduction, Rodney has her strip our of her purple dress, wearing only fishnet stockings and high heels as she falls to her knees to begin the blowie.  Vanity has some good energy upon the early moments of the scene, slopping up Rodney's nozzle nicely while we get a POV viewing of the action. The ongoing theme to the scene is that Vanity's boyfriend cheated on her a few days back, and this is apparently her retaliation to it all, with Rodney having her give various reminders into the camera throughout the blowjob. Things progress rather slowly throughout the course of the scene, having moments where Rodney returns Vanity's oral favors, ultimately driving her into a state of cunnilingal bliss before returning to the matter at hand. Camera angles roll in and out of a fixed side angle to POV, ending as Rodney spurts out a load of jizz over her face, first giving us an upside down view of the load slathering, followed by a slo-mo side angle, neither really being a great view. Nonetheless, the scene was above average in terms of action, but it had some pretty slow moments that viewers will probably skip through at times. 



*Scene 2: 

Nadia Ali/Rodney Moore


Nadia Ali is next up, playing the role of an extremely naive aspiring stripper with Rodney playing the club boss who's interviewing her. After a brief conversation piece, Rodney asks if she'll show him what she's got, leading into an unnecessary slow motion strip tease from Nadia that that I can only imagine is in slow motion because it lasted for such a short time. Nadia strips out of her blue bikini top for a seemingly endless amount of time as the intro continues forward, ending as Rodney tells her how she can make some extra money in the backrooms, perfecting the sleazy club owner routine to a tee. Eventually the blowie sets in, with Rodney being annoyingly tacky as he talks to her throughout the scene, with some sex setting in at 17 minutes. Nadia picks up the routine pretty well, with the scene offering up more comic relief than anything really, viewed almost entirely in a true POV format that has rare moments where the viewer actually gets a good look at the action. This all drags on for 45 minutes in total, carrying on in uncomfortable silence and running through the standard rigor of sexual positioning before Rod busts the contents of his balls over her face. This was a weak scene to say the very least; it dragged and dragged and dragged, never going anywhere. Nadia seemed like she was only going through the motions and there wasn't much of anything that could possibly save this one. Yikes.  



*Scene 3:

Miss Catherine/Rodney Moore

Voluptuous hottie Miss Catherine is next on the list for a Rodney blast, with the scene opening up as she sits on her laptop computer before getting a phone call from her husband, who tells her that he's going to stop by the house for lunch for a little afternoon delight. Rodney plays the head of the neighborhood watch crew, stopping by Catherine's house to find the door unlocked as she lies masturbating on the couch with a blindfold over her face. The acting here is hilariously awful to say the least, evolving into Catherine sucking on Rodney's dick and later realizing he's not her husband. The action again starts pretty slow, with some sloppiness thrown in for added effect, but the camera angles are so weak you can't really see what's going on aside from the parts where Rodney sets the camera down and we get a side angle view. There's a lot of pussy eating moments in the scene here as well, making for some seriously slow moments, ending with a Rodney shot to the face after 33 minutes. Another pretty unremarkable scene here overall; it was slow and translated rather poorly to me. 


*Scene 4: 

Ryon Cherry/Rodney Moore


Ryon Cherry encapsulates our view for the fourth scene in the film, looking sensational upon the opening moments as this scene has almost the exact same setup as the second scene. The opening is better here though, having some awkward moments but Ryon looks much more comfortable considering the ridiculous setup that Moore has her doing. after a quick striptease set to no music, before convincing Ryon to help him cum in order to get rid of the boner that she created. Pure comedy, lol. The bloi is far better than any in the film thus far, with Ryon giving some energetic cock chugs to her co-star as we get a POV view to start off. There's again some sex featured in this scene, happening at around the midway point as Rodney tells her that it's absolutely necessary that they fuck and Ryon agreeing to do so to help out. The sex is the best featured in the film thus far, but still fair at best, giving the viewer some weak looks at the action through the course of it all. Things again close with Rodney busting his nuts over Ryon's face, before some quick booty jiggles end the scene. Ryon is definitely more pornstar material than any of the girl's featured in the film thus far, but the scene lagged very hard. It could have been edited to be about half as long as it was and perhaps be far more appealing to viewers. Bleh. 



*Scene 5: 

Lilah/Rodney Moore

Amateur girl Lilah is the primary focus of the final scene in the film, opening up as she's seeking Rodney Moore for some boyfriend advice. Lilah has an adorably innocent look to her, making it honestly hard to tell if she's acting incredibly well or she's really a little nervous, but regardless it's among the best sequence of events to introduce a scene yet. Rodney continues to coach her through the action, with the initial blowie being filmed entirely in POV as Lilah gives a solid blowie to him that lasts for more than half of the scene before he returns her oral favor. Things eventually cap off with Rodney plastering her face with goo, before Lilah thanks him for helping her be a better girlfriend. Aww. A pretty good scene here overall; Lilah has all the makings for the type of scenario that Rodney likes to create, and I thought this one was done far better than any of the others featured in the film. Good stuff. 




Rodney Moore's I Survived a Rodney Blast #9 from Rodney Moore Studios was a pretty sub-par flick in all honesty, but it did have some fair moments in the last scene that make it a little more memorable thanks to Lilah's persona fitting Rodney's mold pretty well. There were a few scenes that perhaps could have been edited down to make for a better viewing, lasting for a needlessly lengthy amount of time and ultimately forcing buyers of the DVD to skip through it to find something better. Tech specs were good enough aside from some shifty camerawork, and most of the intercourse segments are filmed with too many close-ups, not giving the viewer a very good look at the action. There are absolutely no extras featured on the DVD, rounding out the basis by which I'd probably tell you that if you like any of what you see here, you're probably better off checking the scenes out online. It just didn't have enough "oomph" to give you any good reason to purchase the DVD. Rent It


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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