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Anal Rookies

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/25/15

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Category: Teens/Anal



Cast: Alina West/Audrey Holiday/Kylie Sinner/Alexa Nova/Ramon Nomar/Mick Blue/Mark Ashley

Director: Jonni Darkko

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 8/5/2015

Runtime: 164 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Audrey Holiday/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM

The premiere scene in Jonni Darkko's 'Anal Rookies' kicks off as we see porn newbie Audrey Holiday checking herself out in a full length mirror, with her vibe being extremely timid in the intro segment as she gives us some minimal tease set to no music, before a shirtless Mick Blue enters our view. Mick coaches her a bit on a few different ways to show her ass off, eventually peeling off her jean shorts and making out with her asshole. Audrey radiates a nervous energy through the early parts of it all, with Mick making attempts to provide a more sensual feel but unfortunately everything just translates really slow as a result. The blowie sets in with heightening energy (after some anal dildo play), as Blue throttles his jizz nozzle into her throat while Audrey gives some exaggerated gags as the dildo still lies lodged in her butthole. Sex sets in with some "straight to the A" doggie style action, with the scene strengthening gradually as Mick pummels Audrey's anus while she moans to the anal gods in the midst of some sporadic dirty talk. Position switches are bridged with some ATM throat plunges from Audrey, reverting from vag to anal as the scene progresses, ultimately capping off out of a missionary style pussy fuck. Closing moments feature Mick unloading his balls over Audrey's face and mouth as she swallows up the goods and the screen fades. An interesting start to the film here; I didn't particularly love the scene but it did have a gradually better feel to it all as it went on. Still nothing to really write home about. 



*Scene 2: 

Kylie Sinner/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM

Kylie Sinner is next up on the docket, with only a few scenes to her credit as things open up much like the previous scene as Mick Blue delves into some of her personal sexual details to enlighten the home viewers. After a minimal intro segment, Mick and Kylie get hot and heavy as she eventually undresses while Mick compliments her on her asshole. Aww. Action sets in with Mick taking a face-first dive into her dirtbox, with Kylie returning his oral favor by slopping up his slurpstick through a mildly facefucking blow-j that draws up a fairly generous amount of dickslop through the course of it all. Sex kicks off with anal right off the rip, as Mick eases his dong into Kylie's puckered hole while gradually thrusting her harder and harder while she moans and howls to the heavens. Camera angles give us some promising looks at the action early on, with some solid ATM cock chugs from Kylie that give everything some nice contrast. The scene runs for an extended period of time (45 minutes overall), before Mick unloads his sack into Kylie's mouth and she swallows up the goods in the midst of having a conversation with whoever is working the camera. This was a so-so scene to be honest; it seemed to run forever and peaked at midway point. Some of the camera angles had me scratching my head as well, with many extended close-up penetration shots in the latter stages that seemed to make things drag on even longer. I didn't love it. 



*Scene 3: 

Alexa Nova/Mark Ashley

Anal, ATM

Alexa Nova is our next Anal Rookie, opening things up seated on a bed next to Mark Ashley wearing a lingerie inspired ensemble as Mark works his charm on her by saying, "I'm from Vegas too! How about we have some anal sex!" Action gets underway before you can bat ab eyelash, with Mark diving into her pussy as Alexa gives some abbreviated hollow moans that tend to be more aggravating than sexy. Soon Mark plunges his penis into her for some pre-anal missionary themed fucking, followed by Alexa making her best attempts to work Mark's throbber into her throat. Anal eventually sets in at around the midway point, with Mark lightly thrusting his dong into Alexa's ass in a pile driver-esque positioning, while things continue to have a pretty stagnant feel with some brief moments of decent energy. Things progress in the same manner as the scene continues onward, with some light ATM dick chugs from Alexa in the late stages, leading up to the finale where Mark jerks himself stupid until dropping out a load of ball snot over her face. Meh. The final parts of this scene were definitely it's best moments, having some interesting positions and a nice pile driver sequence, but the scene itself dragged a bit; it had all the makings of something good, but it just didn't translate that way overall. 



*Scene 4: 

Alina West/Ramon Nomar

Anal, ATM, Dildo DP

The final scene in Jonni Darkko's Anal Rookies features Alina West, who's certainly the most well known starlet of the bunch, looking incredible in a tight, bright yellow fishnet style body skirt. Action sets in without any words, with Alina using Darkko's trusty popsicle dildo to dittle herself before a shirtless Ramon nomar steps into our view. Ramon whispers some sweet nothings to start, grabbing Alina's dildo and jamming it up her asshole as her expressions and energy dwarf every other girl in the film by a longshot already. Intensity levels rise even more once Nomar jams his johnson into her mouth, with the camera giving us a great look at it all as she continues to throttle her dildo into her anus with her free hand. Alina's overall presence here is wonderful, throating Ramon's nozzle like a seasoned vet and creating some massive spit strands in the process of it all. Sex sets in with some hard and heavy doggie style dick plunges from Nomar, as Alina howls to the anal gods above while Ramon keeps her honest by absolutely thrashing her pussy. Anal sets in to follow, with energy levels continuing to be strong as Alina cradles her dildo like it's her most prized possesion before smacking herself in the face like a deranged lunatic while Ramon pummels her hole. Sex runs in and out of anal throughout the scene, as Alina continuously fills whatever hole is empty with her precious dildo while begging Ramon to go harder and harder. The sex goes through a flurry of different positions before all is said and done, ending as Ramon yanks Alina by the hair and slathers her face with jizz. An outstanding ending to an outstanding scene. Sweet! This was the one I was waiting for, but unfortuantely none of the others came even close to it. Alina was a fucking rockstar and continues to make her presence well known through each and every scene she's been involved with. Good stuff. 




Jonni Darkko's Anal Rookies from Evil Angel Video is mostly sub par in comparison to what we're used to seeing from him, with a final scene that blows everything else in the film out of the water. The first three had their moments but the length of those scenes didn't justify the action that took place within them, leading them to lose steam quickly and viewers to be skipping through in hopes of finding the stronger parts. Tech specs were good enough to allow the scenes to standout if the performances were right, but as I said, the final scene is really the only memorable piece on the whole DVD. While I fully understand that the focus of the film is young girls that are new to anal, I don't think that it means you can just have mediocre scenes and expect them to be viewed as amazing because the girl is pretty and relatively new to the business, it takes more than that. Extras include only a few trailers from other Darkko releases, some more recent than others, rounding out the basis by which I'd suggest checking this one out online above all else if you happen to see something you like. Alina was awesome in the final scene, but the rest of the film is just meat and potatoes. Rent It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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