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Mother's Little Helper

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/21/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Mother’s Little Helper

Girlfriends Films

Genre: Feature, Drugs

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Director/Writer/Producer: B. Skow


Cast: Dana DeArmond, Alec Knight, Kasey Warner, Dane Cross, Ava DaLush, Penny Pax, Evan Stone

Length: 111:07 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Extras: There were trailers and bonus scenes from These Things We Do starring Siri, Bailey Blue, & Steven St. Croix lasting 34:29 minutes; Daddy’s Girls 1 starring Maddy O’Reilly & Alec Knight lasting 23:05 minutes; Proud Parents starring Casey Calvert and Kurt Lockwood lasting 30:02 minutes; and The Gardener starring Jessie Andrews, & Eric John, Clover lasting 21:17 minutes; all as described below.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mother’s Little Helper was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Using stationary and mobile cameras, Skow set forth to provide a similar experience to his usual gonzo flicks, Mike Towers and Skow working the cameras. There was no continuous company watermark on the screen, the use of a cheap home setting for the scenes including strong lighting, Tony Peaches credited with editing, and a handful of context shots. Neither the feature nor the sex elements looked as crisp as I’m used to with a feature, the low budget feel a departure from how companies dedicated to the genre shoot things these days. The aural components by “Bina” were decent too, the 2.0 Dolby Digital encoding added in during post production to limit the background noises, the vocals easily heard in most cases though a bit hollow. The uncredited music continued to work for me, no credits for it but blended in with the rest of the aural elements quite well in most cases.


Body of Review: B. Skow is a director distributed by Girlfriends Films, his wide range of movies often defying description by conventional standards. His latest release is called Mother’s Little Helper, a twisted tribute to drug use based on the old Rolling Stones song of the same name. Rather than attempt to explain the specifics of the movie, a family drama of sorts, I included the director’s own words describing the movie below, noting that his fans who always look for him to come up with increasingly weird material will appreciate the use of Ava Dalush, Kasey Warner, Penny Pax, and Dana DeArmond in a series of trysts (the cast list shows four scenes though I think breaking it down by five makes more sense), the limited feature elements sure to work for some of you better than others. The back cover described the movie like this: “Angie is going crazy and it's driving Mick and Bianca, her Husband and Step Daughter, just as insane as she is. Emily is the only thing that has ever worked, but the last time her and Angie got together things didn't go so well. Mick has no other choice but to find Emily, the only problem is he killed her. The only person that can bring Emily back to life is his ex-wife Claudine, a pharmacist who's heart was broken by Mick when he left her for Angie and took their daughter with him.”


The company press release then said this: “Adult entertainment director B. Skow drew inspiration from The Rolling Stones for his newest porn movie, “Mother’s Little Helper.” Produced by Skow for Girlfriends Films, the two-disc DVD movie is about a dysfunctional family that mixes pharmaceuticals and sex. It is now shipping from Girlfriends Films. The movie was inspired by The Rolling Stones’ 1965 classic song of the same name, which focuses on the popularity of the tranquilizer Diazepam among housewives and how easy it was to obtain from their general practitioners. “Mother’s Little Helper” takes a decidedly hardcore twist on the tale behind the lyrics. “I recently heard the song again, and on listening to it closely, I felt there as a great story to be told in an adult film,” Skow said. “It’s unorthodox and out of the ordinary, but the movie is dramatic, topical, and extremely sexual and arousing at the same time.” Skow’s “Mother’s Little Helper” follows the sexually-charged life of Angie, who is rapidly going crazy and taking her husband Mick and step daughter Bianca down with her. The only one who could bring her back from insanity is Emily – but the only problem is that Mick killed her. Mick decides to enlist the help of his ex-wife, Claudine, a pharmacist whose talents could bring back Emily, if she is willing to help the man who broke her heart.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Dana DeArmond, the brunette MILF featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, was up first with Alec Knight, her drug fueled visions explained best during repeated viewings given how Ava was shown as a person in the scenes. Once properly dosed with her meds, Dana aggressively slobbed the knob of Alec, throating him like a seasoned veteran would be expected to as she started masturbating and playfully working to get him excited. To further this end, she gave him some hand to gland friction as she pumped his pecker into her mouth, nuzzling his nuts and draining his dragon of sperm in the oral-only scene.



Scene Two: Kasey Warner, a skinny young lady with an all natural body built for speed over comfort, was up next on a leather couch with Dane Cross, the couple pawing each other and kissing as the encounter went from playful to sensual in mere moments. She wore a flowered crop top and red booty shorts, the gal skillfully removing her bra while leaving the top intact, his hand groping her snatch and then tits as her respiration rate elevated. She provided decent eye contact and was eventually left wearing only her sneakers as Dane gobbled her gash with her legs spread wide to grant him better access, her neatly trimmed snatch getting slapped as he sought to push her limits, some titty slapping and choking deployed as well before she actively blew his modest sized cock. Why it took so long for him to get hard probably relates to his own need for a little pill, in keeping with the movie’s theme, but she went buck wild during her oral and vaginal riding positions, actively pushing back or bouncing on his rod on the tan couch until she jerked him off to milk his balls dry of semen, the seed landing on her lower torso.



Scene Three: Ava DaLush, the major hotty featured on the center of the front cover, was up next with psychotic Dana DeArmond, the movie showing both of them together in a lesbian romp after Dana had some preliminary sex with Evan Stone. For those of you that see the movie or have read between the lines already, you’ll understand how Ava as the muse of the show was worked in. Once Dana left Evan in the dinning room, the ladies were shown on the flowery couch gobbling gash and rimming each other, some fingering eventually ending the tryst.



Scene Four: Penny Pax, a pretty redhead with amazing eyes, was up next with Evan Stone, the scene breakdowns listing this in with scene three. Penny was Evan’s former husband stolen away by Dana, each possessing their own motives for spending time together. Penny made the first move here, her striped skirt raising up as she slid on top of him to reveal a lack of panties as both tore off their attire to go at it. Penny devoured his cock as she massaged his balls, her superior eye contact and throating ability providing a delightful oral experience as Evan felt her up. He then reciprocated orally before both of them actively fucking in a variety of vaginal positions, additional oral included as needed until he nutted all over her hairy crotch.



Scene Five: Kasey Warner, Ava DaLush, and Dana DeArmond, were up last as the step mother and daughter bonded over snacks on the leather furniture, Kasey playing along as the side effects of the drugs kicked in again though the scene picked up again in the bedroom briefly and then the feature elements fleshed things out to show all three ladies eating each other out and kissing, the actual sex between the trio just too short for my tastes.


Bonus Scene: These Things We Do: Siri, Bailey Blue, Steven St. Croix: Bailey Blue, Siri, and Steven St. Croix were up next as redheaded Siri described a past situation that led to her gaining a better understanding of power and control play. Siri thought she was playing “Captain Save A Ho” by rescuing blond Bailey but as she soon found out, the gal did not want to be rescued at all since she was enjoying Steven’s abuse. This led to much thicker (some might call her “fluffy”) Siri to be tossed down on the bed and spanked, her juicy ass rippling delightfully well as he paddled her. Bailey then came over to massage her yummy ass as Siri slobbed his knob, the turgid pecker proving to be rock hard as she took in as much as she could. Steven then took turns vaginally pounding both ladies, even using a power drill with a dildo attached to excite them both. Bailey was even an active rider taking it in her precious pucker, the device inserted into her pussy to give the blond a technical DP, more penetration of both leading to him unleashing a load of population pudding that Siri sucked up to share with Bailey, the baby batter swallowed to a degree.


Bonus Scene: Daddy’s Girls 1: Maddy O’Reilly, Alec Knight: Maddy O’Reilly, played the blind girl Alec Knight obsessed about, the man disgustingly staying in her room as she undressed, the gal revealing how he raped her in her sleep and made her do a bunch of other things to her that caused her to try and kill herself. She cried out for help and he gagged her to silence her, ravishing her body until she gave in. Okay, at this point I only want to bash the guy in the head with any handy object, not engage in some “me time” but the scene continued forward to show him gobble her gash and ass, his erection raging hard as he went back into her for another round. The mixed message of her starting to enjoy the rape left me hanging too; her sexy form taking his pecker in pussy and mouth aggressively once she came around, his hands pawing her with some intermittent oral by both parties included. He spanked her hard enough to redden her juicy ass cheeks and pushed her down to leave her ass in the air while her head was on the floor, Maddy pushing back to meet his thrusts. He then forced her to suck her walking stick and inserted it inside her, beating off to her face until she glistened with population pudding as her reward; the expression of loathing on her face as he went down on her again, a visitor interrupting their final moments.


Bonus Scene: Proud Parents: Casey Calvert, Kurt Lockwood: Casey Calvert, last up in some skimpy pink and black lingerie, was then paired with aging lothario Kurt Lockwood, Scott’s comments about the man strikingly accurate. Casey had her hand placed on his package and was soon sucking the top half of his rod, Kurt working his fingers in both her ass and pussy as she kept a close eye on the camera. This led to a very brief standing 69 and Kurt savoring her bald beaver and ass, a few positions of vaginal sex leading to her sucking his head while stimulating his ass (the camera angle did not exactly to what degree she was fingering him) and tossing his salad before he porked her perfect pucker slowly. She was much more active during the vaginal parts of the tryst but showed promise during the anal cowgirl variations, Kurt nutting on her face in what was not a bad encounter at all.


Bonus Scene: The Gardener: Jessie Andrews, Eric John, Clover: Jessie Andrews, Eric John, and Clover were up next after AJ and Karla warmed the guys up on the mattress on the floor. Eric ate her as he beat off and Clover fed his flaccid cock for her to suck until he was rock hard, Eric soon expecting some head too. The guys took turns fucking her snatch and mouth, Eric launching his sperm on her ass followed by Clover giving her a facial in short order, the sex really short and lacking erotic content.

Summary: Mother’s Little Helper by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films was decidedly offbeat in terms of the feature elements, Skow’s inspiration from an old song (that properly applied some scathing social commentary to a popular drug overly prescribed by many doctors) showing he has long since passed the days of relying on pizza deliverymen, pool cleaners turned gigolos, and other once common pillars of porn in favor of more complex themes. To me, the sex was better than the feature elements overall but it was well worth a look and earned a rating of Recommended, the quirky outing making decent use of ladies like Ava Dalush, Penny Pax, Dana DeArmond, and Kasey Warner, as well as some suitable feature males. In short, Mother’s Little Helper had a dark side once things got underway but interpret the allegory flick as you see fit, the sexual encounters were what worked best this time so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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