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Being Riley

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/30/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 20 minutes

Date of Production:  2015

Genre: Star Showcase; Anal; Double Penetration; Gonzo; Big Cocks




Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring AVN and XBIZ award winner Riley Reid with AVN Award Winner Aidra Fox, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, James Deen, Rob Piper and Richie Calhoun (non sex)

Bonus Scenes: Girl/Girl scene with Riley Reid and Aidra Fox

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Info; Interview with Riley Reid and Aidra Fox running over 17 minutes with questions like what was your favorite part of this movie.


Being Riley is an adult star showcase featuring AVN and XBIZ award winner Riley Reid on a journey of sexual release and exploration. After being stifled by her conservative town and her conservative relationships, Riley embarks on a quest to become the openly sexual girl that she really is inside. Thanks to the guidance and help of best friend Sarah, played by AVN award winner Aidra Fox, Riley’s new beginning includes first time anal sex, sizzling double penetration and even an enjoyable girl/girl scene with Aidra Fox. This movie of sexual expression is an epic 3 hours and 20 minutes long, spanning 2 high definition DVDs and wall to wall sex that leaves Riley the open, fulfilled girl she was meant to be. Award winning director Greg Lansky and the Tushy.com studios continue to produce high quality DVDs that heighten the beautiful girls and hot sex in them through great cinematography and overall production quality. Riley Reid performs both in and out of bed, bringing an easy chemistry and sexual heat to her scenes. The flick captures the excitement and the turn on of watching Riley’s first anal and her first double penetration and these scenes are a highlight of the flick. In addition to her girl/girl with Aidra Fox, Riley fucks the cocks of industry heavy hitters the likes of Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Erick Everhard, James Deen and Rob Piper.  I highly recommend this movie. For 3 hours and 20 minutes, you get to enjoy watching Riley Reid unleash the horny, insatiable girl inside and bring her sexual fantasies to life.

Scene 1:  Riley Reid and Aidra Fox

The movie opens up with Riley enjoying lots of outdoor time. She lives in a small town and is the typical good girl, washing dishes and ironing clothes. She thinks to herself that she is tired of being in a small town and of having sex with the same person forever. She dreams of a free life where she is openly loving, intimate and sexual with as many people as she wanted. That’s why she decides to leave her small town and go to her best friend, Aidra, in Los Angeles. After fighting with her husband, she packs up and walks out and goes to visit Aidra. She falls in love with the place and is so thankful that Aidra is letting her stay there. They catch up on old times and Riley starts to experience L.A. She takes a steamy bath in the tub, rubbing suds and bubbles all over her perky boobs. Aidra decides to join her in the bath and at first Riley is unsure and shy about the whole thing, but Aidra tells her not to be. Aidra notices that Riley’s boobs have gotten bigger and confesses that she used to watch Riley take a shower in the high school gym and be turned on by it. Riley is shocked and admits that she hasn’t been free to be herself in a long time. Aidra tells her she is going to bring the old Riley back. With that, she pins Riley against the back of the tub and starts kissing her and rubbing her boobs all over Riley’s. Riley has her legs open wide and her feet up on both sides of the tub and Aidra fingers her pussy underwater.

Riley lifts her body up out of the water and Aidra starts eating her pussy, making Riley giggle, moan and cry out as Aidra’s tongue lashes Riley’s pussy and clit. Riley’s nipples are hard and pointed as Aidra dines on her pussy. This scene is really hot with these two starlets splashing around on top of each other in the tub. The chemistry between these two is great and Aidra is enjoying eating Riley’s pussy and turning her on. They move the action to the bedroom where Aidra continues to tongue lash Riley’s snatch. Riley turns the tables by putting Aidra on all fours in doggy position and tonguing her ass hole and pussy, then fingering Aidra’s ass hole, which gets her off. Riley eats Aidra’s pussy missionary style then kisses her all over her body which keeps the sensation going. After both girls have worked the other’s body into complete ecstasy, then finish up the action with a shared cigarette on the balcony.

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Scene 2:  Riley Reid and Mick Blue

Aidra continues to convince Riley that the best life to have is a sexually open life. Riley absolutely loves this life and is starting to adopt it. After an incredible experience with Aidra, Riley is beginning to realize she has lots of sexual options to choose from. Aidra accidentally left her purse at her friend Mick’s house and she asks Riley to pick it up for her. She goes over to Mick’s high rise condo to get it and falls in love with the place. Mick offers her a drink and tells her that Aidra wasn’t lying when she said just how beautiful Riley is. They drink champagne and look at the view from the condo and Mick looks deep into Riley’s eyes and tells her that he can’t take his eye off of her. He pulls her up against his body and starts kissing her passionately. Fireworks are going off between these 2 and it’s hot to watch. Mick lays her down on the bed missionary style and starts eating her pussy and sucking her tits. Riley is beside herself as Mick sticks his tongue deep in her snatch then he sticks his dick in her mouth.

Riley is on her knees now as Mick stands over her with his cock in her mouth. She grips his dick with two hands and jerks his meat while sucking his balls and cock. She keeps her big beautiful eyes pinned on Mick while swallowing his meat. The cock sucking continues for a while and Riley couldn’t be happier chugging Mick’s meat. Riley can’t wait to fuck Mick and she lies on the bed in missionary position. Mick eats her pussy again then penetrates her already wet snatch in the bicycle position over the edge of the bed while Riley fingers her snatch. Mick thrusts in and out of her pussy slowly at first then he picks up the pace and this drives Riley crazy. Now, it’s time for Riley’s first anal penetration. She stays in the same bicycle position while Mick pushes his cock deeper and deeper into her ass hole. Riley’s hole is tight and it takes Mick a while to get in there but once he does, he stuffs her hole deeper and faster. Riley lies on her side and Mick keeps his cock lodged in her ass hole. Riley takes cock up the ass for a long time in this scene and it grows on her. The anal romance continues in spoon position then in reverse cowgirl and Riley takes it all. Mick pulls out, stands over her and shoots his load on her tongue. Riley gobbles the cum up and licks Mick’s dick.  

Scene 3:   Riley Reid, Aidra Fox and Manuel Ferrara

Aidra tells Riley that she knows all about her fucking Mick and about her taking it up the ass. Riley is embarrassed that Aidra knows everything, but Riley tells her she should be proud of it. Guys who are sluts are called studs and girls should not be ashamed of loving sex. In the course of the conversation Aidra tells Riley that she showed her friend, Manuel, a picture of her and now Manuel wants to have a threesome with them. Riley says yes and wants to know more about how Manuel looks. Aidra tells her and lets her know that Manuel gave her some money so they can go shopping for lingerie. Later that day, they are both dressed in sexy black lingerie and wait for Manuel. Riley is nervous but Aidra calms her down. They join Manuel on the couch and he can’t keep his hands off of Riley. The girls start kissing each other and Manuel. He plays with Riley’s ass hole and pussy. Aidra starts sucking on Manuel’s cock, showing Riley how Manuel likes it and Riley soon gets the hang of it and starts sucking on is cock too. She tries to deep throat it and gags on it. The girls share his meat, back and forth in their mouths.

Aidra lies on her side and Manuel spoon fucks her while Riley licks his balls and ass. Riley takes her turn getting spoon fucked in the pussy and ass hole but seems to enjoy anal the best. After some ass to mouth play with Manuel’s cock, Aidra gets in doggy position for some pussy stuffing. Riley licks her ass hole while Manuel fucks her pussy and she stands by for more ass to mouth out of Aidra’s ass. Riley gets in missionary position for more ass stretching as Manuel thrusts hard and fast in her ass hole. She takes her anal fucking to standing doggy position and the camera gets in close on all the deep penetrating action. Aidra sucks his cock right out of Riley’s ass and helps guide it back deep into Riley’s hole. Manuel keeps fucking Riley’s ass doggystyle until he is ready to pop, pulling out and shooting cum all over Riley’s ass and in Aidra’s mouth.  

Scene 4:  Riley Reid and Rob Piper

It’s 6 months later and Riley has moved to L.A. She can’t wait to get done with all of the boxes and she tells Aidra all about it. Riley is really open about sex now. Aidra has taught her a lot. Riley tells her about this guy she met at the pool and how she plans to fuck him. The guy is Rob Piper. Riley and Rob drink beer out by the pool and Riley tells him that sex is a beautiful thing that should be shared between 2 people, even if they’re married. Rob is excited to hear that and he takes her inside to the bedroom where the 2 passionately make out, kissing each other. Riley is already rubbing Rob’s cock in his pants, making him hard while their tongues explore the insides of each other’s mouths. In no time, Riley is on all fours in doggy position and Rob’s tongue is now exploring her ass hole, lapping and lashing up and down her crack, turning her on. Rob grips her ass cheeks and holds them open while he spanks her ass hole with his tongue. Riley grabs a hold of Rob’s cock and shoves it down her throat, sucking on it and spitting up all over it. Robs grips her behind the head and fucks her throat. Riley looks up at him while his cock thrusts in and out of her mouth.

Riley lies back in missionary position and opens her legs wide. Rob buries his face between her legs, smacking on her pussy, driving her crazy. She tells him to fuck her. He penetrates her pussy missionary style as Riley holds her legs up over Rob’s shoulders. Rob stretches her pussy slow and steady, drilling deep in her snatch. He picks up the pace, pumping her harder and faster while Riley fingers her clit, getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Riley is ready to continue to anal romance and she lies on her side as Rob sticks his dick deep in her ass, spoon fucking her up the rooter. She tells him his cock feels so good in her ass and she really likes the way it’s stretching her ass out. Rob is sure to stuff her hole, making his cock disappear in her ass. The anal spoon fucking continues until Riley is ready to ride Rob in reverse cowgirl position. She gets her pussy pumped again, riding Rob’s cock reverse cowgirl style but soon goes back into anal romance, keeping the same position. Rob plows through her ass, making Riley close her eyes and moan. Rob fucks her ass balls deep then pulls out, straddles her face and shoots his load in her mouth.

Scene 5:  Riley Reid, James Deen and Erik Everhard  

 A year later, Riley and Aidra are celebrating, having a drink of wine. Riley hasn’t seen her in forever and she is really happy to see her friend. Riley talks about the guy she has been seeing. They moved in together and she is having the time of her life. Her boyfriend, James, is open to trying new things sexually and is very supportive of her fantasies. Riley tells him that she has a fantasy of being fucked by 2 guys at the same time. James thinks that’s hot and asks her if she wants to fuck him and his friend Erik. The day of the fantasy arrives and Riley walks up to both guys who are standing, waiting for her in the bedroom. The guys sandwich her and start kissing and rubbing all over her, turning her on. Riley drops to her knees between both James and Erik and starts sucking their cocks. The guys keep her hands and mouth occupied with cock, barely giving her a chance to breathe. Sucking dick is keeping a big smile on Riley’s face as she slides her mouth from one cock to the next, licking and sucking each one and spitting all over both. She has a hungry mouth and the guys stuff it with meat.

She bends over doggystyle on the bed and gets fucked from behind by James while Erik continues to fuck her mouth. The guys are sandwiching her again but this time one cock is in her mouth and one is in her pussy. She is gagging all over Erik’s cock and the spit is hanging from his dick and balls as Riley continues to get her throat fucked. James keeps stretching her pussy from behind, slamming her in doggy position. James sticks his thumb in her ass hole while he fucks her pussy, getting her ready for her 1st double penetration. But first she rides Erik’s cock in cowgirl position, looking back at her big ass while Erik spanks it and fucks her pussy hard. Erik powers up, pounding her pussy, filling it full of cock while James moves around to fucking her throat. Riley is enjoying her 2 man cock showdown, never taking James’ dick out of her mouth while Erik fucks her. It’s time for Riley to get DP fucked. She is sitting on Erik’s cock cowgirl style and James slowly sticks his dick in her ass hole, penetrating her tight hole. Riley wants it really slow at first as James works his way into her ass. Erik keeps her pussy stuffed as James’ cock goes deeper and deeper into Riley’s hole. The guys pick up the pace as Riley gets more and more into her double cock fuck. The camera zooms in close on Riley’s DP stuffing just before she switches to a reverse cowgirl DP with Erik up her ass and James in her pussy. She fingers her clit and has a big smile on her face as she look up at James. She is a DP whore now, wanting it harder and deeper and longer. Riley is getting DP’d for a long time in this scene and she is enjoying every minute of it. All this DP action is putting her in ecstasy and as Erik fingers her clit and fucks her ass, she squirts all over him. With the DP behind her, she moves into spoon position where James fucks her up the ass. Erik follows suit, fucking her ass hole in missionary position. Erik pulls out and jerks off in her mouth, leaving loads of cum dripping down her tongue. James follows up, shooting his load all over her face.

Final Thoughts:

Riley Reid is the featured starlet in a steamy adult showcase film simply called Being Riley. This flick is a story of sexual growth and intensity as Riley goes on a journey that helps her become the fully sexual woman that she really is inside. After years of living a quiet life because of the conservative town where she grew up and the influence of her conservative friends, Riley is ready to shed the guilt and explore her sexuality. With the help of her friend Sarah, played by AVN award winner Aidra Fox, Riley loosens up and we get to enjoy watching her fantasies come to life on film. Once she opens the door to sex, she experiences girl/girl passion with Aidra, her first anal and her first DP and it’s all a turn on to see. Director Greg Lansky has put together an epic 3 hours and 20 minutes of highly produced footage that you’ll enjoy watching and Riley’s performance sizzles. In addition to Aidra Fox, Riley fucks industry cockstars Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Erick Everhard, James Deen and Rob Piper.  I highly recommend this movie. In this flick, Riley breaks out of her shell, unleashing the new horny, insatiable woman who was trapped inside and this time around, she has no sexual guilt or sexual barriers stopping her.

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