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Rough Enough

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/7/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Rough Sex/Creampie


Cast: August Ames/Sarah Shevon/Rachael Madori/Kasey Warner/Ryan Madison

Director: Ryan Madison

Extras: BTS/Interviews/Photo Gallery/Trailers/Commercials

*Bonus Scene: Kelly Madison Solo Scene from PornFidelity.com

Release Date: 4/23/2015

Runtime: 154 Mins


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*Scene 1: (Rough Enough)

Rachael Madori/Ryan Madison

The premiere scene in Ryan Madison's Rough Enough kicks off as we see our director and his wife Kelly lying in bed together, with Ryan making some attempts to awaken her by groping her in hopes that she'll grant him a late night fuck sesh. Kelly seems too tired to partake as things move forward, leading up to Ryan leaving their bed and going into a closet where Rachael Madori lies tied and bound playing the role of literal fuck toy. Once Ryan steps into the closet the action almost immediately gets underway with Rachael looking excited to see her captor before he stuffs his hands into her mouth and gags her with his cock in the moments that follow. The vibe has a wonderfully intense feel to it directly upon the start, moving forward with a rough doggie style fuck given to Rachael to initiate the sex, as Ryan continuously gives her some forceful hand gags while she spits over the mirror and slurps it back up in the midst of the sex. Things later move into the bathrooom where Madison uses a flurry of different props to assist in the scene, spitting directly into Rachael's mouth and gagging her with a toothbrush before throwing her into the shower to continue the fun. The shaky handed viewing and dim lighting help add to the sinister vibe, hindering most penetration shots but still giving off the dynamic I expect they were going for. Things ultimately finish off with Ryan unloading his balls directly into Rachael's pussy, toying with her hole in the coming moments before he picks her up and tosses her out the door like a used up rag. The scene closes with Ryan returning to bed with his wife, who seems to have grown sleepless over the past 32 minutes and begins riding Ryan's cock on the couch that she was sleeping on as the screen fades. Pretty strong scene here overall; I think the wobbly camera could be seen by viewers as either helpful or restraining but I do think it corrects itself by offering an energy that might allow viewers to escape a typical gonzo type of feel. Rachael's willingness to fully embody the role was also unavoidably strong to the essence of the scene. Good stuff.



*Scene 2: (Meet Sarah)

Sarah Shevon/Ryan Madison


The always incredible Sarah Shevon is the primary focus of the second scene in the film, playing the role of a student and part time bartender who sometimes brings a customer home for a nightcap after a busy day. Ryan plays the role of Sarah's lust interest for the evening, with the scene taking place on the morning after their first night together. Things start out with a more sensual vibe, moving into the kitchen where Sarah brews a pot of coffee for her and her boytoy, before pouring a smidgen of it over his cock and falling to her knees to initiate the action. The blowie is chock full of slopped up throat fun, as Ryan uses her face like it's his personal fleshlight in the midst of this spit-filled, knob-slobbing, rim-jobbing facefuck. Sarah's exaggerated expressions provide for some great stroke material, as things eventually move into the sex when Ryan tosses her over the counter for a good ol' fashioned doggie style dickin'. Oral sex plays a primary role in the action as things unfold, with Sarah constantly chugging on Madison's cock like she's searching for a buried treasure inside of her esophagus that only his cock can acquire. Sex runs through a variety of different postions before all is said and done in this 45 minute fuck-fiasco, running through several different areas of the house as Ryan plows through Sarah's pussy like a wrecking ball. Things ultimately close out with another pussy creampie, giving the viewer a close-up look at Sarah's cooze ridden hole before fading out as she dittles herself with a hitachi wand. Another solid scene here for the most part; I didn't love some of the camerawork at times and would have enjoyed seeing a more comprehensive look at the sex, but the expressions and energy were the driving force in making this one well worth a watch. Sarah seems to always be at 100% and Ryan did his thing. 



*Scene 3: (Meet Kasey)

Kasey Warner/Ryan Madison

Kasey Warner encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, kicking things off with a cute introductory segment that portrays Kasey playfully popping balloons at her senior prom while captions briefly scroll across the screen to provide the storyline. The theme of the scene is that Kasey is saving herself for prom, but unfortunately none of her peers asked her to go, so her gym teacher did the kind favor of being her date - yea...OK. Anyways, director Ryan Madison plays the role of Kasey's compassionate gym teacher, taking her to a hotel after the formal where the action sets in quickly upon the scene's start. Things set up with Kasey giving Ryan a cock-chugging throat job to start, throttling his dong into her esophagus like a seasoned vet as she spits and slobbers over herself before he bends her over and throttles her 1-hole. There's a pretty strong intensity through the scene as it unfolds, running through a variety of different positions as Madison rifles through her pussy on the bed, in the shower and pretty much every other room that you could imagine seeing in a standard hotel room. In the midst of shoving Ryan's slurpstick into her throat, Kasey puts a tiara on her head in the latter stages of the scene, saying "I'm a princess" for added effect, which I thought was a nice touch. Things ultimately cap off with another pussy creampie, later ending as Kasey dittles her cooter and places her tiara back on her head. Awwe. Another strong scene here that had some weird lighting and camerawork that some could see as obstructing to the overall feel, but it still had a nice energy nonetheless. Also - if that's the way the way a girl who's never been laid sucks cock then I'm the friggin' pope. 



*Scene 4: (Rough Enough #2)

August Ames/Ryan Madison

The introductory segment of the final scene in the film provides more actual tease than anything we've seen thus far, as August Ames struts along the countryside looking absolutely incredible as her majestic god-given tits bounce to the beat of her walk. The scenario is sort of unclear here, seeming to portray August and Ryan as outlaws of some sort, starting with August walking with a briefcase full of money, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat as she eventually makes her way to Ryan and they toss money around and smoke weed while some porn-ariffic dubstep music plays in the background of it all. The action sets in with August going full tilt on Ryan's cock as he stuffs it into her cakehole, slurping and slopping it up before sex sets in at the 12 minute mark with a doggie style dick reaming from Madison.  Action has a mostly identical vibe to the other scenes in the film, having some solid moments that portray a pretty intense energy with lots of choking and slopped-up fuck fun that mixes in a few tit-fucks for added effect in the later stages of the scene. Things again cap off with a creampie to masturbation sesh at the close, giving a similar feel to the rest of the movie, and not having enough contrast to really give it any sort of solid viewing should you be watching this film all the way through in one sitting like I am. Regardless, I think it translated pretty well in spite of that, as August is always a great watch and Ryan incites a pretty nice performance from her. 



Ryan Madison's Rough Enough from Kelly Madison Media provided some solid stroke fodder for fans of a more intensely themed style of sex, translating pretty well to the viewer aside from the camerawork being a little bothersome as it all went on. Rachael Madori started the film out in what I would probably say was the best of the bunch, with the rest of the scenes following suit pretty well, having no particular contrast as they all had a mostly cookie cutter style of sex whose only difference was the storyline that was centered around each scene. Tech specs were okay, having moments where it looked to be a little over-directed with the shaky camera views; sometimes it worked to the scene's advantage while other times it hurt. Extras include a generous helping of content, with an entire disc devoted to interviews, BTS, photo galleries, trailers, commercials, and even a bonus solo scene with Kelly Madison from PornFidelity.com. Overall, I'd probably give this one a recommendation for it's effort. It certainly isn't the be-all-end-all of rough sex movies but there's some good stuff wrapped into it's context. Recommended. 



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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