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Ready For Anal

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal/Hardcore




Cast: Indigo Augustine/Sara Luvv/Aidra Fox/Aria Alexander/Karmen Karma/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers

Release Date: 11/9/2015

Runtime: 3 Hrs 29 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Mike Adriano's 'Ready For Anal'!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review for Mike Adriano's Ready For Anal; The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. The audio elements are very basic, and the Evil Angel watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen being mostly unnoticeable to viewers. This review is based on the 1080p HD streaming video, showcasing Mike's usual bag of tricks, with all scenes opening with some candid talk from the girls and a bit of tease before rolling into the action. The scenes were stripped down and simplified to perfection, with each scene relying almost solely on the performance, which for this particular collection of scenes was outstanding. There was no music used in the film at any point, and the camera angles were not shy on giving the viewer some seriously up-close and personal views, sometimes even to a fault but never having any sort of detrimental feel to it. 


*Scene 1:

Indigo Augustine/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM


The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's Ready For Anal kicks off with a quick intro segment where we see gorgeous tattooed blonde beauty Indigo Augustine, dressed to the nines in a black fishnet porn inspired get-up with clear heels and a biker glove over her right hand to complete the look. The action sets in pretty quickly upon the opening moments after some minimal tease, showcasing our featured attraction making her most valiant efforts to stuff our directors jizz-nozzle as deep into her throat as humanly possible. The early blowie lasts for around 15 minutes in total and carries a really nice gradual intensity from Indigo, rolling into the anal as the camera cuts and we see her ass placed perfectly in the face of the camera as Mike takes a dick-first dive into it. Sex is strong right off the rip, with a gradually heightened energy that gives us a flurry of gapes, hard ATM cock-chugs, and some standard Adriano circus tricks that include gummy bears and Indigo's asshole (I bet you can guess what happens there). Indigo's expressions and overall presence in the scene is what really makes it all so great though; she takes an absolute ass-blasting from Mike through the course of this 45 minute romp, looking gorgeous in the midst of it and giving some great camera interaction. The anal whirlwind concludes with our director unleashing 2 loads of dicksauce to reward Indigo for her efforts, the first one slathering over her asshole out of a doggie style buttfuck, and the second one going straight down her throat before the screen fades. Awesome. Indigo is fucking beautiful here; I absolutely loved her intensity and Mike did his thing. Great fucking scene here. 


*Scene 2:

Sara Luvv/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM

Pint-sized super-cutie Sara Luvv is next on the list, kicking off the scene looking sensational (to say the least) in a bright blue colored porned up outfit while telling us about how she still considers herself as somewhat of a rookie in the anal category. The intro gives us some great tease shots of Sara, strutting around the room playfully while the camera follows closely behind her, rolling into some trademark Adriano ass-munches to initiate the action. Sara returns the favor at around 11 minutes in, giving some super-charged efforts to work her tiny mouth around Adriano's slurpstick, cradling his balls while gagging wonderfully as the camera gives us a view from each side, an upshot, and a "POV+" view through the course of it. Sara's playful energy and exaggerated expressions take center stage in making these early moments shine, devouring Mike's cock like a vagrant who hasn't eaten a meal in weeks before propping her ass up perfectly on the bed in preparation for her butt bonking. The anal sex sets in slowly and understandably so considering Sara's tiny stature, gradually heightening with breaks where Sara goes full-on bonkers on Adriano's cock, giving some awesome ATM dick-chugs to bridge position switches. Overall, this scene's a definite keeper, showcasing an adorable Sara Luvv in all of her anal glory with Mike showing his enjoyment by throttling off two loads of dicksauce through the course of it. Things ultimately close with Sara devouring our director's dong while he blows the final of his two loads as she smiles devilishily into the camera as Mike congratulates her on a job well done. Nice. Great scene here with a simple setup that had all it needed to allow for the performances to shine from both parties. I dig it!



*Scene 3: 

Aria Alexander/Aidra Fox/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM


Porn superstar Aidra Fox and relatively new girl Aria Alexander are the primary focus of the third scene in the film, starting out the scene with a well-coached tease from our director where Aidra's dressed to the nines in a tiny bright colored rainbow outfit with leggings, heels, and a pink biker glove to complete the look. Aria's wearing a white porn-inspired body skirt number, with both girls strutting their stuff nicely in the early moments before Aria pops a squat on a nearby chair and Aidra tongue fucks her anus. Aidra's persona radiates in the scene, carrying a confident, and almost cocky attitude that makes for some great stroke fodder, with things rolling into some trademark Adriano butt munches before the girls give thanks through some sloppified cocksucks. Aidra's the first to take a dive on Adriano's dipstick, throating him wonderfully while Aria munches on his sack and gives Aidra a kiss on the cheek to show her admiration. Aria follows Aidra's lead beautifully, giving some hefty throat gags on Mike's knob while Aidra cheers her on and they sporadically switch roles. The blowie segment wraps up with Aidra going HAM on Mike's cock while Aria rims his ass, looking to come inches away from tossing her cookies at various points, but still never letting up. After Mike trickles out some pre-cum over Aria's hungry tongue, Aidra props her ass up on the bed, allowing easy access for our director as he shovels his meat-rod into her asshole while Aria kisses her on the mouth. The sex is off the charts in terms of intensity, with Aria playing the spotter role to a tee as Aidra takes a massive ass-blasting throughout this 48 minute effort. It's loaded with gapes, heavy deepthroats, and hard buttfucking fun, ending as the girls drop to their knees and Mike spits out some cum over the faces before they share the load. Righteous. As a viewer this scene translates as well as any thus far in the film; Aria's presence in the scene was monumental to how well it all played out and Aidra was the rockstar that we've all come to know her as in her recent efforts. Loved it. 



*Scene 4: 

Karmen Karma/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM

The final scene in Mike Adriano's Ready For Anal kicks off wonderfully as porn goddess Karmen Karma encapsulates our view, dressed to the nines in a porn-inspired pink lingerie number with a white biker glove covering her left hand and classic clear stripper heels to complete the look. This is somehow her first anal expedition with Mike, although she's been in 5 of his releases for Evil Angel, mostly  showing off her ridiculously talented oral skills which I'm sure we'll get a nice look at here. Opening moments give us some great looks at Karmen's various pieces and parts, showing off her [still] new tits for the porn pervs at home before giving us some glorious up-close looks at her puckered asshole. Both stars look eager to get started early on, with Mike starting it with a face-first dive into Karmen's asshole before she returns the favor with a blowjob like only she could give. The facefucking that takes place here is monumental to put it lightly, featuring Karmen filling up a wine glass with dickspit while she gives out some massive gags and keeps a close eye on the home viewers throughout all of it. The camera interaction in this scene is only half of what makes it so great; Karmen's eyes well up with tears as she devours Mike's nozzle, pouring her collected cock-drool over his knob and never letting up while spouting dickspit over the lens in the midst of it. Afterwards, Karmen rims Mike's asshole like there's a buried treasure inside of it that only her tongue can reach, rolling into the buttsex at almost 30 minutes in as Karmen props herself up and Mike plunges her anus while she tells us how long she's waited for this moment. Awww. Overall, the sex is fucking fantastic throughout this scene; Karmen literally never stops, bridging each position switch with some massive ATM dick-chugs as her energy drives things wonderfully throughout it's 57 minute runtime. Things ultimately close out with Karmen absolutely demolishing Mike's dong via blowjob, coaxing him to unload whatever's left in his balls while it's lodged in her throat and she swallows up the goods and blows us a kiss. Perfect. This is gonzo greatness if I've ever seen it; Karmen's look is a pervert's wet dream and the things that she gives in her scenes are simply the icing on the cake. I love watching this girl, she's easily one of the best performers there is today. Great scene. 



Mike Adriano's Ready For Anal from Evil Angel Video is a convincingly solid collection of scenes, showcasing an exquisite grouping of hotties in an anal hoedown that any Adriano fan is sure to consider a must-watch. Indigo started things out with a bang, and each scene followed suit nicely before Karmen blew them all out of the water with an absolute gem to close it out. Camera interaction from the girls was again a big player in the film, adding volumes to the overall feel and translating nicely with the exception of some sub-par camera angles that were mostly canceled out because of how good the sex was. Overall, I felt that the comprehensive viewing here was one of Mike's strongest in recent memory, being well-worthy of the highly recommended rating or perhaps even higher if you find yourself to be a gonzo blow-hard who appreciates his or her porn to be hardcore and to the point. Mike's ability to create a comfortable atmosphere is key to making his scenes so good; the girls all seemed to have a great time, in turn making it that much better for fans to enjoy. So if you like porn with a little bit of excess and no fluff, and you appreciate truly slutty girls who know their way around a cock then you're going to like this one. I guarantee it. Highly Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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