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Teens In Tight Jeans 6

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 12/23/15

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Category: Teens/Gonzo/Jeans


Cast: Abella Danger/Elsa Jean/Kenzie Taylor/Haley Banks/Mick Blue/John Strong

Director: Mick Blue

Extras: BTS/Trailers/Photo Gallery

*Bonus Scene: Mattie Borders & John Strong from Quasar's 'My Young Girl Obsession 2' (2014)

Release Date: 9/15/2015

Runtime: 139 Mins


Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Mick Blue's Teens in Tight Jeans 6!

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Audio/Video Levels: Mick Blue's Teens in Tight Jeans 6 was enhanced for widescreen viewing, showcasing the standard style of tease and fuck gonzo that replicates most of the Male Performer of the Year's efforts for his secondary directing job, as each scene sets up with a tease that rolls into a candid talk intro segment. The tease sequences were accompanied with some light elevator-esque music, and the picture had no company watermark or logo on the screen at any time. The viewing was clear throughout the entire film, and the camerawork was good enough to allow the scenes to shine if the performances were right, with all of the audio translating nicely with no recognized distortion or inaudible moments. 


Scene 1:

Abella Danger/Mick Blue

The premiere scene in Mick Blue's Teens in Tight Jeans 6 kicks off with a solidly strokeworthy tease from Abella Danger, staying true to the film's title as she dawns a tight pair of jeans, a bright blue bikini top, and a white pair of platform high heels to complete the look. As in all of Mick's movies for 3rd Degree, the tease is set to some of the most ridiculous elevator jams that you could possibly imagine, moving forward nicely as Abella struts her stuff around a suburban yard for about nine minutes before rolling into a quick candid segment where she and our director chat and flirt for a few moments. The talking sequence that follows the tease focuses primarily on the tight jeans fetish, showcasing Abella well as she jiggles her cheeks relentlessly while her thong sticks out of the top, showing off some "whale tail" action in the midst of it for added effect. The action sets up in a POV formatting, as Abella gives some generous knob slobs to our director, eventually cutting a hole in her jeans to provide easier access for the fucking, which sets up with a doggie style dick plunge from Mick to start off. Position switches are bridged with some solidly slopped up cock-chugs from Abella upon moving forward, running through a bevy of angles and different looks before closing out with an intense missionary style plunging from Blue before he tosses his sauce over her face in the closing moments and the screen abruptly cuts into the next scene. The scene runs for about 33 minutes in total and overall it's a pretty solid bangout; but I'd be remiss to say that this one is the best either of these two have to offer at this stage in their game(s). Although the action was strong the scene had a pretty minimal vibe to it, leaving me with a feeling that it could have been a lot better with some added contrast. 



*Scene 2: 

Elsa Jean/John Strong

Porno supercutie Elsa Jean (listed on the boxcover as Elsa Dream) is next up on the list, starting off the scene with a dreamy tease sequence where she dawns a tight pair of blue jeans and black pumps, along with a pink bra and matching thong that perfectly pops out of the top of her jeans for added effect. Elsa's gorgeous appearance helps minimalize the thought of how ridiculous the music is that lies underneath the intro, strutting her stuff sensually as she strips out of her top before moving into the interview sequence that follows. Opening moments proceed to an indoor setting, again concentrating on the fetish at hand, as the camera gives us some bountiful looks at Elsa's tiny lower half wrapped tightly in her blue jeans, before she drops to her knees for the mandatory cocksucking festivities. John Strong makes his first and only appearance in the film as Elsa's co-star, with the early blow-j providing some strokeworthy action before rolling into the fuck-fun. The sex sets up with Elsa jeans being carved open for easier acces to her pussy, as Strong lunges his dong into her for some doggie style fucks to start. Camera angles give us a pretty good look at the action as things unravel, having some mildly monotone moments that tend to flurry the scene sporadically, eventually capping off with Strong unloading the contents of his balls over Elsa's grassy knoll before she gives us a few last words to close out. Overall, this one was a little less effective than I had initially hoped it would be; Elsa could have been a little more vocal throughout the scene and made it a lot better, and the chemistry didn't translate very well either. I'm a huge fan of this girl look and I look forward to the future that the industry holds for her, but aside from showcasing Elsa's seemingly unlimited charm, there wasn't much to be said about this one. 



*Scene 3: 

Haley Banks/Mick Blue


Haley Banks encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, a girl with only a few scenes to her credit, opening up things in the same fashion as the others, with a 3 minute tease sequence as she's dressed in fairly identical fashion to the rest of the girls featured. Haley shows off her goods rather spiritlessly to open up the scene, moving forward to the same indoor setting, where our director shares some quick words with her before plunging his plonker into her pussy for some POV themed doggie style fucking to begin the sex. Action pulls out of a POV once it gets rolling, running through a variety of different positions as Mick relentlessly pounds his budding co-star with some moments of slowness sprawled throughout the scene. Most position switches are bridged with some hollow cock-chugs from Haley, having some stimulating moments in the later stages where Haley's eye makeup dribbles down her face while Mick blasts her pussy in a missionary themed pussy plunking. Things ultimately wrap up with Mick firing off a sizable load of dick sauce over Haley's demolished jeans, as she smiles in the midst of it before the screen fades. Overall, I actually thought this one had some pretty strong moments, but the first half was rather uneventful even so. There were some promising moments that lead me to believe it's possible that Haley could be one to watch in the future, but the scene was just so-so if I'm being honest.



*Scene 4: 

Kenzie Taylor/Mick Blue

The final scene in Mick Blue's Teens in Tight Jeans #6 features Kenzie Taylor as the primary focus, dawning the best oufit of the film by a longshot as she shakes and struts her stuff to the sounds of some ambient elevator jams in the first indoor tease of the film. Kenzie's dressed in a bright and colorful bikini top with her lower half encased in tight jeans, stripping out of her top and showing off her delectable tits as it all unfolds. This tease crushes every other scene in the film (yes, even Abella's), having a truly sensual feel that Kenzie takes to the next level through her movements and interaction with the camera. Action comes into play after a quick opening convo with our director, as Kenzie falls to her knees and slops up his cock by way of an outstanding POV style blowie. Kenzie's actions and expressions are perfect in these moments, finally offering up the camera interaction and dirty talk that I've been waiting for in this movie, with a cocky attitude that's sure to make the porn pevs happy in an otherwise lackluster collection of scenes. Things move forward with a quick masturbation sesh from Kenzie, moving into the opening fuck sesh where Mick blasts her pussy in a spoon style bangout while her luscious tits sway to the beat of his thrusts. Mick throws in some thankful oral efforts after a supercharged throat fuck from Kenzie, moving into an exceptional doggie style dick romp that has our featured starlet moaning in acceptance. Things progress well as the scene continues, gathering some strong action with solid camera angles and great chemistry from the viewer standpoint, ultimately ending as Mick pumps out his dicksauce over Kenzie's jeans while she looks on in awe. I thoroughly enjoyed this scene, which is more than I can say for the rest of this film; Kenzie seems to have the perfect attitude and energy that makes me eager to see her future endeavors in the industry. Her beauty matches with her sluttiness like peanut butter and jelly in a porn perv's eyes, and it seems like the sky may be the limit for this hottie. Good stuff!




Mick Blue's Teens in Tight Jeans #6 from 3rd Degree Films was mostly par for the course, showcasing a conventional style of tease and fuck gonzo that's mainly minimal in comparison to some of it's higher quality predecessors. Abella gave the movie a fair start, with the rest of the scenes having a gradual decline before Kenzie offered up the performance of the film in the last scene. Overall though, there seems to be a lot of corners cut in flicks like this; it sort of has a 'churned out' vibe to it in comparison to Mick's more notable recent efforts for another studio, ultimately decreasing the overall value of it and serving as simply "meat and potatoes" gonzo. In turn, it just places itself on the shelf as another porn movie that cuts corners everywhere from makeup to wardrobe to location. It's not to say that this didn't have the possibility of being a strong flick with it's cast, but when all is said and done, it just wasn't. I think it could have been much better with more camera interaction, strengthened tease sequences, and more contrast; I mean, the scenes are almost identical to each other. Extras include a nice array of content for the few that are still out there buying DVD's, featuring a 7 minute BTS segment with post scene talk from all of the girls, as well as a slideshow photo gallery, trailers, and a weak bonus scene from Mike Quasar's 2014 release of 'My Young girl Obsession 2'. Overall, there's no possible way that I could recommend this one based on it's comprehensive viewing, but if you're one of the few people left on the planet that's still renting porn and you see something you think you might like, by all means, go for it. Rent It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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