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Corrupt Schoolgirls 11

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/27/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 58 minutes

Date of Production:  June 9, 2015

Genre: 18+, All Sex, Teachers

Condoms:  No



Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Bobby Manilla


Cast: Morgan Lee, Sara Luvv, Piper Perri, Rebel Lynn, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Romeo Pierce, Tommy Gunn

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Behind the Scenes; Trailers for Babysitter Diaries 12, Filthy Family 10, Too Big for Teens 13


The naughty school girls in director Bobby Manilla’s Corrupt SchoolGirls 11 are at it again and their classroom antics land them on top of the teacher’s desk getting their pussies filled with cock.  Morgan Lee, Sara Luvv, Piper Perri and Rebel Lynn are the bad students who let their horny behavior get the best of them. Erik Everhard, Romeo Pier, Manuel Ferrera and Tommy Gunn are the willing cock instructors who give these bad girls a hard lesson in fucking. Morgan has stolen a bunch of tests but Romeo is the one to take the fall for it. He gets detention for a month and is upset with her. Morgan has a trick up her skirt that is sure to get her on Romeo’s good side again. Sara needs extra credit and decides to volunteer in Manuel’s classroom. He soon learns that she is really a bad girl who loves a good, hard spanking followed by desktop fucking. Piper strips in Erik’s classroom on a dare and before Erik knows it, he’s fucking her freshman pussy. Rebel is snooping around in Tommy’s classroom just as he enter to have phone sex while no one is there. She gets so turned on that she crawls up to him and turns his phone sex into real sex. Overall, I recommend this movie. These bad girls are horny and it spills out all over the classroom. You’ll enjoy the short set up to each scene and you’ll really get turned on watching these girls turn their classrooms into real time sex ed.

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Scene 1:  Morgan Lee and Romeo Pierce

Morgan is a bad student. She stole a whole bunch of tests and stole them, but Romeo is getting the blame for it and is in detention for 1 month. He can’t believe it. Morgan stops by to visit him in detention and he is upset about the whole thing. Morgan says she plans to make it all up to him now that the teacher has been called away to the office. She straddles him then drops to her knees and strips him out of her pants, putting his cock in her mouth. She starts sucking his dick, jerking it hard and fast and gagging on his meat and licking his balls. Morgan is no straight A student, but she is a great cock sucker, taking hold of Romeo’s meat and deep throating it. She looks up at him with her big eyes while she spits all over his cock. She quickly lies on the classroom desk, spreads her legs wide and tells him to eat her pussy. Morgan starts tongue lashing her clit, driving her crazy on top of the desk. These 2 have to hurry the action because the teacher will be back any minute now. Romeo makes her pussy sing, fingering it deep and making her even more wet than she already is. She begs him to fuck her pussy, and he does as she asks, fucking her on top of the desk, holding one of her legs up over his shoulder while he drills deep in her snatch.

Morgan screams out oh fuck yeah as Romeo pounds her hole. She is about to cum from all the hard pounding. He eats her pussy then turns to stand and deliver deep in her hole, slamming her pussy as she lies on her side on the desk. She gets back into the bees knees to suck her own pussy juices off of his meat, begging him to beat her face with his cock. The stand and deliver fucking continues on the desk with Morgan begging Romeo to fuck her harder. She licks up her pussy juices again off of his dick then sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position, letting Romeo pound her pussy from underneath. She begs him not to stop fucking her as she holds on to the desk and cums. After more pussy to mouth cock sucking, she gets into standing doggy position to get her pussy stretched even more. Romeo spanks her ass as he strokes her snatch. He licks up her pussy juices then fingers her, making her squirt before he starts fucking her again. Morgan decides that it’s time for a cowgirl ride. Romeo lies on his back across the desk and she sits on his dick, telling him how good it feels as she bounces up and down on his prick. These move close to the chalkboard now with Morgan in standing doggy position leaning up against the chalkboard while Romeo fucks her from behind. She begs to be fucked harder and harder as her hands slide down the chalkboard. They take their fucking to the classroom floor now in cowgirl position and Romeo slams her pussy while she holds on to the desk. After getting her throat fucked, she takes more cock on the floor in reverse cowgirl position until Romeo pulls out and jerks off in her mouth, leaving it full of cum.

Scene 2:  Sara Luvv and Manuel Ferrera

Sara needs some extra credit so she decides to volunteer and help Manuel out in his class. Manuel can really use the help and he is happy that Sara is volunteering. He doesn’t understand why girls like Sara aren’t doing better in school. He talks about the old days when he was in school, when everybody worked hard and got good grades, and if they didn’t show up to class they got a spanking. Sara loves being spanked and she asks Manuel what would it take to get a spanking. Manuel tells her to stop doing this. She draws a picture of Manuel cock’s fucking her tits on the chalkboard and ask him if she deserves a spanking now. Then she gets on all fours on the chair and pulls up her short skit in Manuel’s face and grips her ass cheeks, begging for Manuel to spank her. He starts spanking her and in on time she is all over him, straddling and kissing him. Manuel fingers her pussy and pinches her nipples, driving her crazy. She makes her way down to his cock, unzipping his pants and putting his dick in her mouth. She sucks him off, stroking his meat while Manuel tells her what to do. She spits all over his shaft and keeps jerking his cock. Manuel puts his balls in her mouth and she swallows them. They kiss passionately then she squeezes his cock between her tits, titty fucking him until Manuel sits up her on the desk and tells her to strip all the way down. She lies back while he licks her pussy, making her body shake. She holds her hand over her mouth then tells him right there, right there. Manuel doesn’t let up, sucking and tongue lashing her clit.

He stands up, puts her leg up over his shoulder and sticks his dick in her pussy, promising to go slow. He starts fucking her and she tells him to keep it right there as his cock slips in and out of her wet snatch. She tells him she loves watching him fuck her. That’s when he starts fucking her harder and faster, making her scream louder and louder. Manuel tells her to quiet down because they can’t let the rest of the school hear them fucking. He spanks her ass with a ruler just like she wants him to and he keeps fucking her hole. It’s back to her knees for more cock sucking and pussy juice swallowing as she deep throats his meat and asks him if she is doing a good job. She beats her face and tongue with his cock then goes back to swallowing it. He tells her to turn around so he can see her ass, then she bends over the desk in standing doggy position. Manuel penetrates her pussy from behind, filling her hole all the way up and gripping her by the hair. He spanks her ass while he fucks her and keeps pulling her hair back, driving her crazy. She screams out for him to fuck her. The standing doggy fucking continues as Sara gets fucked harder and faster. She sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position and rides his meat while finger her clit. She tells him his cock feels so good as she bounces up and down on his meat. After licking his balls, she lies on her back on the desk and fingers her clit while Manuel stands and delivers, fucking her snatch hard and making her cum. He pulls out and blasts her face and inside her mouth with cum as she looks up at him with her mouth wide open. She sucks his cock and swallows his cum.

Scene 3:   Piper Perri and Erik Everhard

Piper was dared to walk into Erik’s class and strip in front of him. She lives up to the dare, walks into his classroom and strips in front of him without saying anything. Erik tells her to put her clothes on right now. He figures out that somebody dared her to do this and tells her she can’t let the upper classmen take advantage of her like this. He tells her to get dressed, but Piper says it’s too late. Somebody has already been taking pictures of them. Erik can’t believe it as he admires Piper’s naked freshman body sitting on his desk. He says to himself that he knows he will get fired for this, but he goes for it anyway, eating her pussy as she spreads her legs open wide on the desk. Piper moans in ecstasy as Erik takes a long time working his tongue in and out and up and down her pussy. He stands up and drops his pants and Piper gets on all fours on the desk and leans over the edge to suck his dick. Erik starts fucking her mouth, making her gag and his dick goes further and further down the back of her throat. He fingers her pussy while she works on his cock.

As Erik positions her on the desk to fuck her, Piper asks him if he’s going to take her virginity. He puts her leg up over his shoulder and stuffs her pussy with cock, stretching it out as Piper tells him to fuck her. Erik fingers her clit again while he fucks her hole and gags her with the school tie that’s around her neck. After eating her pussy, he puts her in the squat thruster, pumping her hole harder and deeper. She tells him to fuck her pussy. Erik takes his cock from fucking her pussy to fucking her mouth, pumping her throat deep and hard, then they pick up the fucking again on the desk. Piper straddles him and rides his cock in cowgirl position, holding on to his neck while she bounces up and down on his prick. She tells him to fuck her little pussy as she grinds her pussy on his cock. They get into 69 position for more throat fucking as Piper lies on her back across the desk and Erik bends over her, fucking her mouth. She gets into standing doggy position over the edge of the desk and gets fucked hard again. The doggy fucking turns into reverse cowgirl on the teacher chair and Piper takes full control of the action, riding him hard and fast. She climbs off then climbs back on in cowgirl position. The camera gets a great shot of Piper’s ass as she rides Erik’s cock. Piper’s pussy gets plowed on top of the desk again then Erik pulls out and pops in her mouth. He tells her not to tell anyone, but Piper has just played a mean trick on Erik, telling him this whole thing took months to set up and there’s no way she will keep it to herself.

Scene 4:  Rebel Lynn and Tommy Gunn

Rebel sneaks into Tommy’s classroom in search of tests while he isn’t there. She goes through every desk in his drawer, trying to find the tests. The she goes over to his file cabinet but still no luck. She is frustrated now that she can’t find anything. Just then, Tommy comes back into his classroom, talking on his cell. He sits down and tells her to talk dirty to her. He starts rubbing his cock as he asks her what she’s wearing right now. Rebel is hiding behind his desk and she can’t believe what she sees as Tommy takes his cock out of his pants, closes his eyes and starts jerking it off. Rebel is so turned on by what she sees that she crawls up to him and swallows his dick, surprising Tommy. He hangs up with his wife and tells Rebel she’s a dirty little girl, but he likes it. He leans back on the desk so she can really suck his cock. He tells her that her mouth feels so good.

Tommy strips out of his clothes as Rebel keeps sucking him off. It’s her turn to enjoy oral pleasure and she bends over the desk in standing doggy position so Tommy can eat her pussy. He starts licking and fingering her hole, spanking her ass and calling her a naughty girl. She stays in standing doggy position and gets fucked from behind as she puts one leg up on the desk. She screams out for him to fuck her tight little pussy. She sucks her pussy juices off his cock then lies back missionary style across the desk and tells him to fill her pussy up. She is about to cum from all of Tommy’s fucking and fingering and it’s not long before she cums. She rides him cowgirl style on the desk and then reverse cowgirl on his chair. The spoon fucking on top of the desk is hot as Rebel fingers her clit while she gets fuck. Tommy pulls out, stands over her and cums in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

The only homework on the minds of the school girls in director Bobby Manilla’s Corrupt SchoolGirls 11 is learning how to fuck and cum in the classroom. These bad girls work their way to the front of the class for a hard lesson in fucking that ends with a mouth full of cum. Morgan Lee, Sara Luvv, Piper Perri and Rebel Lynn star in this hour and 58 minute flick that’s a turn on to watch. Erik Everhard, Romeo Pierce, Manuel Ferrera and Tommy Gunn are the hard cock instructors who are ready to teach their horny students. Overall, I recommend this movie. The desktop fucking is hot, these girls cum in their scenes and they each swallow a load. It’s hot to watch.

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