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Interracial Icon 2

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/18/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production:  December 2015

Genre: Interracial Sex; Big Cocks; Gonzo



Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Chanel Preston, Jade Nile, Kendra Lust, Layna Landry, Flash Brown, Angel White, Jason Brown, Michael Williams

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Info


Director Greg Lansky and the Blacked.com studies have turned out the 2nd installment in the Interracial Icon series. The DVD features Kendra Lust on the cover and she definitely has one of the hottest scenes in this movie. Her unmistakable body and big assets make her a stand out in this film. Kendra is joined by Chanel Preston, Jade Nile, Angela White and Layna Landry who all enjoy big black cock for the first time, making one of their hottest fantasies come true. The big black cock starts who deliver these girls the body shaking thrill they’ve been craving are Flash Brown, Jason Brown and Michael Williams. The movie runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes over these 4 hot scenes that highlight interracial sex at its best. Chanel and Jade open the movie with the first scene, featuring a threesome with Michael Williams. Jade has been so lonely lately and her husband hasn’t been able to satisfy her. Chanel lets her in on a little secret that leads her to fucking a big black cock and getting the satisfaction she needs. Kendra and Jason fuck each other after a hot, sweaty workout session and her pussy gets an even harder workout as Jason pumps and stretches it. Overall, this movie is a pleasure to watch. It has all the hallmarks of a Greg Lansky film with the gorgeous girls shot extremely well in HD and the attention to lighting, details and backdrops. It’s hard to take your eyes off these girls as they are finally fulfilled by big black cock. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. These girls provide more than enough to turn anybody on.

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Scene 1:  Chanel Preston, Jade Nile and Michael Williams

Chanel and Jade are spending time together at the pool of a very nice boutique hotel. With their husbands off golfing, they are both enjoying their girl time together. Jade tells Chanel that things aren’t going well in her marriage. Things aren’t exciting any more. She says she doesn’t enjoy having sex with her husband. Chanel tells her she should try having sex with other guys sometime. Jade is shocked at Chanel’s idea, but Chanel tells her that she does it all the time and she doesn’t get caught. Chanel says that men do it all the time too and they don’t care. Chanel tells Jade about the time she fucked a security guard in a bathroom and her husband never knew what was going on. Chanel reassures Jade that it’s so easy to fuck another guy on the side because husbands never pay attention. Jade starts to get more intrigued and turned on by the idea. Just then, their waiter, Michael, brings them a couple of drinks and that’s when Chanel confides in Jade that she sucked the waiter’s cock last night and it was so big, it could hardly fit in her mouth. Jade says she has always wanted to fuck a black guy. Chanel tells her she plans to fuck the waiter today while her husband is on the golf course and Jade should come watch. The girls move to the bedroom where Chanel starts kissing Michael and telling him how much she enjoyed sucking his big dick last night and she wants more of it. Jade is watching the whole thing, getting turned on by all of it as Jade rubs on Michael’s big black cock. Chanel takes his cock out of his pants and starts jerking it in and out of her mouth. Jade can’t’ believe how big his dick really is. Chanel worships his hard meat, looking over at Jade and teasing her as she works Michael’s dick in and out of her mouth. Chanel says his cock tastes so good in his mouth and she asks Jade how it makes her feel to watch her suck a big black cock. Jade says she wants some of it and she starts fingering herself while Michael fucks Chanel’s mouth. Chanel starts spitting up now that Michael’s cock is being forced further and further down her throat. Chanel invites Jade over and to suck on Michael’s meat. She teaches her how to jerk it and suck it then they start sharing it with Jade sucking his balls while Chanel sucks his cock. After they both dribble all over his prick, Chanel is the first to take it deep in her pussy.

She lies on her back and opens her legs wide and Michael gets on top of her and starts drilling her wet hole. Chanel fingers her clit while Michael’s dick stretches her pussy out. Jade kisses Chanel while she gets fucks and she’s longing for Michael’s cock too. Chanel starts cumming as Michael’s dick thrusts harder and faster in her pussy. Chanel says she wants to watch Michael fuck Jade’s pussy and Jade is happy to experience a big black cock. Chanel helps guide Michael’s dick in Jade’s pussy missionary style and Jade starts moaning in pleasure right away and she’s not sure she can take all of his meat. Jade’s tight pussy is opening wider and wider as Michael works his way further and further in her pussy. Jade screams his cock is so much bigger and better than her husband’s. Michael picks up the pace, fucking Jade in overtime now, pumping her hole and making it wet. She gets into doggy position for more cock, but Chanel sucks his meat right before he stuffs Jade’s pussy doggystyle. Chanel stands by for pussy to mouth action, pulling Michael’s cock out of Jade’s pussy and slurping all over it. Michael pulls out of Jade and plugs Chanel’s pussy doggystyle. He pumps hard and fast while Chanel eats on Jade’s pussy. Channel begs Michael to cum inside her wet pussy and he thrust deeper and harder then pops in her hole.

Scene 2:  Kendra Lust and Jason Brown

Kendra is working hard with her personal trainer, Jason. She’s on the elliptical and is working up a sweat. Jason tells her to keep going. She’s looking really good on the machine, especially her ass as she works her leg muscles up and down on the machine. She is really sweating now and it’s dripping off her body.  She reaches the end of her workout and Jason congratulates her for doing a great job. He starts rubbing her shoulder and tells her that she’s really looking good and that her body is amazing. Kendra is flattered and wishes her husband noticed her as much as Jason, but her husband is gone all the time. As he’s rubbing Kendra’s shoulders, she can feel his hard cock pressing up against her body. She reaches for his dick and tells him that she can feel his hard cock. He apologizes, but she tells him not to apologize, just to enjoy it. She leads him into the bedroom and the two of them start kissing. Pretty soon, Kendra has stripped Jason out of his clothes and starts jerking his hard cock, asking him if his nice big cock is all for her. Jason tells her yes as she drops to her knees and asks him if he wants to feed her his big black cock. Kendra starts sucking Jason off, jerking his dick in and out of her mouth and admiring it while she dribbles all over it. She tries to deep throat him but can’t fit it all the way down her throat. Jason starts to fuck her throat as she looks up at him.

After getting her mouth stretched open with Jason’s cock, Kendra goes for a cowgirl ride, sitting on Jason’s dick in cowgirl position. One of Kendra’s best assets is her ass and it’s a pretty sight, watching it bounce up and down on Jason’s meat. She looks back over her shoulder at her pussy getting stuffed by Jason’s prick. Kendra slows down the action and rides Jason’s cock slowly. They kiss passionately while Kendra grinds onto his cock. Kendra works her pussy up and down on Jason’s dick, rubbing her ass cheeks while she rides and telling Jason to stretch her pussy more. Kendra is cumming on top of Jason’s cock and she climbs off and sucks his meat, admiring how big it is. She sucks his balls then gets in doggy position to get her pussy stretched out some more. While Jason fills her tight hole, she rubs a vibrator across her clit, turning the pleasure way up. The camera zooms in close on Kendra’s pussy, showing it host Jason’s big black cock slow and deep. Jason spanks her ass and slams her pussy. The deep penetration continues ins a downward doggy and then again in the bicycle with Kendra lying on her back while Jason pins her legs back. She runs her pink vibrator over her clit again as Jason’s cock disappears in her pussy.

This makes her cum again and she screams out how much Jason’s cock is making her pussy wet. We get another close up shot of Kendra’s pussy from in missionary position as Jason’s cock goes on a deep dive expedition in her hole. Jason leads he rover to the glass walls where they get into a standing doggy fuck overlooking the skyline. Kendra big round ass is bent over and inviting as Jason’s meat stretches her pussy out from behind. He spanks her big ass cheeks as Kendra begs him to put his cock in her mouth so she can suck up her pussy juices. She swallows her pussy juices as she jerks his cock in and out of her mouth, then she swallows his cum as Jason pops, shooting his load in her open mouth.

Scene 3:   Layna Landry and Flash Brown

Layna is doing a great job with her workout. She starts off with stretches on the mat, spreading her legs wide and her arms high up into the air. Her trainer, Flash, is overseeing her workout, helping her through her exercises from crunches to butt work. Flash counts down her workout and Layna is finally finished. She’s sweating from the hot workout she just had and Flash decides to tell her that he is really attracted to her and he has to have her. He can’t take it anymore and he sees how Layna looks at him during the workouts. He starts kissing her by Layna pulls away saying that she’s married and that she can’t do this. Flash tells her he doesn’t care that she’s married and he starts kissing her again. Layna is still hesitating but then her feelings for him take over and she starts kissing him passionately. She bends over doggystyle on the workout bench in her blue tights and Flash gets behind her and pulls her tights down and starts rubbing her ass cheeks, telling her that this is what he’s been waiting for. Layna tells him she needs to take a shower after all the working out she just did but Flash tells her no he likes her just like this.

That’s when he buries his face in her pussy from behind, eating her and spanking her pussy with his tongue, making Layna moan in ecstasy. He tells her to sit on his face and that’s when Layna does the splits over his face, positioning her wet pink pussy right over his mouth. Flash continues to smack on her pussy, making her body shake. She tells him to get all the way in her pussy with his tongue, then he tells her to suck his dick. She gets on her knees and starts jerking and sucking his big black cock, telling him she can’t believe she’s doing this. She asks him to fuck her mouth and that’s when Flash grips her hair and starts thrusting his cock down her throat, making her gag and spit. She says she wishes she could take all of his cock but she can’t. The sucking, gagging and spitting on Flash’s cock continues on the floor until Layna is ready to get fucked.

She lies on her back in missionary position with her legs pinned all the way back to her shoulders and Flash drives his big black dick in and out of her wet pussy. Layna moans, telling Flash his cock is so big as he starts fucking her deeper and faster. Her pussy is getting wetter and wetter now as she holds on to the sheets, enjoying his dick and telling him to fuck her with his big black cock. She has a big smile on her face with her legs up in the air and Flash’s cock plowing through her pussy. They kiss passionately then the camera takes a view from behind and close up of Layna’s pussy stuffed full of Flash’s cock plunging deep inside her. She turns her deep penetrating missionary style fuck around into a doggystyle pounding from behind and Flash doesn’t let up, slamming harder and harder into her wet snatch. Layna tells him it feels so good. They get into a downward doggy and we’ve got a great view of Layna’s face with her mouth gaping open as she tells Flash to use his big cock in her pussy. She takes her big black cock fantasy to a new level, sitting on his dick and riding it in reverse cowgirl then sucking it and turning around into a fast cowgirl ride. She turns her acrobatics on again, doing the full splits while she rides his cock cowgirl style. All the cowgirl riding causes Flash to pull out and pop all over her face and in her hungry mouth.

Scene 4:  Angela White and Flash Brown

Angela is one, hot horny wife with the most amazing tits. Even with her gorgeous face, beautiful blue eyes and big tits, she is longing for attention. Her husband is always working. Lucky for Angela she has an open relationship with him and he tells her it’s OK to fuck other guys as long as she fills him in on all the details. She starts texting Flash explaining that her husband is gone and it’s time to play. Angela walks her beautiful body and boobs outside to the patio and the view is spectacular, nestled high up and overlooking the city. We get great aerial views of Angela outside on the patio and eventually sucking Flash’s cock as soon after he joins her out there. They make their way inside into the bedroom and start kissing some more. Angela tells him she loves his big black cock and she can’t wait for him to stretch her pussy out with his meat. Flash lies on his back and Angela grips his cock with both hands and spits on it, lubing it up. Then she starts sucking it. Her big boobs look ready to get fucked but right now Angela is focused on sucking Flash’s meat. She jerks his cock hard and fast, in and out of her mouth, attempting to deep throat him but it’s too big to fit in her mouth. Now she is ready to have her big tits fucked and she wraps her boobs around his cock and jerks it up and down in her cleavage.

Angela’s titty fucking soon turns into full on missionary style fucking with Angela fingering her clit hard and fast with Flash stuffs and stretches her tight wet snatch. She looks up at him with her mouth gaping open as his dick pumps in and out of her hole. She is screaming louder now and is cumming as she’s taken over by complete ecstasy. Her eyes roll back into her head as her body goes limp in pleasure. The fucking continues and Angela wants to take control. She tells him she wants to get on top of him and ride his cock and that’s what she does, bouncing up and down on his meat in reverse cowgirl position. She climbs off of his cock for just a moment to suck up her own pussy juices, then she rides him reverse cowgirl style again. Her pussy does more cock hosting but this time in doggy position. Flash takes his time, penetrating her pussy slowly at first, stretching it out. Once she opens up, he picks up the pace, fucking her harder and harder. She tells him she can barely take all of his cock. Flash eats her pussy then continues the doggystyle fucking and spanking. She looks back over her shoulder at him and tells him she wants his cum all over her body and she wants to tasted it. He pulls out and straddles her, letting her jerk his cock back and forth. She tells him she wants to drain his balls and take every last drop of his cum. He soon shoots his load in her mouth and all over her tits and Angela licks up the cum off of his cock.

Final Thoughts:

Kendra Lust covers director Greg Lansky’s Interracial Icon 2 and this flick is yet another visually stimulating presentation of highly produced interracial porn. Kendra is joined by Chanel Preston, Jade Nile and Layna Landry in this 2 hour and 30 minute fantasy featuring cock starved white girls who get more than enough big black cock from Flash Brown, Jason Brown and Michael Williams. Kendra’s beautiful body is on display in her hot workout session with trainer Jason Brown. After working up a sweat, she works up a sexual appetite that can only be fulfilled by Jason. This gym fuck session is one of the hottest scenes of the flick. Angela White and her big boobs and curvy body are another visual sensation as she takes advantage of her open marriage and fucks Flash. You’ll also enjoy watching the agile and acrobatic Layna Landry as she does a stimulating workout on top of Flash’s cock, doing the splits while she rides up and down on his dick cowgirl style. I highly recommend this movie. Lansky maintains his highly visual production style of presenting the best girls in the best light and using camera angles and close ups to turn up the heat in each scene.

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