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Secret Spa

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/10/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 28 minutes

Date of Production:  2015


Genre: All Sex; Massage; Oiled

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Jay Allen

Cast: Misty Stone, Aidra Fox, Shay Fox, Dillion Harper, Miko Dai, Penny Pax, Ryan McLane, Jay Smooth, Chad White, Steve Lucas and Bradley Remington

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Behind the Scenes with over an hour of footage that includes photo shoots, interviews, video shoots; Photo Gallery; Previews for Love, Sex and TV News, Hands-On Experience, Amazing Sex Secrets: Better Orgasms; Club Offer; Web Info; More Adult Fun


Director Jay Allen presents Secret Spa in collaboration with Adam & Eve Pictures and this 2 hour and 28 minute feature film is not only full of great sex, but it has lots of great scenes, backdrops, great cinematography and a great story. The Secret Spa is known for taking care of its clients and they give their guests everything they want, including hot sex, but this place is Malibu’s best kept secret. The movie opens with Misty and Penny’s road trip to the spa along Malibu’s winding highways. They can’t wait to get there and Misty says that what they really need is a good fuck. The Spa aims to please and Misty, Aidra, Shay, Dillion, Mike and Penny get exactly that, a good, satisfying fuck. The scenes, camerawork, lighting and cinematography add to the sensual feeling of this flick as these girls get an oily massage that leads to a wet fuck. The flick features Aidra Fox, Ryan McLane and Jay Smooth and once you see their outdoor threesome on the couch, you’ll see why they’re the highlight of the flick. Misty Stone’s sensuous, candlelight bath followed by a fuck on the massage bench is hot to watch and Dillion and Miko bring the only girl-girl scene to the movie that’s a big turn on as well. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. It’s written and directed well, the scenes are a visual sensation, the chemistry in each scene is great and the girls completely enjoy unwinding and having sex at the Secret Spa. In the end, there’s a mole in the spa who is secretly working for the hottest tabloid in town and she’s ready to blow the lid on the place.

Scene 1:  Misty Stone and Bradley Remington

Misty and Penny finally arrive at the Secret Spa and they can’t wait to relax. Later that night, Misty takes a soothing bath by candlelight, washing the water all over her tits. Bradley, who is on staff at the spa, comes in and asks Misty if there’s anything she needs. She says she’s fine right now but could use a massage a little later. The sparks are already flying between these two with Misty flirting and looking seductive in her bath. Bradley agrees to come back later to give her a massage. Once he leaves, Misty has the room all to herself again and she gets herself off in the bath, rubbing her tits, fingering her pussy and licking her fingers. Just as she’s reaching her climax, Bradley comes in again. Misty tells him she was almost finished reaching her climax and that he should help her reach it. He agrees and helps her out of the bath and walks her over to the massage table. She’s standing naked while Bradley rubs her all over her body, telling her that they only

give this treatment to their high profile clients. She lies on the massage bed while Bradley oils her up and works to get the kinks out of her body. This part of the scene is very sensual as the camera pans slowly up and down Misty’s body while Bradley rubs oil over her. She’s glistening all over from the rub down and Bradley makes his way down her legs, kissing her inner thigh and landing on her clit. He eats her pussy, tonguing her clit, keeping Misty in total ecstasy while she lies back on the bed with her eyes clothes. With Misty’s pussy moist and wet, she turns her attention and her mouth to Bradley’s cock. She pulls it out of his pants, spits on it and starts sucking it slowly, looking up at him while she jerks his dick in and out of her mouth. She swallows his meat all the way down his shaft, deep throating him and making his cock dripping wet. With all her deep throating, trails of spit are hanging from Bradley’s dick. She looks up at him and tells him to fuck her.

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She turns on her side on the massage bench while Bradley spoons her and sticks his dick in her wet pussy. Misty starts moaning right away as Bradley’s meat works its way in and out of her snatch, stretching it out. The stroking is slow for now as these two start kissing each other. Misty grabs hold of the bed while she gets fucked. The fucking between these two is slow and sensual as Misty moves on top of his cock, riding it cowgirl style, slowing bouncing up and down on his prick. She takes her pounding in doggy position now, telling Bradley to let her have it as he pounds her harder and faster. He pulls out and pops all over her thighs and ass cheeks. Misty has a big smile on her face, promising to come back to the spa again as long as Bradley keeps this their little secret.

Scene 2:  Aidra Fox, Ryan McLane and Jay Smooth

It’s the next morning now and Aidra is outside on a couch in her lingerie, thumbing through a magazine. The wind is blowing and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Ryan shows up with her beverage and Aidra is excited to see him, calling him handsome. They talk about it being a pretty busy weekend and Aidra wonders who’s at the spa. Ryan isn’t really allowed to talk about who’s at the spa, but he tells her a few names of celebrities who are enjoying the spa. Aidra asks him what he’s doing this weekend. Ryan responds by saying he’s going to start by eating her pussy. This gets Aidra giggling as Ryan starts kissing her and rubbing her tits. She takes off her bra and Ryan starts sucking her nipples and opening her legs, reaching for her pussy. Aidra stops him and unbuttons his shirt and starts rubbing his cock in his pants while they keep kissing. Aidra is soon lying on her back, fully naked and Ryan’s face is buried between her legs. He licks her clit, making Aidra moan. She holds one of her legs open wide, back toward her shoulders while Ryan runs his tongue in circles around her clit. Aidra’s body is shaking in ecstasy while Ryan eats her.

She grips his hair, holding his head in place between her legs. Just then, Jay Smooth walks up, eager to help get Aidra off. While Ryan eats her pussy, Jay starts kissing her and gives her his cock to suck. She licks his balls then sucks his cock some more and tells Ryan she wants to suck his cock. Aidra gets in doggy position to suck Ryan’s cock and Bradley takes advantage of this and starts pounding her pussy from behind. Aidra tells him his cock feels so fucking good in her pussy. She keeps sucking Ryan’s meat while take Bradley’s dick deep in her snatch. Aidra is becoming insatiable and starts riding Ryan’s prick cowgirl style all while gripping, jerking and sucking Bradley’s cock. She’s gagging on his meat now while her pussy swallows Ryan’s prick. She turns the tables and her sexual appetite sends her to ride Bradley in reverse cowgirl position all while keeping Ryan’s meat in her mouth. She takes more doggystyle pounding from Ryan then drops to her knees between the 2 guys and enjoys her double facial as both guys shoot their loads all over her face and tits. She sucks the cum off of their dicks.

Scene 3:   Shay Fox and Steve Lucas


Meanwhile, in Spa Room 5 Shay is taking a warm, wet bath in a tub that’s surrounded by candles. She squeezes her wet towel over her tits, letting the water drain down her body. Then she pours milk all over her body, making herself look even more seductive as the milk drains between her tits. She continues her bath, closing her eyes and running the water all over herself. There’s a knock at the door. It’s her masseur, Steve Lucas. He asks her if she’s ready for her massage. She is and he helps her out of the tub and leads her to the massage bed. Shay strips out of her white robe and lies face down on the bed. Steve starts rubbing oil all over her back. Shay tells him he has strong hands and she’s really enjoying his massage, telling him to go deeper. He makes his way down to her ass, rubbing oil all over her ass cheeks and in between her thighs. She turns over on her stomach and Steve rubs her tits and stomach down with oil as well, but he soon makes his way in between her legs, opening them up and sticking his finger in her pussy. He starts licking her clit while fingering her pussy, keeping Shay in complete pleasure on the bench. With her pussy all warmed up, Shay decides to suck Steve’s cock. She gets in doggy position as he stands next to the edge of the bed and starts sucking his cock and rubbing his balls, deep throating his meat and telling him it tastes so good.

She stays in doggy position to host Steve’s cock in her pussy. The fucking is slow and sensual between these two as Shay has a smile on her face while Steve’s cock penetrates deep in her wet snatch. She decides to ride him cowgirl style and sits on his cock, bouncing up and down on his meat while he grabs hole of her ass cheeks. She tells him it feels so good as they fucking gets more intense. She goes from cowgirl to bicycle, lying on her back with her one leg up over his should and the other open wide. Steve works his way deeper and deeper into her pussy, pumping her hole just the way she like it. Soon after, he pulls out and shoots off all over her body, covering her stomach and tits in cum.

Scene 4:  Dillion Harper and Miko Dai

Dillion and Miko enjoy each other in the only girl-girl scene in the flick. The action starts with Dillion and her husband playing racquet ball at the spa.  She wears him out and he decides to go take a shower. Dillion tells him she’s going to stay and play a little longer. Dillion doesn’t realize how much time has passed while she’s been playing racquet ball by herself and the spa is soon closing. Miko, who works there, stops by the court to tell Dillion they’re getting ready to close, but that’s not all she does. Miko tells Dillion that her husband says Miko she should lick her pussy. And that Dillion has never been with a woman before. Dillion is surprised at first, but warms up to the idea. The girls make their way back into one of the spa rooms and start playing with each other. They kiss each other and rub each other’s bodies, but Dillion really takes control when she starts licking Miko’s tits and fingering her pussy in her pants. This drives Miko crazy and has her screaming and cumming in the room.

Now it’s Dillion’s turn to get her pussy fingered. Miko helps her strip out of her clothes and starts fingering her pussy and kissing her tits. Dillions sits on the couch and enjoys getting her pussy fingered and licked by Miko. Dillion licks her own pussy juices off of Miko’s fingers then lies on her back to get her pussy eaten some more, telling Miko that she loves it. Miko licks and tongues Dillion’s clit, turning her on, then the girls get into a hot 69 beginning with Miko sitting on Dillion’s face. Dillion eats Miko’s pussy as Miko fingers Dillion’s pussy at the same time. Dillion cums as Miko spreads her legs wide and starts licking and fingering her hole all over again on the arm rest of the couch. With both girls completely satisfied, they giggle and cuddle on the couch with Dillion telling Miko that this was an amazing experience.

Scene 5:  Penny Pax and Chad White 

Penny is relaxing outside at the pool, getting some sun. Chad brings her drink out to her. Penny tells him that she’s just about to go to her room and she wants Chad to join her. Chad agrees but tells her that she has to agree to be a good little girl and do everything he says. Penny smiles and says she can do that. Chad tells her he’ll be there in 5 minutes. Penny goes to her bedroom and gets ready for Chad, dressing in lingerie and a robe and waiting for Chad to arrive. When Chad gets there, he asks her if she’s been a good girl as he helps her out of her robe. They start kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other. Penny crawls onto the bed while Chad puts a blindfold onto her, spicing up the moment for Penny. She gets turned on by wearing the blindfold and tells Chad that she trusts him.

With her bra off now, she bends over doggy style and starts kissing and sucking Chad’s cock, begging him to put it in her mouth. She’s still blindfolded as she swallows his cock. She begs for more and more cock as they 2 play games with the blindfold and a whip. Chad handcuffs her just as she begs him for more cock. Then starts fucking her doggystyle. She slams her body back into his, making his cock disappear in her pussy, then she turns to riding his meat cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on him slowly. She takes her cock riding in a different direction, switching into reverse cowgirl. After riding his meat, she sucks it, licking up all her pussy juices, then lying on her back missionary style to host more of Chad’s cock in her pussy. Chad fucks her hard and fast then pulls out and shoots his load all over her tits. She tells him his cum tastes so yummy.

Final Thoughts:

The Secret Spa is the secret place in Malibu where celebrities go to get fucked and to get anything else they want. It’s Malibu’s best kept secret, but it won’t be this way for long once the mole in the spa takes her story to the biggest tabloid in town. Director Jay Allen teams up with Adam & Eve Pictures to present this movie, featuring Aidra Fox, Ryan McLane and Jay Smooth. The movie runs over 2 hours and 28 minutes across 5 scenes starring Aidra, Ryan and Jay along with Misty Stone, Shay Fox, Dillion Harper, Miko Dai, Penny Pax, Chad White, Steve Lucas and Bradley Remington. I highly recommend this flick. Jay Allen creates a visually sensational and sensual movie with cock hungry girls that all have great chemistry on film. Misty Stone is a standout in her opening scene, especially with her solo bath and masturbation in the spa, surrounded by candles. After an oily massage, she gets fucked on the massage bench and that session helps knock all the kinks out of her body. Flick featured cover girl Aidra Fox has a hot threesome outdoors with 2 of the spa workers that ends in a double facial that she enjoys. You’ll enjoy the girls, the sex, the scenery and backdrops and the storyline. The Secret Spa is an enjoyable flick.

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