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Anal Royalty

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/23/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Anal Royalty

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Evil Angel/LeWood Productions

Genre: Anal

Directors: Francesca Le & Mark Wood


Cast: Anikka Albrite, Francesca Le, Mark Wood, Adriana Chechik, Aidra Fox, Abella Danger, Bill Bailey

Length: 174:25 minutes

Date of Production: 2016



Extras: There was a cast list, website links, trailers, filmographies, a photogallery, a 3:43 minute long pop shot recap, and an entertaining 22:09 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that amounted to a series of interviews of the ladies naked in the house by Francesca Le after their scenes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Royalty was shot in anamorphic widescreen color by directors Francesca Le & Mark Wood for Evil Angel. In keeping with the way the couple have been trying to upgrade their visuals in recent years, there was some great footage in most cases as tease, the ladies then given scenarios to role play in. The camera was largely stable and the editing not especially noticeable, the ever present company watermark located on the lower right corner of the screen not overly garish. The flesh tones were accurate and the resolution flattered the ladies most of the time, in all it was a good set of visuals even if expanding the picture from computer to big screen television made some compression artifacts more noticeable. The 2.0 Dolby Digital aural soundtrack was basic though there was some directionality on the score. The vocals and music were the dominant components with some whispers and ambients sounds at times tossed in or not caught in editing, nothing overtly dubbed or missed though so it was about right for a gonzo production.


Body of Review: Francesca Le & husband Mark Wood are two of the most popular directors in porn, their work at Evil Angel often a lot of fun. Their most recent release in for review is the upcoming Anal Royalty, a set of four scenes where recognized anal experts in the industry were given a chance to shine, some much stronger than others but all of them providing shapely asses and willing attitudes, from best new starlet Abella Danger, former female performer of the year Anikka Albrite, the amazing Francesca Le herself, perky lesbian loving Aidra Fox, to Adriana Chechik, there was indeed some first class ass on parade in the show.

The company website described the movie like this: “In “Anal Royalty,” the lewd sodomites at LeWood Productions subject a freaky, ass-fucking A-list — Anikka Albrite, Adriana Chechik, Aidra Fox, Abella Danger and director/ass mistress MILF Francesca Le — to filthy rectal reaming. Bodacious, butt-blessed blonde Anikka shares a wicked threesome with LeWood’s resident married swingers, Francesca and Mark Wood. There’s fragrant face sitting/smothering, and as Anikka’s bunghole consumes cock, she rims Francesca. Natural-bodied sex kitten Adriana joins the LeWood couple for slobbery cocksucking, acrobatic sodomy and cum-coated girl kissing. Francesca sucks dick ass-to-mouth and rides the rod as Adriana licks balls and tongues Mark’s bunghole. In a girl-girl BDSM session, Francesca dominates tall beauty Aidra with nipple clamps, breath play, spitting, face-sitting suffocation, bare-ass spanking and strap-on ass cramming. Aidra’s butthole gapes amid sensual lovemaking and climactic mouth kissing. Irrepressibly dirty Abella stuffs Bill Bailey’s entire scrotum in her deep-throating mouth; her luscious rump pumps majestically through an aggressive butt fuck.”

The company press release then described the movie like this: “The lewd pornographers at LeWood Productions have something special in store for fans of XXX backdoor action. Hall Of Fame co-directors/performers Francesca Le and Mark Wood subject a hot-assed cast to extreme rectal reaming in “Anal Royalty,”. The title describes a true ass fucking A-list — Anikka Albrite, Adriana Chechik, Aidra Fox and Abella Danger demonstrate state-of-the-art sodomy skills, which can be previewed in the trailer at EvilAngelVideo.com. “If ever a title said a thousand words, ‘Anal Royalty’ is it,” says Wood. “We decided to get some of the best performers — who have received the highest honors this biz has — to do what they do best. You have a one-time performer of the year, Annika; a best new starlet of the year, Abella; a performer of the year nominee in Aidra. And you have Adriana, the fan favorite, indestructible fucking machine that many believe should have been performer of the year. LeWood wanted to have our own personal anal test drive with the best.” To an inquiry about the new title, Evil Angel founder John Stagliano spluttered, “How dare you ask me such a question? We are a democratic dictatorship at Evil Angel. I am not a royalist.” He paused. “Wait, you mean we are selling a porn movie called ‘Anal Royalty’? Nevermind.” Apprised of the movie’s cast, Stagliano perked up. “Four A’s doing A — Anikka, bubble butt city. Abella, powerful performer, I only wish I could keep up with that! Aidra, sexy, sexy, sexy. Adriana, that face, wild energy, and what a hole!” His voice trailed off, digressing: “As a porn girl once said while accepting an award for best anal scene, ‘And I want to thank my asshole.’” Bringing her own volcanic, on-camera lust to the project, Le more than keeps up, maintaining her “Anal Royalty” status. The MILF beauty says, “It was a pleasure to shoot and also perform with these top performers. I couldn’t pass up the chance to get my hands on some of the ladies.” Bodacious, butt-blessed blonde Albrite shares a wicked threesome with Le and Wood, LeWood’s resident married swingers. There’s fragrant face sitting and smothering, with all the rim job trimmings. Chechik, a natural-bodied sex kitten, joins the LeWood couple for slobbery blow jobs, acrobatic sodomy, ass-to-mouth flavor and cum-coated girl kissing. In a lesbian BDSM session, Le dominates the tall, tasty Fox with nipple clamps, breath play, spitting, suffocation, bare-ass spanking and strap-on sodomy that leaves Fox’s sphincter gaping. The ladies ultimately share sensual lovemaking and climactic mouth kissing. Le and Wood direct stud Bill Bailey with the irrepressibly dirty Danger, whose luscious rump pumps majestically through an aggressive ass reaming. Should anal sex fans climb aboard LeWood’s A Train with A-listers Anikka, Adriana, Aidra and Abella? Fuckin’-A right!” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Anikka Albrite, the cheeky blond hotty featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up first with established MILF babe Francesca Le, the co-director bending over in skimpy lingerie on the lower left corner, both working with Mark Wood this time. Sexy Anikka wore a blue mesh ensemble, her skimpy panties nestled deep in her amazing ass and her lean figure swaying in the well lit living room as she touched herself, a very basic approach using medium tempo music and a multitude of edit points relying on her physical appeal alone, her bubble butt and playful tease welcome as she also showed off her neatly trimmed snatch. The tease was all too short when the music died down and her oiled ass drove Mark crazy behind the camera, Anikka shaking her ass and bending over before she put a glass anal plug in her perfect pucker. Fran jumped in first to gobble gash and ass on the white couch, some face sitting leading to Mark walking over with his turgid pecker ready for relief. Anikka slobbed his knob aggressively in POV, Fran joining in to help double team the lad, some nut nuzzling and hand to gland friction enhancing the powerful oral until they engaged in some very active vaginal riding positions. Anikka was smiling the whole time and made great eye contact Fran taking charge of the camera to catch them going wild and then joining them once setting the camera up for a stationary shot. The anal was active too once Anikka was warmed up, Fran assisting to make both of them feel special but all three gave head and Fran did partake in the riding extravaganza. In the end, The ladies drained his dragon of sperm for Anikka to swallow the load, Fran licking the rest of the manly fluids off her body as they shared the remainder. The company website described the scene like this: “Bodacious, butt-blessed blonde Anikka Albrite shares a wicked anal threesome with married swingers Francesca Le and Mark Wood. Anikka's greased ass sways hypnotically and a glass toy opens her sphincter. Mark nails Anikka's bush-topped pussy; spit flows as she practices deep throating. Buxom MILF Francesca eats pussy, rims Anikka and enjoys fragrant smothering as the blonde sits on her face. Anikka's bunghole consumes cock while Francesca licks balls. Francesca chokes and masturbates Anikka; she sucks Mark ass-to-mouth as Anikka sits on his face. Francesca tugs Anikka's face up her ass for a rim job. The ladies share a creamy kiss.”



Scene Two: Adriana Chechik, the brunette sexual dynamo who won “best transsexual sex scene” this year at AVN, was up next with the directing team of Francesca Le and Mark Wood, her pretty eyes, delicious ass, and willingness to literally “put her ass on the line” making her stand out from the pack in most of her work. Adriana was dressed in a black mesh outfit that left nothing to the imagination, her large hoop earrings and cowl as she teased outside by the pool giving her a markedly different look just as her hairy pussy and always incredible ass were showcased exceptionally well. I can’t say enough about Adriana’s eyes though as they were totally bewitching, her precious pucker and heart shaped ass leading to a fine pussy before the tease transformed into Fran walking her into the house on a leash. Fran also wore a skimpy black outfit, a bit more makeup than the last scene but regular readers will know that I have long held the co-director in the highest regard on both sides of the camera, the ladies playing in frisky fashion exploring each other orally and spanking a little, savoring pussy and ass with some exceptional energy and enthusiasm as they took turns on the white couch. Mark then joined them when he walked on camera with a raging boner, his erection readily sucked like crazy before he started tapping both ladies aggressively. That the gals assisted each other was a given, each is recognized as among the best the industry has to offer and they were into the action the entire time, the camera work uncredited but well done all the same, the transition to anal not slowing them down in the slightest as the chemistry shined as bright as the last scene. The taste testing and oral included some salad tossing but the editing got a little choppy before both ladies knelt as they milked his balls dry of semen to cumswap and swallow, the mess played with for the camera as Mark backed off. Mark then grabbed one of his AVN trophies to start shoving in Adriana’s ass, you can draw your own conclusions regarding the statement being made. The company website described the scene like this: “Natural-bodied sex kitten Adriana Chechik shares a nasty-ass anal threesome with busty MILF Francesca Le and her husband, studly Mark Wood. The ladies make out, seriously mouth kissing and sucking ass. After a slobbery, two-girl blow job, Mark slam-fucks Adriana. Francesca tugs Adriana by a leash as Mark makes her sniff his meat. Francesca's pussy gets porked; Adriana tastes her on Mark's prick. Mark spanks and sodomizes Adriana, whose head Francesca yanks up her ass for a rim job. Francesca sucks dick ass-to-mouth and rides cock as Adriana licks balls and tongues Mark's bunghole. There's acrobatic sodomy, face sitting and cum-coated girl kissing.”



Scene Three: Aidra Fox, the popular brunette from Wisconsin shown on the lower center of the front cover inspecting the ass of Francesca Le, was up next in a lesbian scene, a departure from the norm for the directors to include such a scene in an otherwise m/f fuck flick. Aidra wore a black bikini bit with mesh stockings, teasing in the house slowly to the droning music as she put forth her sluttiest persona while caressing her body. The all too short tease then rebooted to show Aidra in a mask and dangling nipple clamps as corseted Fran stood nearby with a leather paddle, Aidra’s hands bound in front of her and the paddle rubbed on the gal’s bald beaver before Fran became frisky at using it to abuse her charge. Fran was clearly in charge but more playful than most in such a circumstance, Aidra conveying a sense of submission quite well as she took all the co-director had to offer, some breath play and smothering leading to forced orgasms using a wand vibrator and oral, Fran using her hand to excite the young lady too. When the mask came off Aidra, the couple kissed and made out more, Fran still roughing her up to the point of reddened ass cheeks but a pleasure dynamic included too as toys were used to stretch Aidra’s welcoming ass, Fran sucking them clean as often as not. The toy use continued and Fran soon donned a large black strap on dildo, the impossibly large device used to tear into Aidra’s warmed up pucker though they sure slowed it down a few notches and applied a great deal more lube to make it happen. The prolonged bout of butt banging then became lighter as the ladies tribbed together, Fran devouring Aidra’s dripping wet crotch as the gal came yet again from the sheer amount of oral stimulation. The company website described the scene like this: “In fishnet floss, Aidra Fox shows off hot legs, tasty butt and sexy pout. Her big eyes and thick lips protrude from a latex bondage mask; busty, hot-assed MILF Francesca Le (in leather dominatrix mode) has restrained Aidra in handcuffs and nipple clamps. Francesca torments Aidra's natural tits with a leather paddle before turning the domination way up. Aidra is happily subjected to wicked breath play, spitting, two-hole fingering, choking and vibrator buzzing. There's face-sitting suffocation, serious bare-ass spanking, strap-on sodomy (by Francesca's huge, black tool), ass-to-mouth face fucking and anal gaping. The session climaxes with mouth kissing and sensual lovemaking.”



Scene Four: Abella Danger, the universally regarded “best new starlet” of the past year as seen with her fleshy ass displayed on the upper right corner of the front cover, then finished up the movie in a scene with Bill Bailey. Why Mark and Fran weren’t in on the final scene was a question to be asked at a later time but given her current status in the industry, the throaty little lady really should have been given a higher quality meat puppet. Abella then wore a red bikini out by the pool on the sunny, cloudless day, her pubic hair spilling out from the top of her panties and her fleshy ass barely contained as she twerked, her boobs pulled forth as the award winning young hotty showed off her tanned, oiled hardbody. I know few are as big supporters of Abella as I have been since she hit the industry but while she does tend to get over the top at times, her coy sense of playfulness is always appreciated, her curvy body not scrawny like some of her peers not disproportionate like others, the gal trying a slightly more sultry approach in the short tease that worked for her before the music died down and Mark started chatting with her. Abella spread her ass wide and she left only her heels on as she teased the co-director, her athleticism and flexibility a sight to behold. She then walked in the house but remained naked to continue showing her ass and other fine body parts, her four fingers in the ass act followed by toys until she was paired up with Bill. Abella easily throated him with a messy hummer, using a lot of energy as her mascara smeared and she focused on the task at hand. He enjoyed feeling her up too but the oral led to some active vaginal and anal pounding, Bill not exactly much of a challenge to the popular lady as she begged him to ramp it up and choke her. He smacked her around a little too, the extra stimulation helping make up for the relative lack of a sizable tool, Abella giving decent eye contact but always performing rather than seeming to enjoy his abilities. In the end, he showered her face with hiss seed, Abella throating him one last time before massaging the manly juices into her skin and looking up at him with a big smile. The company website described the scene like this: “Irrepressible dirty girl Abella Danger strips for some naked, oily, poolside twerking. Inside she crams four fingers up her formidable ass and tastes them. Dominant Bill Bailey porks the masturbating slut into the couch; she stuffs his entire scrotum between her BJ lips in a face-slapping, gagging, pussy-to-mouth throat fuck. Bill chokes and spanks her as he plows a twat topped by a patch of pubes. Aggressive butt fucking makes Abella delirious, and she enthusiastically sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Her luscious butt pumps majestically through more sodomy. Bill showers her face in semen; Abella pinches her nose for breathless, deep-throat cock swabbing. Her used holes wink at the camera.”


Summary: Anal Royalty by directors Francesca Le & Mark Wood for Evil Angel had a fantastic cast of exceptionally popular anal queens, thankfully included a lot of Francesca Le, and showed the kind of energy and enthusiasm that are less common these days so I rated this one as Highly Recommended. The technical values had a few unpolished moments but when you include ladies like Anikka Albrite, Abella Danger, Adriana Chechik, Aidra Fox, and Francesca Le in a single movie, the sparks are almost certain to fly. In short, Anal Royalty provided a lot of anal fuck for the buck that fans are going to appreciate when it is released next week so give it a look to see how the directors tried something different than the usual cookie cutter formula to make a winner.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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