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Cute Little Things 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/26/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 17 minutes

Date of Production:  February 2016



Genre: All Sex; 18+Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest            

Cast: Alaina Dawson, Lucy Doll, Karla Ambrosia, Kira Adams, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Jordan Ash, Chad White

Bonus Scenes: Bonus Scene 1: Jojo Kiss and Anthony Rosano from Cute Little Things; Bonus Scene 2: Jasmine Gomez and Mick Blue from Tiny Titty Cuties

Extras: Behind the Scenes with over 24 minutes of bonus footage and interviews; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with choices for tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl and popshot; Photo Gallery; Trailers for Cute Little Things, Little Princess, Pretty Little Things 2; Fantasy LingerieS, Company Info


You’ll enjoy watching director Paul Woodcrest’s Cute Little Things 2. It’s a well shot flick with over 2 hours and 17 minutes of hot sex with cute little things Alaina Dawson, Lucy Doll, Karla Ambrosia and Kira Adams. These 18+teens get their pussies pounded by the likes of Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Jordan Ash and Chad White. Alaina Dawson is the featured starlet and DVD cover girl and she lives up to being a horny little thing as she sneaks over to fuck Jordan while his wife is out. She will be is so much trouble if her daddy finds out she's fucking Jordan, so they hurry up and fuck really hard. Alaina wants cock training from Jordan and he teaches her the ropes the hard way. The chemistry between Alaina and Jordan is great as these two enjoy fucking each other on the couch. The doggystyle fucking is Alaina’s best.  Lucy Doll is Ramon’s cute little thing and he finally tells her he has a crush on her. After convincing her to hang out with him in his room, she gets her pussy tongue fucked and pumped hard, making her cum. I highly recommend this flick. Woodcrest and Digital Sin put out great porn with high level production qualities that make each scene worth watching again and again.

Scene 1:  Lucy Doll and Ramon Nomar

Lucy come’s over to Ramon’s house to hang out with his sister but she’s not home yet. So, Lucy decides to go hangout in her friend’s bedroom and wait. Ramon joins her a few minutes later and asks her if she wants to hang out with him in his bedroom because there is something he wants to tell her. Lucy eventually says OK and sits on his bed and gives her full attention to Ramon. He tells her that he has a crush on her and he loves everything about her. Lucy is surprised as Ramon starts listing all of the things he likes about her. He kisses her but pulls away. Lucy tells him that it’s OK. That’s when the fireworks go off between these two as they kiss each other and in no time, Ramon has Lucy lying on her back with her legs spread wide open. He spanks and licks her pussy, turning her on right away. He squeezes her pussy, telling her how tiny and cute it is, making her scream out in ecstasy while he fingers her pussy. Ramon runs his tongue back and forth across her pussy then tongue fucks her, driving Lucy crazy and make her scream out that it feels so good. With Lucy’s pussy wet and warmed up, she turns to suck on Ramon’s cock, getting it hard. She tells him she loves sucking his dick. She goes from sucking his cock to riding it in cowgirl position. She holds her ass cheek open while Ramon plows her pussy.

Lucy screams out fuck me as her pussy gets stretched. The cock in her pussy has her giddy, making her giggle while she gets fucked. There are great closeups of Lucy riding Ramon’s cock. After her cowgirl cock ride gets her pussy even more wet, she lies on her side to be spoon fucked. Ramon pounds her hole and fingers her clit hard, making her tell him to fuck her deeper. The fucking is intense between these 2, especially when Lucy has her legs spread all the way back. Ramon promises to make her cum as he pounds her harder. He fingers her pussy then stuffs his fingers in her mouth, making her swallow all the wetness. She begs for more cock, telling Ramon to give it to her. She is cumming now from all the hard pounding.

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Lucy goes another round but this time sitting on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. She takes it all as she slams her body up and down on his hard meat. She tells him his cock is so deep in her pussy. She deep throats his meat then gets into doggy position where her wet snatch gets pumped from behind. Ramon drives deeper and deeper into her hole, stretching her out. He tells her to fucking cum as he keeps fucking her. They go back into missionary position with Lucy’s legs stretched wide and pinned on the bed and she’s ready to cum again. Ramon pumps harder and faster then pulls out, telling her to stay in position just in time to get her face splashed in cum. She drops to her knees, grabs his cock and starts sucking it, licking up the cum off his cock. He makes her promise not to tell his sister anything.

Scene 2:  Alaina Dawson and Jordan Ash

DVD cover girl, Alaina, the featured star of the flick, opens her scene sitting on Jordan and grinding her body up and down on him. They are fully clothed but having a good time. He runs his hands over her pussy and tells her she’s such a dirty girl. Jordan asks her if her daddy knows that he’s fucking her. Alaina says no and if he did, she would be in so much trouble. He starts unzipping her pants and tells her they should hurry up and fuck before his wife gets home. Jordan tells her he wants to see her little pussy, so he pulls her panties aside and starts fingering her pussy. She wants Jordan to teach her how to take a big cock. He starts fingering her pussy and putting his fingers in her mouth, getting Alaina all hot and bothered. She strips out of her lingerie and reaches for Jordan’s cock, telling him his dick is so big it hurts sometimes. She bends over on all fours on the couch to suck his cock, gripping it and deep throating it, gagging right away. Jordan helps guide her head back and forth on his cock, telling her it’s sexy when she deep throats his cock and all this deep throating is good training for her. Alaina is spitting up now all over his cock as Jordan tells her to open up her throat and put his cock back in her mouth.

After deep throating and gagging, Jordan instructs her to lay on her back on the couch. She holds her legs wide open, watching Jordan beat her pussy with his cock. Jordan penetrates her pussy, kneeling at the edge of the couch so he can stuff her hole. Alaina is taking every inch and moaning in ecstasy. She tells him to fuck her harder as she looks up at him. She enjoys getting fucked balls deep and she puts one of her legs up over his shoulder’s while her little pussy gets stretched. The fucking is making her cum and she’s left with her mouth gaping open with each stroke. Alaina gets her cute little pussy fucked over the edge of the couch and she fingers her clit and sucks Jordan’s fingers while her hole gets pumped. After the hard pussy pounding, she sits on the couch and goes back to deep throating Jordan’s cock as he stands in front of her. Jordan teaches her to deep throat with no hands and get his cock wet with spit.

Alaina turns around on the couch doggystyle and looks back at Jordan as he starts stretches her pussy again. She spreads her ass cheeks for him while he fucks her. Jordan tells her it’s perfect and she tells him his cock feels so good inside her. Jordan spanks her ass cheeks and holds her arms behind her back as his dick fills her pussy. Alaina tells him right there, harder, harder. Alaina is having a good time in this scene, crying out each time Jordan stuffs her hole. She likes taking his cock doggystyle. After getting fucked from behind for a long time, she decides to go on a reverse cowgirl ride, bouncing up and down on his cock and fingering her pussy, telling him his dick is so big. Jordan tells her to do what he taught her and deep throat his cock again. She swallows his meat, driving her mouth all the way down his shaft and gagging on the way down. She rides his meat cowgirl style, griping her ass cheeks. This is a hot scene and it’s not long before Alaina is sweating all over from her hard cock ride. She gets her ass cheeks spanked harder and harder while she rides his dick and he calls her his little fucking whore. She goes back to her deep throating exercises then lies on her back and tells Jordan to fuck the shit out of her until she cums. He pumps her pussy then pulls out just as Alaina tells him to give her all his cum. Jordan pops all over her pussy and thighs. Alaina rubs his cum all around her pussy as Jordan tells her to get cleaned up before his wife gets back.

Scene 3:   Kira Adams and Chad White

Kira is asleep as Chad joins her in the bedroom. He kisses her on her shoulders and back, slowly making his way down her body. He removes the bed sheets from around her body and starts kisses her ass cheeks and thighs. Chad works his kisses down to her toes, kissing each one. He rolls her onto her back and starts kissing her lips. This wakes her up and she starts kissing him and asking him what he’s doing. He says he just wanted to kiss her and he’s sorry for waking her up. He has a confession to make. He told her that while she was asleep, he did a whole lot of shopping and errands just so he can take care of her today. He goes back to kissing her toes and inner things and soon has her legs open and over his shoulder while he starts kissing and fingering her pussy. He finally pulls her panties aside and starts licking her pussy. Kira moans and her body shivers as soon as Chad starts fingering her clit. He fingers her pussy, stuffing 2 fingers in her hole and making her wet. He fingers her ass hole as well.

Kira starts sucking Chad’s cock while he asks her if she likes being his little princess. She keeps her eyes fixed on his while she tries to deep throat his big cock. She ends up spitting up and gagging with Chad’s dick lodged down her throat. He tells her to stroke it while she sucks it and she licks his balls too. Chad tells her to get on her knees so she can suck him off in doggy position. He starts fucking her throat, leaving her with a trail of spit hanging from her lips, then he rubs his cock across her pussy while she lies in missionary position.

He penetrates her tight, wet pussy, pumping it deep while Kira lies in missionary position on the bed. She screams out as Chad drives his dick deep in her pussy, slamming her hole. She tells him to fuck her, fuck her, fuck her as she rides him cock in cowgirl position. She grips the pillow while her snatch gets stretched by Chad’s hard prick. Kira is enjoying her deep penetrating fuck, telling him it feels so fucking good. She is having fun and enjoying her pussy pounding. The action gets intense as Chad pins her arms behind her back and keeps slamming her pussy. After a wet, reverse cowgirl ride on top of Chad’s cock, Kira gets on all fours for doggystyle fucking and it’s the position she likes best. Chad asks her if this is the kind of fucking she wants and she does. He pumps her pussy harder and faster, making Kira look back at him yelling yes, yes. Chad is ready to pop and he tells her she’s a good girl as he pulls out and shoots his load all over Kira’s round ass cheeks. She rubs the cum all over.

Scene 4:  Karla Ambrosia and Toni Ribas

Karla has some time to herself and she uses it to pleasure herself with a pink vibrator. She’s sitting on the bed with her legs wide open, rubbing the vibrator back and forth across her pussy and she is enjoying it. She pulls her panties aside and rubs the vibrator over her clit and she is about to cum, moaning louder and louder. She takes her panties off now and starts fingering her clit while she rubs the vibrator over her pussy, sticking it deep in her pussy and then putting it in her mouth. Toni barges in to the room after he heard moaning. He is worried something is wrong. Karla hides the vibrator quickly but not before Toni sees it. He asks her what she’s hiding. She says she isn’t hiding anything, but Toni can hear the vibrator. He reaches his hand under the bed sheets, finds the vibrator and starts rubbing it all over Karla’s pussy. She lies back in ecstasy while Toni works the vibrator back and forth over her clit. She reaches for his cock and starts jerking it and begs him for it, telling him she wants his cock in her pussy.

Toni gives her his cock, making her bend over doggystyle on the bed to suck his cock. He stands near the edge of the bed and fucks her mouth. Karla takes the cock sucking to deep throating, swallowing his meat all the way down to his balls then Toni helps her on top of his cock in reverse cowgirl position.

He beats her pussy with his dick at first, teasing Karla, then he sticks it in her hole. She starts riding his meat and her pussy is wet already. Karla is screaming a lot harder now than she was when she was using the vibrator. She loves riding Toni’s cock a lot better than the vibrator. He makes her pussy even more wet by fingering her clit and spoon fucking her. She tells him to fuck her. Toni stuffs her pussy with is cock and her mouth with his fingers, filling up her holes. Toni makes her squirt with a hard round of pussy fingering and he makes her lick the juices off his fingers. She rides him cowgirl style now and gets her ass hole plugged at the same time by Toni’s fingers. She hasn’t stopped moaning and the sex is feeling even better to hear with her ass hole plugged. She sucks up her pussy juices off of his cock and gets fucked doggystyle. She turns over on her back to get fucked missionary style and take Toni’s cum. He pumps her pussy then tells her to open her mouth as he pulls out and shoots his load all over her face. He tells her she’s so cute with cum all over her face. Karla grabs hold of his cock and sucks it some more, jerking it in her mouth, leaving no cum on it. She tells Toni that she’s really happy now.

Final Thoughts:

The cute, young babes in Paul Woodcrest’s Cute Little Things 2 turn out to be the horniest little things on film in this 4 scene, 2 hour and 17 minute flick that’s a pleasure to watch. Alaina Dawson is the featured starlet and she graces the DVD cover. She is joined by cuties Lucy Doll, Karla Ambrosia and Kira Adams and these girls are all excited about getting their pussies devoured by Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Jordan Ash and Chad White. The pairings in these scenes is hot and filled with great chemistry. It’s easy to see that all the girls are enjoying themselves, cumming and squirting as their pussies get all the attention from the hard cocks in the room. Alaina Dawson’s scene with Jordan is a hot one as she fucks him before his wife gets back home and before her daddy finds out. Lucy Doll’s opening scene with Ramon is another hot one to watch as she screams in ecstasy from Ramon’s hard pounding of her pussy. I highly recommend this flick. Woodcrest films cute little horny girls who want nothing more than big cocks in their tight wet holes and that’s what they get in this well produced film.

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