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Interracial Orgies

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/30/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 31 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Interracial; Orgies; Big Cock; All Sex; Teens 18+

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Elsa Jean, Rachel James, Sydney Cole, Karla Kush, Jillian Janson, Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux, Zoey Monroe, Jason Brown, Flash Brown, Isiah Maxwell, Rob Piper

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Pop Shot Recap; Photo Gallery; Multiple Chapters


Interracial Orgies is Greg Lansky’s treatment of interracial group sex and it’s another hot flick from this award winning director. The opening scene presents a group of six in multiple positions as Elsa Jean, Rachel James and Sydney Cole fuck their way into their favorite sorority. This group fuck session is the final initiation and they pass with flying colors. The other 3 scenes showcase groups of 4 and each scene has its own set up that ultimately leads to hard pounding sex. Elsa, Rachel and Sydney are joined by Karla Kush, Jillian Janson, Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux and Zoey Monroe in this over 2 hour and 31 minute flick. The production quality is great as is expected in Greg Lansky’s flicks. The HD details make these girls irresistible as their pussies get pounded and stretched in group action. The opening sorority house scene is the hottest scene of the flick with 40 minutes of action that’s a turn on to watch. I highly recommend this flick. It’s a new twist on Lansky’s presentation of hot, interracial sex with some creampie action included as a bonus.

Scene 1:  Elsa Jean, Rachel James, Sydney Cole, Flash Brown, Jason Brown, Isiah Maxwell

This opening scene of the flick is a hot group sex scene featuring Rachel, Elsa and Sydney, getting their pussies pounded by the big black cocks of Flash, Jason and Isiah and filled with dripping creampies one right after the other. This is a sorority girl scene and our 3 starlets will do whatever it takes to get in. This one final fuck test will determine if they’re in or out. Rachel, Elsa and Sydney are the perfect sorority pledge girls. They walk up to the sorority house all dressed up and ring the doorbell. One of the sorority girls opens the door and asks them if they’re ready for their big initiation. She tells them she’s not sure Elsa, Rachel and Sydney have what it takes so there is one last test for them. She tells them the guys better tell her that they were all good or they won’t be accepted into the sorority. She calls for the guys to enter the room and in walk Flash, Jason and Isiah. They waste no time getting the initiation started and start kissing the girls. Jason and Elsa make out while Isiah and Rachel and Flash and Sydney kiss passionately, licking each other’s lips. The girls help the guys out of their shirts and start rubbing and kissing their chests. This is definitely an initiation for these girls and they are working hard to pass it with flying colors. Elsa grabs Jason’s cock, jerks it back and forth and tells him it’s so big. Rachel has Isiah’s meat in her hand and Sydney is squeezing Flash’s dick. These girls are begging for the big dicks they keep jerking. Rachel has an idea. She turns to the girls and says let’s suck their cocks together. This group cock sucking is hot as the girls drop to their knees and work their mouths back and forth over the big black meat in their faces. Elsa and Rachel are kneeling back to back as they start gagging and dribbling on Jason and Isiah’s big black cocks. Sydney works on deep throating Flash, looking up at him then pulling his cock out of her mouth and telling him it tastes so fucking good.  The wide camera shots make this scene hot as we can see all three girls kneeling back to back and working their mouths all over the guy’s dicks. Rachel leads a ball licking charge, swallowing Isiah’s balls. The guys move to the bed, lying side by side with their big hard cocks standing at attention. Sydney, Elsa and Rachel line up on their knees and continue to work these big black cocks over, deep throating and gagging. The camera pans from side to side capturing these girls with their mouths full. Elsa starts sharing the cocks around her, begging to taste all the dicks.

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The action gets hotter, moving from cock sucking to cowgirl riding. All three sorority hopefuls sit on the guy’s dicks and ride them to ecstasy. Sydney and Elsa sit next to each other, bouncing up and down on the hard meat and kissing each other. Sydney rides Jason, Elsa rides Flash and Rachel bends over in standing doggy position and gets fucked from behind by Isiah. She soon joins the girls in a hard cowgirl ride on top of Isiah’s pipe. The action changes to a hot, side by side doggystyle fuck with all three girls bent over on all fours, side by side and getting their pussies slammed from behind all at the same time. Sydney is in the middle of the action, taking a hard pounding from Flash. Rachel gets nasty, licking Elsa’s ass hole while Isiah’s cock slips in and out of Elsa’s pussy. Rachel does the same thing to Sydney’s ass hole. Elsa begs to be tag teamed and she gets the pounding she’s been wishing for with Isiah’ pumping her pussy and Flash fucking her throat. She loves being tag teamed and it shows all over her face. Rachel takes a standing doggy pounding from Isiah while Sydney watches and gets fucked by Flash. Now it’s Sydney’s turn to get her wet hole pounded by Flash and she loves it as she watches Sydney take Jason’s meat and Elsa get filled by Isiah. The girls are all still in doggy position.  This group sex scene just gets hotter and hotter as these girls show just how bad they want to get into the sorority. The cock swapping goes on and on as each girl experiences all 3 cocks. They move quickly into a synchronized reverse cowgirl fuck that shows all three girls ride high atop big black cock side by side. It’s a hot moment in the flick. The hard pumping reverse cowgirl fuck leads to a hot creampie for Rachel as Isiah fills her pussy up with his load. He pulls out and her hot dripping creampie oozes out. Sydney gets filled next from flash, giving her a creampie and Elsa rides Jason until he pops inside her, leaving her with another oozing creampie. The girls suck all the remaining cum off of the guy’s cocks and feel good about making it into the sorority.

Scene 2:  Karla Kush, Jillian Janson, Jason Brown, Flash Brown

This next scene features 2 couples in action with Jillian and Karla in indoor and outdoor fucking with Flash and Jason while Jillian’s dad is away. The chemistry is great and the action is hot as Jillian and Karla do everything together from sucking cock to fucking it. It all starts when Jillian’s dad is out of town and she invites Karla over to hang out with her. They’re relaxing and getting some sun and Karla wonders what they’re going to do for the day. Jillian tells her she met a hot guy and she can get her friend to bring him over. They take sexy pics and send them to the guys to drive them crazy before inviting them over. Flash and Jason join the girls outdoors and Jillian tells them they’ve got to start having fun now before her dad gets back home. Jillian has an idea. She tells Karla they should suck the guys’ cocks together. Karla agrees and the girls sit on the edge of the chair and start sucking their big black cocks, working their mouths all the way down the shaft and gagging on each cock. The girls take the cock sucking to the bedroom and are even greedier.

Satisfied that they’ve blown the guys dicks, the girls each bend over doggystyle and kiss each other while their pussies get slammed from behind. They promise to be best friends forever as their holes get pumped. Jillian is enjoying Flash from the back and Karla takes Jason from behind. Jillian screams out, telling Karla she wants to see her cum. Then they switch cocks and fuck doggystyle, side by side. Jillian takes the lion share of dick when she bends over doggystyle and takes Jason in her pussy and Flash down her throat. Both girls lie on their backs for missionary fucking then ride both dicks cowgirl style. Jillian turns around to get fucked in reverse cowgirl position and that makes her cum. The girls ride in reverse cowgirl position some more then say they’re ready for cum. They drop to their knees as the guys pop off in their mouths.

Scene 3:   Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux, Jason Brown, Rob Piper

Scene 3 is an experience for Cadence who wants to escort like Adriana does. Cadence is nervous but Adriana walks her through everything and before long, they’re both fucking 2 big black cocks, licking their ass holes and doing more. Adriana and Cadence are best friends and Cadence just found out that Adriana has been escorting. Cadence wants to do the same thing but she’s nervous about it all. Adriana tells her to relax and just follow her lead. The guys are going to want Cadence and Adriana tells her they’re going to want see her get dominated. The girls meet up with Jason and Rob and enjoy a few drinks. Cadence wasn’t expecting everything to go so fast between the 4 of them and she starts to think she’s getting in over her head. Adriana tells the guys that they’re going to get dressed into something more sexy for the guys. They help each other put on sexy lingerie and Adriana tells Cadence that the guys all have big cocks but she shouldn’t be afraid. She wants Cadence to show them just how nasty she can be. She wants her to take all their big cocks and lick their ass. The girls join the guys in the bedroom and tease them in their lingerie. Adriana tells them the lingerie looks better off than on and Cadence is ready to be a big slut for the guys. Adriana starts kissing Cadence and tells her they should make the guys’ cocks really hard with lots of teasing. They kiss each other seductively, turning the guys on. Jason and Rob get in on the action, kissing the girls. Adriana works her way down to Rob’s cock and Cadence gets on her knees for Jason’s meat. When the guys pull their cocks out, Cadence is shocked at how big they are. She starts sucking Jason’s meat, running her mouth up and down his shaft. Adriana is deep throating Rob and looking up at him while his cock slips in and out of her mouth. Cadence is gagging already, dribbling everywhere as Jason beats her lips with his dick. The girls are kneeling back to back on the floor getting their throats fucked. Cadence is making a slobbering mess of Jason’s cock, spitting up everywhere.

With cocksucking behind them, Cadence wants to show the guys just how dirty she can be. She sticks her tongue in Jason’s ass as he bends over. She says she enjoys being a dirty little slut. Adriana shares Jason’s ass with Cadence, tonguing his hole at the same time. Cadence moves to Rob’s ass hole next, tonguing it while Adriana keeps tonguing Jason’s. Now it’s time for the girls to host big black cock in their pussies. They bend over doggystyle, facing each other as the guy’s slams in and out of their wet pussies. Cadence can’t believe how big Rob’s cock is as it stretches her pussy. The doggystyle fucking is hard and fast as these girls get off on the pounding. Cadence is going to cum all over Rob’s cock as she yells for him to fuck her deep. The action splits up as with Cadence riding Jason’s meat cowgirl style and Adriana getting fucked missionary style by Rob. Cadence moans that Jason is making her pussy so fucking wet as he fucks it and spanks her ass cheeks. The girls trade places with Adriana riding Jason and Cadence getting fucked missionary style. Adriana begs the guys to cum all over their faces. They lie side by side on the bed as the guys kneel over them and pop, shooting cum all over them.

Scene 4: Elsa Jean, Zoey Monroe, Jason Brown, Isiah Maxwell

Jason has a hit album and Isiah tells him to loosen up and enjoy the success. Isiah has 2 new girls waiting for Jason. Elsa and Zoey want to be cast in Jason’s new hot video and they’re determined to do whatever it takes to get in because this casting could lead to bigger and better things. Isiah invites the girls to show Jason why he should cast them in his video. Elsa and Zoey start kissing him and sharing him. Elsa asks Isiah to join them. He says he doesn’t have to be asked twice about that. Elsa and Isiah explore each other’s bodies while Zoey and Jason kiss intimately. It’s not long before the girls are on their knees, sucking the guys’ cocks, working hard to get the part. Elsa swallows and spits all over Jason’s cock while Zoey deep throats Isiah’s meat. These girls are working their mouths overtime on the big black dicks in their hands. Isiah tells Zoey that she’s destined to become a star if she keeps going the way she’s going.

The girls kneel side by side and suck the guys off then they bend over doggystyle near the edge of the bed, kneeling right next to each other and get their pussies stretched by hard cock. They moan and groan at the same time as their wet holes get pumped. Elsa and Zoey hold hands as they take more doggystyle pounding all over the bed. Elsa yells out that the guys are fucking them so good. They’re both about to cum as they grip the bed sheets in ecstasy. From doggystyle, Elsa and Zoey go on a cowgirl ride, bouncing up and down on each dick. After doing a little pussy to mouth cock sucking, they ride those big black cocks again cowgirl style. After licking their pussy juices off of each dick, the girls go for a reverse cowgirl ride and this time Zoey surprises everyone by squirting everywhere. Elsa gets on her knees and let’s Jason pop all over her face. After Zoey squirts, she drops to her knees to and takes Isiah’s big load in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

You will enjoy watching Greg Lansky’s Interracial Orgies and I highly recommend you watch it. In this over 2 hour and 31 minute flick, Lansky presents a twist on hot interracial sex, focusing on group action that’s hot to watch. The opening scene is the hottest one of the flick as 3 girls desperate to get into their favorite sorority must pass one last initiation and it involves fucking the big black cocks of 3 horny guys. The guys will be the judge of whether these girls actually get in. That scene features group sex with 6 people and the other 3 scenes involve groups of 4 banging. The flick stars Elsa Jean, Rachel James, Sydney Cole, Karla Kush, Jillian Janson, Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux and Zoey Monroe. They’re joined by their group sex partners Flash Brown, Jason Brown, Isiah Maxwell and Rob Piper. The high quality production is hard to miss and each scene as an interesting set up that leads to hard pounding group sex that even includes hot creampies for some of the starlets.

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