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Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/15/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 37 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Double Penetration; All Sex; Threesome; Anal

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen HD. 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Megan Rain, Aidra Fox, Chloe Amour, Keisha Grey, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Christian Clay, Xander Corvus, Steve Holmes

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery


Director Greg Lansky ventures into the hard pounding world of double penetration in his latest flick My DP starring Aidra Fox. Aidra and her costars, Megan Rain, Chloe Amour and Keisha Grey live out their fantasies of being the center of attention of 2 men at the same time. These starlets each play girls who find themselves face to face with 2 hard cocks and end up getting their pussies and ass holes stretched, making them cum. The double penetrating guys are Mick Blue, Christian Clay, Markus Dupree, Xander Corvus and Steve Holmes. Mick is in every scene, often anchoring the DPs. Aidra has a huge fan crush on her celebrity neighbor and when she and her friends break into his house to snoop around, they’re surprised when he comes home with his buddy who’s visiting from out of town. Aidra will do anything to stop Mick from calling the police and she starts by deep throating their cocks. After a long DP session with the guys leaves her with a face load of cum, she’s sure she won’t have to worry about the cops after all. Megan opens the flick in her threesome with Mick and Christian, Chloe gets double stuffed by Mick and Xander and Keisha closes the movie after a 2 cock showdown with Mick and Steve. Overall, I recommend this movie. The production quality is high, the girls are horny and insatiable and the action is hot with lots of anal and DPs.

Scene 1:  Megan Rain, Mick Blue and Christian Clay

Megan opens the flick, talking about her first vacation with David. They’ve been dating for a year but Megan isn’t satisfied sexually. They have sex in the same positions and it’s getting boring to her. She has never cheated on him but it has been on her mind. On their last day of the vacation, they got drunk together. David is so drunk, that he goes back to the bedroom to lay down. Megan decides to have fun on her last day and she decides to go back out to the pool. She meets 2 European guys, Mick and Christian, who are flirting with her and she likes it. One guy starts touching her and she doesn’t stop him. She realizes that she actually likes the attention. Before she knows it, she’s making out with the guys and it makes her more and more horny. They start kissing her tits and she stops them, worried that her boyfriend might catch her. One of the guys tells her to come back to their room. She is so horny and wet that she goes back to the room with the guys and finds herself in the middle of their attention. They kiss her and strip her out of her clothes. She begs them not to say anything to her boyfriend. They ask her if it’s her first time with 2 guys because she’s going to love it. She’s fully naked and standing up as the guys kneels and tongue her pussy and ass hole at the same time, making her moan. She wants a cock in her mouth and drops to her knees to start sucking the guys’ dicks. She moves her hot mouth from cock to cock, licking and swallowing them, telling the guys that their dicks are way better than her boyfriend’s dicks. They instruct her to keep her tongue out and keep her eyes on them while she sucks their meat. She makes a sloppy, dribbling mess of herself, deep throating the guys cocks and spitting up everywhere.

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She lies on her back to take the first cock missionary style. Christian pumps her wet pussy while Mick fucks her mouth. She can barely catch her breath as she screams out in ecstasy. Christian grips her ass cheeks and holds them open while he stretches her pussy and Mick sticks his dick further and further down her throat. Megan is finally get the pleasure that her boyfriend has never been able to give her. She tells Christian to keep fucking her just like that. Mick gets his turn next, starting off by eating her pussy first and then spreading her legs wide open and fucking her pussy. Megan sucks her pussy juices off of Christian’s cock while she gets her puss pumped. It’s time to warm her ass hole up and stretch it out and so she lies back and takes Christian’s cock up her ass. Megan’s streak of ecstasy continues and she fingers her clit while her ass hole gets fucked. She quickly turns over and rides Mick’s cock cowgirl style while getting her throat fucked some more. The cowgirl ride turns into the start of Megan’s hot double penetration. She’s not sure she can take 2 cocks at first but the guys slowly work her holes cowgirl style until she is taking both dicks. It sends her deeper and deeper into pleasure. With both holes fully loosened up, she gets fucked even harder and faster in a cowgirl DP. She even does ass to mouth a few times, begging to suck her ass juices off of Christian’s cock. She does more DP in reverse cowgirl positon then gets into a hot standing cowgirl DP. From there, she’s ready for cum as she drops to her knees and takes Mick’s load in her mouth. Christian pops on her tongue next, leaving her with cum dripping form her chin. She says she has to get back to her room.

Scene 2:  Aidra Fox, Mick Blue and Markus Dupree

Aidra’s friends are crazy about celebrities. When they found out she lives across the street from a famous actor, Mick, they start hanging out at her place all the time, hoping to see him. They convince Aidra that they should break into his house while he’s out of town and hang out in the place. It turns out that Mick is actually in town and his long time friend, Markus, is visiting. Mick and Markus hang out during the day. While they’re gone, Aidra and her friends enter his house through the back door and start rummaging through his stuff. That’s when Aidra hears a car pull into the driveway. It’s Mick and Markus. Aidra and her friends panic. They can’t get out of the house without being seen. So, Aidra tells them to go out to the balcony and she will handle the whole thing. Mick walks into his bedroom and sees Aidra. He wants to know what is going on and he threatens to call the police. She apologizes and tells him she’s a big fan of his and she made a really big mistake by breaking into his house but she’s willing to do anything to pay for her mistake. Aidra drops to her knees and starts sucking Mick’s cock while her friends watch from the balcony. They can’t believe what they’re seeing. Aidra enjoys working Mick’s cock in and out of her mouth and pulls her shirt open so she can play with her tits. She looks up at him while she jerks his meat in and out of her mouth. That’s when Markus walks in on them and he wants to know what’s going on. Mick tells her to start sucking Markus’ cock too otherwise he’s going to call the cops. He instructs her to suck both dicks. Aidra will do anything to stop Mick from calling the cops.

She sucks one dick and jerks the other, keeping both cocks hard. She’s on her knees between both guys and turning her head from side to side to deep throat each cock. The guys lie down on the bed side by side as Aidra keeps working her mouth all over their meat. Her friends finally see their moment to get out of there and they leave the balcony and sneak past the threesome that’s happening on the bed. Mick helps her out of her jeans, puts her in doggy position and starts licking her pussy and ass hole from behind while she gets her throat fucked by Markus. It’s not long before she’s getting fucked doggystyle, taking Mick’s dick in her pussy while she keeps jerking and sucking on Markus. The guys trade places and this time Markus fucks her in missionary position, turning her on even more and making her giggle as he slides in and out of her wet pussy. She begs him to fuck her more and more. Markus goes from her pussy to her ass hole, stretching it out and preparing it for her DP. The ass hole fucking makes her cum. She climbs on top of Mick and rides his dick cowgirl style in her pussy while Markus penetrates her tight ass hole. She’s in a cowgirl DP, begging the guys to stuff her holes deeper. The cowgirl DP continues with the guys switching holes, keeping her fully stuffed and making her cum again. She takes her DP in reverse cowgirl position and begs them to give her more. Markus fucks her ass and Mick fucks her pussy, then they alternate. She begs them to cum and they both pull out and pop in her mouth and on her face. She looks up at them with cum all over her face and says you guys really punished me.

Scene 3:   Chloe Amour, Mick Blue, and Xander Corvus

Chloe is a top reporter in the music industry. She gets to meet a lot of musicians and her latest assignment takes her to meet Mick and Xander in the band purple velvet. She is really looking forward to meeting them. She gets to interview them on the couch and they’re having a good time. They tell her that the best part of their job is meeting people like her because she’s hot. Chloe thinks they’re being bad and she tries to keep the interview serious. She asks them what’s coming up for the band in the future. They want to know what Chloe is doing later that night and they wonder if she can meet them for drinks. Once the interview ends, the guys try to convince her to have a few drinks with them and to unwind. She’s flying back to New York later that night, but she agrees to loosen up and have a drink. She sends her camera guy back to the hotel and once Xander realizes the camera guy is gone he makes his move. Kissing her and sucking on her tits. He sticks his fingers in her pussy and fingers it, turning her on. She can’t believe how fast he’s moving and when Mick walks back into the room he can’t believe how quickly these 2 have gotten started. She tells them she has never hard 2 guys at once and she wants to try it. They work on her pussy and tits at the same time, making her feel really good. Xander eats her pussy and ass hole and soon she’s standing between them and being stripped out of her clothes. She gets on her knees and starts sucking them hard cocks, excited to have 2 dicks at once. She goes from cock to cock, taking orders on how to suck their meat. She’s so excited, she starts gagging and spitting as she sucks their dick. Xander grips her behind the head and fucks her skull, making her gag and Mick follows suit.

Chloe bends over doggystyle and gets her pussy stretched from behind by Mick’s hard cock. Her throat’s being fucked by Xander’s cock at the same time. Mick fucks her balls deep and Xander tells her to keep her pretty eyes on him while she sucks his cock. She says she loves it sloppy when she’s sucking cock. Mick fucks her harder and faster and it’s starting to make her cum. Her pussy is stretched and wet and she is enjoying it, screaming louder and louder. Chloe goes from fucking Mick doggystyle to fucking Xander doggystyle and she loves it when he puts his thumb in her ass hole while fucking her pussy. Mick gets to work on her ass hole, penetrating it from behind and opening it up. She says she can’t wait to take both cocks at the same time and she moves on top of Xander cowgirl style, getting her pussy filled. Mick pumps her ass hole from behind, making for a hot DP. The cowgirl DP is hard, deep and wet and Chloe can’t stop moaning. She climbs off and gets double stuffed in reverse cowgirl position, ordering the guys to keep fucking her ass hole and pussy. They ask her if she’s thirsty now and decide to give her their loads. Mick pops first, filling her tongue and Xander shoots next. She sucks their cocks and is excited to swallow rock star cum.

Scene 4:  Keisha Grey, Mick Blue and Steve Holmes

Keisha and her husband Mick have a great relationship. They share everything with each other. It makes their relationship exciting. She has never shared with him that she has a fantasy to be fucked by 2 guys. She has been keeping this secret from Mick for a long time. But things all change when Mick’s friend Steve comes over to spend the weekend. Steve decides to relax for a bit and Mick and Keisha and horny. They are making out in the bed and Mick tells her he wants her to fuck his friend Steve. Keisha is so excited that Mick knows her fantasy. She can’t wait to be the center of attention between 2 guys. Mick sends Steve a text telling him his wife wants a threesome and in no time, Steve joins them in the bedroom where Keisha is already sucking Mick’s cock. She reaches for Steve’s cock and starts sucking it too. She finally has two cocks and her fantasy is coming true. She sucks each cock, working her lips up and down their shafts, jerking one while she sucks the other. She deep throats Steve and starts gagging then she bends over doggystyle on the bed to suck Mick’s cock and gets Steve’s tongue in her ass at the same time.

Steve is the first to penetrate her pussy, filling it up from behind doggystyle while she keeps Mick’s cock in her mouth. The camera zooms in close on Keisha’s pussy getting pumped. She is in ecstasy as she takes all of Steve’s cock. The guys trade places and soon Keisha is getting fucked doggystyle by Mick while she sucks her pussy juices off of Steve’s cock. She is ready for her double penetration and after she sits on Steve’s meat in cowgirl position, Mick tells her he’s going to starts fucking her ass hole slowly. The guys pump her holes slowly but surely, giving her the cowgirl DP she has been fantasizing about. With her holes stretched and wet, the guys pick up the pace and fuck her holes much deeper and faster. This sends her into ecstasy. She does ass to mouth off of Mick’s cock then turns over into reverse cowgirl position and gets her ass hole plugged by Steve’s meat and her pussy filled by Mick. All this DP action is making her cum and she reaches her climax. After sucking both cocks, she gets back into a cowgirl DP until she’s ready for cum. She quickly drops to her knees and jerks and sucks the guys’ cocks one more time until they pop. Mick shoots into her wide open mouth and Steve is right behind him, popping in her mouth some more. She licks and swallows the cum off of their cocks.

Final Thoughts:

Aidra Fox takes the starring role in Director Greg Lansky’s newest venture, My DP. This flick is one for the DP and anal lovers because it’s full of nonstop, double penetrating action. Aidra and her costars, Megan Rain, Chloe Amour and Keisha Grey are horny, insatiable starlets who show how much they love being double stuffed. Their cockstars, Mick Blue, Christian Clay, Markus Dupree, Xander Corvus and Steve Holmes, enjoy filling these girls up in this over 2 hour and 37 minute flick.  The production quality is high and the camera work is great, zooming in close on these girls as their pussies and ass holes are stretched to the limit, making them cum. Mick Blue is in every scene, anchoring the deep filling DPs. Flick starlet, Aidra, plays a girl who has a huge fan crush on her celebrity neighbor. Her friends convince her to break into his house so they can all snoop around but they never expected him to come home in the middle of it because he was supposed to be out of town. Aidra is left having to fuck her way out of a hard situation and taking on 2 cocks is the right remedy that will keep her and her friends out of jail. Megan has a hot flick opener with Mick and Christian and Chloe gets double stuffed by Mick and Xander. Keisha takes a double load from Mick and Steve to close out the flick. Overall, I recommend this movie. There’s enough anal and double penetration action in this flick to go around for everybody.

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