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Maid For Pleasure 3

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/10/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Cosplay, Maids, Feet, Stockings, Fetish

Director: Unknown



Cast: Ava Dalush, Jess West, Logan Montoya, Emma Leigh (Credited as Tessa Thrills), Victoria Summers

Length: 1hr. 53min.                  

Date of Release: June 9, 2016

Extras: NONE

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent. Shot in HD and presented in anamorphic widescreen. There are a few technical issues, however. The framing can get a bit off, with performers' heads being cut at the top of the frame and the performers themselves could use a bit more light on them, flesh tones aren't always accurate. Scene 1 has an off-camera voice audible and scene 3 has a flashing video glitch ever so briefly. There are some audio bumps and crackles along the way, but nothing too distracting.

Overview: Five maids each narrate the beginning of their vignette, introducing themselves and telling us where they work and what they like about it. It seems the thing they have in common is they like to get down and dirty with random hotel guests. Being "random guests", the male performers remain uncredited.

Scene One: Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush

Pretty, raven-haired Ava looks excellent in her short-skirted latex maid outfit which exposes her round ass very nicely. Her black stockings and stilettos really accentuate her legs.

The sleeping hotel guest doesn't even balk when she crawls up on the bed to wake him with her mouth on his member. She spends a good amount of time sucking and jerking his rod well until he flips her over on her back to expose her little black-patched pussy and she pulls her beautiful breasts out of their latex lair. She's a pretty passive lay in just about every position, but there's something about her that kept my eyes glued to her as the guy's long cock slid in and out of her bangbox as she moaned softly. She really seemed to enjoy sucking cock, which she does like a champ, and her eyes sparkled as his load landed on her chin.

Sometimes you come across a porn actress that for no particular reason you just really like to watch get fucked. Ava is one of those girls for me, it turns out.

Scene 2: Jess West

Jess West

Jess West 2

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Jess enjoys working at private homes as a maid, and she even has a favorite client. She knows he likes to see her in her sexy silk & lace maid's outfit, complete with stockings, heels and frilly black knickers. She's in his room touching herself when he shows up and starts to sensually stroke her hair and skin. She immediately gives him a fairly sensual dick licking and sucking, her black ponytail bouncing with each head bob. She drops her dress so he can get his pecker into her landing-stripped slit. Her vocalizations are a bit over-the-top but the look on her face lets us know she's really enjoying her spoon drilling. We get a sense of how long and lean this sex machine is as she climbs into cowgirl for a long ride as the two banter back and forth. The two pump in harmony during doggy, and she spreads her ass cheeks so he can get balls deep in her snatch. She flips over and strokes his stick with her stockinged feet and gives him a quick throating before throwing a leg over his shoulder for some more drilling. She finishes him off orally, taking a drizzle to the chin and smiling.

These two have good chemistry. Dialog and actions are natural. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that they're actually neighbors and fuck buddies.

We get good camera angles of Jess in this scene, even though the camera could have used some white balancing.

Scene 3: Logan Montoya

Logan Montoya

Logan is a red-nailed hotel maid in latex and sparkly stilettos, sans panties. Her body is definitely built for banging, and her cherry red lips are large and luscious. She has her big boobs out as she makes up the bed and the guest walks into the room and over to her. Without a word, they kiss and she runs her long nails on the crotch of his pants and then drops his drawers. Her big, dark eyes are accentuated by long black lash inserts as we get the over-his-shoulder view of her knob slob. He whispers to her and she spins around so he can lick her crack before thrusting his throbber into it. Her legs are long, and her ass is round, small and tight. He presses her into the bed, face down as he gives her long slow strokes. She's an active cowgirl, locking her stilettos to his legs for leverage as she pumps his cock in and out of her. They go through a few more positions until he unloads all over her lashes.

IAFD doesn't have a credit listed for Logan since 2013. She seems to just endure this scene, rather than enjoy it. She doesn't smile once and her face looks as if she is afraid she left the stove on at home and needs to go check it. It's just not a fun scene to watch at all, which is a shame as she's a very pretty girl.

Scene 4: Emma Leigh (Credited as Tessa Thrills on the cover)

Emma Leigh - Tessa Thrills

Tessa Thrills - Emma Leigh

Auburn-haired Emma is making up a guest's room in a tiny little french maid outfit which is a size or 3 too small for her generous assets when he walks out of the shower and she decides to tease him a bit. Apparently the guy isn't in to teasing and starts groping her, and she responds by dropping top and down to her knees. This part of the scene is shot POV and she likes to break the 4th wall with her big, pretty eyes constantly looking into the lens as she performs a lick up-plunge down technique on his shaft. She has an adorable freckled face but the guy can't resist asking her to wrap her huge funbags around his cock, which she gladly does. Her jugs jiggle as she rides cowgirl in reverse and regular, pumping like maniac. The guy disrobes and slams her in spoon, her hooters hammering her chest with each thrust. She gets loud as they move into missionary, legs spread wide.  She's even more vocal as she gets drilled doggy, maintaining good eye contact as she meets his thrusts. The guy lays back for some final throating and leaks a load on her hand.

Emma seems like the kind of girl that got into the biz because of the fun factor. She's fun to watch and seems to be up for whatever might come her way, which probably explains her 2015 AVN nomination for Best Foreign Sex Scene.

Scene 5: Victoria Summers

Victoria Summers

Blonde bombshell Victoria is a naughty fucking maid, in a poofy outfit complete with black hair bow and stripper shoes; and is making her morning rounds when she walks in on a sleeping guest. To show us just how fucking naughty she is she's decided to give him some morning glory. She wakes him, batting her big, fake eyelashes in his face and spouting dirty talk as she sucks his morning wood. He jumps right into the dirty maid role-play spouting dirty innuendos back at her. The two banter back and forth using the word "dirty" about 60 times as she strokes his shaft and drops her top to reveal her awesome rack.

The banter between the two borders on hilarious. It's fun as hell to watch these two trade quips with each other as she strips and wanks him off with her feet at his request. Not satisfied with just a footie; the two trade more dirty talk as he takes her doggy. The guy has a hard time not smiling as they continuously banter and he gets the privilege of banging a stunning porn star.

Victoria Summers 2

Victoria is another 4th wall breaker, often smiling at the lens and addressing the viewer directly with her dirty talk. It's a pretty corny trick, but it actually works really well in this scene.

They actually rotate through quite a few positions, and her body looks incredible in all of them; but the odd non-stop banter actually makes you forget you're watching two people go at it. We get a great overall shot of her from the bottom up as she rides reverse  cowgirl, her pearl-pierced pussy front and center in this well-lit scene. She finishes him off with a jerk to the face, her neon nails pumping his rod feverishly to explosion.

Final Thoughts: Normally, I gravitate to films with high production values and top-notch technical prowess. For the most part this is not that kind of film. It fails on so many technical checkpoints, but that last scene makes up for all of its shortcomings. You could probably pop that scene on while having some drinks with friends and everyone would enjoy it, even in mixed company. It's just that entertaining.

Except for Logan's scene, which just didn't do much of anything for me; I really enjoyed this flick. The other girls are fun to watch, and the scenes are actually kind of believable in that porn-fantasy way. You've got a couple of girl-next door types, a couple of sexy ones, and blonde bombshell Victoria to cap it all off. I would highly recommend this film, but the complete lack of extras and the technical faults are going to restrict me to Recommended for just about everyone. Victoria's Scene alone is worth the price. If you don't buy this disc, at least buy her scene.

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