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Punishments Incorporated

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/13/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: BDSM

Director/Writer: Colin Rowntree
Cast: Victoria White, Nyssa Nevers, Vyxen Steel, Cheri Rose, Adrianna Nicole, Ally Kay, Amylee, David Lawrence, Tony DeSergio, Keni Styles, Richi Edwards, Master Jonni, Master Gabe
Length: 123 minutes
Extras: There are four trailers.   

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The video quality is solid. The camera shots are clear and the women look attractive. The BDSM atmosphere with it's contraptions and toys give the viewers a good introductory view of what BDSM is about. As far as the audio, it is alright, but at times, I had hoped that the vocal comments of some of the performers were louder. The sounds of the whipping and flogging activity are quite good and does allow the viewers to feel emotional. 

Overview: Punishments Incorporated is a film by Wasteland.com and directed and written by Colin Rowntree. It is distributed by Severe Sex. In this production, there are seven separate vignettes where the male masters have their way with their female submissives. There is a good mixture of intensity throughout this film where some scenes are mild and others are much more intense and emotional. A very good cast led by major performers Adrianna Nicole, Victoria White, and Ally Kay bring forth the likability factor to these ladies as they go through their punishing endeavors.
Scene One: Punishment Incorporated #1. Attractive blonde Adrianna Nicole is ordered by the court to pay for her driving violation and rude behavior towards law enforcement. Tony DeSergio is the acting master who delivers the punishing activity to her. After she gets naked, the man with a British accent applies an arm binder restraint on her so that her arms are behind her body while she is sitting on her knees on a cube. He connects that restraint to a hanging chain. Meanwhile, her ankles are restrained too. Some brief flogging occurs before all of this happens for not removing her heels from her feet. Next, Adrianna has a dildo in her mouth briefly before the man takes out his much bigger and tastier meaty dick so the pretty woman can suck it. She does a nice job with it. During the mouthfucking activity, strains of saliva are produced especially when he shoves his entire man tool in her mouth. Afterwards, he frees her from the restrained apparatus and a brief teasing moment by him occurs before he fucks her while she is laying on her back with her legs up. The fucking activity is a solid one as the viewers will get very turned on by her beautiful body and distinctive eyes. Some spanking and flogging occur later on, but it's the candle wax moments and her luscious body that are the most visually memorable. Her pretty pussy continues to be showcased nicely. In the end, he fucks her doggystyle in the ass and cums inside of her.

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Scene Two: Test Pilot. Hottie Vyxen Steel is on all fours as Richi Edwards is receiving instructions over the phone. Some testing is going to be done on her at this secret location. A steel anal hook is inserted into her asshole. Then, she receives some electrical shock along her ass. Afterwards, a Sybian is turned on and the moving penetrating dildo fucks her. Another penetrating one is fucking her mouth. The man uses a Hitachi vibrator to add stimuli to her vaginal playground. Since the pace of the machines is not fast, the turn-on factor is just alright. Later, she is on her back getting fucked by one of the Sybians when he applies nipple clasps on her. The screwing activity does get her wet especially during the final routine where she fucks herself  and then, rubs her clit and pussy and squirts a lot of tasty feminine juices. The scene ends on a very high note.

Scene Three: Punishment Incorporated #2. Victoria White has been a very disrespectful student to her teachers and principal. She is sent to Keni Styles who will discipline this rude coed. After she undresses, he puts handcuffs on her wrists and spanks her over his lap. Then, he focuses on her pussy and fingers it briefly before fingering her tight asshole. Next, she is on all fours with a neck clasp hooked from a hanging chain. Her ass gets paddled a bit. Afterwards, Keni takes out his dick and Ally sucks it with good effort. I especially enjoy her effort on his balls. As far as the screwing moments go, there is pretty good excitement as the man provides a hot fuck. He doggies Ally first and then mouthfucks the cutie pie that leads him to unload his cum into her mouth. Next, the scene shifts to Ally standing on one leg as her right wrist is restrained to her risen right leg. Keni flogs her ass and pussy with a whip. Then, some good intense fucking occurs as Keni fucks her from behind. More heated screwing follows as she remains chained while riding his dick as Keni is standing back against the wall. Later, Ally is on her knees on a block with her arms behind her back as her master rubs her crotch and then, she sucks his pussy flavored dick. He spits on her face at times. The mouth fucking action is hot as he holds her hair tight. After fully orally pleasuring his meaty sexual device, he jacks off and shoots his load on her receptive face and mouth.
Scene Four: Cell 1. A brunette woman Cheri Rose is chained onto a wooden pallet. She is squirming and saying "Help Me" right before master Jonni joins her holding two lit candles. He sucks her breast and squeezes and hits them. Some paddling action on her ass, erogenous zone, and the bottoms of her feet. The intensity heightens when the man pours hot wax all over her body. Her moans and groans are emotional. I enjoyed watching her shake. Metal pin wheels are applied onto her sensitive pussy and nipples for good sensation play. He really rubs the gold pin wheel on her pussy with much drive. Then, he fucks the woman with a very long pole with good conviction.
Scene Five: Bamboo Prison. Nyssa Nevers is tied quite elaborately to two bamboo poles. She is standing. Her hair is tied to ropes. Her master David Lawrence whips her body with a skinny leather whip. She really feels the pain each time it hits her bare skin. Her squished titties and ass are actively being hit by a stick. A metal hook is placed into her puffy pussy. He then, pushes an electronic vibrator against her clit to make this woman moan with much emotion. This scene is a very intense one.

Scene Six: Punishment Incorporated #3. Housewife Ally Kay enjoys shopping and spending her husband's hard earned money as well as not being considerate in giving her husband head. So, master Tony DeSergio is going to punish her. After undressing, the woman's stretched out arms are tied to a wooden board. Even though she is not on a cross, it still looks like she is even though she is standing on the floor in her sexy heels. The man flogs her body and at times, hits her sensitive spots.  She is enjoying the man's actions. As a matter of fact, she gets turned on by the whipping activity. His whipping behavior becomes more harder and intense and he rubs her pussy quite vigorously. As the scene progresses, we do not feel bad for this beautiful woman. She enjoys it too much and we get to marvel at her gorgeous body. It's a win-win situation. At one point, Tony gives her twenty lashes on her ass. Later, the woman sucks his nice looking dick while on her knees and her arms behind her back. He fucks her good afterwards with the doggie fuck on the floor being the most intense and heated.
Scene Seven: Amylee Goes Deep. Master Gabe removes a blue cover and underneath it we see a naked Amylee bent over on a bench. He immediately eats her asshole quite actively. Her moans are somewhat loud. But, they get louder when he whips her with a flogging paddle. The scene gets more intense when he hits her body with a stick while fingering her pussy. Later, the man fucks her mouth with his dick. Much saliva is produced which makes her mouth a sticky mess. His big dick is shoved into her mouth deep. Overall, this scene is an alright deep throat performance as did not feel much emotion to it.  
Final Thoughts:
This film starts off slow when it comes to the intense gravity of the bdsm action, but then, the center four performances pick up the intense and emotional factor well. The first two scenes and the final one are the most mild while the ones in the center of the film bring on the high intense action. Victoria White, Ally Kay, Cheri Rose, and Nyssa Nevers really shine as they illicit the viewers emotions to feel bad for them. Even the very likable Adrianna Nicole had me feeling for her even though her punishing activity was on the more milder side. Keni Styles and Tony DeSergio are the standout masters who bring personality to their work. Their roles are not solely to be punishers. Overall, the six men apply the punishing deeds well and I recommend this film. This film is a nice representation of the types of scenes that are on the award winning Wasteland.com website. I did however would had liked to have seen a femdom scene though since those are very popular and hot on their site.   

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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