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Anal Loving Teenagers

Studio: Private » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/20/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 8 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: Teens 18+; Anal; All Sex; European

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Sam Frost

Cast: Featuring Dolce Vita with Angie, Emma Brown, Stefany, Ani Blackfox

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Trailers for Private Lessons, Porn Couples, Maids for All, Trick or Treat


Russian starlet Dolce Vita stars in Sam Frost’s Anal Loving Teenagers. This over 2 hour flick produced by Private Media Group, has 5 scenes of anal bliss, showcasing teenage girls getting their tiny, tight ass holes fully stuffed by hard cock and loving it. The film is shot in 4K ultra HD so the overall production quality is great. The sex and chemistry is good throughout the flick but I wish it had more sizzle to it. You’ll enjoy watching featured starlet Dolce take on Arty in the opening scene of the flick which leaves her ass hole dripping in cum. Dolce is joined by other European starlets Emma Brown, Stefany, Angie and Ani Blackfox and as the title says, they are all anal lovers. Angie’s fuck scene in the bathroom is one of the best ones in the flick, especially with her hard riding reverse cowgirl session in the bathtub. Overall, I say watch this one online. The production quality is great, the sex is good but it’s missing some of that sizzle that would make this a must-see flick.

Scene 1:  Dolce Vita and Arty

Relatively new Russian porn actress Dolce Vita stars in Anal Loving Teenagers and she is featured in the first scene of the movie with fellow Russian Arty. You don’t have to speak Russian to see the chemistry and heat between these 2 who start off recording selfies of themselves and each other on the couch. All that close contact leaves Dolce to start kissing Arty and she eventually straddles him as the two slowly strip each other out of their clothes. Arty opens her blouse and works on her tits, kissing and licking her pink nipples while playing with her pussy. Before long, Dolce is naked and lying on her back on the couch. Her legs are spread open and Arty is eating her pussy, making it wet as he licks her clit back and forth with his tongue. The 4K ultra HD filming of this movie helps bring out Dolce’s beauty and sexiness as she enjoys getting her pussy tongue lashed. Arty works on her pussy for some time, turning her on then he stands up while she gets on her knees and he puts his cock in her mouth. Dolce starts sucking his meat slowly, working her lips back and forth over the head of his cock then licking his balls. She closes her eyes, enjoying sucking his cock.

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She is so turned on now and ready to fuck and she lies on her back with her legs up over his shoulder while he drills deep in her tight, teen pussy. She grips her ass cheek, holding it open as his cock penetrates her snatch. Her wet pussy is leaving lube all over his cock as she closes her eyes in ecstasy. The fucking between these 2 is slow and passionate and the camerawork is great, zooming in close on Dolce’s pussy as it gets stuffed. Arty pulls his dick out and sticks his tongue back in her pussy, making her moan more. Dolce gets into doggy position on the couch and takes more cock in her pussy, this time from behind. Now she’s ready for anal and she lies on her side, getting spooned by Arty as he works his cock slowly into her tight ass hole. Arty is definitely an anal lover, kissing him as his cock stretches her ass hole open. Once again, the fucking is slow and passionate, with Arty working his meat deeper and deeper in Dolce’s ass hole. With her ass hole opened up now, Dolce straddles him and takes his cock up her ass in cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on his meat and taking it deeper and deeper in her hole. She grips both ass cheeks, holding them open as she moves up and down on his cock. Arty pumps her hole then pulls out and pops all in and over her ass hole, leaving her gaping ass hole dripping in cum.

Scene 2: Emma Brown and Guy

Emma is doing homework with a guy, lying next to each other and writing notes in a book. Their hands touch and before long, they are kissing on the couch. Emma puts the pen down and the guy pulls her bra down and starts sucking and licking her nipples. Her perky nipples stick out as he grabs hold of her breasts and keeps kissing them. The guy takes all of Emma’s clothes off and lies her back on the couch with her legs wide open and her pussy positioned right near the edge. He licks her pussy and clit and gets Emma all turned on, making her moan in pleasure. The camera zooms in close on Emma’s pussy as the guy’s town licks back and forth across it. Emma wants cock in her mouth and she pulls the guy’s pants down and starts sucking his hard prick. She keeps her eyes closed as she bobs back and forth down the shaft of his cock. She is bent over doggystyle, kneeling as she sucks his dick. She opens her eyes and keeps them pinned on the guy as she devours his meat.


Emma turns around, still in doggy position, and starts fucking his cock, slamming her pussy back and forth on his meat. She really likes takes his cock from behind, moaning louder and louder in ecstasy. She turns to start kissing him passionately then sits him down on the couch and straddles him, sitting on his cock in cowgirl position. Emma rides his meat, holding her ass cheeks open as she fills her pussy up with her cock. Emma is really enjoying the sex in this scene as the two start fucking each other harder and harder. The cowgirl style fucking turns to spoon fucking on the carpet. Emma lies on her side with one leg held up while her pussy takes more cock stuffing. While she’s still lying in spoon positing, the guy pulls out and starts fingering her ass hole with his cock, working his finger all the way down her hole. He penetrates her hole with his cock now, working it all the way in her ass and making Emma moan even more. Emma is an anal lover and her curled toes show to prove it as the guy’s meat keep stretching her tight hole. She gets into a hot doggystyle anal fuck, raising one leg up over the edge of the couch while the guy fucks her ass hole again. He pumps her ass hole harder and faster, making her yell, then he pulls out and jerks off in her face, blowing a big load all over her cheeks and in her mouth.

Scene 3:   Ani Blackfox and Arty

Ani is looking out the window and begins playing with herself, rubbing her tits. She decides to join Arty on the couch while he reads through a magazine. She is clearly horny and makes her intentions known to Arty, kissing him. He pulls his pants down and guides her toward his hard cock. She bends over doggystyle on the couch and starts sucking his meat, gripping it with one hand and working it in and out of her mouth. Ani lies back on the couch with her legs wide open and gets her pink pussy eaten by Arty. There are some great close up shots of her wet pussy as Arty’s tongue glides across it. He starts fucking her missionary style on the couch, continuing to kiss her while he stuffs her pussy. Her head falls back on the couch in ecstasy as he works his meat deeper in her snatch.

Ani sits on his cock cowgirl style for more fucking, holding her ass cheeks open so his dick can go deeper and deeper in her hole. While she rides his cock, he sticks his fingers in her ass hole, double penetrating her cowgirl style. The anal romance continues in spoon position on the couch with Ani’s ass getting back loaded by Arty’s hard cock. Ani turns to get fucked in the ass doggystyle, looking back at Arty as his cock drills her hole. He fucks her ass hole hard then pulls out and shoots his load all over her ass, leaving it dripping in cum.

Scene 4:  Angie and Yuriy Sergeev

This anal fuck scene takes place in the bathroom with Angie taking it up the ass in the bathtub. The scene begins with Angie taking a shower, letting the water fall all over her body. Yuriy watches her from across the room and waits for her to finish. She walks up to him and he dries her off with a towel, squeezing her breasts while he does. They start kissing and he sits on the edge of the tub so Angie can suck his hard cock. Angie is bent over doggystyle and she sucks his meat, working her lips all over it. She jerks his dick in and out of her mouth, keeping it hard.

Now it’s Angie’s turn for oral play. She sits on the edge of the tub and opens her legs so Yuriy can eat her pussy. Angie closes her eyes while he fingers and licks her clit, turning her on. He works her pussy over, making it wet.  Angie walks over to the wall and bends over in standing doggy position to get her pussy fucked. He pumps her hole from behind, keeping her in ecstasy while she slams her body back into his. The standing doggy fucking moves to the edge of the tub, with Angie holding on as Yuriy slams her pussy harder and faster. This scene gets even hotter when the couple climb into the tub and fuck in reverse cowgirl position. Angie rides his meat and enjoys getting her pussy spanked. The reverse cowgirl in the tub leads into an anal reverse cowgirl that is hot to watch. Angie’s ass hole gets completely filled and is stretched open as Yuriy’s cock plunges deep inside. The hot anal ride continues over the edge of the tub with Angie lying on her back and taking it up the ass hard. She moves to standing doggy position for more ass pummeling, holding her ass cheeks open in the process. She gets on her knees and jerks his meat and licks his balls until he pops all over her face, leaving her cheeks and mouth full of cum. They go back into the shower together.

Scene 5: Stefany and Gvozdik

Stefany is on her laptop reading through riles when Gvozdik joins her. They both go through the paperwork together and being in close proximity gets them more interested in each other. He starts rubbing her shoulders and Stefany is enjoying it. She sits back in the chair, closes her eyes and takes in the massage. They kiss each other and Gvozdik works his hands under her shirt, rubbing her tits. He pulls her shirt up and starts kissing her nipples to Stefany’s enjoyment. He kisses her all over her body, licking her navel, stomach and waist. Stefany takes off the rest of her clothes and he starts working on her pussy, rubbing it and licking it, making her horny and wet. She has her legs sprawled wide open in the chair with one leg up over the computer desk. Her pink pussy takes center stage as he licks and fingers it in the chair. Gvozdik sits in the chair now and Stefany sucks his cock. He puts his hand around her head, helping her go deeper and deeper down the shaft of his cock.

She licks his balls while he jerks his meat then she climbs on top of him cowgirl style and rides his hard cock. The camera zooms in close on her pussy as his cock fills it up. She rides his meat hard and fast, enjoying every stroke. The cowgirl fucking turns to missionary over the edge of the sofa as he holds both of her legs up in the air and crowds her snatch with his cock. They spoon fuck and that has Stefany in deep pleasure as her wet pussy cums all over his dick. She takes cock up the ass in a hot downward doggy on the sofa, keeping her eyes closed while he pile drives her tight hole. Now that her ass hole has been opened up, she straddles his cock in reverse cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on his meat and taking it deep in her ass. The anal stuffing continues doggystyle and Stefany enjoys her ass pounding, slamming herself harder and harder into his dick. He pulls out, she drops to her knees and he shoots his load all over her face. She sucks his cock again, licking up the left over cum.

Final Thoughts:

Director Sam Frost presents a 5-scene ass pounding flick in Anal Loving Teenagers. Produced by Private Media Group, this all sex, European teen, anal flick showcases how much these starlets love anal romance. The movies stars Russian actress Dolce Vita stars and she is joined by Emma Brown, Stefany, Angie and Ani Blackfox in scene after scene of anal bliss. The film is shot in 4K ultra HD so the overall production quality is great. The sex and chemistry is good throughout the flick but it’s missing some sizzle that would make you want to watch it again. In the special features section, you’ll only find trailers for other movies. Angie’s anal takedown in the bathroom is one of the best ones in the flick, especially with her hard riding reverse cowgirl session in the bathtub. Overall, I say watch this one online. The production quality is great, the sex is good but it’s missing that sizzle.

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