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Hard Passion 3

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/6/16

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Genres: Gonzo, All-sex

Director: Ryan Madison


Cast: Staci Carr, Christiana Cinn, Lyra Louvel, Riley Cruise (Credited as Riley Nixon), Ryan Madison

Length: 3 hrs. 1 min.                

Date of Release: July 7, 2016

Extras: All on Disc 2. BTS & POV Fluffing Cam, Q&A slideshow, Polaroids, Photo Gallery, BTS Photo Gallery, Bonus Scene, Trailers and Commercials

Extras Menu

Ava Adams in the Bonus Scene

Ava Adams

Fluff Cam

Condoms: None.

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k, presented in anamorphic widescreen. Crisp & clear, nothing to complain about on this front!

Overview: Ryan Madison shows four newbies the ropes in four vignettes in the 3rd installment of this series from PornFidelity. Him and wife Kelly are the driving force behind the studio and they consistently turn out good product. There's really no set-ups, just a tease that may or not be related to the action. Ryan is in each scene with the four hotties.

Scene One: Riley Nixon

Riley Nixon

Riley is dressed like she's about to take on Gene Kelly in a dance battle. She leans against a wall, smokes a cig and then struts and taps her way through a tease fully dressed in a suit and tie. The music changes a bit as she meets up with Ryan in a hallway, the footage filtered to sepia tones, and they begin a makeout session. She dog crawls into an apartment and the music changes again as muted colors fade in and the action starts. Her shaved head and milky-white milkers turn Ryan on and he rips down her pants to expose her tighty-whities. They share a bit of oral, her clothes finally starting to come off around the 20 minute mark so Ryan can pump his pecker into her hole, which is sporting a bush with longer hair than her head.

Riley Nixon

She gets carried to the couch with his cock inside of her and she rides and gets pumped actively. The camera switches betwen full-body shots and closeups of her tiny little ass pumping away. There's some music in the background if you listen really hard, the musical soundtrack is almost subliminal. Ryan gags her with a tie and pretty much has his way with her. She fucks like a rabbit on meth sometimes, and Ryan just pumps this new pussy however he sees fit. She seems perfectly okay with that idea and puts a lot of effort into working his cock with her pussy. She begs him to cum in her pussy and he's pretty vocal as he does, and then they rub and finger her hole for a few minutes, working his jizz out for the camera before he slaps her ass and they head out to see her boyfriend.

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Scene 2: Staci Carr

Staci Carr

Fan favorite for Female Porn Star, Staci lights up the room from the first second as she teases in front of a mirror in a black & white dress sporting what look to be Loubie's and some sheer panties highlighting her small, round ass. This girl's angelic face and lean body just scream "Come fuck me" and apparently Ryan hears it calling. Her eyes are mesmerizing as she takes his member into her mouth and gurgles on it, with instructions from him to let go, don't swallow. She's a good student, and she chokes and gags her way through the spit-in-my-hand lesson. Yep, that spit gets rubbed on her slit and Ryan slips right into it. She looks like all those beach bunnies you've fantasized about over the years but she throws a twist into the action when she asks to be choked as she gets fucked. This isn't the airbrushed fantasy you were thinking of, this is an all-out fuck bunny ready for action.

Staci Carr

Her Loubie's earn their price tag as she squat fucks him, cumming as he hammers her hole. The cameraman's shadow isn't even bothersome as he walks around them to get a different angle on her tight bod. Ryan fucks her like the bondage model she has been, stretching her mouth before he pulls her into a reverse piledriver fuck that makes him beg for more. Staci is panting and screaming by the time she cums while he ramrods in standing before she gets thrown on the bed and her ass oiled up before her eye-rolling doggy pounding begins. This girl gets taken and shaken by Ryan. She blows off the kisses he tries to give and just craves more cocking. She gets plenty of that, and pussy spreading as Ryan drizzles the juice out of her. Ryan can't help himself and plows her pussy again to cum a second time. Either this girl has never had a dicking like this before, or she's one hell of an actress. Salut, Staci!

Scene 3: Christiana Cinn

Newcomer Fan fave Christiana teases in lavender with purple shoes. There's a good use of mirrors throughout the scene. Ryan starts by finger-fucking her mouth and she responds by mouth-fucking his cock. He plays tonsil hockey with her, coaching her to let the spit come and not swallow it.

Christiana Cinn

He pulls her to her feet and immediately starts ramming her from behind before throwing her over a couch and fucking her hard. We see her pretty snatch as they move to spoon and she really gets into it by the time she is being piledriven. She enthusastically sucks, nut nuzzles and rims him and Ryan takes some time to titty fuck her. She gets vocal while riding him, bringing herself to orgasm and then wraps her legs around him as he stands to fuck her and then throws her back on the couch for a bit of choke fucking, which she is really into. She's working up a good sweat and says "do anything u want to me i dont care" so he slaps her face a bit. The fucking gets harder and she promises not to miss a drop if he unloads in her mouth.

Christiana Cinn

She sucks and rims him again, and he wants to be jerked, which she is glad to do. There's a picture-in-picture insert which shows her face as the main picture focuses on his cock ramming her hole which is an interesting idea. She begs for him to fill her up and he responds with a creampie and proceeds to squeeze it out, the camera coming in for a closeup as he spreads her pussy open. He lubes her up and she rubs one out while he takes a minute to recuperate and then jams his rod back in, pumping furiously to blow a second load.

Scene 4: Lyra Louvel

Lyra Louvel

Lyra's tease goes down by the pool. It's a montage of her in a one-piece and in a sundress. Ryan fingers her under the dress, with no panties on. She gives him a little lap dance, ass exposed, and he walks away. She follows him and snuggles up a bit, and he tosses her in the pool in slow-motion. The edit shows her dress has come off and now we get an artsy swimming underwater viewpoint, her long hair flowing to her ass as she swims. Once she's out, they kiss a bit and he fingers her from behind, her small ass jiggling as he bends her backwards in a chokehold.Lyra Louvel

He lies back on the deck, and she puts her hairy bush in his face. She maintains good eye contact as she gets handy and blows him sloppily, her hair often in the way of her face. Ryan takes her from behind when she stands up, lifting her leg for the camera view. Her small titties shine in the sun as she gets slammed. He wraps his shirt around her throat and bangs her some more, fucking her hard bent over the patio table. He likes that view apparently and rams her with her ass in the air, face down on the patio chair, which she seems to love. She looks good in reverse cowgirl, her blond hair flowing as it dries in the sun. The two keep fucking while he carries her to the cabana couch for some more action. She's an active rider and we get a good dose of close=ups along with whole body shots. He blows inside of her, and we get a closeup of his jizz dripping down to her asshole and she proceeds to rub one out. Her pussy is dripping wet and Ryan takes that as his cue to grab her, hold her tight and pull her to the pool to do a backwards plunge with her.

Cover vs. Content: Staci Carr is the cover girl, and she's hot. Her scene lives up to the cover.

Final Thoughts: After multiple viewings over a number of days, I found that I have to be in the right mood for this disc. I can't put my finger on what it is...sometimes I just wanted to turn it off, sometimes I watched the counter on the player. Other times, I just watched Staci and Christiana's scenes. All the girls are hot, and I know that they all have a growing number of fans. If you aren't familiar with them, you should check them out! The Bonus disc has a lot of extras, so that might be the deciding factor for owning it, but I think realistically, more people would be happier saving a few bucks and watching their favorite scene online rather than springing for this double disc edition. The sex is kind of hard, but there really isn't much passion, so the title is misleading. Ryan and Kelly put out pretty good content consistently, I just wouldn't put this one at the top of the list.


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