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Babysitting The Baumgartners

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/17/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature

Director: Kay Brandt
DP: Mike Quasar

Starring: Annika Albrite as Mrs. B, Mick Blue as Doc, Sara Luvv as Ronnie, AJ Applegate as Gretchen

Length: Disc 1: 2 hrs. 5 mins., Disc 2: 1 hr. 57 min.                 

Date of Production: August 4, 2016

Extras: 25:46min. BTS, 1:16min Audition Reel, 3:51min. Photo Gallery, 27:59min Bonus Scene from Safe Landings, Free Chapter Downloads for Babysitting the Baumgartners and Safe Landings, A&E VideoGold club offer, A&E video web info, Phone Sex info, A&E Previews

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent capture and presentation in anamorphic widescreen. Audio is crisp and clear. Lighting is very well done, never overly-harsh or too dark to lose details in the blacks. The soundtrack is well-produced and the musical score adds a lot to the overall look and feel of this flick.

Overview: The movie is based on a best-selling novel by Selena Kitt. Ronnie has been babysitting an affluent couple for years and gets invited to their beach house on vacation to watch the kids and relax a bit. It turns into a transformative vacation as she explores her sexuality and that of the couple she works for.

The movie starts off with Ronnie narrating and once they get to the beach house she is relaxing by the pool. Mrs. B. joins her and Ronnie admires her stunning body in a hot micro-bikini. They rub some suntan oil on one another and when Mrs. B. starts making comments about Ronnie's body she gets a bit flustered and goes in to cool off.

Scene 1. Sara Luvv

Ronnie gets in the shower and recounts in her mind what just happened at the pool while bringing herself to orgasm with her fingers.

Scene 2. Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue

Annika Albrite

Ronnie's out of the shower walking around in her robe when she comes across The B's roleplaying during their sex session that Doc is fucking Ronnie. She starts fingering herself in the doorway as she watches the two give each other oral pleasure and spout dirty talk about her 19 year old pussy. Doc starts fucking his wife and Ronnie is giving herself a toe-curling orgasm when he spies her and she runs away embarrassed and Doc proceeds to slam his beautiful wife even harder and shoots a load down her throat.
Ronnie is feigning sickness in bed and Mrs. B comes in to check in on her. She admits to Mrs. B. that she saw them, and she's relieved of a little guilt when she's informed they already knew that. She rubs Ronnie's tummy to ease the sickness and Doc comes in to make sure everything is okay. Everyone retires for a good night's sleep.
Scene 3. Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue

Annika Albrite

In the morning, Doc and Mrs. B are at it again. Ronnie watches and touches herself as Mrs. B grinds her pussy on Docs face. She puts her fingers in his mouth and lets him know that's Ronnie's pussy he is tasting. Ronnie fingers herself while the beautiful Mrs. B rides Doc's cock hard and fast while talking about Ronnie's pussy. Her ass looks unbelievable as she fucks him. Doc flips her into missionary for some slow, deep plunging. There's a lot of passion in their eyes as he pumps her and she whispers about Ronnie's pussy. That gets Ronnie super-hot, and causes Doc to pop on his wife's patch.

Scene 4: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv

Sara Luvv and Annika Albrite

Mrs. B is loaning Ronnie a micro-bikini for the swim and helping her try one on. There's a problem with the bottoms; Ronnie has a bit too much hair and Mrs. B. is prepared to fix that problem. Ronnie feels pretty weird, legs spread while sitting on the counter and getting lathered and shaved by her employer. Mrs. B. uses a very cool handheld showerhead to rinse Ronnie off and gazes knowingly into Ronnie's eyes as she brings her to a shuddering orgasm. It's a very hot scene.

There's a cameo interlude where we get introduced to Gretchen, who is also a nanny; for Kay Brandt's character. The two do their best to ignore one another as their employers chat it up.

Scene 5: Sara Luvv

Ronnie is in the shower, soaping up and playing with her newly shaved beaver. She recounts Mrs. B. getting her off as she fingers her snatch and pinches her nipple. She gets out and makes a call home and then takes a nap where she dreams about oiling up Mrs. B's tits. She is awaken to Doc shouting to see if anyone is home. Since she doesn't respond he fires up some porn on the projector.

Scene 6: Sara Luvv, Mick Blue

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Ronnie gets out of bed to find Doc rubbing one out to porn on the projector screen and stands in the background doing the same. She looks hotter now that she's gained some confidence in her own sexuality. She gets caught when she gasps for breath and runs off to her room. Doc follows and assures her it's okay to touch herself and tells her she is beautiful. He rubs his cock as he convinces her to make herself cum for him. She looks in his eyes as he strokes his long shaft over her, the two cumming simultaneously as he pops on her patch. Someone comes home and he zips up and tells her she's beautiful and bails, leaving her to play with his jizz.

Mrs. B. comes in her room after a while and asks for some help picking out an outfit for a party. They settle on a hot red number with a scarf and the Baumgartners head out.

Scene 7: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv

Sara Luvv and Annika Albrite

Ronnie is putting away clothes Mrs. B had tried on and comes across a vibrator. She starts by rubbing her nipples and moves on to her clit. She gets it deep in her and starts pretending it's Mrs. B. fucking her with it. Luckily, Mrs. B. is still home and proceeds to do just that. Ronnie has an intense orgasm and Mrs. B. starts licking the juices off her pussy lips and fingering her. Mrs. B. takes some toy time, as Ronnie touches herself, their two gazes locked upon each other. They kiss passionately as Doc calls from below, they are going to be late.

Scene 8: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv

Ronnie joins Mrs. B. by the pool. Gretchen has the kids and it's her day off. The two start kissing softly as Mrs. B. unbuttons Ronnie's blouse. The pair move to the hot tub and rub their naked bodies together passionately. Now that they are intimate Mrs. B. says to call her Carrie. Carrie proceeds to finger fuck Ronnie while licking her clit as she sits on the side of the hot tub.

Scene 9: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv

Sara Luvv and Annika Albrite

The two move to a candlelit bath tub for some shampooing and pampering. Carrie cleans up Ronnie's shave job and slides a finger in Ronnie's ass. The two move to the bed where Carrie's ass looks extremely fine as they make out. The soft, sensual caresses lead to a 69, the pair fingering and tonguing each other to ecstasy. Carrie expertly grinds her crotch into Ronnie's and cums.

Scene 10: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv, Mick Blue

Sara Luvv and Annika Albrite

Doc has been watching from the doorway and invites himself in, undressing and sitting amidst the pair. Ronnie and Carrie share duties during a sensual blowjob, with Ronnie getting a bit aggressive during a throating and bites a bit causing him to wince. Doc spanks her for it and she goes back to work, but Doc needs some of that tight, 19 year old pussy and starts fingering her hard, making her beg for his cock. His wife keeps his cock at the ready, and she gets a finger inside of her for her efforts. Doc lets Ronnie taste it and Ronnie climbs atop Carrie for some kissing and pussy fingering. The two girls 69 again, more aggressively this time. Doc gets a bit of a throating into Ronnie and then has her spread his wife's pussy open so he can pump while she licks. Ronnie's face is sweaty and she's cumming on Carrie's face when she begs Doc to fuck her. His wife spreads the teen's pussy wide from below as her husband rams his rod into it. He's been waiting a long time for this teen's twat and makes every thrust count, his wife moving out of the way so he can fuck her hard and fast. Carrie slides back under Ronnie so they can kiss and Doc pops on his wife's patch. Ronnie is diligent about licking up every drop of it. The hard fucking fades to soft caresses between the trio.

Scene 11: Sara Luvv, Mick Blue

The trio are fast asleep on the bed and Doc and Ronnie wake up starving and head down to the kitchen for a bite. Mick says they need proteins for energy and luckily there are two sandwiches in the fridge. He nixes that idea and puts her up on the counter to eat her pussy, and she drizzles milk down her body into his mouth. He needs more, so he fucks and diddles her on the counter and then swigs milk as she slobs his knob. She stands, spins and throws a leg up on the counter and spreads her pussy so he can pound her from behind fast and furiously. She quivers as she cums and he gives her a sip of milk before lifting her onto his cock for some more fun.

The episode continue as she drops to all fours and sucks his cock stopping only to get some fresh fruit squeezed in her mouth before the two start getting into some serious fucking. Their bodies are well lit, but bathed in darkness, as he unloads into her mouth. That shot alone earned some serious cinematography points with me.  They go back to bed and make love with soft kisses and leg holding from Carrie.   

Scene 12: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv, Mick Blue

Sara Luvv and Annika Albrite

Ronnie wakes and hits the bathroom where the Baumgartners are already intertwined. She joins them and assumes the position on the counter for Carrie to trim her bush as Doc watches closely before licking his wife's ass. It's a playful scene as Carrie washes the shave cream from Ronnie's bush so hubby can lick it as she makes out with Ronnie. It gets hotter as Carrie takes her tonguing turn while Doc fucks her from behind. Carrie gets behind Ronnie and holds her legs open as she gets fucked by Doc. Carrie smiles as Ronnie begs Doc to cum inside of her. She looks at Doc knowingly and smiling as cum drips out of Ronnie.

Scene 13: AJ Applegate, Sara Luvv

Gretchen and Ronnie are tanning by the pool and then watch some TV. Gretchen keeps hinting that Doc is pretty sexy and they jump into Ronnie's bed to discuss the size of Doc's cock. Ronnie describes it seductively while the two touch themselves and look into each other's eyes. Ronnie knows where the vibrator is, and the porn video so the two horny girls head off...

AJ Applegate and Sara Luvv

The brunette and the blonde look great together and show no shame as they get busy together in the Baumgartners' bed, the chemistry sizzling as Gretchen fucks herself with Carrie's vibe. These two sexually repressed babysitters fuck themselves and each other unabashedly. Gretchen has a quivering orgasm while she sits on Ronnie's face and they kiss.

Scene 14: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv, Mick Blue

Carrie's already waiting when Ronnie shows up in her bed and the two start kissing hot and passionately as they strip off their attire as Doc rubs his dick. Carrie grinds her pussy into Ronnie's face as Doc takes off Ronnie's panties and goes down on her. His wife climbs off Ronnie's wet face as her husband fingers her asshole while licking her clit. That's Carrie's cue to assume the position for an ass-fucking which she describes in detail to the babysitter. She cums as Ronnie watches and kisses her husband. Ronnie jerks his cock off all over Carrie's ass and then licks it up.

Scene 15: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv, Mick Blue

Our trio returns home from a night out and they start ravishing one another in the courtyard, all the way to the bedroom. In bed there's a lick train resulting in Carrie's orgasm by Ronnie and then the Baumgartner's start to work on Ronnie's asshole with their tongues. Doc grabs some lube to slide a finger in her. Ronnie's come a long way this week and wants Doc to fuck her ass, and he asks if she's sure.
Sara Luvv and Annika Albrite

Once she nods a go-ahead Doc lubes up and slides in as Carrie rubs Ronnie's pussy and kisses her reassuringly. The couple eases her in gently to the world of anal sex; the trio's conversation seeming natural and reassuring as Doc repositions her so he can plow her asshole while Carrie plunges her pussy with a vibrator; bringing Ronnie to multiple screaming orgasms. Everyone is worked up now and Carrie climbs aboard Ronnie's face, kissing her husband as he thrusts into the babysitter and they are all panting and shuddering as there is a simultaneous threeway orgasm. The three cuddle up and head off to night-night land as Ronnie contemplates what just happened.

This was an extremely hot scene, the warm room lighting and not-too-invasive camera angles working very well to showcase the episode in an inviting and exciting way.

Scene 16: Annika Albrite, Sara Luvv, Mick Blue

The girls are out by the pool, in their sundresses, and go in to wake up Doc, who is sporting morning wood. The two go right to work with their mouths. The girls disrobe, Ronnie still working his cock as Carrie sits atop his face, ass wiggling, before Ronnie guides Doc's cock into Carrie's pussy. Ronnie does some ass tonguing as Carrie gets pumped hard. They reposition, Carrie complimenting Ronnie on her beauty as her husband slams home into the teen. It becomes a fever-paced morning fuckfest with Doc ramming whatever hole he happens to be near at the time. He ends up shooting in his wife's mouth and she gladly shares that with the babysitter through some tongue-lapping kisses.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this well-shot couples-friendly production. I would Highly Recommend it for every couple's collection. It's 4+ hours of good sex, with a bit of setup thrown in for good measure. Look for lots of nominations come awards season!

The sexual encounters get hotter as Ronnie becomes more confident with her sexuality. Hair and Makeup did a good job with Sara as her look changes as she evolves from babysitter to competent lover.

Since I am not familiar with the novel it is based on, I can't speak for how accurate of a portrayal it is, but the dialog is well written and is performed well by everyone on-screen. There's some good extras included, and the company info and ads aren't forced upon you, they are selectable.

The only complaint I have is that some of the scenes seem unnecessary. Ronnie masturbates a lot at the beginning,  we don't need to see every second of it although some of the scenes are pretty steamy.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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