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Dirty Money

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/24/16

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Genres: Straight Feature Couples


Director/Writer: Baby Gurl, a.k.a. “Monica”



Starring: Bianca Breeze, Casey Calvert, Jezabel Vessir, Teanna Trump, Ziggy Star, Damon Dice, Donnie Rock, Romeo Price, Stallion, Steven St. Croix


Length: 132 min.


Release Date: March 23, 2016


Extras: Three bonus scenes, photo gallery and six trailers


Condoms: Yes


Video/Audio: Decent anamorphic widescreen with bad lighting, downright murky at times, with crisp clear 2-channel stereo audio, though the music is too loud during the sex scenes.


Overview: The movie consists of five scenes that follows the trail of a day in the life of a seemingly magical $100 bill. It seems it brings out the sexual desires of anyone who comes in contact with it. It's an interesting concept. Too bad the movie just isn't very good.


Scene One: Stallion and Casey Calvert


The film opens with Stallion withdrawing the hundred from an ATM. He taks it home to his wife Casey Calvert who's getting ready for their weekly couples therapy session. He tries to hit on her and she turns a cold shoulder to him. However as he starts to walk away the power of the bill, supposedly, starts to get her turned on. She grabs his arm and starts kissing him. After a nice heated exchange he pulls her slip and panties off and sets her on the bathroom counter. He starts sweetly and intimately licking her pussy. This is a very nice, sensual scene. Nothing rough, just some loving foreplay.


He picks her up and takes her to the bed. He takes off his clothes and Casey starts sucking his cock. Most of the action in this scene is viewed through the fireplace, blocking most of the best parts. After just a few seconds of sucking she climbs on top of him and starts riding. Again mostly filtered through the fireplace, while the rest is shown full body from the side, so you really can't see much penetration. This plays mostly throughout the scene.


She turns around and does a reverse cowgirl and does a little bit more sucking before they take it to the shower. She sucks him a little bit more before he picks her up and slides her down on his cock in a standing fuck. She bounces on his dick for a few seconds before standing her up and fucking her from behind. This should be where the scene starts to redeem itself. Unfortunately the director chooses to shoot from the side again so you don't see much penetration. Stallion and Casey try to save the scene by hiking her leg up, but you still can't see very much.


They go to a doggy position, again filtered through the fireplace and shot mostly from the front instead of behind, Stallion shoots off on her back. This could have been a very nice couples scene. Unfortunately the performances are wooden and it's so badly shot. The lighting is so dark and murky, a common theme throughout the film.


Scene Two: Bianca Breeze and Romeo Price


Scene Two opens with Stallion and Casey with their couples therapist played by Bianca Breeze. They tell her about the great sex they just had, and feel there's still hope for their marriage. After the session Stallion gives the hundred to Bianca, accidentally ripping one of the corners. She takes the bill and puts it in her purse. We see her the next morning heading out to a retreat she's speaking at. She gets lost and ends up on a deserted road. She gets pulled over by a police officer played by Romeo Price who tells her she's driving on private property. When he runs her license back at his car, she adjusts her boobs, reapplies her lipstick and starts rubbing her pussy. When he comes back he lets her off with a warning. She tells him he has sexy eyes and writes her phone number on the $100 bill. He pulls her out of the car and tells her to spread'em on the back of her car. He takes off his holster and starts patting her down, running his hands all up and down her long legs. He turns her around and takes her shirt and bra off before he starts rubbing her pussy. He turns her back to the care and pulls her panties down. He starts eating her before he pulls his cock out and fingerbangs her for a few seconds. He hikes her leg up and starts fucking her wet pussy. This is the best looking scene in the whole film, mainly because it's shot outside with natural light. Unfortunately it's still not shot very well since you can catch a glimpse of the film crew in the tail light.


After he makes her cum she flips over and he starts licking her hairy pussy. He makes her cum again as she repeatedly tells him. Her cries of ecstasy are incredibly hot. She pulls on her pubes as she cums again and again in his mouth. He slides his cock in her and fucks her missionary. Her look is so intense as she tells him to fuck her.

2-2He pulls her off and she sloppily sucks her cum off his cock. He takes her over to his car and bends her over the hood. He eats and fingerbangs her to another orgasm before laying her on the hood and fucking her missionary, one leg over his shoulder. He pinches her nipple as she pulls her pubes and cums on his cock. She lays over the hood and sucks his cock before flipping over on her back and having him fuck her face as she gets herself off. After gagging on his cock he finally shoots off on her face, drenching it with his cum. This is the best scene in the whole film, mainly since you can actually see what's happening in the natural light.



Scene Three: Ziggy Star and Damon Dice


The next scene starts at the cop's house. We see his wife, played by Dava Fox, preparing supper in the kitchen. The cop comes home and they have some idle chit-chat until their daughter comes in, Ziggy Star. She tells them she's going out and Dad tells her not to go out with that Jason kid. She tells him she's 18 and go out with whoever she wants. Before she leaves she goes through his shirt pocket and steals the hundred. We see her out in her boyfriends van (he's played by Damon Dice). She pulls out the c-note and sticks it to the console with some chewing gum. After they spark up she crawls over and starts sucking his cock. He leans the seat back and she gives him some pretty decent head in the cramped space of his van. He keeps smoking the joint as she furiously slurps on his cock. She pulls down her pants and sticks her ass in his face, giving him great access to rub her pussy as she keeps gagging on is cock. She turns around and after a few seconds of more sucking she sits on his face. He licks and rubs her clit to orgasm before she shows off her amazing acrobatic skills. She bends all the way back and sucks his cock as he furiously rubs her pussy. Watching this almost broke MY back!


She straightens herself out and he keeps rubbing her to an intense orgasm. The scene fades to her riding his cock. She bucks on it until he fucks her to another orgasm. She then turns around and we get the best shot of the scene. She's rides him in reverse to another orgasm.


She hops off and sucks her juices off before climbing back on and riding some more. The scene then fades to them fucking doggy style for another few seconds, and then shes sucking him again, giving him some amazing head, working the cock and the balls. We then fade into a missionary position, him pounding away at her cunt making her cum over and over again.


He slams away at her until he climaxes all over her chest and stomach. After shooting all the jizz he has on her, she passionately sucks the rest off the head of his cock. This isn't a bad scene. It's actually pretty well shot with Ziggy Star's amazing flexibility and intense orgasms. The music is really too loud though, and the cramped confines of the van are a little suffocating. But it's still one of the better scenes in the film.


Scene Four: Jezabel Vessir and Donnie Rock


The next scene opens with Ziggy and Damon driving to make a drug deal with the stolen hundred. The drug dealer, Donnie Rock, takes the bill to his girlfriend, played by Jezabel Vessir, at the campaign headquarters of Larry Bennett, a local politician who's obviously running for office. His campaign posters are all over the walls. Jezabel plays his campaign manager and girlfriend to drug dealer Donny, who wants to contribute the hundred and get a little pussy on the side. They start kissing and go to the back room. I'll tell you right now, the lighting in this scene is so bad you can just barely make out the action. Donny starts undressing Jezabel, pulling down her panties and licking her pussy. I hate to say this, but it doesn't help that Jezabel is dark skinned anyway, since it's already so dark in this room you can't really see the action. After he makes her cum with his tongue, she starts sucking his cock. She does give some good head, sucking on the whole shaft without gagging.


She starts riding him, her ebony body looking really nice as it slides up and down on his cock. There are too many side view shots here, so again you don't see much penetration. He then starts fucking her from behind, and once again the very poor lighting doesn't let you see much action. You see some pounding, but not a lot of detail. If only they could have illuminated her from behind or something. They then go into a missionary. You would think this would be the best way to see the action, but unfortunately there's a shadow over Jezabel's pussy. The scene ends with Jezabel grinding on Donny's cock until he cums inside her. A very wasted scene that could really have had potential if we could just have seen what was going on.



Scene Five: Teanna Trump and Steven St. Croix


The final scene starts after Donny and Jezabel have left the office. Larry Bennett, played by Steven St. Croix, who picks up the hundred off the desk and uses it to buy a hooker, Teanna Trump. He takes her to a motel where she starts stripping for him. In this long and even worsely lighted scene than the one before it, Teanna slowly undresses herself, Steven caressing her with the hundred. He takes off his tie and playfully whips her with it. Once she's stripped all the way down she sits on Steven's lap and he starts rubbing her pussy. He rubs, fingers and pats her pussy, the camera switching back and forth between the close-up and full body shot with each pat. She bends over a table and Steven whips her with his tie some more before laying on the bed for Steven to eat her. He starts licking her pussy, the red tint of the horrible lighting restricting your view.


Teanna then pulls down his underwear and gives Steven some great wet head. Why the director decided to completely drench this shot in red I'll never know. He bends her back over the table and fucks her from behind. Most of this shot is from the front and side so again you don't see much action. Even after hiking Teanna's leg up you still really can't see anything because of the shadow.


He takes her to the bed and fucks her in a spoon position until she cums. Sadly this is the best shot of the whole scene. It's mostly a backed up full body shot, so once again not much detail is seen. And in the closeup shots, there's that damned shadow again. They then go into doggy position, Steven gently pounding away at Teanna's perfect round ass. She then climbs on top and she rides him. Again, the poor lighting limits the detail you can see as Teanna mostly sits upright while bouncing on Steven's cock. After Steven eats out Teanna one last time they fuck missionary style, Steven pinning Teanna's legs down as she cums to a sweet orgasm. Steven continues fucking her until he cums on her pussy and legs. The scene ends with Steven telling her the money is on the table and leaves. Over a gentle piano score Teanna takes off her stockings and sits on the bed, contemplating her position in life.



The movie ends with Teanna laying on the bed looking at the $100 bill. She studies the tear, the phone number written on it and the bubble gum still stuck to it. She sees this bill has been on a journey and has lived more of a life than she has. She calls her boyfriend and tells her to come see her. She has something to tell him. The boyfriend arrives and it's Stallion from the first scene. She tells him she loves him and wants to quit hooking to be with him. She tries to give him the bill telling him their love has more value than this piece of paper. He looks at the bill and recognizes the torn corner. He asks her where she got it. She tells him a client. The torn bill reminds him of this wife and the good thing they've got going now and leaves the room, throwing the bill on the ground, only to be picked up by a faceless stranger, ready to go on another journey.


Final Thoughts: This movie isn't really bad. It has some good performances. Mainly the intense sex scene of Bianca Breeze and the amazing flexibility of Ziggy Star. It's just such a shame that the lighting and direction were so poor. Some of the scenes were either so dark or so drenched in red it was nearly impossible to make out the action. And the director really should have included more closeups instead of full body shots. It's always better when shooting a sex scene to focus mainly on the sex. I wouldn't recommend this for any collection. Instead Watch it Online.


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