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Black & White 6

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/26/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 19 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: All sex; Interracial; Big Cock

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Brett Rossi with JoJo Kiss, Keira Nicole, Alexa Grace, Flash Brown, Isiah Maxwell, Flash Brown, Jason Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery


Director Greg Lansky is at it again with the newest edition to the Black & White family. Black & White 6 stars Brett Rossi in her first and exclusive interracial scene. Her pussy hosts the big black cock of Flash Brown in a hot opening scene. In addition to Brett’s exclusive scene, starlets JoJo Kiss and Keira Nicole provide exclusive sex sessions with Isiah Maxwell and Flash Brown. Alexa Grace finishes the movie in her last scene with monster meat man Jason Brown. With 3 exclusive scenes and Brett’s first interracial, there is a lot of sizzling interracial action to watch in this flick and I recommend it. Keira Nicole’s bathroom fuck with Flash Brown is the hottest one in this flick. She has been fantasizing about his big cock forever and when he goes upstairs to take a shower, she follows him and watches him bathe. Once he sees her, he invites her into the bathroom where she gets her throat fucked and her pussy choked by his big night stick. The scene is at its hottest when she gets fucked doggystyle over the bathroom vanity. The production quality of Greg Lansky’s flicks is always stellar and this movie is no different. This one won’t disappoint.

Scene 1:  Brett Rossi and Flash Brown

Brett Rossi enjoys her first interracial scene with Flash Brown in this hot to watch session. When the scene opens, we find out that Brett’s boyfriend Johnny has turned into a stalker. She met him at a club and he was very nice at first. When things didn’t work out and she tried to end the relationship he went crazy. She blocked his phone calls, changed her cell phone and filed a restraining order and nothing worked. She was fed up. She decided to take things into her own hands. She knows there is one thing she can do. Her girlfriend introduced her to Flash who is one of the most feared and powerful men in L.A. She calls him up and tells him everything. He tells her not to worry about anything. He invites her over to his place to avoid her boyfriend while he takes care of everything. He makes a phone call and assures her that everything is taken care of. Her boyfriend won’t ever bother her again. She thinks he is so amazing. She kisses him. One thing leads to another and these 2 find themselves inside the house making out. Flash tells her that daddy is going to take good care of her. He calls her a good girl as she bends to her knees and starts sucking his giant cock. She loses her breath as she sends his cock down her throat. She jerks his hard meat and gags on it as she tries to suck it. She sucks his dick over and over then whisper to him that she wants him to fuck her. She wants him to stick his big black cock in her tiny little pussy.

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Before Flash fucks her, he eats her pussy, making it wet and making Brett squeal. He sticks his cock in her pussy as she puts one leg up over his shoulder. She tells him she loves his cock because it’s so big and so deep in her pussy. She screams fuck me fuck me. That sets Flash into a pussy pumping spree. He slams deep and hard into her wet snatch, sending her into full submission. The drilling gets more and more intense, keeping Brett screaming. She sucks her pussy juices off of his dick then sits on it in reverse cowgirl position. This is the biggest cock she has ever had and she grinds up and down on it slowly. She sucks him off again then rides him again, getting stretched wide open. The screaming gets really loud once he starts fucking her doggystyle. He punishes her tight little pussy, making her cum as he opens her up. After a round of downward doggy, she begs for his cum. He pulls out, straddles her tits and cums on her tongue. She licks her lips as his cums drips off of her chin.

Scene 2:  JoJo Kiss and Isiah Maxwell

JoJo comes from a conservative family and her parents wanted her to go to the same college her dad did. She knows she has to get a high score on her college entrance exams. Her parents hire Isiah to tutor JoJo. The tutoring sessions are going really well and the two of them are getting along great. JoJo realizes that there is sexual tension growing between the two of them. It has gotten so bad that after every tutoring session, JoJo would go back to her bedroom and masturbate, thinking about Isiah fucking her. One day she decides to do something about her desire for him. After her parents leave the house, she slips into sexy lingerie and waits in doggy position on the bed for Isiah to arrive. When he does, she calls him up to her bedroom. He is surprised to see her half naked and on the bed that way. She tells him don’t make her wait any longer. He joins her in bed and starts kissing her but JoJo has been waiting to suck his cock for so long that she gets on her knees and jerks it in and out of her mouth. She tells him his cock is so big. She can’t believe how much meat he has. She sucks and licks all over it, closing her eyes as she works his cock in and out of her mouth. He tells her he knew she would suck his cock so good. She tells him she wants to fuck him so bad. The cock sucking gets sloppy when she lies on her back, he straddles her and fucks her throat, making her gag and spit up all over herself.

She stays in missionary position with her legs spread wide and he penetrates her pussy. Her snatch is so tight, he has to work his dick deep in her slowly. He stretches her pussy out further and further, making her moan and tell him that’s a good big cock. Isiah acts like a drill sergeant, opening her pussy more and more and making her happy. There’s a great shot of JoJo spreading her pussy open wide as Isiah’s big black cock plows through it. She orders him to make her pussy gape. He drills balls deep, stretching her pussy far and wide and making her moan in ecstasy. JoJo is enjoying her new tutoring session as his cock teaches her pussy a big hard lesson. She sucks him off then sits on his monster meat in reverse cowgirl position, succumbing to the pleasure of his cock. She goes for a cowgirl ride then gets on her hands and knees to get fucked doggystyle. This round of fucking sends JoJo into the stratosphere. Isiah gets ready to give her a big load and he straddles her again and shoots his wad all over her face and tits.

Scene 3:   Keira Nicole and Flash Brown

Keira is interviewing basketball player Flash and the interview is going well. She asks him several questions then asks him about his single life. He tells her he is happy being single. He loves his life the way it is right now. She tells him this is going to be a great article and she rubs his thighs. Once the interview is over, he tells her he’s going upstairs to take a shower. She says she will let herself out. Keira has had a fantasy about fucking him for a long time now so she decides to follow him upstairs and watch him shower. She gets turned on watching him in the shower. Flash notices her and invites her in. She grabs a hold of his wet dick and starts sucking his cock as he stands in the bathroom. She fingers her pussy, dribbling all over his dick and telling him she has been wanting to suck his cock for a long time now. Flash fucks her throat leaving a trail of spit dripping from her lips. She fingers her pussy harder and harder as he thrusts in and out of her mouth.

Keira is ready to get fucked right now and she bends over doggystyle across the vanity, raises one leg up and lets Flash explore her pussy. He fucks her hard from behind, filling her all the way up with his big black stick. Keira is screaming louder and louder as he fucks her harder and harder. She tells him to fuck her. This is a hot scene with Keira leg high up on the vanity as she gets her pussy destroyed from behind. After sucking him off again, they take their desires to the bedroom where she gets fucked missionary style. He starts penetrating her slowly and passionately while she fingers her clit. She promises to cum all over his dick as he fills her up. She gets into her favorite position again, doggy, and hosts his pecker from behind. The downward doggy fucking is hot to watch especially as her pussy is stuffed to capacity. Once she sits on his cock and gets fucked reverse cowgirl style, she squirts all over him, cumming all over his cock. She licks it all up then fucks him in reverse cowgirl position again. She begs to taste his cum and he pulls out and shoots his jizz in her mouth. She sucks and swallows, finishing him off.

Scene 4:  Alexa Grace and Jason Brown

Alexa is pissed off at her boyfriend right now. She is at his apartment and she talks on the phone, telling her friend how angry she is. She also tells her friend that she might fuck his roommate. She has seen him come in and out of the apartment and she devises a plan to take a bath and masturbate so he can hear the whole thing. Jason comes out of his bedroom and hears the sounds of Alexa masturbating in the tub. She rubs her pussy and moans, leaving the bathroom door open. Jason walks up and watches her. She says hi while she fingers her pussy. He asks her if she left the door open for a reason. She says you know it. He walks up to the tub and Alexa can tells that he is turned on from watching her masturbate. She tells him she wants to see his cock. He takes it out of his pants and she can’t believe the size. She tells him his cock is beautiful. She jerks it off while she is in the tub while he strips out of his clothes. Soon, Alexa is sucking his cock, working it further and further to the back of her throat. Jason joins her in the tubas she jerks his dick harder and harder and keeps it in her mouth. She tells him his cock is so big, it’s making her gag. He tells her to open her mouth wider while he fucks it. Her boyfriend’s dock is nowhere near this size and Alexa is enjoying it.

They move to the bedroom where Alexa finally fucks her boyfriend’s roommate by sitting on his cock cowgirl style. Her wet pussy lubes his cock all over as it pumps in and out of her tight snatch. She screams as he stretches her pussy all the way out. Alexa lies on her back and tells him to fill her pussy up. Jason drills slow and deep as she whispers to him that he’s so big. She really takes all of his cock in doggy position and especially in downward doggy. She is cumming from his pumping. Jason pumps harder and faster then pulls out and blows a big load in her wide open mouth. She cums all over her tongue and on her neck.

Final Thoughts:

Hot blond starlet Brett Rossi stars in Director Greg Lansky’s Black & White 6 and she gets fucked in her first interracial exclusive scene with Flash Brown. She is a sensation to watch as she experiences big black cock for the first time in an incredible opening scene. Brett is joined by JoJo Kiss, Keira Nicole and Alexa Grace and I recommend this movie.  The hottest scene of the flick is Keira Nicole’s bathroom fuck with Flash Brown. It all starts with Keira’s fantasies of fucking Flash and when he goes upstairs to take a shower, she follows him and watches him. Once he sees her, he invites her into the bathroom where she gives him a sloppy blow job then bends over the bathroom vanity doggystyle for a hot hard fuck with Flash’s big black cock. Greg Lansky’s production quality is always high level and the same is true of this flick. I recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

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