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Go Big or Go Home Volume 3

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Randy N Chastity » Review Date: 9/3/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: BBW / SSBBW.

Director: Jeff Coldwater.

Cast: Kitty Nation, Lila Lovely, Devilyn Redd and Lady Spice.

Length: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Date of Production: June 29, 2016.

Extras: Nothing. There are some short clips and then the movie starts..

Condoms: No.

Audio/Video Quality: The disc played great on my MacBook Pro. The movie is letterboxed. The sound was good.

Overview: The movie seems like it is starting, but it is really a commercial of highlights of the movie. The back of the DVD case has some postage-sized pictures of the scenes and that is it. They list their web and Twitter address. One thing that all of the scenes had in common, that did nothing for me was that the ladies kept breaking down the 4th wall and looking at the camera. If they want to do that at the end when they are rubbing cum over their body, then fine. But they did it often through each scene. I would not mind if the move was called 'Voyeur" or "Exhibitionist" and they wanted to cater to that kink of the public. But in this movie, it just seemed to break with the flow of the scene. Each scene has an annoying way of going black for a minute and then the next scene starts.

I am a submissive, locked in chastity and into BBWs. This movie did not disappoint. I was in pain with my little cock straining against the cage.

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Scene One: Develyn Redd The scene starts out with her sitting on a couch talking with a gentleman and he decides that she should suck his cock. So he stands and whips out a massive cock which she eagerly sucks. He figures he does not want to get his clothes wet, so he takes off his clothes and she removes her clothes. She starts with her black skirt and shows off a lovely rear and shaved pussy. Then he asks her to remove her bra, which she willingly does, leaving her in hose and a garter. She then sits on the edge of the couch and fingers her pussy while he stands over her and feeds her his shaved cock. He is so big, she can only get the head in her mouth. She is a treat to watch on camera. She has beautiful, big boobs and can spread her legs very wide, so the camera can get up close and personal to watch her work her pussy. The blow job is then followed by him tit fucking her. She does a great job of grabbing her breasts from time to time and working them around his cock to keep him, and the audience, hard. He then asks her to climb up on him and she gets into a cowgirl position. He then pushes her down on her back and she pays more attention to his massive cock. He works his way down her body and starts by eating out her pussy. Then the action moves smoothly between him fucking her and she licking his cock. She then does a reverse cowgirl and bounces on his pole and gives the audience a beautiful look at her orgasm. Head down, ass up and she is getting fucked doggy style. She tries to pull her ass apart, but her pleasure is to much and he is fucking her to hard, so she needs her hands for balance. This is then followed by more mini waves of her orgasmic pleasure. He tells her that this won't take long, as he has other girls to fuck, to which she rples that they will have to wait their turn. After some more fucking, he gets her on her knees and jacks off in her mouth and she allows some of the cum to drip down her face and she swallows the rest. She breaks the 4th wall from time to time and she looks at the camera. The movie plays better if she didn't do that and just made out with her co-star, as now it looks like we are a stalker and sneaking around the couch. There is just enough moaning, screaming, and talking that it does not distract from the action.

Scene two: Lila Lovely The scene starts off with her sitting on a red couch in a top and skirt and making out with her leading man. Soon, she pulls the top up to expose her massive breasts. He has no pants on so, she leans over and sucks his big, shaved cock. She gets about half of it in her mouth. She then leans over him and continues the blow job while her hands pull up her skirt, push aside her panties and she fingers her pussy. Her work on his cock pays off and she then gets it all in her mouth. He asks her to strip for him, which she does, leaving her in her high heels. He slaps her ass a few times to add a little color and then face fucks her. She then worships his entire cock and balls. Now the camera pulls back and we get to watch her breasts bounce. He then gets her tits oiled up and tit fucks her. This is then followed by watching her climb on top of him and do a cowgirl. She has a beautiful ass and the camera catches all the action of her bouncing on his dick. They also follow this with her sucking his cock, but it was great that he tells her to taste her pussy on his cock. She lays down on the couch so he can fuck her. First she is playing with her breasts, then she pulls her pussy lips apart so he can really pound her. Usually, the camera stayed at the foot of the couch, but now the camera moves around and gets more action, including her facial expressions as the pleasure makes its way through her body. He then leaves her pussy and goes to the other side of the couch to feed her his cock. He really takes matters in his own hands, but grabbing her breasts to fuck, feed his cock to her, or tease her pussy. He then sits on the couch, she gets into reverse cowgirl and bounces for him and us. It is clear from watching her breasts move, that both of them are enjoying it. The best part of watching him fuck her doggy style, is watching her breasts sway back and forth. They then go out it with her playing with her pussy while he is fucking her. She then gets on her knees and he jacks off over her mouth and breasts.

Scene three: Lady Spice This scene starts differently, she is with her date, on a different couch (that unfortunately is pushed back against the wall, so I know the camera angles will be very limited) and both she and her male partner are dressed. He asks her to keep her clothes on while he gets undressed. He is sporting a rock-hard, huge erection. She leans over him and starts to give him a blow job. Like the other ladies, she can only get the head of the penis in her mouth. After a few minutes, he asks her to take off her top. She obliges and soon is giving him a blow job in a pair of panties and high heel shoes. The action then moves to her using her breasts and stroking up and down on his cock as a boob job. He then gets some oil and coats her breasts with it so that he can really slip and slide between her cleavage. He spends a few minutes licking her pussy and then has her spread her legs for him so he can use his shaved cock to fuck her trimmed pussy. So he lays her on the left side of the couch, spreads her legs and fucks her. It was interesting that she told him to, "Fuck her fat ass pussy," as the other performers did not talk about their body like that. Her body is made for intercourse, as it is great watching her breasts and belly move and sway to the pounding. Another interesting comment that is unique to this scene was from the man after he fucked her, he fed her his cock to her mouth with the line, "I want to show you how you taste" From the way she sucked in his cock, it is clear she tastes delicious. He then sat on the couch and she climbed on top of him to get into a cowgirl position. She then gets into a reverse cowgirl. That is followed by him laying her down in the opposite direction, this time on the right side of the couch, and fucking her. The scene moves back to the left side of the couch with her face down and ass up, so she can be fucked doggy style. This is one of the shortest scenes and it ends like the rest, with her on her knees and him painting her breasts with cum that he milks out of his cock. --- This scene suffers from two weaknesses: one, he tends to talk about unimportant things and she just seems to be a passive performer ... just going through the motions and not really trying to actively please him, so he has to come up with everything.

Scene four: Kitty Nation This scene features a beautiful SSBBW. She is sitting next to him on a red futon, pushed back against the wall, and he takes off his clothes so she can worship his shaved cock. She also only gets a small percentage of his cock in her mouth, but at least she also uses her hands, so it makes for a more effective blow job and looks hot on camera. She does the scene with her massive breasts up and over her flimsy lingerie. She then wraps her breasts around his cock and really enjoys using both hands and her mouth to give him a boob job. She then takes off her bra and lingerie, but leaves on her high heel shoes, so she could lay over his body and continue the hand job / blow job. But the real star are her massive breasts and the it is a treat watching them move and sway. The scene then moves to her spreading her legs to allow him to fuck her. But it is clear in the beginning that either she is not that wet or he is very large as she is not enjoying it and puts her hand up to limit his trust. But soon, she gets into it. She then grabs her legs and hikes them up to her head to give him more surface area to fuck her. The is followed by her taking off her shoes and telling him, "Yes, Yes, Yes," as he continues to fuck her. He then slides up her body to allow the juices on his cock to coat her breasts as she continues the boob job / blow job. He then sits on the couch and she gets into a cowgirl position over him. The way she is shaking her ass, sliding her pussy on his cock and moaning, it is clear she is getting into it. She then leans over and sucks his cock. It is a treat watching her mouth work the tip and her long, painted nails slide over his balls and cock. She then does a reverse cowgirl position. It is great watching her push her belly aside to slide up and down, but the real action was watching her breasts bounce, but alas, the camera did not catch it. He then had her get on her hands and knees and fed his cock to her mouth. He then moves her into a face down, ass up position to fuck her doggy style. They then move to the opposite side of the futon to fuck. The scene ends with he getting on her knees, on the floor, while he strokes his cock all over her breasts.

Final Thoughts: Given my comments above, overall it is a good movie. It is to bad the movie does not have any extras, as then I would have suggested to buy it.

This is a good movie to watch if BBW / SSBBW are your kink / fetish.

My rating: Rent it.

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