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Naughty Office 44

Studio: Naughty America » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 9/3/16

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Genre: Vignettes Couples


Director: Unknown


Cast: Rachel Roxxx, Teal Conrad, Courtney Cummz, Jasmine Caro, Veruca James, Jessy Jones, Tyler Nixon, Preston Parker, Richie Black, Billy Glide


Length: 140 min.


Condoms: No


Release Date: July 28, 2016


Extras: A slideshow, a couple of trailers and a five minute interview with Summer Brielle


Audio/Video: All scene are shot with a single camera in fuzzy 16:9 video and 2-channel stereo


Overview: This is the latest collection of office based internet clips from big time premium porn service Naughty America. Each scene varies in quality.


Scene One: Teal Conrad and Jessy Jones


The scene starts with Teal bitching out someone on the phone, telling them she hasn't been screwed in a long time. In comes her assistant Jessy Jones. She starts complaining to him about how messy the office looks and then focuses her attention on him. She sits on her desk, pulls her dress up and makes him eat her pussy. Before long she's cumming in his mouth. She plays and rubs her pretty pussy as he takes off his clothes and goes back to giving her much needed attention. He stands up and she starts sucking his ever hardening cock. After a few minutes of sucking and gagging she goes back to the desk and Jessy fucks her missionary. The cameraman does a good job of focusing in on Teal's pussy as Jessy pumps his cock in and out, and Teal's gives some good expressions as she cums over and over again. After a few minutes they go over to the chair where Teal rides Jessy cowgirl style. Great closeups of her pussy bouncing up and down on his cock. She rides and grinds to more orgasms before climbing off and sucking all of her juices off of him. They lay some pillows on a chest. Teal climbs up and Jessy fucks her doggy. She then stands on one foot and throws her leg over his shoulder allowing him to fuck her standing. We get a great view of his cock fucking her tight pussy at this angle. After sucking more his cum off his dick they go back to doggy for a few seconds. Then he sits back down on the chair and she climbs back on top, this time in reverse. She bounces on him some more, then goes and lays down on the chest, allowing Jessy to fuck her from behind. They stay in this position until he shoots off on her back. Despite some good camera work with some excellent closeups on the action, the performances were very wooden, just going through the motions.


Scene Two: Courtney Cummz and Tyler Nixon


Scene two opens with Courtney Cummz working at her desk when Tyler Nixon comes in carrying a box of supplies and saying they are now sharing the office. He immediately starts redecorating, knocking Courtney's picture off the wall and trying to replace it with a Billy Bass. Ha ha. As Courtney goes through his box she discovers an empty picture frame. Tyler tells her it used to hold a picture of his old girlfriend but he's single now. This instantly turns Courtney on and she starts hitting on Tyler, HARD! She sits on her desk, hikes up her dress and slams his face into her pussy. He gives her some great head, first tongueing and devouring her pussy and then fingering her to orgasm. She furiously rubs her clit while he fingerbangs her. When he stands up to take her top off revealing her perfect tits, she rubs his hard cock through his pants before giving her one last lick on her pussy. He stands back up and she guides his cock into her wet hole. Fine missionary shot as slides his cock in and out of pussy. Courtney's slamming body looks great as he fucks her on the desk. Her beautiful looks of passion are killer. It's now Tyler's turn for some head. He stands up and Courtney takes his cock in her mouth. Her pretty blonde head with red streaks gives him some superlative head. She sucks, she gags, she rubs the head, she sucks the balls, she even slaps it against her face.. She leaves nothing to waste. After the blowjob session he lays her back on the desk on her side and fucks her from behind. She spreads her pussy and ass to accommodate his cock as it slides in and out of her. She looks up at him and gives him the most intense looks of ecstasy. They go back into a missionary and she rubs her clit until she vocally cums again. He goes and sits in the chair and Courtney sucks his cock some more. She makes love to his cock, alternating from sucking and slapping it against her tits. She climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl. The camera moves back and forth from a rear view to a side view, showing Tyler sucking her tit as she bounces on his cock. He slaps her ass as she grinds, prompting her to tell him harder. She climbs off and she licks and sucks her juices off before getting back on reverse. As she rides she rubs her pussy to one final orgasm before she climbs off and Tyler shoots his cum on her face. His jizz is dripping off her chin as she sucks every last drop from his cock. This is a very hot scene mainly because of the terrific body and great oral skills of the gorgeous Courtney Cummz, who definitely knows how to use it to full effect.


Scene Three: Jasmine Caro and Preston Parker


Preston Parker plays a crooked lawyer who gets a visit from his ex-wife, the cute hot blooded latina Jasmine Caro. I love her broken English accent. She shows up at his office asking for her alimony check. They bicker back and forth claiming the only thing their marriage had going for them was the amazing sex. Thinking about it gets them turned on and they start kissing and feeling on each other. She goes to her knees, pulls his cock out and starts sucking. She gives slow and passionate head before unbuttoning her top, allowing Preston to reach down and pinch her nipple. The camera zooms in on her chest as she squeezes her perfect tits and nipples. Preston picks Jasmine up and lays her on the desk. He pulls her panties to one side revealing her gorgeous pussy. Just as passionately she sucked his cock, he gently licking her pussy, bringing sweet cries of pleasure from Jasmine. After getting her nice and wet, he pulls her down and slides his cock in her. He fucks her missionary, his hard cock working in and out, causing gasps of pleasure from Jasmine with each plunge. He bends her over the desk and fucks her from behind, revealing her gorgeous latin ass. Great close-ups of Preston's dick entering in and out of Jasmine's pussy as she spreads her ass more to accommodate his cock. It's now his turn to lie on the desk when Jasmine climbs on top of his cock and rides him cowgirl. It's a beautiful sight watching her perfect ass as it bounces on his dick, first in regular cowgirl then in reverse. Her pace quickens as she cums over and over again on his dick. He sits on the edge of the desk as she fucks him standing on one leg while he holds her other leg and moves her pussy up down on his cock. They go over the the chair and she bends over, her pussy and asshole pointed straight at the camera. He licks her asshole and playfully slaps her ass, her pussy gaped open for the camera. He sits on the chair and she climbs on top, riding, bouncing and grinding on his cock. They go back tot he desk and Jasmine climbs on top as Preston fucks her from behind. She moves her hips back and forth on his cock and fucks him until she climbs back off and Preston unloads on her face, shooting stream after stream of jizz all over her beautiful latin features.


Scene Three: Veruca James and Richie Black


Rickie Black is new hire at the office and is pissed off he has to work on Saturday, kicking the trashcan in the breakroom. In comes pretty raven haired Veruca James. She strikes up a conversation with him. He complains about everything, the boss, working on Saturday, emails, etc. She tells him maybe he's been working too hard and needs to relieve some stress. She suggests a good fucking in the breakroom. They start kissing and she takes his clothes off. Once his pants are down she starts giving him head. She takes off her dress and bra while she continues to gag on his cock. He picks her up and lies her on one of the tables before removing her thong and and devouring her pussy. He scoots her down to the edge and slides his cock into her. After fucking her missionary for a few minutes he pulls out and she sucks and licks her juices off of his cock. She then bends over and he fucks her from behind. With one leg hiked up on the table he grabs her tit as he plows into her. They fuck like this for a few more minutes before she lies down on her side, sucking him first. She spreads her ass to welcome his hard cock more conveniently in her pussy. They feverishly fuck like this until he finds a chair and sits down, once again Veruca sucking her juice off of his dick. She climbs on top and fucks him reverse cowgirl. It's cute watching her little tits bounce as she rides him. She grabs her ankles and rides his dick with her ass in the air. They go back to the table and Richie fucks her from behind again, just like before with one leg hiked up on the table. She lays down on the table and they fuck missionary again, this time him squeezing tit. At this point I'm trying hard to stay awake. Let's just cut to the chase. He stands up and she sucks him again. He sits down and she sucks him. She lays back on the table and he fucks her from behind again. They go back into a missionary and they fuck some more. He stands up and she sucks him. Finally he sits down and she gives him a blowjob until he pops on her face and in her mouth, and she swallows it. The scenes ends with her telling him he better clean up in case the boss catches him. He says, “Fuck my boss.” She says ,”You just did.” Wah-wah. This scene started out promising, but it needed to be about 15 minutes shorter. It got very boring towards the middle.


Scene Five: Rachel Roxxx and Billy Glide


Rachel Roxxx is working at her desk near the copier machine when in comes Billy Glide. She tells him she hears all of the juiciest gossip in her area, and that one of the things she's heard as that Billy has the biggest dick, and wants to know if it's true. He pulls it out and she can't believe how big it is. She starts sucking it, trying to get the entire girth in her mouth. He titty fucks her a little before letting her suck on it some more while she rubs her pussy, getting herself nice and wet for him. She stands up and bends over allowing him to remove her thong panties and eating her ass out. She stands up and rubs her pussy, getting it wetter before sitting on her desk letting Billy eat her out. He works her pussy good with his mouth. Billy lies on the floor and Rachel climbs on top of his huge cock, slowly easing it in inch by inch. She carefully rides his cock before taking off her bra, exposing her gorgeous tits and pierced nipples. She rubs her pussy as Billy plunges his cock into like a piston. She fucks and rides and grinds on his cock beautifully, his cock wearing her pussy out. She climbs off of him and they go into a 69 position, Rachel concentrating on the head of his cock as he licks the juices out of her cunt. It's great watching her as she bucks her pussy and ass on his face. He sits her back on the desk and starts fucking her missionary, Rachel rubbing her pussy to orgasm on his huge cock. The sweet moans of pain and pleasure from Rachel are beautiful. He pulls his cock out and she reveals her huge gaping hole, completely reamed out by Billy. She sticks two fingers into her hole and still has room for more. Billy licks her asshole for a few seconds before giving it to her again. She rubs her pussy to orgasm and rolls over on her side, Billy fucking her from behind. He slaps her ass and keeps plunging into her bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Rachel drops down on the floor and Billy shoots off on her face. The veins on billy's huge cock are enormous as Rachel sucks all of the cum out of his cock, cradling her jizz covered tits in her arm. Rachel and Billy are great in this scene. Their interplay at the beginning is funny and chemistry together is great. Very good scene.


Final Thoughts: The scenes for the most part are hit and miss. There are some good performances and the actors all look great. My only problem is all five scenes are already readily available on Naughty America's website. So I'd say just go to Naughty America, find the scenes you're most interested in seeing and just Stream It. I'd suggest the scenes with Courtney Cummz, Jasmine Caro and Rachel Roxxx.

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