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Public Penetration 2

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/3/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 35 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All sex; Outdoor; Public Sex

Condoms:  Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Adria Rae; April Brookes; Goldie Rush; Kenna James; Leah Gotti; Nickey Huntsman; Damon Dice; Ricky Johnson, Rob Taylor, Jake Taylor

Bonus Scenes: Edyn Blair and Rob Carpenter from Weekend to Remember; Nickey Huntsman and Toni Ribas from The Bair; Ziggy Star and Damon Rice from Dirty Money

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Trailers for Red Light; Dirty Money; Casual Encounters; Cruise Control; Trouble x2; Sexbots


Public Penetration 2 is another risky presentation of public sex that will keep you watching. The starlets in this flick are so horny, they don’t care where they fuck. In this flick, the fucking happens in back allies parking lots and the cab of a truck driving down the street as cars drive by and people walk by. The heat sizzles in this public display of affection. There are 5 scenes over a timeframe of an hour and 35 minutes. Adria Rae, April Brookes, Goldie Rush, Kenna James, Leah Gotti and Nickey Huntsman star in this outdoor flick that is hot to watch. The hottest fuck of the flick is Adria Rae and Rob Taylor’s fuck session in the back of the cab of a moving truck. The truck drives through busy streets and neighborhoods as the couple lies in the cab sucking and fucking each other. April Brookes and Ricky Taylor have another hot fuck session in a back alley parking lot, fucking in the back of the jeep as people and cars go by in front of them. Overall, I recommend this flick. The action is shot with lots of POV and with other views. The sex is risky and a turn on to watch.

Scene 1:  Kenna James and Leah Gotti

Kenna and Leah love getting naked in public and they are out joy riding, showing their tits to guys on the street. Kenna is driving and pulls up her shirt and shows her tits. Leah does the same thing. They are driving around looking for guys. Leah rolls down her window and yells out at a group of guys, telling them they’re so sexy. She starts playing with her pussy, saying peak-a-boo as she fingers her clit. They see an ice cream truck and decide to pull out for a snow cone. Kenna wonders if the guy will take titty cards. They walk up to the window and ask the guy if he takes titty cards for payment. He doesn’t take titty cards so they leave. They drive around a parking lot looking for dick and start playing with each other after they don’t find any dick. Kenna parks the truck and the girls strip down.

Leah eats Kenna’s pussy in the driver’s seat as some lady walks by outside. The pussy eating gets Kenna all riled up and she decides to eat Leah’s pussy. Leah is more risky, she opens the door and spreads her legs open with one leg hanging outside the truck. Kenna smacks on her pussy, driving Leah wild in the front seat. She has to cover her mouth to quiet down as some guy walks past them. They get into the back of the truck and Leah eats Kenna’s pussy some more. Kenna is standing and Leah is on her knees devouring her wet pussy. The guy walks by again in the background as the girls finish up.

Scene 2:  Goldie Rush and Damon Dice

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Goldie opens her scene sucking a hard cock in the parking lot. She’s on her knees in between 2 cars, sucking Damon’s cock. She pulls off her bra and throws it on the ground to make herself more comfortable. We have a POV perspective on Goldie’s mouth as she works his cock in and out of it. They have to keep their eyes peeled for anyone that might see them and Goldie keeps looking around as she sucks him. They decide to go for a fuck in the parking lot and Damon rips Goldie’s jeans off and bends her over in standing doggy position up against the car and starts fucking her from behind. He tells her she has to keep quiet as he pounds her pussy. The POV look at Goldie’s ass is great as she bounces it back and forth on his cock. The more she fucks him the more comfortable she gets in the parking lot. Cars are driving by and Goldie has to keep a low profile the whole time. She holds on to the roof of the car while he fucks her, putting her hand over her mouth so she keeps everything quiet.

She raises one leg up and gets drilled really deep from behind and we get shots of her pussy pounding from inside and outside the car. Goldie fingers her clit while Damon stretches her pussy. He pulls out and she sucks him off before sitting on his cock in the back set of the car. She rides his meat in reverse cowgirl position, really getting into fucking him. She keeps bouncing her ass up and down on his meat then the pair take the action back outside the car where Goldie leans up against it in standing doggy position for more hard cock drilling. Things really heat up when she gets into a standing reverse cowgirl with her feet up on the tires of both cars and Damon fucking her from behind. She’s really into it now, making lots of noise and telling him it feels so good. She doesn’t notice a guy walking by with his dog. He stops and watches them fuck from in the distance. He comes back by and this time records the action on his phone. Damon sees him and they quickly move away to another spot where she rides him cowgirl style. After filling her up, he pulls out and she begs him to cum all over her. He shoots his load on her stomach. She runs her fingers through his cum and puts her fingers in her mouth.

Scene 3:   April Brookes and Ricky Johnson

April joins the public sex club, sucking Ricky’s cock down an alley. They use the car door to hide the action from the street. She starts deep throating his meat, gagging and spitting all over it as a car goes by. The cock sucking action continues even as people walk by in the distance. A car drives right by them and they quickly get in the car and drive away. April is so horny she can’t wait for them to get to another location. She starts sucking his cock in the backseat of the car. April soaks his dick again with her spit, lubing it up all over. She sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position and rides it hard. She’s moaning and enjoying his meat in the back seat of the car. They’re not worried about the public show they’re putting on for the people in the street they’re driving past. Her big ass bounces up and down on his dick.

She turns around into cowgirl position and keeps riding him and Ricky spanks her ass. That turns her on even more. She tells him it feels so good. The driver finds another alley way and backs in. the couple takes their fucking to the back of the jeep with the hatch open. Cars drive by on the street ahead of them as April enjoys hosting his cock in her pussy. This is one of the riskiest fuck of the film, especially when people walk boy. Ricky stands up outside and bends her over in standing doggy position with one of her legs up on the bumper of the car. He fucks her hard from behind and she holds her ass cheek open as he slams her hole. She tells him her legs are shaking from the hard pounding she’s getting. After a deep hard doggystyle swatting, April gets on her knees and sucks him off, jerking his meat in and out of her mouth and slobbering all over it. She’s leaving trails and trails of spit hanging from his dick. He pulls out and pops in her mouth.

Scene 4:  Adria Rae and Rob Taylor

Adria and Rob are in the back of a truck cab making out. The truck is parked in a back alley and Adria is nervous as Rob starts kissing her body, making his way down to her pussy. The camera guy assures her that no one can see them. He quickly strips her out of her close and starts spoon fucking her in the back of the cab. These 2 take the action to an even hotter place once the truck starts driving down a busy street with the 2 of them in the back of the cab pleasing each other. Adria sucks his cock and Roby eats her pussy in 69 position as cars drive by and drive up behind them. This is public sex at its best. The drive for miles through neighborhoods, sucking and eating each other in 69 position. They get back to fucking with Rob penetrating her in spoon position in the cab. She leans into him as his cock spreads her pussy on the road. This scene has to be the riskiest fuck of the flick as the traffic builds up all around them and they don’t ever stop fucking. She sits on top of his cock cowgirl style and continues to take a pounding. They truck finds an alley and stops where Rob pounds her hole hard, squeezing her ass cheeks in the process. The scene cuts to Aidra walking down the alley looking for a place to finish fucking. They come in through the back door of a beauty salon and lay low in the back of the salon and fuck doggystyle all while a lady talks on the phone in the front of the store. He pulls out and pops all over her ass cheeks when the lady sees them and screams telling them to get the fuck out.

Scene 5: Nickey Huntsman and Jake Taylor

Nickey and Jake wonder into a department store and start looking through clothing. Jake is recording everything on his phone and when Nickey goes down an aisle he raises her skirt up and rubs her ass. He tells her he saw a room in the back of the store that they should go check out. The room is like an old office and they get more comfortable with each other. Nickey is worried that somebody might come back to that room, but Jake keeps working on her. She sits on the desk and he start eating her pussy.  Nickey picks up the phone and records him licking her clit. She has her legs spread wide open on the desk and enjoys getting her pussy eaten. Shoppers can be heard in the store as Jake pulls her panties off and continues to work on her bushy pussy. She returns the favor by sucking his cock. He stands up and she gets on her knees to make his dick hard. She licks and sucks his meat as someone walks into the back room for a box. She doesn’t see them behind the desk. Once she leaves, Nickey and Jake keep the action going. With his cock hard, she deep throats it. Jake films the action POV style while he fucks her doggy style over the desk. She has one knee up on the desk as his cock stretches her hole. She tries to keep quiet but is enjoying his cock too much. She rides him cowgirl style, keeping quiet so no shoppers can hear them. Someone else comes into the room while they fuck but doesn’t seem them. They turn to doggystyle fucking on the floor then Nickey lies on her back on the desk for more fucking before sucking him off until he pops all over her tits. Someone from the store comes back and asks them what they’re doing.  She tells them to get out.

Final Thoughts:

The public display of affection in Wicked’s Public Penetration 2 is risky and hot to watch and I recommend it.  Adria Rae, April Brookes, Goldie Rush, Kenna James, Leah Gotti and Nickey Huntsman are so horny, they will fuck anywhere and they prove it in this hour and 35 minute flick over 5 scenes. The sex happens in parking lots, in cars, in stores and in the back seat of a moving car. Adria gets the best fuck of the flick with her risky session in the cab of a moving truck, fucking Rob Taylor as the truck makes its way down busy neighborhood streets with tons of cars and people around. April Brookes fucks Ricky Taylor in the back seat of a jeep then they find a parking lot to continue their outdoor action as cars go by. There is a lot of POV action and other hot views as these couples get it on in open spaces. I recommend you take a look at the hot public sex in Public Penetration 2.

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