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19 Years And Naive

Studio: Private » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/6/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: 18+ Teens, Anal, Newcomers, Foreign, Russian

Director: Sam Frost



Cast: Genevieve Venom, Isabel Sterov, Katty Blessed, Emily Thorne (credited as Lanasee), Sofi Goldfinger, Arty (Credited as Vincent Vega), Drago Gvozdik (Credited as Leo Dee)

Length: 1 hour 56 minutes                 

Date of Release: August 11, 2016

Extras: Menu-selectable Trailers for Private.com, Barcelona Boss, Whistleblower, Porn Couples, and Cute White Girls Love Big black Cocks

Extras Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k, presented in anamorphic widescreen. Well lit, well shot. The crew seemingly had a camera slider rig that was put to good use. The audio is irrelevant. There's almost no dialog, and what is there is in Russian or inaudible. Hit your mute button.

Overview: Five Russian newbies are showcased in five different scenes, as shot by Sam Frost for Private. Most of them even get their asses drilled! The girls are cute, but the title is right; they are naive. It's as if they are being taken advantage of the whole time (Perhaps that's the point, but it doesn't come across as hot). The whole thing is shot well, but it really falls flat. See my final thoughts for more on that.

Scene 1. Sofi Goldfinger, Leo Dee

Sofi is in an art studio, happily painting; Leo comes in and says something to her in Russian. She turns around and he goes down on her as she sits atop a stool wearing only a painters smock and some fuchsia panties, which he pulls aside. He's wearing a striped shirt which creates distracting moire patterns on the screen.

Sofi Goldfinger

Sofi's a cute little spinner from Russia, with big red bows tattooed on her ankles, and a pierced tongue. Now smockless, she kneels to use that tongue on his turgid rod. She can only get about halfway down it, the rest covered with her teal-tipped nails. He decides to bang her beaver a bit, and that's fairly uneventful so he moves onto her butt hole. He dicks her derriere in a couple of positions; dousing it in doggie. He stares at his accomplishment as she rubs it around.

Sofi Goldfinger

There was zero emotional involvement from either of these participants. She might have looked at him once or twice, I don't think he ever looked at anything other than his load on her ass. Weak, at best.
Scene 2. Lanasee, Leo Dee

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Lanasee is wearing skinny jeans that highlight her legginess and a shirt that says 'Beautiful things happen when you Smile.' She almost has a smirk as she makes coffee while Leo looks on. That's about all you're going to get out of her. She's very nonchalant as he plays with her nice rack and strips her down. She stays on her tiptoes even after her heels are removed. She tosses a knee up on a kitchen chair and shows off her tan-lined body as he licks her from below.



She licks and sucks his lolli for a moment, seemingly bored out of her mind; before moving to a chair where he can dick her from behind. I'm pretty sure she would rather be drinking that coffee right now than repositioning so this guy can keep jamming her. She does actually look at his face a few times, briefly, before going back to figuring out her grocery list in her head. He pumps her methodically before popping on her stomach so she can rub it in.

Scene 3. Katty Blessed, Vincent Vega

Katty is collecting fall leaves in the park, where Vincent is photographing the scene. He snaps a couple of shots of her and she comes over to see how they turned out. There's no dialog audible but I imagine he says something like "It takes a few minutes for me to download these photos. Would you like me to bang you in the meantime?" Apparently it works, because they stroll back to his place, with her sporting her Loubie's. They arrive at his place, sans leaves. Maybe she stuffed them in her trenchcoat pocket? They sit on the couch and review some of his shots. He kisses her and then spreads her legs to finger her snatch.

Katty Blessed

Katty Blessed

She climbs on the back of the sofa so he can get his tongue in her, tossing her panties aside. He fingerfucks her fast and furiously. I don't think her eyes have opened since that first kiss. They usually stay closed while she strips off and sucks his schlong, too, although she does look up a couple of times before she throats him. She rides him, as he slaps her ass and tits, and then he bangs her from behind, before banging her behind. She doesn't look like she even wants to be here, but she keeps her holes available for his use. He butt bangs her from behind then yanks her to her knees so he can splash all over her face.

Scene 4. Genevieve Venom, Vincent Vega

Vincent's back in the park, chatting inaudibly with Ms. Venom. He must say something like - "You're a pretty girl, in a pretty dress. Let's go see what's underneath it." And off they go...

Genevieve Venom

Once in the flat (a different flat than his last one mind you), he yanks off her white dress, to reveal her pantiless, but wearing a hot, matching garter getup. She looks good, with a long, slender body. In fact, she was the reason I grabbed this disc. I had high hopes for a newbie with a name like hers.

Genevieve Venom

She lies passively during a finger fuck, but is enthusiastic during the dick suck. She even makes a bit of eye contact. She straddles him passively on the couch as he ramrods from below, smacking her ass loudly. He moves behind her for some pounding and slides a finger in her ass to see how that is. Since she doesn't flinch, and her eyes stay closed, he slides his cock in and out of it. She looks about as enthusiastic as someone answering a telemarketing call during their favorite show. He pulls out, yanks her down and drips an unbelievably massive load down her body. She takes him in her mouth to wash off any ass juice and jizz that may be on there.

Scene 5. Isabel Sterov, Leo Dee

Isabel and Leo are checking out the city from a rooftop and Leo luckily knows where there's an available art studio with a rug they can fuck on. He unbuttons her dress, to reveal her naked body underneath and gets to licking. Her milky white body contrasts heavily with the grey rug, as she lies back to let him have his way with her. He holds her hair back as she sucks the tip of his cock.

Isabel Sterov

Isabel Sterov

She only has 3 credits at IAFD, including this one, so it's no surprise that she's quite inexperienced at making sex look good on film. She basically lets him bend her and bang her. She does some bouncing in cowgirl, but for the most part she's a passive participant. Her ass is tight, this being her first credited onscreen anal experience, so it takes him quite a while to work into her. Once in, he works up a load, and blows it into her. She finally squats and it drips out, proving she was creampied. However, there's a hard edit there, so what you see is maybe not what she got.

Cover vs. Content: The cover features Sofi in what is probably the best still shot of the whole flick. Everyone on the back cover has their eyes closed in their shots. That's how they are in the movie, too. Cover wins.

Final Thoughts: This is a well-shot, well-lit, group of five Russian newbies. Their inexperience and indifference shows up in spades here. There is absolutely no chemistry in any scene. The girls don't smile, they don't make eye contact. Some of them don't even look like they want to be there. I'd like to point you to one scene and say stream that, but as much as I like many titles from this studio, I just can't find anything worth your time and money. There's some cuties here, for sure. Keep your eye out for them in future titles, but you might as well Skip This One.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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