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Sex With My Younger Sister

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 9/7/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genres: Incest Vignettes

Director: Unknown


Cast: Shane Blair, April Brookes, Kylie Quinn, Kirsten Lee, Jessy Jones, Chad White, Tyler Nixon, Marcus Dupree


Length: 115 Min.


Condoms: None


Release Date: June 30, 2016


Video/Audio: Nice Anamorphic 16:9 Widescreen with decent crisp 2-channel stereo


Overview: This disc consists of four stories of incest between step brothers and step sisters. All of the stories are nicely shot and performances are decent enough.


Scene One: Shane Blair And Jessy Jones


The scene opens with Shane sitting on the couch trying to get work done on her laptop while her very horny step brother Jessy is kissing on her neck. Shane is trying to resist but her Jessy's persistence starts to break her down. He starts rubbing her crotch through her blue jean shorts, causing her hips to buck on his hand. He pulls her top down and starts sucking on her tender but erect nipples. After undoing the fly on her shorts and rubbing her pussy under her panties, her pulls her shorts down and bends her ass towards the camera exposing her pussy through her panties. Once he pulls those off he removes his pants and sits on the sofa, his hard cock ready for her wet mouth. She starts sucking him, concentrating a lot on the balls. There's some nice camera work here, with closeups and full body shots of her giving some fine head. After some gagging on his cock she climbs on top and fucks him reverse cowgirl. Her pretty shaved pussy looks nice as it slides up and down on his cock. He reaches up and grabs her small tender breasts as she moans with pleasure bouncing on his cock. He then reaches down and rubs her pussy as she grinds on him, bringing her to orgasm.


He bends her back over the couch and fucks her doggy style. Very nice closeup shot of his cock plunging in and out of her sweet pussy lips. He pulls out and after she sucks her juices off his veiny cock, she climbs back on top of him and fucks him cowgirl again, this time facing him. Jessy spreads Shane's ass wide giving a fantastic shot of his cock fucking her pussy.


She climbs off and starts licking and sucking his balls before giving him some more great head. He lays her down on her side and spoons her. She rubs her pussy to orgasm as Jessy fucks her like a piston. He lays her on the arm of the couch and fucks her missionary, again Shane rubbing herself to more sweet orgasms before she lays on her side and Jessy fucks her from behind.


He finally pulls his cock out and shoots off into her waiting mouth and on her face. Shane sucks the head of his cock getting every last drop out that he can muster. The scene ends with Shane thanking Jessy, always a turn on. This is a very well shot scene with two great looking performers who has some fine chemistry together.


Scene Two: April Brookes and Chad White


The scene starts with the gorgeous April Brookes (who reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh in Fast Times At Ridgemont High) making coffee when her step brother Chad White enters the room and suggest they fool around. She says he fucks her better than any man ever has and they immediately start making out. Chad throws her on the bed and she says she loves how he takes control. Seeing that as a cue he sits down in a chair and orders April to get the vibrator out of the side table drawer. This starts a beautifully seductive and very well paced scene. He tells her to take her clothes off. She starts with her shorts, then her bra revealing her perfect pert little titties. She pinches her nipples as she rubs her tits together. Chad tells her to rub her pussy before bending over and taking her panties off. After she does, showing her ass and pussy to the camera, he tells her to lay on her back and spread her legs, showing her pretty shaved pussy. He tells her to get the vibrator and make herself cum. This is a great masturbation scene as she gently massages her clit with the vibrator. Chad can't help but lick his lips as she brings herself to a very beautifully sweet orgasm. Fantastic opening to this scene.


Chad climbs onto the bed and starts kissing April. He then works his way down to her now very sensitive pussy and sweetly licks it. He eats and sucks on her pussy until she cums again. He lays down and takes his pants off when April starts sucking his pulsating cock. She expertly uses her tongue as she sucks and licks his cock. April then climbs on top and guides Chad's cock into her pussy. She starts riding him, his balls hitting her ass as she bounces on his shaft. She turns around and puts his cock in her pussy reverse cowgirl, this time he slapping his balls against her clit, making her cum again on his cock.


She climbs off and after a quick sucking of her juices his dick, she bends over into a doggy fuck. They fuck each other, her pushing back and forth on his cock, and him plunging it into her furiously until she cums again. After one more quick suck he reenters her until they go into a spoon position. He holds her leg up spreading her pussy wide as he fucks her. She grabs the vibrator and places it on her clit, the sensation of which coupled with his hard cock gives her a shuddering orgasm after orgasm. He pinches her nipple as her pussy spasms around his cock. They go into the a missionary and the well fucked look on April's face is priceless as he enters her.


She cries in pleasure as she rubs her clit while Chad's cock is fucking her to orgasm. Finally his cock can't take any more as he pulls it out and it shoots like a pistol all over April's belly and face. This is a blistering hot scene, with some truly electric fucking and beautiful camera work. I love how it starts out so tenderly and seductively and ends with truly hot fucking. Just a great scene.


Scene Three: Kylie Quinn and Tyler Nixon


In this scene the Kylie is visiting her step brother Tyler at his new place. They're sitting on the couch having small talk when Tyler's hands start moving up and down Kylie's pale white thigh. She asks what is he doing and he says he's always dreamed about it. Kylie reveals she has too and they start kissing while Tyler starts rubbing Kylie's crotch through her shorts. He hikes her shirt up revealing her cute little tits which he starts sucking on. He takes her shorts off and pulls her panties to one side showing her pretty red rosebud of a pussy. He starts sucking the lips and clit, wetting his finger and inserting it into her. After he fingerbangs her to orgasm he stands up and she undoes his pants, pulling them down and getting slapped in the face with his boner. She sucks and gags on his cock, jacking it while she sucks on his balls. She stands up and he pulls her panties down, bending her over towards the camera showing asshole and wet pussy. He sits down on the couch and she gives him more head until they go into a doggy style. He slowly enters his cock into her tight pussy, working the juices out to accommodate him. Once she well lubricated he fucks her like a machine, making her cum and cum again on his cock.


He then maneuvers himself in front of her and starts fucking her face before sitting down again having her ride his cock cowgirl style. He sucks her nipple as she bounces on his dick. At one point he sticks his finger in her ass as he plunges his cock into her. She bounces on his dick some more before turning around for a reverse. It's a site seeing his balls slap her red clit as he drives his cock in and out of her.


They go into a missionary and he pins her legs down as he plunges his cock into her pussy. The scene ends with him pulling out and shooting off on her face. This is a good scene. Kylie is pretty with her gorgeous bedroom eyes and pretty young pussy. And the chemistry between her and Tyler is good.


Scene Four: Kirsten Leigh and Marcus Dupree


Pretty green eyed Kirsten is welcoming her new step brother Marcus to his new bedroom in his new home. Kirsten gets turned on by Marcus' Russian accent and starts kissing him. Marcus puts her on the bed and takes off her dress and panties. As she's bent over he starts eating her from behind, sucking on her asshole and rubbing her puffy pussy. Marcus pulls out his cock and starts fucking her doggy. She's loving it as he buries her face into the bed and holds her arms behind her as he plows into her. He rolls her over and fucks her missionary. She cries with pleasure as she rubs her pussy to orgasm after orgasm on his huge cock.


After rolling her over and fucking her from behind for a little bit, he's lays down and she sucks her juices off his cock, Moaning on his cock the whole time. She climbs on top of him and rides and grinds on his cock.


Then she turns around and goes into a reverse before leaning back and letting Marcus take control, holding her legs as he plows his cock into her. After some more moaning cocksucking they go into a spoon position and Marcus fucks her from behind.


The scene ends with Marcus exploding on Kirsten's pretty face, her mouth wide open to catch all of his jizz. Another just ok scene with nothing very special to mention. Kirsten Leigh is pretty though, that's about it.


Extras: 20 min. behind the scenes featurette with interviews from the four female leads, two bonus scenes from My Sister Has A Tight Pussy 4 and 6, a photo gallery, some trailers and some ads for lingerie and info on Digital Sin. But the real highlight in the Extras is the “Pick Your Pleasure” feature. It allows you go single out your favorite positions from all four scenes. Just want to see the blowjobs, choose blowjobs and it will show you the all four blowjob scenes. Really cool feature.


Final Thoughts: Like most vignette dvds it's hit and miss. For me the stand out scene is Scene Two with April Brookes and Chad White. Very sensuous and sexy. All of the performers are good and the scenes were well shot. No real complaints. And again the “Pick Your Pleasure” feature from the extras is really cool. Over all I Recommend it.



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