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Riley Reid Overexposed

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/14/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Feature, Couples, Lesbian, Threesomes

Director: Jay Allan


Cast: Riley Reid, Charlotte Stokely, Jenna Sativa, Chad White, Ryan Ryder, Ryan Mclane

Length: 2 hours 29 minutes      

Year of Production: 2016

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Pristine capture and presentation of both audio and video. Every scene is well lit and the shots are composed nicely. There are some minor framing issues here and there, but they are brief and not too bothersome. The exterior shots are well done, including some drone footage which is a cool touch. The soundtrack, including the Adam & Eve logo sound awesome in well-defined stereo. It's beautifully shot by director Jay Allan for Adam & Eve.

Overview: A couples-friendly tale about Riley, a magazine photographer who just moved to LA and is on a quest to make sure her job, and the magazine's future, are secure.

My review is based on an online advance screener, so there are no extras, menus or BTS.

The movie starts with an excellent cinematography montage with a red filter applied. It's very cool looking, and the soundtrack behind it is great. Riley is wandering around the city, photographing and her friend Charlotte calls her up. They meet at Riley's place.

Scene 1 Riley Reid & Charlotte Stokely

Both girls look incredibly hot as Riley, in black lingerie, struts up to Charlotte, in teal, lying on her bed. The scene is beautiful, with the city skyline framed in the panoramic windows behind them. The two show great chemistry as they kiss and caress, their eyes and smiles showing genuine enthusiasm for one another.

Riley and Charlotte

The pair enjoy soft, lesbian lovemaking. It's hot when Riley licks Charlotte's foot as she gazes into her eyes. Riley goes down expertly on the blonde, her eyes bright as she looks up at her. There's a lot of passion between the two as they rub each other's bodies and kiss. Charlotte works Riley's pussy expertly from behind, making her cum and Charlotte wets her fingers with it to let Riley taste herself. Charlotte climbs onto Riley's face and grinds her pussy all over it, softly and slowly. Riley's ass is displayed beautifully as she gets her second turn at licking Charlotte.

Riley and Charlotte

As viewers, we see the action in real-time but the director shows us the passage of a longer period time as the sky outside goes from midday sun to night. It's a nice touch as it segues into the two vaping on the couch later as Charlotte allays Riley's fear of losing her job and apartment.

Scene 2: Riley Reid & Jenna Sativa

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Riley and Jenna, who is wearing glasses similar to those Riley has been known to, are discussing the magazine's competitors and its future. Shop talk turns to Jenna inquiring about the girl she saw Riley with the other day and asks if that's her girlfriend. Riley says that it's been an on-again off-again thing for awhile and is surprised that Jenna thinks she's attractive. However, duty calls and Jenna has to get back to the office.

Jenna and Riley

She returns a bit later, and Riley thinks she has forgotten something, but Jenna just can't get Riley out of her head and takes off her work clothes to reveal her hot black lingerie ensemble and starts kissing Riley. Riley removes her clothing in return, revealing a lacy black unitard. Riley has a big smile and great eye contact as the two stand and kiss; pawing at each other. Jenna's ass looks incredibly fine; an asset I don't recall making a mental note of in other films of hers. Riley sits back on the couch, spreading her legs and whimpers as Jenna expertly fingers and tongues her, noting that her pussy is even better than she imagined.

Jenna and Riley

Riley takes her turn eating Jenna's hairy muff, the two sex kittens looking fantastic together on the massive couch; bold architecture filling the panoramic view behind them. the pair slink around on the couch, Riley bending over to let Jenna access her hole from behind giving us great  closeup shots of the action. The duo flip around, Jenna again licking her slit as she deftly thumbs Riley's clit. Riley ditches her socks as Jenna loses her glasses so she can tuck her legs behind her neck as Riley goes to town on her. Riley gets really into it, using her whole face driving her partner crazy. The pair take turns doing some face sitting in an interesting position before Riley cradles Jenna so she can do some two-finger fucking of her best boss ever.

Scene 3: Riley Reid & Chad White

Riley is smoking, backlit by a window; planning on how she can convince a hot male model, Chad White, to get his accounts to move their ads to her magazine. A mutual friend puts them in touch with each other and they have coffee. He invites her to his place the next day and the two are into each other, immediately kissing and caressing each other.

Riley Reid

Riley looks great in her tight jeans, and Chad can't keep his hands off of her ass. They go inside his place, a nicely appointed, white luxury apartment. Riley's hot for Chad's sculpted, muscular body as he takes off his shirt, then hers. He plays with her little, milky-white titties as she rubs his cock through his jeans. He kisses and caresses her softly as he peels off her jeans. (The couch is very noisy as she squirms around to get in position to suck his cock.)

Riley Reid

She works his massive shaft and balls with her hands before she shows off her ability to take him into her throat deeply. Once his cock is nice and wet she climbs into reverse cowgirl for a ride. He jackhammers her from below, and she gets pretty loud as her pussy squirts its juices onto his shaft. They perform an interesting maneuver as he lies back and she literally spins sideways on his shaft to ride him sidesaddle. Closeups reveal just how much of her juice has covered his groin as it glistens in the sunlight. Both performers are active in doggie, their thrusts meeting as she turns her gaze to his face. Her hair bounces with body as he bones her in missionary; her tight hole leading him to blast all over her tummy.
The next day Riley heads home after a cup of Java.

This scene stands out for the slight variations they toss into the usual positions.

Scene 4: Ryan Mclane, Ryan Ryder, Riley Reid

Riley's looking cute in a white dress and her hair flatter than in previous scenes, as she pours herself some OJ. Ryan and Ryan arrive and she offers them some beers. Her smile lights the room as they clink drinks, letting her know that they are moving their ad campaign to her magazine. Their friend Chad has told them a lot about her and she thinks they should celebrate by both of them fucking her. They seem good with that idea and she drops to her knees.

Riley Reid

She shows off her slut skills as she circus seals between the two, working their cocks non-stop with her hands and mouth. Her pretty black and white bra and panties are shown briefly as the guys peel off her dress before getting her fully naked on the bed. Ryder gets her oral attention as Mclane licks her snatch and then pumps her in doggie. Ryder takes his turn in her twat as she bounces in reverse cowgirl while blowing Mclane. He gets to play with her pussy and spank her ass as the two guys lie next to each other so she can blow them both, her tits rubbing Ryder's rod as she stretches over him to suck Mclane.

Riley Reid

Ryder rolls behind her to pound her as she continues her oral assault on Mclane. She rubs his cock all around her face as she gets a hard dicking from behind and then the guys switch it up. She really seems to enjoy how Mclane is fucking her, and his smile is pretty big too as he pumps her. Once again, the trio switches positions so Ryder can pump her pussy, push-up style. There's an artsy edit and Mclane has disappeared from frame leaving Ryder and Riley alone for a moment only to return for his shot at ramming her hole again. The guys finally pop, covering her in their goo.

Final Thoughts: Excellent production! I really enjoyed this one! Riley shows her versatility by performing equally well in lesbian and hetero scenes. The production value is super high, with a lot of attention paid to details. The soundtrack is good, not some lame standard keyboard loop; cinematography is excellent. There are some slight framing issues here and there, but they are brief and not too bothersome. Really, my only criticism is that Riley and Jenna's scene could have used a bit of editing. It goes on a few minutes too long if you ask me. However, the pair works well together and the sex is hot so it's not that big of an issue. There are slight variations in the "standard" porn positions and that adds some extra oomph overall. If you're in the market for some couples-friendly porn or happen to be one of Riley's many fans then you won't want to miss this. Highly Recommended.

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