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Legendary Players 3

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by Daisy Jane » Review Date: 9/16/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight, Legends, Milfs, Big Dicks,

Director: Derek Dozer


   Brittany Andrews

   Dana Vespoli

   Dana DeArmond

   Katie Morgan

   Jordan Ash

   Jessy Jones

   Mick Blue

   Johnny Castle

Length: 1 hour 54 minutes

Date: 2016

Condoms: Some

Extras: This film has various options in the “Extra” section, but the only thing that is really worthwhile is the bonus scene.  There is a full scene from the film Fine Ass, starring Phoenix Marie, well-known ass master! She can’t wait to tell the camera all of the reasons that she loves butts and it’s fun to watch her get so genuinely excited.  She says that her ultimate goal is to show people that anal can be really fun! The fucking is good in this scene, which was rather unexpected for something in the “Extras.” When Phoenix rips her fishnets and fully exposes her ass, it is no wonder that her partner dives right in.  Although asses are her area expertise, she is definitely adept at sucking cock.  She practically swallows her partner’s dick as she deep throats it until her face is buried in his balls. This scene is definitely a feature of the “Extras” section that should be enjoyed.

In addition to the scene from Fine Ass, the “Extras” also contain a photo gallery and three trailers.  Neither of these sections are anything special, so watch the scene starring Phoenix and then get right to the actual film!

Legendary Players 3: Hall of Famers is film from Airerose Entertainment starring four AVN Hall of Fame actresses. These are ladies who have become well-recognized businesspeople in an industry that has been largely dominated by men. By becoming directors and owning their own productions companies, these women have broken through barriers that have traditionally kept the women relegated to a position in front of the camera. Their induction into the AVN Hall of Fame symbolizes the fact that the role of women within the industry is changing. While there will always be women who are willing to fuck on camera, there is an emerging movement of actresses who want more control, both in front of the camera and from the director’s chair.   

Legendary Players 3: Hall of Famers is a quality film because each of these women is a star in her own right. The ladies have an incredible amount of sexy expertise that seems to vibrate through all of their scenes. The entire time the film is playing, the viewer is subtly aware of the fact that these women are true professionals and masters of their craft. 

Each scene begins with an interview of the actress discussing her career and induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. While I am personally not a fan of interviews in my pornography, this film does it right.  These are women who have a lot to offer in terms of their experiences within the industry decades and it is worth the time to listen to what they have to share.   It is instantly clear that they all take their roles as businesswomen as seriously, if not more so, than their roles as actresses. These women are the crème de la crème when it comes to films from the past fifteen years.


The first scene stars Katie Morgan who recently returned to the industry after a seven-year hiatus.  The first thing that comes across during her interview session is just how likeable she is! She is bubbly and cute, with a big smile and an infectious laugh.  It is instantly clear that she truly enjoys her body of work and she can’t wait to fuck! It’s a pleasure to watch actresses who look forward to filming their scenes.

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As soon as her partner enters the room, Katie Morgan takes control.  She has no problem telling him exactly what to do and she definitely lets him know when he is doing it well. He is most obedient when Katie leans back on the couch and orders him to eat her pussy while she spreads her stockinged legs and grabs the heels of her stilettos.  Her fucking and cock-sucking skills are impressive.  She shoves his huge, shiny cock so far down her throat that it seemed to defy the laws of physics. Equally impressive is watching Katie force his giant dick up into her tight pussy…there genuinely appears to be a size-versus-space struggle!

It seems important to note that Katie Morgan has an adorably hot asshole! It is tight and pink, with the perfect amount of pucker! Although the camerawork is good, a few more (ok, lots more) close-ups on that piece of art should have been requisite. Watching her get fucked doggy-style is a highlight of the scene, particularly when he tells her to fuck herself with his cock. All in all, this scene is a winner. Katie Morgan is a professional who definitely knows what she likes and it clearly comes across on film.



Director and actress, Dana Vespoli, is the star of scene two.  An industry veteran of thirteen years, she was recently inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2016.  Her years of experience shine through in everything that she does on camera.  She is one of the most talented cock-suckers around, which is amusing because she had taken such a long break from doing “boy-girl porn,” as she calls it.  When she shoves her partner’s dick into her mouth, she does an excellent job of relishing the entire thing. She gags and drools in a manner that assures the viewer that her partner’s gigantic cock is definitely bottoming out in her throat. 

Dana Vespoli is a quality multi-tasker.  She is frequently engaged in secondary acts that look amazing on camera and keep the action level high.. At one point in the scene, Dana gives an A+ hand job, heavily stroking his cock while sucking and licking his balls. The look of ecstasy on his face is undeniable as he tries not to blow his wad. Not one to ignore her own needs, Dana ensures her own pleasure by rubbing her clit regularly throughout the scene.  As her partner fucks her in different positions, Dana fingers her own wet pussy and appears to legitimately cum.


Dana Vespoli is a consummate professional who has great chemistry with any partner who is thrown her way.  This scene is no exception, as she remains fully engaged in the fucking the entire time. Watching her eyes lock in on her partner as her entire body tenses up creates a great sense of chemistry between the actors and undeniably adds to the sense of realism. Watching Dana with her amazing ass and killer body is something that should be enjoyed by all. 

Scene 3

Brittany Andrews is the veteran of the group.  While she has been in the adult industry for 25 years, her body is smoking hot and more impressive than most actresses half her age. Her prominent makeup and big blonde hair are reminiscent of 90’s-era actresses, but her signature appearance has served her well and has no cause for change.  While Brittany Andrews looks like one of the Real Housewives of Orange County, she is actually a very astute business woman who has created her own mini-empire. An actress, director, producer, and owner of her own production company, Brittany Andrews has certainly earned her spot in the AVN Hall of Fame.

Brittney Andrews is an intense personality, no doubt about it.  She is clearly a “take charge” partner and she maintains the upper hand throughout her entire scene.  Because she has worked behind the camera for years, she knows what looks good on film and guides the scene accordingly.  Her connection with her partner is nominal, as he serves more as a prop in her highlight reel than as an engaged lover. That being said, she does take a moment to compliment him on his gigantic package, commenting that it’s a “three-handed cock.”

Brittany Andrews is great performer.  She has no reservations and has no problem with dominating the scene.  She knows exactly which moves to execute in order to bring about a desired effect. When she licks her partner’s asshole, it is for the purpose of seeing the ecstasy on his face and knowing the power that she holds in that moment. That being said, there is a distinct feeling of performance. While everything that Brittany does is extremely hot, there is a noticable disconnect between her actions and her true enjoyment.  She constantly purrs and meows as a sign of her pleasure, but it feels forced and deliberate, rather spontaneous and genuine.


The truth of the matter is that Brittany Andrews is a dominating presence in the adult industry. She has been called the “Forefather of Pegging,” and has certainly earned her place at the top (and on the top).


Dana DeArmond is the true star of this film.  Her opening interview about her induction into the AVN Hall of Fame is so honest and refreshing that you’ll almost forget that you are watching her talk about fucking on screen. She literally begins to cry as she explains what it means to be acknowledged for her body of work based on its own merits.  Although the cameraman jokes around about this being a “Barbara Walter’s Interview,” seeing her legitimate emotional investment in the industry is impressive, at the very least.

After falling in love with Dana DeArmond in her interview, it is an absolute treat to watch her in action.  She is one of those stars who absolutely loves to fuck.  She started her career getting banged by robots at Kink in San Francisco, so you know this girl is the real deal.  Dana has an awesomely big butt and she fully embraces her curves. She is a master dirty talker, one of the VERY best, and when she tells him “rub my fat ass all over you,” it’s almost instantaneous cum for this fellow PAWG. Her partner, Johnny Castle, eagerly follows her lead and does an impressive job with his own dirty talking. Generally speaking, the male partner in male/female porn is a silent partner (thank goodness), but Johnny Castle holds his own and actually contributes to the hotness of the scene. 

Dana DeArmond and Johnny Castle are an extraordinary match.  Her curves and his cut body are a recipe for an amazing disaster.  DO NOT miss the part where she stands over him and straddle his face like a barstool. Watching him suck on her wet pussy while he aggressively strokes his own cock is something that needs to be appreciated.  These two clearly cannot get enough of each other and the end result is occasionally a few positions that don’t work all that well on camera (such as a straight 69)). That being said, it doesn’t matter. Watching them 69 on the spur of the moment is hot as fuck simply because the viewer knows that they are doing it simply for the reason that it feels good. Dana DeArmond and Johnny Castle need an entire film to themselves. These two are explosive and need more time with one another.

Final Thoughts:

Legendary Players 3: Hall of Famers is a winner. The expertise that is possessed by these actresses is bar none.  They are Hall of Famers for a reason and it reverberates throughout the entire film.  The interviews are engaging and actually accentuate the film, rather than serving as a time-filling distraction.  Listening to these professionals discuss their illustrious careers prior to watching them show off their best moves is something that can be appreciated by all pornographic connoisseurs.  While the action within the film is nothing out of the ordinary, the performance value makes this a worthy investment.

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