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Trophy Daughter

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 9/16/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Step daughter vignettes


Directors: Stills By Alan and Craven Moorehead


Cast: Leah Gotti, Julia Ann, Abby Cross, India Summer, Alice March, Gina Valentina, Derrick Pierce, Johnny Castle, Karlo Karrera, Tommy Gunn


Length: 154 min.


Extras: 17 min. interviews with the performers, two trailers and a slideshow

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Condoms: None


Release Date: Aug. 12, 2016


Video/Audio: Anamorphic Widescreen in Surround Sound


Overview: Another great collection of scenes from Pretty Dirty featuring the talented direction of Stills By Alan and Craven Moorehead. This disc centers on step daughter incest with some great performances from the cast.


Scene One: Leah Gotti and Derrick Pierce


Derrick Pierce plays the overly protective step father to Leah Gotti. He's constantly cock blocking Leah from getting any from her boyfriend, played by Stills By Alan. Leah confronts Derrick and claims the reason why he's cock blocking is because he really wants her. She pulls her top down revealing her gorgeous tits and nuzzles his head between them, sticking her nipple in his mouth to suck. She lays him down on her bed and undoes his pants, saying she wants to suck her daddy's dick. She sucks and strokes getting him hard for her pussy which he plays with getting her all nice and wet. She wastes no time climbing onto Derrick's dick, riding it reverse cowgirl. Nice closeup shots of Derricks bucking away at Leah's hot little hole as she begs her daddy to fuck her. He reaches up and grabs her tits, pinching her nipples in ecstasy. Leah tells her daddy she's cumming as she rubs her pussy while he's fucking her. She then starts bouncing on his cock bringing her to another orgasm.


She climbs off and they go into a quick 69 as she sucks her cum off Derrick's cock. She then climbs back on and fucks him regular cowgirl. Another great shot of Leah bucking, grinding and riding away on Derrick's cock to another glorious orgasm. And it's great to hear Leah beg her daddy to fill her with his cock as he bucks in and out of her tight pussy. She climbs off and Derrick goes down on her, making Leah cum again in his mouth. She rolls over and Derrick starts fucking her doggy style. He slaps her ass as he plunges away at her hot wet pussy, making Leah cum and cum again. Leah keeps begging her daddy to fuck her as he hikes her leg up over his to spread her pussy open for his cock.


He then lays her down on her side and spoon fucks her from behind. She tells him she makes her cum so much as he pounds away at her tight wet pussy. He then gets up and fucks her missionary to her screams of pleasure. He finally pops off on her tits, shooting beads of cum on her perfect tits. Very hot scene with a lot of blistering electricity and action, as well as some great camera work by Stills By Alan.



Scene Two: Julia Ann, Abby Cross and Johnny Castle


In this very hot and very clever scene we see Julia Ann watering her garden. She gets on her phone and calls magician Johnny Castle to ask him to perform at her step daughter's birthday party. He arrives at the house and is shocked to find Julia and Abby Cross sitting on the couch completely naked. It turns out to be Abby's 18th birthday. He sits down between them and they both start rubbing his crotch while kissing each other. Abby pulls out his cock and sucks it while Johnny sucks on Julia's gorgeous boob. Abby then shares his cock with Julia having her suck it while she rubs his balls. They take turns sucking him and then Julia lies down while Abby eats her pussy. With her ass in the air Johnny eats Abby's ass until he sticks his cock in her pussy and fucks her doggy style.


Julia's body looks amazing as Abby sucks on her tits while Johnny plows away in Abby's pussy. After Abby cums on Johnny's cock she sits on Julia's face while Johnny eats her pussy. He sticks his cock into her luscious hole and fucks her missionary. Abby rubs Julia's clit as she cums on Johnny's cock prompting her to pull his cock out and suck her juices off before sticking it back in for Johnny to fuck her orgasm some more.


Both Abby and Johnny lick Julia's cum off her pussy before Johnny goes back at it. Julia cums one more time before laying on the couch, his hard on sticking straight up for Abby to suck while Julia sits on his face. It's such an amazing site to see Julia Ann's amazingly slamming body as she straddles Johnny face. Abby climbs on top of Johnny and rides him cowgirl. Abby grunts and moans as she bounces and grinds away on Johnny's cock, while Julia rubs and plays with her pussy as she cums on his cock. She climbs off and they both suck his cock some more. She climbs back on and rides some while Johnny sucks on Julia's foot. He licks away at her pussy until he says he wants her to sit on his cock. Abby and Julia switch places and Julia slides her pussy down Johnny's pole. It looks absolutely amazing as she keeps pulling it in and out of her hole. She straddles his cock and rides him, her incredible body bucking and grinding on him.


She bucks and convulses as she cums on his cock, with her and Abby sucking her juices off of him. Abby lays down and Johnny fucks her missionary while Julia cradles her head in her arms. He fucks her like this until her pulls out and cums in Julia's mouth. Julia then snowballs it into Abby's. Before the scene ends Julia tells Johnny to do one more trick and disappear. This is an AMAZINGLY hot scene with the always great Julia Ann taking control of the scene as only she can.


Scene Three: India Summer, Alice March and Karlo Karrera


This scene starts with Alice March writing in her diary about her amazing foster dad Karlo Karrera. She describes all of the daddy/daughter activities the do together and there are some nice transitional shots as she talks. She's sure nothing will ever come between them. That is until Karlo brings home his new wife, the great India Summer, whom he met in Las Vegas. He explains she's the new step mom and they'll all going to be one big happy family. But you know Alice isn't having any part of this. When Karlo takes India to his bedroom, Alice writes in her diary how much she doesn't like her. She thinks of a way to get his attention, and strips down to her underwear while herself out in her mirror. While Karlo and India start undressing themselves, Alice interrupts them, telling her dad she's hearing strange noises in the house. India, catching on to Alice's plan, suggests she stay there with them. Karlo protests, but gives in when India pulls his cock out and starts sucking it. Alice insists anything India can do she can do to. India takes that cue and lays Karlo on the bed. Alice watches as India slowly and passionately sucks on Karlo's cock. This starts India into doing what she does best. She's definitely one of the best dirty talkers in the business. She constantly describes what she's doing and loving every minute of it. After slurping and gulping on Karlo's huge cock, she points it over to Alice asking if she can handle it. Alice insists she can and does a fine job at it, gagging and slobbering all over Karlo's dick. She makes Alice watch as she climbs up on Karlo's cock and rides it.


He bucks in and out of her pussy until she sweetly and gently orgasms. He pulls it out and lets Alice suck all of India's juices off of it. He puts it back in and India has one more orgasm when Alice lays down and Karlo eats her pussy. Insisting she can take all of Karlo's big dick, he slowly slides it into her, just the tip at first, and eventually all of it. Alice tells Karlo that she loves having his big dick stretching out her tight little pussy. She grunts and moans in both pain and pleasure. Karlo holds one of Alice's legs up as his bucking becomes faster and faster bringing her to orgasm.


India rolls Alice out of the way to take Karlo now. Alice sits and watches with her arms crossed as Karlo jabs his cock in and out of India's pussy. He pulls it out just long enough for Alice to suck India's cum off of it. He sticks it back in and India rubs her clit to another orgasm as Karlo fucks her. Karlo then lays down and Alice hops on pop and rides him cowgirl. India holds the base of his cock as Alice slides up and down. India then straddles Karlo's face and he licks her pussy as she whispers sweet dirty nothings to Alice. She kisses Alice as Karlo bucks in and out of her, making her cum on his cock. This excites India to convulse on Karlo's face.


After a few more orgasms this way Alice and India start giving Karlo head. They take turns sucking and gagging on his cock until India jacks him off into her mouth. After they drain him of all the cum he can muster up, he leaves the room, and India tells Alice this isn't over by a long shot. A great, very hot scene because of the wonderful screen presence of India.


Scene Four: Gina Valentina and Tommy Gunn


In this funny vignette Tommy Gunn is having financial troubles. He's broke, and his step daughter, the very cute and exotic Gina Valentina, is bleeding him dry. Gina has an idea on how to make some extra money, shooting amateur family porn. Tommy is completely taken aback by this idea, until Gina tells him an internet site will pay $10,000 for it. After handing him a camera she takes her shirt off and starts playing with her tits. He covers his eyes and Gina tells him she wants him to fuck her. She then starts rubbing his crotch through his pants telling him it's all just acting. She pulls her shorts down and shows her ass to the camera before removing her thong and playing with her pussy. She starts feeling his cock through his pants telling him it's getting hard. She then undoes his pants and starts giving him head. All the while Tommy is trying to convince himself that what's happening is just make believe. It's incredibly hot watching Gina circle her tongue around the head of his cock and run her mouth up and down the shaft. The scene interchanges between what the camera is shooting and what's happening in real time giving some great shots of Gina giving Tommy some great sloppy head. After she gets his rock hard cock all nice and wet she climbs on top and starts riding him. Nice closeup shot of Gina's tight wet pussy sliding down Tommy's cock. She bounces and grinds her cute little ass and pussy on Tommy's lucky cock bringing her to a very loud orgasm. Great camera work of Gina bucking on Tommy's cock.


After she cums she turns around and we see a front view of her pussy riding Tommy's dick. She rubs her clit and cums again and again before climbing off and sucking and licking her cum off of Tommy's cock. She bends off into a doggy position with her perfect little ass in the air, rubbing and fingering her dripping wet pussy. She then backs up and puts Tommy's eager cock into her, fucking him doggy style. She screams in pleasure as Tommy plunges his massive erection in and out of her pussy.


After she cums on his cock again she sucks it once more and lays down in a missionary position. Tommy fucks her missionary until Gina rolls off the couch and Tommy shoots off on her face. Happy with what they've shot they they go back to see watch the footage only to find Gina forgot to load film in the camera. Wah-wah. This is a beautifully photographed scene, and Gina Valentina sexy as hell.


Overview: Another great title from Pretty Dirty with some fantastic performances, especially from the pros like Julia Ann and India Summer. Great camera work from the directors and actually some clever storylines from Bree Mills. The extras are a little skimpy, but the interview segment is fun. All in all a very hot disc I Highly Recommend.


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