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Mom's Cuckold 20

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Daisy Jane » Review Date: 9/21/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Cuckold, Interracial



Sarah Vandella

Nadia Styles

Zoey Portland

Jessica Ryan

Tee Reel

Isiah Maxwell

Sean Michaels

Jon Jon

LENGTH: 1 hour, 57 minutes

DATE: February 2, 2016


EXTRAS: This dvd contains bonus options of "Cumshots," "Slideshow," "Behind the Scenes," and "Trailers." The interview section is surprisingly well done, with decent questions and insightful answers.  Learning more about your favorite stars can be  interesting and insightful, so having the option to do so in the EXTRAS section is ideal. The slideshow and cumshot sections are run-of-the-mill and don't offer anything unique.  The trailers for other Reality Junky productions are quick, but hot. There are quite a few new faces and several  recognizable stars.

Mom’s Cuckold 20 is a film produced by Reality Junkies, a division of Mile High Media. This interracial cuckold video portrays four disgruntled wives getting pounded by giant black cocks while their inadequate husbands pathetically watch from the sidelines.  The wives and their lovers are the stars of the movie, leaving the husbands to complain incessantly, but never actually get involved. 

Typical of the cuckold genre, the sexually frustrated wives go out of their way to verbally humiliate their husbands about everything from their size of their dicks and their virility, to their short tongues and their inability to eat pussy. If this sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, this is not the genre for you! If you are turned on by dominating women with dirty mouths, you should probably give this one a chance.

The sex acts in this film tend to be fairly standard, but Mom’s Cuckold 20 is far from boring. The overall production value is good and the sets are surprisingly tasteful. The audio quality is superior, which brings the viewer right into the sloppy, slurpee action. There is a high level of engagement between the actors and actresses, which is facilitated by the fact that these ladies all have smoking bodies and seem to enjoy getting fucked hard. Although this is the twentieth film in the series, Mom’s Cuckold 20 can hold its own in the interracial cuckold department.


Hot brunette, Jessica Ryan, plays a bored housewife who is repulsed by her lazy and much less attractive husband.  Her sexy body and pretty face are in direct opposition with his portly stature and noticeable lack of hair. This inequality of outward appearances makes it easy to believe that Jessica is looking for a better match and it isn’t surprising when she brings home her new friend Justin. After telling her husband to sit in the corner and watch, Jessica Ryan proceeds to remove Justin’s pants and suck his big black cock.

The chemistry between Jessica Ryan and her partner is excellent. The two of them effortlessly keep a steady dialogue of dirty talk going throughout the majority of the scene.  Listening to them play off of one another while watching Jessica Ryan use his cock for her own pleasure is definitely a cinematic highlight.  She is a professional who clearly knows what she likes, while he is a responsive partner who is able to keep the energy high.


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Her fucking and cock-sucking abilities are superior.  She is able to take his dark dick deep down her throat while he tries to thrust it down even further.  She sloppily sucks on his balls while jerking him off with both hands, practically making him cum right then and there. As she transitions from sucking his cock to bending over, she grabs onto her husband and uses him to brace herself as she gets slammed from behind. Jessica Ryan’s ability to adlib and do what is hottest in the moment is one of the things that makes this scene a winner.


Sarah Vandella plays a hot, lonely, and neglected housewife who finds out that her stout and ponytailed husband has been having an affair.  Of course, the obvious solution is to invite over a gigantic cock and fuck all of her problems away. In a not-so-surprising turn of events, her husband comes home and finds her with a big black cock shoved down her throat.  It is at this point that Sarah Vandella “the actress” finds her groove and becomes much more comfortable on screen.  Playing the sad and needy wife didn’t suit her well and the way she came across on camera was less than convincing.  That being said, once Sarah morphs into the vengeful wife who is getting exactly what she wants, her dirty girl acting skills kick into high gear and Sarah Vandella shows the audience what she’s made of. 


With light blonde hair and great tits, watching Sarah fuck on screen is a pleasure.  She owns the scene and certainly knows what looks good on camera.  As she bends at the waist to suck her partner’s cock, she spreads her ass cheeks to give the optimal view of her cute little asshole. It is this kind of in-the-moment know-how that makes a Sarah Vandella a star.   When she sucks all of her creamy juices off of his cock, she intentionally leaves her face wet and sticky in order to ensure that everyone knows just how dirty she (Sarah the Actress AND Sarah the Wife) really is.  And just in case you aren’t thoroughly convinced that she’s a bad girl, she ends the scene by demanding a divorce and informing her husband that she plans on hitchhiking and blowing her way across America.



The third scene stars Nadia Styles, a dark-haired vixen with gorgeous tits and super sexy tattoos.  Her ridiculously hot body and take-charge attitude set the mood for the entire scene. She berates her husband and informs him that she’ll be fucking their old friend from high school, but even he can’t turn down the opportunity to watch her take on that big black cock, admitting that “it’s awkward, but I kinda like it.” Because of his acquiescence, the atmosphere of this scene is different, as it lacks the sad, whimpering husband sitting off in the corner. 

While the positions are relatively standard, Nadia Styles and her partner manage to achieve a superior level of hotness. Trevor, the high school friend, has a huge cock that looks even bigger when it’s shoved into Nadia Style’s tight pussy.  When she stands over him and squats onto his massive black dick, it looks as though she is going to split right down the middle.  It is an impressive feat that definitely needs to be witnessed and appreciated by the audience. 

The dirty talk and the cumshot in this scene should not be missed. Trevor aggressively talks dirty to her, which genuinely seems to make Nadia’s animalistic side come out.  He demands that she looks at him while she’s sucking his cock and asks her if she can taste her pussy on it.  This is just the sort of thing that apparently makes Nadia Styles tick because she instantly steps up her level of enthusiasm! When she is finally allowed to make him cum, he impressively sprays his creamy white load all over her face and hair for what seems like an eternity.  The final shot is hot as fuck, as Nadia Styles is shown happily slurping up the massive amount of stringy jizz.


The final scene of the film stars Zoey Portland, a dark blonde wearing sexy blue stilettos.  She plays a woman who is engaged to a man who is a total judgmental dick. Because he criticizes her every move, she takes it upon herself to fuck their very well-endowed wedding planner. The first thing that catches the eye is the fact that the actor playing the husband is the same actor who played the ponytailed husband in the scene with Sarah Vandella.  This is a lazy casting decision and it seems out of place with the otherwise high-quality production value.


Zoey Portland is an enthusiastic actress, who is committed to her role and puts forth a lot of effort.  She does a good job of demeaning her fiancé, holding onto him for stability while getting fucked from behind by the wedding planner’s big black cock. The wedding planner clearly doesn’t regret his decision (or his chosen occupation), diving into her pussy fervently and relishing all of her juices. Hotness ensues as she orders her husband to open his eyes and watch how her pussy is dripping.

The fucking in this scene is decently aggressive.  Zoey Portland allows her partner to choke her while ramming it in, which requires a certain level of trust between the actors and adds to the overall sense of realism. They are a decently compatible couple and she seems to like the way he is fucking her raw. She is a willing participant in just about any position, which allows for some variation from the traditional moves. Watching her partner lift her up in order to fuck her while standing is definitely worth watching, even if it is the only part of the scene that you see. 


Mom’s Cuckold 20 is a film that is worth watching.  It isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it does a solid job of bringing the viewer into the action. The actresses all have stellar bodies and are very enthusiastic about their roles.  The fucking is hot and the cocks are huge, which always adds to the overall viewing experience.  The production value is high on this film, with good video quality and excellent sound.  Being able to vividly hear all the cocks getting slurped on or the pussies getting roughly pounded HUGELY adds to the hotness factor of this particular film.

The actresses all do an excellent job of reminding the husbands that they are no longer in charge. The ladies all maintain their insulting demeanor and never fall out of character. The cocks in this film belong to a group of highly enthusiastic men who take active roles in the movie. They don’t remain in the shadows, but make demands of their own, significantly increasing the sexual tension throughout the entire film. Mom’s Cuckold 20 may be the twentieth movie in the series, but these four ladies performed in a way that should make their studio proud.

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