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I Came Inside My Stepdaughter

Studio: Diabolic » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/11/16

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Genre: Vignettes Incest Creampie




Cast: Elsa Jean, Bobbi Dylan, Maya Bijou, Kat Dior, Anthony Rosano, Mark Wood, Tommy Gunn, Marcus London

Director: Unknown

Length: 102 Min.

Extras: Bonus Scene and popshot compilation.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video: Really beautiful anamorphic widescreen in 5.1 Surround


Overview: This is another stepdad/stepdaughter incest disc with an emphasis on creampies. Like all gonzo discs it's hit and miss. Unfortunately this time it's more miss than hit. All of the scenes share the same scenario. Mom and stepdad are divorced and, in a bizarro alternate universe, the stepdaughter is living with stepdad leading to rather interesting predicaments. 

Scene One: Kat Dior and Mark Wood



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Mark Wood accidentally catches his stepdaughter, the amazingly sexy Kat Dior, stepping out of the shower. She says she doesn't mind and starts coming on to him. They go to the bed and Mark starts licking her pussy. Kat Dior is amazingly vocal and energetic as he tongues her clit until she cums. He stands up and fucks her missionary until she convulses on his cock, screaming in ecstasy the whole time. He lays down and Kat gags on his cock a little bit until she climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirls. She twerks and bucks her cute little tanned ass until she cums again. She dismounts him and sucks her juice off his cock and then climbs back on reverse cowgirl. This gives us a terrific view of her pussy as it slides up and down on Mark's shaft. After bouncing up and down on his cock she lays down and he spoons her from behind. She rubs her pussy until she orgasms again. They then go into a doggy, Kat bent over the side of the bed as Mark fucks her from behind. They finally end back up in a missionary when Mark creampies inside her. This is a great, very energetic, very sexy scene attributed to the wonderful Kat Dior. She is so vocal and so into the scene you just can't help but get turned on by her. Great scene.

Scene Two: Bobbi Dylan and Anthony Rosano




This is the worst scene on the whole disc. It completely saps all of the energy generated from the opening scene with Kat Dior. It starts very conventionally. Anthony Rosano is arguing with his ex on the phone and his stringy haired stepdaughter Bobbi Dylan overhears them. She feels sorry for Anthony and starts hitting on him. After undressing he eats her pussy and starts fucking her. She just lays there and rubs her pussy as he's pumping her, moaning every once in a while but overall she's pretty much lifeless. He sits on the couch and she starts sucking his cock and licking his balls. She gets a little bit of energy when she starts riding him but not really enough to hold your interest. After sucking his cock a little they go into a doggy and then back into missionary when he pops off inside her. There's very little chemistry and electricity between Bobbi Dylan and Anthony Rosano in this scene. Maybe it's because Rosano is a notorious foot fetishist and it turns her off as he's holding her feet and sucking her toes. Who knows. Plus, and this is something that really irks me, you can hear the director giving commands to the actors. Very unprofessional. Just a bad, boring scene.


Scene Three: Maya Bijou and Tommy Gunn




Another disappointing scene considering the talent involved. The scene wastes no time getting down to business, with Tommy Gunn and the very pretty Maya Bijou making out on the couch. Maya's voiceover explains the scene and it's same song different verse. Tommy is her stepdad and he's split up from her mom and she's split up from her boyfriend and yada yada yada. They get naked and he starts eating her. He expertly licks her clit until she gently cums and they go into a 69, her giving him some fairly decent head. He climbs on top of him and starts riding him. It's a great shot of her ass as it twerks on his cock, but unfortunately, just like the previous scene, there just isn't any energy. She rides and moans but she's just going through the motions with very little electricity. Tommy and Maya start fucking doggy style and there's a great shot of Tommy plowing her wet pussy. But again, just lifeless motions. She's able to show a little bit of energy when he spoons her from behind before he does his creampie in a missionary position. Throughout the entire scene Maya is rubbing her pussy trying to generate some juice for Tommy's cock. It's a shame because Maya really is a pretty girl and you want to get turned on by her. Her and Tommy though just doesn't work in this scene.


Scene Four: Elsa Jean and Marcus London.




So now we come to what should be the best scene on the disc. Elsa Jean and Marcus London reunite after their terrific performances in Mike Quasar's The Devil Inside. Sweet little translucent blond nymph Elsa Jean is in college and is visiting her stepdad on break. They immediately go upstairs and start making out on the bed. He sucks her nipples and then eats her pussy. She cries and moans as Marcus licks her clit from behind. She flips over giving Marcus better access to her pussy as her continues to lick and finger her to orgasm. She then starts sucking his cock and she gives him some fine head as he bucks in and out of her mouth. He lays down and she starts riding him. She bucks and moans on him, that great ivory ass of hers grinding on his cock. She rides him until she cums and sucks the juice off of his cock. Unfortunately Elsa seems to be very distant in this scene. So far she's keeps looking off to the director. It's unlike anything I've seen her do before. They then go into a doggy. Really hot position as Elsa spreads her legs to accommodate Marcus' cock. He plows into her and, again, you notice Elsa looking off into the distance. When she gets into character it's a thing of beauty watching her, but it seems like she just can't hold it in this scene. They go into a spoon position and then into missionary. Marcus furiously fucks Elsa's pussy as he cums inside of her. A very disappointing scene on behalf of Elsa Jean. She's one of my favorite performers today, but this is probably the worst scene she's been in yet. I have to say, poor Marcus London, he definitely tries.

Final Thoughts: If it wasn't for the first scene I would give this disc a skip it. Kat Dior is amazing and has some of the best energy I've seen in a while. All of the other performances are just so wooden and dead you just can't get into the scenes. And what happened to Elsa Jean? Her performance in her scene was so distance it was like she was watching the clock the whole time. I had such high hopes for her scene after loving her and Marcus London's performances in The Devil Inside. I'm going to say Watch It Online, but only the Kat Dior scene with Mark Wood.

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