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Japanese Lovers

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/11/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: Foreign, Japanese, JAV, POV

Director: Unknown



Cast: Sanae Hujii, Airi Ai, Mizuki Tsukamoto, Yuri

Length: 2 hours 22 minutes    

Date of Release: September 23, 2016

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: This Disc took a long time for my computer player to load, and then the menu pauses for about a minute if you sit on the title screen, and then it restarts. Audio is in Japanese, no subtitles are available. Shot in HD, presented in anamorphic widescreen. No pixelation of the naughty bits.

Overview: Nausea inducing POV camera work of Japanese girls having sex with the cameraman.

Scene 1: Mizuki Tsukamoto

Mizuki Tsukamoto

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Mizuki is sitting and talking to the POV cameraman. She is fully clothed and he is vibrating her clit with a Hitachi. An edit brings us to her bent over on the couch having lost her skirt and panties and getting some dick from our camera guy. Another edit brings us to her laying sideways I think and getting some action while getting Hitachi'ed; it's really hard to tell as the camera is almost upside down as the guy holds it. She gets naked in reverse cowgirl as the cameraman sits on the couch and operates the noisiest robotic camera tripod thing you can imagine remotely. She basically sits on his cock as he vibes her in that position. Her hairy bush rides him very slowly up and down and then the robot camera kicks in and she bounces on him in cowgirl. This repeats and then a cut to her get nailed on the table, and by nailed I mean slowly penetrated. She squeals as a mini-wand is employed and then the camera is held below table level for a closeup, which is disconcerting. She has no problem mouthing his entire shaft after her stomach and ribcage seem to convulse with an orgasm. All of a sudden he's on the floor, or maybe a bed, and the robot camera is shooting from above his head or something as she rides. The bed turns out to be some pillows on the floor as we get some dizzying handheld footage until he cums on her ass cheek.

Scene 2: Sanae Hujii

Sanae Hujii

This scene starts just like the last, with a closeup on the Hitachi as our starlet squirms. There's a switch to a mini wand and a good shot of her stockinged legs and pantied pussy. Quick edits take us through missionary, BJ, and doggie. The camerawork is atrocious as the guy tries to hold it with one hand while taking off her dress with the other while doing her. She vibes herself while getting spooned, almost crying. Spit falls from her mouth as she blows the guy and then climbs on as he moves the camera to within an inch of her slit. More nausea inducing camera work follows until he jerks his load onto her pussy as she whimpers. The camera movement gets worse as he plays with it and then she sucks on his limp dick for good measure.

Scene 3: Yuri


This scene starts with what I assume is the guy talking about Yuri's giant boobs and poking at them. Her eyes are big and alluring as the camera flails about in their direction. The guy bounces her titties around and tweaks her nipples for a while and then she holds her pussy lips open so he can finger her very hairy hole. He presses the Hitachi into her clit while it's off and then turns it on, causing her to wince. She literally scoots back, body shaking as he uses it. She shrieks and yells. Since I don't speak Japanese I don't know if she's shrieking good things or bad things, but I get the feeling she isn't into that machine at all. He holds it against her clit with his feet and there's nowhere for her to go as she's backed herself into a corner, literally. He finally stops with that and gives her a moment to recover before he presents his limp dick to her lips. It's hard soon enough and he flexes his groin muscles to make it bounce up and down. She sucks his nuts and then moves to his asshole and the camera makes a similar movement, once again really disorienting the viewer. She fucks the guy with her big tits and again the view is wacky as her head moves in and out towards the lens. She puts the tip of his cock onto her nipple and gives him a handjob and then he goes in for more titty fucking. He gets some pussy on his cock in a few positions, as her big boobs flail around as she rides. He sticks a mostly limp peter in her in doggie and then hammers her in missionary, the camera vibrating madly until he unloads in her and then squeezes it out. Her face does not look happy in the least.

Scene 4: Airi Ai

Airi Ai

Airi appears to be the MILF in this production as they converse. There are some freaky crossfades as some guy moves into frame to play with her tits. She appears to be ticklish and the guy goes to kiss her, pixelation covering his face. She takes off her top and appears to ask if he wants the pants off too and then she removes them. She seems very embarrassed and shy to be only in her panties on camera and then she takes a shower, her body looking great. By taking a shower, I mean not a sexy porno shower but like a getting clean shower. Screen wipe to what seems to be her first blowjob ever onscreen. She giggles nervously while receiving tips or instructions and seems proud of herself as her head gets held down on the entire few inches of his cock. The licking scene goes on forever, her moving to his sac and then his ass and then back up. She titty fucks him, looking totally perplexed by the idea. She then lies back so he can finger her as she strokes his dick. Her hips buck as the Hitachi makes its appearance and then she lies on her stomach for more wanding and an anal bead stick in her ass. She acts like its the biggest few inches that have ever been inside of her once he boinks her and then she climbs on for a folded over cowgirl concept. The banter between them seems more relaxed by now and she kind of appears to like this as the camera goes sideways. An edit brings us to her jiggling jugs as she gets rammed in missionary. I guess he pulls out for a pop but its hard to tell as the camera swings around.

Final Thoughts: OMG. You can move along now. Save yourself from this nausea inducing camerawork. While the girls range from cute to pretty, it's not worth your time at all. Skip It.

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