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Hot Wife 2

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/19/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial; Wives

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Alexa Grace, Karina White Adriana Chechik, Samantha Hayes, Sean Michaels, Jason Brown, Isiah Maxwell, Rob Piper, Joss Lescaf

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Popshot Recap


Diretor Greg Lansky presents the follow up to his Hot Wife series with close to 3 hours of unforgettable interracial sex in Hot Wife 2. Alexa Grace is the featured cover girl and she has an awesome threesome in the opening scene of the flick with 2 incredibly big black cocks. She is pinned in an endless session of downward doggy from the meat providers Jason Brown and Joss Lescaf that leaves her creaming all over their cocks. That opening scene is hot but Adriana Chechik’s hard pounding 3-on-1 cock showdown with Sean Michaels, Isiah Maxwell and Jason Brown has to be the hottest scene of this flick. Adriana has been dreaming about big black cock forever and she finally lives out her fantasy in this scene full of deep stuffing DPs and blowbangs. After submitting to their long dongs, she is covered in hot cum as the guys pop in her ass hole and on her face. Karina White and Samantha Hayes give great chemistry filled performances in their scenes, especially Samantha who gets her pussy annihilated by Rob Piper in a standing cowgirl over the kitchen counter. I’ve got to give this flick a rating of highly recommended for its fantastic quality, high end production, superb lighting and sizzling hot starlets who are insatiable for big black cock.

Scene 1:  Alexa Grace, Joss Lescaf, Jason Brown

DVD cover girl Alexa Grace enjoys a hot threesome with big cock vendors Jason Brown and Joss Lescaf in this opening scene of the movie. It ends in a wet pussy creampie and a mouthful of cum that makes Alexa happy that Jason is sharing her with his friends. It all picks up where Alexa left off in Hot Wife 1 after she fucked Jason. A few months after fucking him, she broke up with her boyfriend. She hasn’t found sex as good as the sex she had with Jason. During her first week as a single girl, she sends Jason a text. He responds right away and wants to see her. He is having drinks with his friend Joss at the pool and he invites her over. She decides to join him. She bought a super sexy bikini and really wants to wear it. She joins the guys at the pool and after a few drinks, she is feeling really good. She loves the attention from the 2 guys, but things are moving really fast. The girls are getting really sexual. Alexa doesn’t know what to do but she really wants to have fun now that she broke up with her boyfriend. After all the advances from the guys, she finally gives in and lets them have their way with her. They both start kissing her and rubbing her stomach and tits. She holds on to Jason’s cock in his pants and follows the guys into the bedroom. They pick up where they left off, getting her hot and wet after lots of passionate kissing. The guys strip her out of her clothes and sandwich her standing up. Joss eats her pussy from behind and Jason fingers her. She jerks Jason’s cock, telling him she forgot how big his dick is. Now she has both dick sticks in her hands, jerking them as the guys kiss her all over her body. She tells them she wants their huge cocks inside her, but not before she starts sucking both cocks. She enjoys herself, helping herself to inches and inches of giant block cock. Joss starts fucking her face and his dick is overwhelming her mouth. Jason beats her tongue with his cock, gripping her hair in a ball as he chokes her with his solid meat.

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This scene is well lit, the cinematography is spot on and the living room backdrop is luxurious as Alexa gets her throat stretched by the guys. She gets on all fours and waits for Joss to begin stretching her pussy from behind while she works on swallowing Jason’s cock. Joss works his prick inside Alex slowly at first. She stops sucking Jason’s meat to enjoy the experience of Joss’s cock filling her up. She can’t believe how much he’s stretching her pussy. Joss monster cock is fully in her hole now and he is ramming it doggystyle, keeping Alex turned on. She stops sucking Jason’s cock and starts screaming as Joss pumps her pussy harder and faster. He crouches over her and drills her wet hole even deeper, keeping her moaning louder and louder. We get a great back end perspective on Alexa’s pussy getting pummeled by big black cock as she screams oh shit, you fuck me so good! Jason gets on the doggy train and picks up where Joss leaves off, keeping her hole stuffed. Jason fucks her for a long time then grips her around the neck and fucks her in a hard downward doggy. Alexa’s face is animated in ecstasy as the dick drilling continues. Joss is next in a big cock downward doggy that brings Alexa the most pleasure of the scene. She switches from downward doggy to cowgirl on top of Jason’s cock then lies back near the edge of the bed with both legs high up in the air as Jason continues his pussy assault, climaxing in a pussy creampie that leaves jizz sliding down Alexa’s inner thighs. She sucks Joss off until he pops in her mouth, swallowing his pride. She looks up at Jason and tells him she loves it when he shares her with his friends. Her horny nature doesn’t stop there; she fucks the guys in the pool in a hot round two session that keeps her cumming.

Scene 2:  Adriana Chechik, Isiah Maxwell, Sean Michaels, Jason Brown

Adrian enjoys the only interracial DP of the flick in a memorable threesome with hard cock masters Isiah, Sean and Jason. Adriana’s husband is not satisfying her sexually. She is so bored in her marriage she can’t take it anymore. She gets herself off watching porn, especially interracial porn. She meets a hot black producer at the gym, Isiah, and one day when her husband leaves she decides to take a chance and text him. Isiah is hanging out with Sean and Jason and he show the guys what she looks like. They talk about bringing her over and having fun. Adriana is on her way. She gets dressed in her sexiest outfit and prepares to live out one of her deepest fantasies. She goes over to Isiah’s house and he welcomes her into the living room where Sean and Jason are sitting. Isiah rubs her legs and tells her to relax. He really enjoyed the dirty texts she sent. Adriana is worried about the other guys in the room. They tell her not to worry about them at all. She starts to get more comfortable and puts on a strip show for the guys. She strips down to her sexy lingerie and she can’t believe she’s doing this but she’s enjoying it at the same time. Isiah keeps her warmed up, rubbing her pussy with his fingers and kissing her while the other 2 guys watch and enjoy. Soon Sean joins in on the action, working his fingers all around her pussy while Isiah works on her tits and lips.

They decide to take the action upstairs to the bedroom where Adriana let’s go of all her inhibitions. She drops to her knees and puts Isiah’s big dick in her mouth, working it back and forth over her tongue. While she enjoys his hard cock, Jason and Sean walk up, putting their big dicks in her face. Adriana isn’t so sure about this at first, but Isiah assures her she can handle them all. In no time, Adriana is staring at 3 monster cocks lined up in a row and that’s when her mouth goes into overtime, swallowing each dick. She gags and gurgles as Sean tells her to go deeper on his meat. This 3-way blowbang is hot to watch as Adriana tries her best to keep up with each hard prick. The guys make her dribble and drool then Isiah puts her in doggy position on the bed. He opens and stretches her pussy from behind while Jason feeds her throat. She is finally getting the big dick attention she has fantasized about for so long. Sean drills next, commenting on how tight Adrian’s pussy is as he keeps filling it from behind. Soon Jason takes his turn and it becomes a 3-way roulette of hard cock in and out of her pussy.  This is the hottest scene of this Hot Wife flick with the way Adriana is submissive and takes the guys cocks, with the way the scene is shot and with the quality of the film. Things go off the charts when Adriana’s ass hole becomes the next target for the guys’ cocks. Sean is first in, plugging her little ass hole doggystyle with Jason’s dick lodged down her throat. After Sean makes her ass hole gape, Isiah finds his way inside her, keeping her ass hole stretched and ready for the next round of cock. While still in doggy position, Adriana gets the experience of her life, taking 2 hugs cocks at the same time, starting with Jason in her pussy and Sean in her ass cowgirl style. She begs the guys to fuck her slow as their black sticks pump her holes like pistons. There are great closeups of Adriana’s pussy and ass as she yells out how full her holes are. Isiah and Sean fill her holes next cowgirl style and Sean makes her ass hole gape as he pulls in and out of it. The cowgirl DP gets harder and faster as the guys’ cocks disappear in her holes. Adriana’s throat is full of Jason’s meat too and she can bare breathe in this 3 cock showdown. After the incredible fast pumping DP, Adriana lies on her back, telling the guys to use her asshole to cum. She keeps her legs back over her shoulders as both Isiah and Sean fuck her ass hole until they shoot their loads all over her pussy. Jason cums on her face and she begs for cum all over her body.

Scene 3:   Samantha Hayes and Rob Piper

Samantha has been married for a year now and enjoys a great lifestyle with her very successful husband. She gets whatever she wants with him and her husband loves to hear her stories about fucking other guys. Her husband wants to hear all the dirty details. One day, she sits in the bathtub and tells her husband all about the sex she just had with one guy. She tells him she wishes he was there to watch the whole thing as the guy made her cum so much. Samantha masturbates in the tub as she tells her husband all about her exciting sexual adventures. That’s when she recalls the whole thing. She walks into the kitchen with Rob. He pins her up against the wall and she tells him she wants it rough and she wants him to dominate her with his big black cock. She wants to be his dirt little slut. He bends her over the kitchen counter in standing doggy position and spanks her ass, making her cheeks red. She promises to be a good girl as he starts slapping her ass. He stands her up, kisses her passionately then makes her lie on top of the counter, over the edge so she can suck his cock. She can’t believe how big it is as it slides further and further down her throat. Samantha is oozing gobs and gobs of spit as Rob fucks her throat. Her drool is draining down the sides of the kitchen cabinets in an incredible throat fuck.

 Rob grabs hold of her and fucks her unbelievable hard in a standing cowgirl that keeps her screaming. She holds on to his shoulders as he fills her pussy. She creams out how good his dick feels inside her. They leave the kitchen and fuck missionary style in the bedroom. Samantha looks up at him with a smile on her face as he fills her up. She wants to be his little sex slave and she enjoys his meat inside her. We get a close up shot of the balls deep fucking that’s happen as Rob’s dick completely stretches and fills Samantha’s tight little pussy. Doggystyle and downward doggy happen in succession and Samantha is beside herself. Lots of great camera angles and closeups here help put Samantha’s pussy pounding front and center. Her best moment comes when she rides Rob’s cock cowgirl style, enjoying every inch of his hard meat. He drills her missionary style again then pulls out to feed her a huge cum load. He pops in her wide open mouth, filling it up with jizz. Samantha sucks his cock, swallowing all his load.

Scene 4:  Karina White, Jason Brown

Karina reminisces about her vacation because that’s where it all happened. She drove to the hotel by herself because her boyfriend wouldn’t be arriving until the next day. Karina decides to enjoy her time at the hotel before her boyfriend arrives. She puts on her sexy bathing suit and sits out by the pool, having a drink. Jason joins her at the pool and starts flirting with her. She can’t believe how much fun she is having, especially when things heat up between the 2. Karina takes him back to her hotel room and tells him she wants him so bad. Jason spanks her ass while she admires how huge his cock is. She has never had one this big before. She strips out of her bathing suit and continues to kiss him. Then she decides to eat some meat, getting on her knees and putting his thick stick in her mouth. She jerks it back and forth and sucks on it, moving it in and out of her mouth. Once he lies on his back on the bed, Karina really enjoys his dick, telling him how big it is and how much she wants him inside her so bad. She licks his balls before sitting on his dick cowgirl style. She enjoys how big his dick is, filling her tight wet hole and she is creaming all over his dick. She sucks up the cream in a pussy to mouth fest then lies on her side for a deep drilling spoon fuck.

Karina lies on her back and really enjoys getting her pussy slammed the way Jason is doing it. She is about to cum from his deep dive in her pussy. After sucking all of her pussy juices off of his cock, she gets into doggy position and order him to fuck her tight little pussy. Jason jams every inch of his meat in her hole, making Karina cum and scream how much she loves his cock. The sex between these 2 is passionate and Karina is cumming a second time as Jason stuffs her hole. He pulls out at the last second and shoots a big load all over her mouth, neck and tits.

Final Thoughts:

Award winning director Greg Lansky brings fans another string of sizzling hot starlets who are insatiable for big black cock. It all happens in his Hot Wife 2 flick that includes close to 3 hours of incredible sex. With starlets like Adriana Chechik, this movie has got to be good. Adriana delivers the heat in her 3-on-1 fuck session with big dong daddies Isiah Maxwell, Sean Michaels and Jason Brown. She gets the award for best scene of the flick with her submissive DPs and throat bangs that leave her creaming and cumming. In the end, she is covered in cum and has her ass hole stuffed with jizz.  DVD cover girl Alexa Grace has a hot threesome with Jason Brown and Joss Lescaf in what has to be the best nonstop round of downward doggy yet. She is a wet creamy mess when the guys blow their loads on her. Karina White and Samantha Hayes round out the film in their BBC sex fest with Rob Piper and Jason Brown. Each girl has great chemistry with her meat man, especially Samantha who gets her pussy annihilated by Rob Piper in a standing cowgirl over the kitchen counter. This flick gets a highly recommended rating from me for Lansky’s consistent delivery of high end, visually appealing porn with horny, hot starlets who are insatiable for big black cock.

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