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First Anal 2

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/19/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Anal; All Sex; First Anal

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: JoJo Kiss, Anya Olsen, Goldie Rush, Joseline Kelly, Christian Clay, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Popshot Recap; Website Info


It’s hard to give a Greg Lansky flick a bad review because he has become a master at showcasing passionate, intimate sex on film. His production quality is always the best possible ever with expansive luxurious scenery, impeccable lighting and interesting storylines. What’s even more exciting in his flick is his choice of starlets who truly enjoy fucking on film. All of these elements come together again for Lansky in his flick First Anal 2 which is 2 hours and 30 minutes of first time anal starlets getting their ass hole plundered by hard, fast pumping cocks. In this second installment of the hot series, Lansky showcases JoJo Kiss, Anya Olsen, Goldie Rush and Joseline Kelly in four scenes with prick appearances from Christian Clay, Markus Dupree and Mick Blue, an all-star cock cast. JoJo is the first to get her ass hole visited in the flick and it’s Christian’s cock that knocks and enters deep inside her sphincter. Anya and Markus enjoy a sneaky anal romance when his sister leaves them alone in the house. Goldie’s scene with Mick may just be the hottest one of the flick. It starts with Goldie bent over Mick’s office desk getting spanked. Soon, he is spanking her ass hole with his dick stick, sending her into writhing ecstasy. After a car accident in her mother’s car, Joseline is scared to death and tries to explain to Christian that she is so sorry about smashing into his car. He punishes her for her bad behavior, bending her over his knees in a spank session followed by an anal introduction that has Joseline screaming in ecstasy. I highly recommend Lansky’s My First Anal 2. It’s another enjoyable study in hardcore anal sex on screen that knocks it out of the park in many categories.

Scene 1:  JoJo Kiss and Christian Clay

JoJo Kiss has her ass hole opened by cock for the first time in this scene with Christian Clay and it all begins with a freaky blowjob in his expensive car. When the scene opens, JoJo tells us she has been babysitting for Christian for a while now and she really enjoys it. He is so rich and always leaves her a big tip. He offered to take her home one night and it is the first time JoJo is alone with him. When they arrived at her house, there was an awkward moment and the sparks begin to fly between these 2. Before JoJo knows it, she is blowing him off in the car, sucking his cock. She really enjoyed it and eventually gets out of the car and goes inside her house. She felt bad at first but soon got over it. A week later, Christian’s wife was out of town and he comes home early from work. As soon as she sees him, she knows what’s going to happen. He joins her on the couch and the sparks fly again. They start making out and JoJo tells him she has been wanting this for so long. She hasn’t stopped thinking about the blowjob she gave him in the car and she’s ready to do it again. She wants his cock back in her mouth right now and helps him strip his pants off, grabs his hard dick and stars licking his shaft. She puts it in her mouth and sucks it. She is in love with his cock, licking, sucking and slurping all over it. She can barely fit it all the way in her mouth because it’s so big. She kneels on all fours as he drives his dick further and further down her throat, making her gag now. She’s making a mess all over his prick and she’s enjoying it.

She enjoys getting her pussy eaten even more, lying on her back and opening her legs wide as he wags his tongue back and forth across her wet hole. She really gets a thrill when Christian tongues her tight ass hole. He makes it gape then drives his wet tongue deep in her ass hole. He licks her holes back and forth from ass hole to pussy then back, getting her wet for his cock. He penetrates her pussy first, giving JoJo shivers. The camera work gets intimate now, zooming in closely on JoJo’s tight wet pussy as Christian’s cock pumps in and out of it. He fills her snatch up balls deep. With her pussy stretched, JoJo is ready to experience anal for the first time. She stays in missionary positions and tells Christian she wants it in her ass. He works the head of his dick in her ass hole slowly, then picks up the pace, fucking drilling her ass hole faster and faster. JoJo can’t believe the way his cock is opening up her ass hole now that it’s almost all the way in. Her ass hole is gaping wide open from his big hard cock. He tells her to keep her eyes on him but JoJo is cumming now from the anal romance. There is a hot front on shot of JoJo lying on her back, pulling her ass cheeks back and watching Christian’s cock go back and forth in her gaping ass hole. She calls him daddy as his piston does it job, filling and stretching her ass hole to its limits. JoJo is a greedy cocksucker and when Christian pulls his cock out of her ass, she grabs it and sucks it in ATM fashion, slurping up all of her ass juices.

The anal exploration continues as JoJo sits on his hard stick cowgirl style. Christian continues to pump her ass hole, making her moan in ecstasy. The best part of JoJo anal introduction is when she is in doggy position and Christian squats over her and pounds her ass hole. She screams please keep fucking my ass hole daddy and thank you so much daddy for fucking me in the ass! JoJo is in anal ecstasy and her first time is better than she imagined. Christian fucks her ass hole in a downward doggy that keeps her in deep pleasure. She begs to taste his cum and this sets Christian into overdrive, pumping her ass faster than any time before until he pulls out and pops in her open mouth, filling her tongue with cum. She swallows his load then looks at him and says thank you daddy. She asks him if he likes fucking babysitters’ ass holes. Christian responds that he loves it.

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Scene 2:  Anya Olsen and Markus Dupree

The start of Anya’s scene begins with gorgeous outside views then cuts inside to Anya and her friend Sophie studying for a big test. Sophie’s brother, Markus, is home for the weekend and Anya is turned on by him. She is so surprised and turned on to see him. In the middle of studying, Sophie realizes she can get all the answers to the homework from her friend but she’s got to go get it from her because everything is on paper. Sophie tells Anya to finish up chapter 5 while she goes to get the answers. Anya promises to do that, but as soon as Sophie leaves, Anya realizes this is her shot at fucking Markus. She gets bold, walks into the living room where Markus is sitting and tells him that she wants him to fuck her right now. Anya drops her clothes, leaving her revealing lingerie on and she starts kissing him. She tells him she has wanted this for so long. Markus starts kissing and licking her nipples, driving her nuts. He turns her around and puts her on all fours and he goes to work on her ass hole. Markus tongues her tight crevice, opening her sphincter up. She looks back at him and tells him to keep eating her ass hole you dirty boy. Markus switches his tongue for his finger and fingers her tight hole then licks her from stem to stern before lashing her ass hole with his tongue again. Anya is writhing in ecstasy and lies on her back for more tongue whacking. Markus spreads her legs all the way open and back and stays focused on her wet ass hole. He stands up and Anya pulls off his pants, revealing his already stiff prick. She marvels at it then grips it and puts it in her mouth. As she is jerking and sucking it, Markus grips her around the head, holding it in place then fucks her mouth.

Anya has wanted this for so long, she is really enjoying sucking his dick. He lies on his back and she grips his meat with both hands, working it in and out of her hot, wet mouth. She keeps her eyes pinned on his while his dick slips back and forth over his tongue. He introduces his hard cock to her wet pussy in missionary position. Anya has her legs back to her eyes and Markus fills her hole up with his dick. She creams all over his cock and when he fingers her, she squirts all over his hands. Markus licks up her squirt juices then she begs him to fuck her ass hole. She’s ready for an anal lesson now. She takes cock up the ass for the first time in missionary position with her legs stretched back. Markus aims for her ass hole and sends his dick deep inside. Once he starts thrusting in and out of her hole, Anya begs him not to stop. She can’t believe she is getting fucked up the ass right now. There are lots of close ups on her ass hole as Markus’ cock stretches it open. She gets into a sidewinder with his dick wedged deep in her ass hole then she takes it even deep on all fours in doggy position. Markus goes all the way in as he squats over top of her ass hole and takes his prick on a deep dive expedition of her ass hole. The drilling advances to balls deep and it has Anya moaning in pleasure. She looks back at his cock as it slips in and out of her all wet ass hole. She takes charge, telling him she wants to ride his cock. She takes on his pipe in reverse cowgirl position, loving the way it feels as she bounces up and down on it. Anya does ass to mouth then climbs back on top of his tower for more reverse cowgirl drilling. Markus stands up and jerks his dick until he cums all over her smiling face and in her mouth. She puts his cock in her mouth and swallows the cum that’s all over it.

Scene 3:   Goldie Rush and Mick Blue

Goldie’s first anal begins with a hot submissive scene in her teacher’s office where she gets her ass spanked over his desk. Goldie is a gorgeous college student who has always had a thing for older guys. As far as she is concerned, guys her age and just inexperienced. She has always been attracted to older guys. She has a thing for her German teacher Mick at school and she has been fantasizing about him. He is strict and she loves that but she also thinks he’s a pervert. One day, she decides to stop by his office and tell him about her fantasy. She is so scared and nervous because she doesn’t know how he’s going to react. She’s also turned on by the whole thing. Mick stares at her and doesn’t say anything at first, then he looks her in the eyes and asks her if this is really what she wants. She says yes. He orders her to bend over his desk. Mick flips up her short skirt and spanks her ass again and again, hard with long intervals in between. Every time his hand hits her ass hole she gets more and more wet. He pins her face to the desk and spanks her over and over again. She loves it when he is in charge this way. After lots of spankings that make her ass cheeks turn red, he pulls her G-string off and fingers her tight wet pussy. He tells her to open her legs wide. He starts rubbing her ass hole and Goldie calls him sir while he does it. In no time, his fingers are plummeting in and out of her tight ass hole as she is bent over doggystyle on his desk. Then she lies on her back on the desk and gets fingered even more. They go to his bedroom where the domination continues. Goldie is a submissive little student who is getting turned on with every command Mick gives her. He tells her that her pussy is going to be nice and wet for him today.


He lies her on her back and starts fingering her wet pussy as she holds her legs wide open. He takes his finger from her pussy to her ass hole, stretching both open and making them wet. She can’t believe this is happening because nobody has done this to her before. Mick starts eating her pussy while he fingers her ass hole at the same time. This sets Goldie off into a firestorm of ecstasy that causes her to thank him for making her feel so good. Just like a good little girl, she begs him to please put his hard cock in her mouth. He puts his finger in her mouth first, making her lick up her ass juices off of it. Then he gives her what she wants, a hard cock in her mouth. Goldie is happy now as she starts sucking his dick. She is bent over on all fours to enjoy his meat. Mick grips her behind the head and fucks her throat until she drools all over his cock and the bed. Gobs and gobs of spit drain down his shaft and balls as she gets her throat pried open by his hard long cock. He lies on his back and orders her to keep sucking his cock. She takes commands well and tries to deep throat his hard meat. He tells her to lie on her back and spread her pussy open. She does as he commands then he starts fingering and spanking her clit, making her shake. She tells him she wants his cock inside her now and she wants him to take advantage of her. While she is in missionary position, Mick rubs his cock back and forth across her clit, teasing her until she can’t take it anymore then he sticks it in her wet hole, making her giggle at first then moan in pleasure. The camera zooms in close on Mick’s rod drilling her wet pussy. She orders him to use her pussy and teach her everything he knows. Mick does just that, pumping and drilling her harder and deeper.

The missionary fucking between these two is hot and passionate and Goldie is loving the way Mick is using her pussy. Goldie’s anal introduction happens while he’s on her back. Mick opens her tight ass hole up with his cock lever, prying it open wider and wider. While she is under the spell of a cock in her ass, he spoon fucks it, keeping it stretched. Goldie gets on all fours and enjoys his prick gliding in and out of her ass hole. She thanks him for teaching her how to take cock in her ass hole. She loves the way his balls feel as they spank her pussy while his dick drills her ass hole. Mick squats on top of her doggystyle and sends his dick into a tailspin in her ass. After a sloppy ATM, Goldie sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position for more anal romance. She fingers her clit while Mick’s dick does the work deep in her ass. He’s ready to pop and he stands up quickly and jerks off in her face until he shoots his load in her mouth and all over her cheeks. She accepts one final jizz bomb on her tongue then jerks and sucks his cock, telling him she swallowed all his cum. She licks her fingers then his balls and dick, being sure to drink any left over spunk.

Scene 4:  Joseline Kelly and Christian Clay

Joseline closes out the flick in this final scene with Christian. The scene opens with a gorgeous view of the beach. Cut to Joseline who is lying in bed in her lingerie remembering the accident she had in her mother’s car. She took the car without her permission and lands in an accident, totaling her mother’s car. She hits Christian’s car in the accident and she is scared out of her wits. She doesn’t know what to do. She meets Christian at his house and tries to explain to him that it was an accident and she felt peer pressure. He tells her there is no excuse for what she did and she must be punished. Joseline doesn’t know what he means by this until he bends her over his knees, flips up her skirt and starts spanking her round ass cheeks. She is in shock at first and can’t believe he’s doing this, but as her cheeks get more and more red, she realizes that she is getting turned on by the whole thing. He tells her she is a bad girl and he spanks her over and over, standing her up and gripping and spanking her ass cheeks. The chemistry between these 2 is hot and the action heats up as they enjoy each other’s bodies. She licks his check while he wraps his belt around her neck, continuing the spanking the whole time.

Joseline wastes no time pulling Christian’s cock out of his pants. It’s hard already and she starts jerking it off then drops to her knees to suck him off. Christian sits on the couch and when she puts his dick back in her mouth, he starts fucking her throat with it, making her gag and drool all over his meat. Joseline is happy Christian decided to teach her a lesson because of her bad behavior and she continues to work his pole in and out of her hot mouth. After licking on his balls, Christian helps her onto all fours and starts licking and smacking on her ass hole. He fingers her pussy while his tongue drills her tight ass. She loves the way he’s being so dirty with her. He spits in her ass hole, making it all wet. Christian works his prick into her pussy in doggy position, gripping her ass cheek while his cock opens up her snatch. He pulls out and eats her ass hole again then penetrates her pussy in another round of hard fast doggystyle fucking. Joseline closes her eyes in pure pleasure as he manhandles her tight wet hole. Christian eats her ass hole over and over again then squats over top of it while she stays on all fours. He drills her ass hole from above, going deeper and deeper in with each stroke. She screams out that it’s so big, it’s so big.

Before long, Christian’s cock is all the way inside Joseline’s tight ass. She turns around and gets into a greedy ass to mouth cock sucking session then sits on top of his dick in reverse cowgirl position, taking it up her gaping ass hole. This reverse cowgirl fuck is the hottest part of the scene as Joseline remains in control at first, but the action sizzles when Christian’s dick goes into overdrive, pumping her ass hole hard and fast from below. She is in anal ecstasy and can’t stop moaning and groaning. He spoon fucks her ass hole even deeper than before then pulls out and blows his load all over her tongue. Joseline is a cum whore and greedily swallows then licks his cock all over, drinking up the cum dripping off his shaft.

Final Thoughts:

First Anal 2 gets a review of highly recommend from me and once you watch it, you’ll see why. It’s another sizzling hot anal fuck fest from the mind of Greg Lansky and it’s a turn on to watch. What’s different about this anal flick is the starlets are experiencing anal romance for the first time and loving it. Their virgin ass holes are left gaping and the girls are left screaming out in ecstasy as their tight sphincters are visited by hard thrusting cocks. Lansky has set the stage high for hot sex on film that includes expansive luxurious scenery, impeccable lighting and interesting storylines. He also gets some of the hottest girls in the business who want nothing more than to cum and squirt on film and we get those girls in this flick. In this second installment of the hot series, Lansky showcases JoJo Kiss, Anya Olsen, Goldie Rush and Joseline Kelly in four scenes that run over 2 hours and 30 minutes, featuring anal introductions to the hard rods of an all star cock cast in Christian Clay, Markus Dupree and Mick Blue. JoJo’s first anal is with Christian and she thanks him for a deep penetrating session up her ass. Anya and Markus get into a sneaky anal romance when his sister leaves them alone in the house that’s a pleasure to watch. The best scene of the flick goes to Goldie and Mick. This hot scene starts with an incredibly intense spanking session with Goldie bent over Mick’s desk. She wants to be dominated by her teacher and he teaches her ass hole a hard lesson with his big stick. Joseline ends the flick in an anal romance with Christian after a car accident lands her across his lap for a bad girl spanking and fucking. I highly recommend Lansky’s First Anal 2. He doesn’t disappoint in this hardcore showcase of anal sex.

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