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Feral Woman, The

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/19/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Genres: Couples, Feature, Threesomes, Fauxcest

Director: Craven Moorehead
Writer/Producer: Bree Mills



Cast: Alexis Fawx, Nina Elle, Elsa Jean, Alex Grey, Gina Valentina, Tommy Gunn, Seth Gamble, Jessy Jones

Length: 2 hours 16 minutes    

Date of Release: September 23, 2016

Extras: Trailer for Revenge Fuck, 21:35  minute BTS, Scene By Scene Slideshows

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent capture and presentation in anamorphic widescreen of four well-lit scenes. Outstanding audio if you pay attention to the tiny background audio insertions and voiceovers.

Overview: Four scenes from prettydirty.com are on this disc. The first and last scenes are two parts of the same story (The Feral Woman); the middle two scenes are unrelated to the title. Detailed in the scenes below is the setup for each story, but this is not a traditional feature story, so there aren't a lot of plot details in each story so feel free to read through it. It won't spoil anything you didn't see coming. It's mostly just sex with a quick setup.

Scene 1: Gina Valentina & Seth Gamble "The Feral Woman"

Gina plays a feral woman that was found in the woods. Nina and Seth are a couple who haven't been able to get pregnant and they arrange to adopt the wild girl. The adoption agent brings Gina to the door and after about a minute he leaves the girl with her new parents. Who knew adoption was this easy?

Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina

Nina's off at the store clothes shopping for her new daughter and Gina attacks Seth on the couch. He tries to calm the wild girl but he realizes he'll lose this battle once she's slobbering all over his cock. Gina is definitely my favorite newcomer, she just demands your attention onscreen. Here, she plays a wild woman who doesn't talk, just uses animal grunts and seems to love wild, animalistic sex. She plays the part expertly, and with total abandon. Her eyes and facial expressions make you believe she's been living in the wilderness. Her sexual prowess makes you believe she was raised by a group of pornographers living in the woods with her.

Gina Valentina

She sucks and fucks Seth amazingly. She has the inate ability to always find her light and always seems aware of the camera placements and how best to play to them. Her ass is amazing as she rides her cockstar, two fingers in her ass hole. She basically has her way with her new dad, and well into the scene Seth jumps out of his loving, caring, new-father role and figures out he should just fuck her with as much abandon as she's been fucking him with. Normally, all the screaming and grunting would drive me crazy, but it really works here to show off the animalistic side of the sex they are having. Seth smacks her ass, pulls her hair and fucks her throat. She loves every minute of it. Here, the sex is the story and these two perform in a stunning fashion. It's a totally hot scene to watch.

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Scene 2: Alex Grey & Tommy Gunn "Dad I'm Not A virgin"

Alex Grey

Alex is masturbating to porn (fun fact: she's watching "Feral Woman" online) when her stepdad calls to see how she's doing in her new place. (The record scratch sound on the soundtrack as she realizes her dad's on the phone while she's watching porn is a nice touch.) He's feeling a little down about his recent divorce and wants to visit her. She thinks that's a great idea and he heads over. (Another nice touch is how she shoves the lube and buttplug collection into the nightstand drawer as she answers her studio apartment door.) The two sit and chat for a bit and then Alex puts the moves on dear ol' dad.

Tommy can't resist his little angel as she gets naked and reaches into his pants, then puts his cock in her mouth. She may have the face of an angel, but her mind is in the gutter as she puts her snatch on his mouth in a 69 while talking dirty daddy talk. She flips her long blonde hair around expertly to keep her face clear for the camera as the pair go at it. She whimpers adorably as Tommy takes her, making her cum a number of times. This little jewel is a joy to watch. The camera work here, along with the lighting really showcase these two performers well. Her dirty talk is great as she works her stepdad's cock with her mouth and her tight little twat. She's got some great moves, and Tommy snickers a couple of times giving me the impression that even he's impressed with her abilities. Her pussy is obviously wet, you can see her juices glistening off his rod as she rides him. Her eyes look amazing as she begs for, and receives, a load to her face.

Alex Grey

Alex is a hot newcomer, one that will probably get nominations like "too pretty for porn" as well as "hottest newcomer". This is another super-sizzling scene.

Scene 3: Alexis Fawx, Elsa Jean & Jessy Jones "Boyfriend Bait"

Elsa and Jessy are in her room, getting ready to fuck when her stepmom comes home. Jessy mentions to Elsa that her mom is hot and Elsa admits she thinks of fucking her a lot. She convinces her boyfriend that her mom's a slut and she wants to film him fucking her mom so she can masturbate to it later. They come up with a plan to seduce her.

Alexis and Elsa

Alexis takes the bait quickly enough and is soon showing Jessy how to please a woman. She's starting to suspect he's not as inexperienced as he claimed once he's plunging his long cock into her in doggie. Alexis, as always, fucks like a champion and Jessy loves her warm hole. Meanwhile, Elsa has snuck in the room and is filming bedside while masturbating. Her mom is in the throes of passion until Elsa blurts out "it's so hot" and Alexis tries to make up an excuse. Elsa doesn't want to hear that, she's a little slut devil and wants to help mom suck and fuck her boyfriend. Alexis is already warmed up so it doesn't take much convincing to get busy with her stepdaughter and her boyfriend.

Alexis and Elsa

Once Elsa's naked it becomes a hot kitten and cougar mom and daughter team. It isn't one of those awkward threesomes where somebody gets sidelined. It's an intertwining of cooperation amongst everyone. Jessy gets the best of two worlds here. Big-breasted MILF and dirty-talking little spinner. The chemistry between the two ladies could win a Nobel prize as "mom" realizes this is an elaborate ruse and that these two have definitely done this before. She doesn't care at this point as Elsa licks her expertly while getting dicked from behind. Now that she's onboard with the game she needs some dick and the two girls lay atop each other so he can swap between snatches. As if that wasn't hot enough Alexis switches to a 69 so she can get dicked and licked simultaneously while Jessy dips his rod into her daughter's mouth. He pulls out and spews all over Alexis' pussy lips, which drizzles down to the daughter's mouth and then he finishes cumming inside of her mom and she squeezes it out onto her daughter's face.

Alexis and Elsa

Wow. super-hot stepmom and daughter threesome action. Superbly captured, and the chemistry is awesome.

Scene 4: Gina Valentina, Nina Elle & Seth Gamble "Feral Woman Part 2"

Gina and Nina

Nina's bathing Gina and Gina gets frisky, pulling her into the water and licking her big boobs. Nina, like her husband, tries to fend the wilderness girl off gently, but also succumbs to the animalistic nature of the wild child. Seth brings in some towels for the girls and is taken aback at the craziness going on in the tub but he's obviously ready for some more of Gina's snatch and suggests that if the girl needs some human contact that they hit the bedroom and do some banging.

The girls waste no time on the bed before making out and Gina tears off Seth's pants with her teeth. She wants some cock in her mouth and Nina is a helpful wife, holding the girl's hair as she slobs her hubby's knob. There's some funny banter between the couple as Gina goes to town on his cock. Once again, Gina stays in character as the wild girl while the big-boobed MILF eats her pussy while riding her husband. Again, the chemistry between the girls is unbelievable as Nina watches Gina just fuck the hell out of her husband. Seth just starts tossing out requests like "lick her pussy" "suck my cock" while Nina compliments the wild girl on her skills. It's a crazy display of animalistic sex that is totally hot to watch.

Gina and Nina

Nina's eye contact with Seth is off the charts hot as he nails Gina from behind. How Seth (and/or the film crew) didn't have to call a time out during this intense scene is impressive. At one point, Seth fucks Nina in missionary while Gina sits on Nina's face and licks her foot. Rubbing, grinding, grunting, moaning, pulling, poking. It's a very intense three-way, even topping the last one. Nina telling Seth to cum all over their new daughter's face is a demand he immediately complies with.

Gina and Nina

Cover vs. Content: The front cover looks fairly hokey. It gives you no idea of what is really waiting for you on the disc. Content trumps cover.

Final Thoughts: Excellent. These scenes are impressive from start to finish. The lighting is great, the camera movements are fluid, the editing is done nicely. The performances from everyone are great. This disc will have appeal to just about anyone. Whether you are into MILF's, big boobs, newbies, veterans, little spinners, threesomes, fauxcest, etc. this disc has your bases covered. If you're looking to kill some time by yourself, this will work. If you're looking to share an evening as a couple this will work.

There's attention paid to seemingly insignificant details here, and that matters to some of us. The girls are hot, the guys are impressive. The extras aren't great, but at least they included a BTS and separated the slideshows. Pretty Dirty used some nice audio and video plugs for themselves here, and it actually adds to the scenes rather than seeming hokey. Nice title all around. Recommended (bordering on Highly Recommended). I just wish they would have had The Feral Woman as four parts rather than thrown in the non-related scenes. Perhaps they plan on releasing more episodes of that on their website.

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