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Future Angels 3

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/24/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Gonzo

Director: Mimefreak



Cast: Summer Day, Kimmy Granger, Kandace Kayne, Jenna Foxx, Mr. Pete, Criss Strokes, Markus Dupree, James Deen

Length: 2 hours 9 minutes    

Date of Release: October 7, 2016

Extras: 16:34 Minute BTS, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in hi-def and presented in anamorphic widescreen. Audio is crisp and clear. There are some visual anomalies, mostly present in Kandace's scene. They aren't really focus issues, you just have to see them to understand what I'm talking about, when I first saw them I had to rewatch them to make sure it wasn't my eyes playing tricks on me.

Overview: Mimefreak showcases four hot up and comers in the third installment of this series. Each scene starts with a short tease and the girl introducing herself and continues with hot action. You definitely don't want to miss Kimmy's closing scene, and if you haven't seen Kandace before then this might be one of your only chances.

Scene 1. Kandace Kayne, Mr. Pete

Kandace Kayne
Kandace is teasing in a black onesie lingerie, in my favorite "porn house". You know the one, with the pink glass wall. A voiceover tells us a bit about her and what she's into as she slowly shows off her assets. Mimefreak does a good job splitting his time between wide and close shots showing off this blonde beauty from Buffalo. Mr. Pete strolls in and starts kissing on the buxom babe and sticks his tongue in her ass. Pete starts off by fucking Kandace's mouth, which she handles with no problems. She's wet and ready to get her cowgirl on and they go at it, couch squeaking.

Kandace Kayne

Mr. Pete gives the girl some directions to watch the sex as his dick goes in her, and she loves it. Her talents on top are apparent as she varies her rhythms. The camera gets in close for a fluid-sloshing finger fucking and pulls back for some doggie dicking; Kandace's boobs bouncing as she gets balled. Mr. Pete takes her pussy however he feels like it, and she's an accommodating partner, making good eye contact. Her smile is wide as she rides in reverse, ass slapping his thighs. That gets the guy all worked up and he dicks her hard in doggie, her face pressed into the couch with his foot until he pops all over her pretty face.

I've seen about half of Kandace's eight credited titles, and I'm not sure I'll get to see anymore. I love to watch this girl do her thing, but sadly she abruptly left the industry one day about a month ago.

There are some visual anomalies here that I asked Mimefreak about on twitter, and he was kind enough to admit he's aware of them, and they pissed him off, and that it was a camera setting that was the cause.

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Scene 2. Jenna J Foxx, Criss Strokes

Jenna J Foxx

Jenna shows off her awesome body in a bikini by the pool as she introduces herself and tells us what she likes. She does some more slinking around on a settee inside and Criss walks in, dick out of his pants, erect. He gets it right in between her big titties immediately and then she shows off her throat fucking technique. Criss takes some time to spank her pretty ass and then covers it in oil so he can rub his cock between her cheeks before he plunges her pussy. We get great visuals of her shining ass as she gets pumped from behind and Criss can't resist exploring her butt hole with his finger.

Jenna J Foxx

She's still wearing her bikini as she climbs on top for a bit of a romp, and he's wearing a baseball cap which I found to be a total mood killer for me. She gets some more oil applied and she sloshes it around between her pussy lips with her fingers. Criss gives her some more ass teasing and then pumps her as she lies on her side. The hot little Hawaiian's body looks heavenly as she gets screwed in spoon and then she spreads her legs wide so she can get her holes licked. Criss thrusts into her in missionary as she sits on the edge of the couch rubbing her clit until she orgasms. She begs for his load on her tits and holds them together as best she can while she squirms and writhes while she gets hammered, teeth clenched, screaming. She looks very pleased as she's covered in cum.

Scene 3. Summer Day, Markus Dupree

Summer teases by a waterfall telling us about how she likes anal and that she fucked 300 frat guys her first year in college. Wait, what? Yep, I rewound it...yep, she said that. I've never seen this future angel before, but with that statement she set the bar for her upcoming bout with Markus pretty high...let's see how it plays out.

Summer Day

He starts by licking her from the rear and a few seconds later her pretty face is pressed into the back of the couch as he holds her hair and hammers into her. He holds her head down with his heel as he slides in and out of her. She likes that and takes some time to suck his toe. Her eyes are bright and her smile shines as she gets pulled into standing while Markus rams her. She's like a clay model, bending into whatever position her partner places her in. Her eyes stay open and focused on his as he rams his cock in and out of her throat.

Summer Day

Her panties get peeled off and stuffed in her mouth as she gets used like a sex doll. The expression on her face is priceless, almost daring him to try to find a position she hasn't been penetrated in before. I'm starting to believe the 300 frat guy thing wasn't an exaggeration. She's incredibly easy on the eyes and about the time I thought she was going to remain totally passive in every position she starts pumping in cowgirl, but only for a moment. She goes right back into foldable fuck doll mode. She seems to get turned on when Markus slaps and chokes her while fucking her furiously. He spends a lot of time seeing just how many ways he can penetrate her face and fuckhole before finally popping on her face.

Wow, she may be a totally passive lay but she's totally fun to watch and the smile never leaves her face.
Scene 4. Kimmy Granger, James Deen

Kimmy Granger

Kimmy shows off her long legs on a sectional couch. She stares into the lens with her pretty eyes as she slinks around. Her tease continues on a stair landing where James joins her and sticks his hand into her bikini bottoms, her long leg stretching onto the banister. Those bottoms are quickly gone and James fingers her quickly making her squirt all over the floor. She's a wild woman giving a squatting, sloppy BJ as James holds her head on his cock with a belt. He leashes her with that belt and leads her upstairs and starts fucking her on the top of the stairs. She pumps onto him actively, standing up which causes him some trouble because she's taller than he is, but he stands on his toes and hammers her while pulling her into a more manageable pose.

Kimmy Granger

The two walk around, Kimmy stretching her legs as they fuck continuously. The camera gets great shots from below as these two just bone the hell out of each other. Somehow they manage to get into a bedroom without pausing the action and  Kimmy crawls onto the bed while James licks her from behind and she grips the sheets in a quivering orgasm. The two stare at each other, having great chemistry as James jackhammers her and she cums again. The two grind and grope as they roll from one position into another, Kimmy showing off why she's a fast rising starlet. It's a fast moving fuckfest and it's impressive that Mimefreak keeps up with the action so well without getting kicked in the face or something. Kimmy picks up the pace of her dirty talking, making the scene sizzle even more as her whole body convulses in multiple orgasms. She bends James over, going from bottom to top in a snake like movement while just fucking him in an almost trance like state while she cums over and over. Her pussy can't take any more and she wants him to drain his nuts all down her throat, and he does.

Kimmy Granger

Wow, folks, that was a super intense session.

Cover vs. Content: Kimmy Granger adorns the cover, and is the last starlet on the flick. That's a scene that you definitely don't want to miss! Content wins here.

Final Thoughts: This is the series where Mimefreak shows off Future Angels. Unfortunately, Kandace has made it clear she is no longer in the running by packing up and leaving the industry entirely. Jenna and Summer both show promise and while I wasn't originally a Kimmy fanboy the girl has continued to impress me with every title I've seen her in. The girl obviously loves sex, and she's very good at it. Mimefreak shows great vision here, never chopping heads off and moving the camera deftly while balancing close mid and wide shots well around this great location. All in all, it's a good title and I recommend you check it out one way or another.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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