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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/21/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Porno-Potluck, Cooking Demonstrations, Sex

Writer/Director: Kay Brandt
Director of Photography: Mike Quasar


Cast: Mercedes Carrera, Cristi Ann, Damon Dice, Mia Li, Dick Chibbles, Marcus London, Alison Rey, Leya Falcon, Jenevieve Hexxx, Tony de Sergio, Leo Christensen (Non-sex), Joe Filippone (Non-sex)

Length: Right around four and a half hours.    

Date of Release: 2016

Extras: Youtube Channel for the non-sex portions

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: This review was done from an advanced online screener which played well and looked fantastic. I have no idea of the exact technical specs, but it appeared to be shot in hi-def and presented in widescreen.

Overview: Part cooking show, part hardcore sex. It's not food porn, it's not porn with food involved, and it's not sex in a kitchen. It is real adult performers actually showing off their personal sides and their cooking skills, which everyone here seems to have pretty well mastered. Not only can these people cook, they also do it well under the pressure of the camera while holding conversations with each other and explaining their dishes to the viewer. It's a very unique idea that Kay Brandt came up with! The premise is this: Adult performers have sent in audition tapes to be on Forked! and the lucky ones magically receive invitations to come show off their skills and have some bedroom fun.

If you are a a food tv junkie AND you like porn then this will be great fun for you. If you don't love both of those things then this probably isn't a title that you will enjoy.

Scene 1: Cristi Ann & Jenevieve Hexxx

Cristi & Jenevieve

Cristi and Jenevieve show up for the Forked party at the mansion and there's nobody around. As both of them are looking hot in their outfits and nobody is around they start pawing one another in the foyer. Their dialog is natural as they compliment each other during an extensive bout of kissing and caressing. The buxom beauties stay clothed for quite awhile, Jenevieve finally getting Cristi's panties off to lick her twat as she stands at the bottom of a marble staircase.

Cristi & Jenevieve

Cristi wants to taste some pussy too, so Jenevieve drops her drawers and lies back on a red leather chair, heavily inked all over in witchcraft motifs. She squirms as Cristi licks her in long strokes. Cristi sits on her new friend's face, her tiny ass looking good contrasting with Jenevieves huge boobs, which are still in her black bra. About the time it's getting hot and steamy, Dick Chibbles walks in through another door and the lesbian action comes to a halt as they hear him in the kitchen doing some food prep and they head in to check it out.

Kitchen Time:

The trio mix up some pineapple salsa while making sexual references and being playful with each other. The interplay works really well here, each of them actually showing some skills and kitchen knowledge.

It was about this point in time where I realized that this is not what I expected at all, this is real people, really cooking and doing it well! I was expecting a parody-like theme in the kitchen with some water boiling as people had sex. Wrong. This is a way better idea!

Cristi whips up the 2nd dish; Cuban pork roast, while the banter continues. Mercedes Carrera is actually the host of the show, and she shows up not happy that her guests are there early and already cooking. She asserts her dominance and then joins the group in their playful banter once she's caught up on what the dishes are. Then, she kicks them out of her kitchen so her man slave can whip up her dishes.

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The show goes on with sliding sidebars of Cristi, Jenevieve and Dick talking about their day so far. Then, we get Jenevieve and Cristi in a Quickie Cooking session in which they are making some chicken burritos for the crew. That cuts into Mercedes' personal slave introducing himself and she shows him how to make bacon wrapped dates and then scampers off to leave him to do her bidding. Now, we're back to Cristi by herself, making her side dishes to go with her roast.

The rest of the party guests start showing up one by one, each taking turns to show off their featured dishes. The kitchen becomes a whirlwind of activity and sexual innuendos. As dishes get nearly finished they gather in another room and Jenevieve puts on a belly dance show as some of the performers start pairing up to get to know each other better.

Scene 2: Alison Rey & Dick Chibbles

I admit, I didn't see these two pairing up first, but here we are in a bedroom, Alison looking cute as a button as she tries to undo his belt. The two trade a bit of oral favoring and Alison tells him to just hurry up and get up there and fuck her already. He's happy to acommodate that request, and she's so happy they met tonight. The pair exude natural chemistry, having fun talking and joking around while fucking.

Alison Rey

The fucking is hot, how could it not be with a girl like Alison sitting on a cock? She makes great eye contact as she pauses for some BJ action, her cute ass in the air. She sounds pleased with the way he rams her in spoon as she rubs her clit. She starts bucking around as he bangs her tight fuck hole. She strokes his cock as they kiss while changing positions into missionary where he bangs the brunette babe hard and pops on her bejeweled navel. They have a good laugh and it's back to the cooking action where Marcus and Tony are getting on with the French chicken dish they're preparing.

As Marcus explains the techniques; other guests pop in and out to check whatever they have in the oven. Marcus talks directly to the camera like an actual TV chef as he compares cooking to sex.

Scene 3: Mercedes Carrera, Marcus London, Tony de Sergio

Mercedes Carrera

The trio get busy in a living room, Mercedes' toned body looking ravishing as the two muscular men develop raging hard-ons for her. She blows them gently swapping between the swords and then Marcus goes down on her as Tony fucks her mouth. It's hot that they leave her red and black lingerie on as they service her, Marcus getting first dibs with his cock in her gash. Tony wants more access to her hole so he slingshots her panties across the room before plunging his pecker into her pussy while Marcus fucks her mouth. Tony pauses for a moment and Marcus fills her hole with his fingers and her slit sloshes as he fingers her hard. Once she's in doggie Marcus slams her from behind while Tony takes the other end of the spitroast. Tony sits down and manhandles her onto his meat in reverse cowgirl. Her boobs defy gravity as she bounces on his boner. Tony's a gentleman so he lets his buddy take his turn in her bangbox while he pinches her nipples hard. Everyone's worked up a glistening sweat in this threesome, and it shows off her ass nicely as she spreads her cheeks for the camera while riding cowgirl. She switches up the action going back to where she started in the dual dick suck, letting the guys pop on her chest. Then, they run back to the kitchen as everyone's getting hungry and it's time to serve things up.

The kitchen gathering is a lot of fun to watch as people sample each other's dishes and everyone addresses the camera individually to give their thoughts on the day and the food.

Scene 4: Mercedes Carrera, Mia Li, Damon Dice

Mercedes & Mia

The ladies pull Chef Damon out of the kitchen for a bit of relaxation. I'm familiar with Mercedes' looks and skill set, but Mia's new to me and wow. Smokin' hot body on this chick, which looks great splayed out as Mercedes goes down on her while she kisses Damon. As expected, Mercedes takes charge here, coaching and instructing everyone as to what she likes and wants to see and taste. That works in Mia's favor as Mercedes holds her while Damon fingers Mia to orgasm. The two dark haired vixens look great together as they share a lick on his stick. The eye contact between the girls is hot as the trio crack jokes amongst each other. Mercedes takes the first ride on the manhood, licking Mia's crotch as she sits atop the couch. There's a moment of chaotic squealing and squeaking and grunting and they break for some BJ action. Mia's up next, in reverse cowgirl with Mercedes licking her nipples. Damon wants to see her cum again, and he and Mercedes work in tandem to make that happen, which is hot. Mia's not ready to give up the rod inside of her yet and she leans forward and then back and Mercedes reaches in to make her cum yet again. Mercedes gets another turn, in doggie, as she licks Mia's little black bush. Damon shows why he's in demand as he continues to bang these babes in more positions, Mercedes urging him to cum all over Mia as Mia screams how well he's fucking her. That's a hard request to pass up, so they drop at his request and go tit-to-tit to catch his load and lick it off each other as he stands panting and sweating. Fun scene to watch!

Kitchen Time:

Mercedes and Mia both have great recipes and excellent screen presence in the kitchen. Their innuendo banter is great as the two glow with the fact that they have intimate knowledge of each other. The fact that Mia calls Mercedes "dude" while acknowledging a compliment from her, and feeding her, just shows you how well these two get along.

Once Leya's in the kitchen with Damon and Mercedes the thing just takes cooking shows to a whole new level. The "F"word falls out of her mouth regularly and she makes references to lube. It's funny as hell to listen to her theories on recipes. It's so funny; that someone (Mercedes?) off camera can be heard laughing at her one-liners. She's a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of cook and she "checks her shit" regularly to make sure the house isn't about to burn down (watch that for the backstory). I absolutely loved this segment.

Scene 5: Leya Falcon & Damon Dice

Leya looks great, lying on her back asking for some cock in her mouth. Damon does dick her throat, her tits standing erect. This girl has some serious oral skills, easily going balls deep on him.

Leya Falcon

She leans way back while riding him, making it easy to keep everyone in frame. She pauses for some dual handed jerking and then gets drilled in doggy, Damon's balls slapping against her loudly. This young lady has a body built for laying pipe into, and Damon delivers; both of them dripping sweat.

Leya Falcon

She lies back and gets hammered, legs spread as she watches him penetrate her pussy. Her eyes are wide as she rides him wildly, bringing herself to an orgasm and then another as Damon holds her on his dick by gripping into her ass hole. She grits her teeth as Damon drills her in missionary while she begs for him to cum all over her. He repositions her slightly for a better camera view and he hammers home; both grunting and panting as he brings himself to deliver all over her.

Wow, that was one of the most intense scenes I've seen all year! Great job you two!

Some quick one-liners and it's back to the performers giving their thoughts about the whole concept and how much fun they had.

Final Thoughts:
What a great concept. It took me quite awhile to get through all four and a half hours, but I enjoyed every second of it. I don't know about the rest of you, but as a foodie that does plenty of cooking and watching tons of food television and enjoys watching good porn this was a huge hit with me! I went in expecting something totally different and was blown away by what I saw. Any and All of these adult performers could host their own food shows and plenty of people would tune in. In fact, you can check out the Forked! Youtube Channel if you just want to see the cooking aspect of it, which takes up a majority of the actual screen time. I seriously hope that this idea catches on and we get future episodes of  this show. It's fun, it's funny, and it gets hot and steamy outside of the kitchen! I'm going to say this is Highly Recommended for anyone that loves food and porn. If you just want to see these performers get it on then this is likely not a title you will enjoy from start to finish, watch the sex scenes online.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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