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Diary of a Nanny 8

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/24/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 22 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens; Babysitter

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Starring Elsa Jean with Kleio Valentien, Josie Jagger, Alexis Adams, Chloe Amour, Axel Aces, Johnny Castle, Tyler Nixon, Ryan Mclane

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for My Friend’s Hot Girl, Ass Masterpiece; Jillian Janson Interview


A few horny nannies have been keeping diaries about their sexcapades. In Naughty America’s Diary of a Nanny 8, we watch the pussy pounding stories of 5 hardworking nannies who fuck and journal about it. Elsa Jean stars in the DVD and she is joined by Kleio Valentien, Josie Jagger, Alexis Adams and Chloe Amour. Each nanny has a sticky situation they find themselves in and fucking is the best way to get out of it. Kleio has seen her boss Axel Aces watching her for some time now. Once his wife goes on a weekend trip, she takes the opportunity to give him the pussy he’s been craving. Josie is worried about her boss Johnny Castle who is in the middle of a divorce. Even though Johnny won’t be needing her as much anymore, Josie tells him they can still be friends, friends with benefits. They fuck on the kids’ bunk beds and this is the hottest scene in the movie, especially when Josie hangs from the top bunker getting fucked in a standing cowgirl. Alexis finds out that her boss has a son away at college, Tyler Nixon, and she has been sleeping in his room this whole time. When he comes home on break, they both decide to make the best of sharing a bed and fuck each other until he pops in her mouth. Chloe has bruises on her legs from sucking cock and getting fucked doggystyle. Her boss Ryan Mclane wants her to show him just how she gets those marks. DVD starlet Elsa Jean closes out the flick, fucking her boss Mark Wood after he comes home early and finds her getting her pussy eaten by her boyfriend. He makes the guy leave then works on her pussy himself. The overall production quality of this flick is fine and these 5 scenes are a collection of webisodes from Naughty America. I say watch this one online.

Scene 1:  Kleio Valentien and Axel Aces

Kleio is taking some time to write in her diary about her experience being a nanny for Mr. Smith. She is coming around to it and realizes there are a few perks that she enjoys. The other day while she was getting dressed she saw Axel peeking in on her. She confronts him and tells him that she has seen him watching her for a while. She knows he wants more than just pizza because every single time she gets out of the shower, she sees him peeking at her. She knows he likes seeing her body when she gets out of the shower. She pins him to the bed on his back and starts jerking his cock, kissing him and interrogating him about peeking in on her. She knows he decided not to go out of town because he had an ulterior motive. That’s when she starts sucking his cock and telling him she knows he wants to fuck her. Kleio jerks his cock and sucks it all over, kissing him in between. She drops to her knees and helps him out of his clothes while she blows his dick. She deep throats him and rubs her tits while swallowing his hard meat. After blowing his cock, she lies on the bed and opens her legs wide, happy that Axel is not so shy anymore. She has been wondering when he would finally take her. He pleasures her pussy with his tongue, licking her clit back and forth and keeping Kleio turned on. She says this job has just gotten so much better now, especially when he starts fingering her pussy, drilling her hole with two fingers then sticking it with his tongue again. She grips his head and tells him she wants to bury his face in her fucking pussy.

The fuck with a leg up with Kleio lying over the edge of the bed with one leg up over his shoulder while he stands there and drills her tight pussy, pumping it back and forth. She looks at his cock plowing through her hole and fingers her clit at the same time. She puts both legs up over his should now and moans in ecstasy as he plunges her hole. She takes control of her boss and pushes him on to the bed then straddles him, riding his cock in reverse cowgirl position. Axel fingers her pussy again while she bounces up and down on his cock. She tells him to fuck her fucking cunt. She turns around and rides him cowgirl style, grinding back and forth on his dick. She says this is just how she likes it. He holds her ass cheeks open and splits her pussy with his cock. They spoon fuck then get into doggy position where she orders him to pound her pussy. Axel picks up the pace and slams in and out of her hole. He pulls out and jerks off in her face, cumming all over her mouth and tits.

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Scene 2:  Josie Jagger and Johnny Castle

Dear diary, Josie writes, she knows Johnny is having trouble at home with his marriage. She is going to his house tomorrow to help him out because she doesn’t want to lose her job and she also thinks Johnny is super cute. The next day, she is at his house cleaning up the kid’s room. Johnny walks in and asks her what she’s doing because he doesn’t have the kids this weekend. He tells her with the divorce and everything, he probably won’t have the kids as much anymore and he won’t need her as much as he used to. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and tells him that he can use her for more than just work. They can be friends and besides, she thinks he is cute. Johnny starts kissing her and tells her he thinks she is cute too. He lifts up her skirt, revealing her nice round ass. Then he pulls her panties down and starts kissing her pussy from behind as she stands up. He tells her she tastes so good. Johnny fingers her pussy, making Josie wet. She turns around and helps him pull down his pants so she can suck his cock. She stays on her knees and jerks his meat in and out of her mouth. Josie is hungry for cock and it shows. She is enjoying sucking his dick and licking his balls. Johnny grips her hair and holds her head in place then starts fucking her throat, making her gag. She gets on the kids’ bed and lies back, fingering her pussy, inviting Johnny in. He positions her on her side for a hard drilling spoon fuck that gets her moaning right away. He pulls out and eats her pussy again, keeping it wet.

Johnny lies on the bed and Josie straddles him cowgirl style, riding his cock and bouncing her ass up and down. She gets into a hot cowgirl ride on top of his dick and soon Johnny takes control, drilling her pussy with his pole. She grips and spanks her ass cheeks while stuffing her snatch. The hottest part of the scene happens next when Josie hangs on to the top bunker of the kid’s bed and gets fucked in a standing cowgirl, sending her into complete ecstasy. She gets spoon fucked then gives him a squirting surprise when he fingers he hole, making her cum. They spoon fuck some more then Josie takes his cock doggystyle. She’s on her back again telling him to fuck her good as he slams her pussy from behind. She begs him to fuck her. She says she wants his cum all over her. He is happy to make her wish come true, pulling out and shooting his load all over her face and in her mouth.

Scene 3:   Alexis Adams and Tyler Nixon

Alexis has been babysitting for the Nixon’s for a while now and they’ve been treating her great. They have an older son named Tyler and he’s coming home on school break and she just found out that she has been sleeping in his room the whole time. What starts out as awkward turns into the best experience of Alexis’ life. Tyler comes home and Alexis is prepared to move out of his room but Tyler tells her she doesn’t have to leave at all. This is her room just as much as it is his room. They both sit on the bed and Alexis tells him that it’s OK for them to sleep together in the same bed. He tells her she has grown up a whole lot and she is really good looking now. She starts rubbing his cock and tells him there’s no need for anyone to sleep in the living room, they can both sleep in the bed. Tyler is nervous about her advances at first but she assures him that the rest of the family is out doing their own thing. They won’t know what’s happening. She kisses him over and over then unbuttons his pants and makes a move for his cock. It’s hard already and she starts sucking it. He pulls her panties off and starts spanking her ass while she sucks his dick. Alexis deep throats his meat and tells him they should have done this a long time ago. She licks up and down his shaft then sucks his balls.

He turns her over on her back and makes her pussy his priority, fingering and licking it, driving her crazy. She sucks his cock one more time before straddling his meat in cowgirl position and slowly pulling it in and out of her pussy. She bounces faster and faster on his cock and he grips her ass cheeks while she rides him. She slows the pace and grinds on his cock then lays on her side for spoon fucking. Tyler slams her pussy in reverse cowgirl that has her screaming oh shit. Then she gets on all fours for a doggystyle pounding that keeps her screaming. Tyler eats her pussy again, pulling her pussy lips in his mouth then he fucks her missionary style. She grips his cock between her tits and he titty fucks her until he pops in her mouth. She swallows and tells him she’s so glad he came home. They make plans to do the same thing tomorrow night.

Scene 4:  Chloe Amour and Ryan Mclane

Chloe writes in her diary that she was so embarrassed yesterday after her boss Ryan talks to her about the bruises on her legs. He is concerned because he thinks it’s from dancing. It’s from sucking dick and Ryan doesn’t believe her. Chloe decides she must show him. Ryan calls her into the bedroom and asks her if everything is OK because he noticed the bruises on her legs. His wife noticed the same thing. Ryan tells Chloe that him and his wife are very concerned about her and want to make sure everything is OK. He tells her that his wife thinks the bruises are from dancing. Chloe is insulted and says she does not go out to nightclubs dancing. She tells him the bruises are from sucking dick and getting fucked doggystyle. She says she sucks a lot of dick and that’s what’s causing the bruises on her legs. Ryan says he wants to see if this is true. He wants her to show him how she gets those bruises on her legs. Chloe is not so comfortable with this. She reminds him that she is the nanny and they shouldn’t be doing this. Ryan tells her not to worry about anything. His wife is gone and he wants her to show him how she gets all those bruises. He starts kissing her on her shoulders and back, turning her on. Chloe gets in the mood and submits to his advances. He starts sucking her nice tits then he lies on his back so she can show him how well she sucks dick. Chloe does what she does best, blowing cock. She deep throats him and spits all over his meat. Then she sucks and licks his balls and works her way back up his shaft, leaving trails of spit dangling from the head of his cock. Chloe is on all fours shining his pole and Ryan can see how she gets those bruises.

He pulls her bikini off and opens her legs wide and tongues her pussy. He works his tongue back and forth across her clit, getting Chloe all worked up. Her head falls back in ecstasy as Ryan smacks on her pussy, making it wet. She tells him to keep licking her pussy just like that. She loves it just like that. He obliges, getting into nonstop tongue lashing action on her snatch. With her hole wet and ready, he sticks his prick inside her, holding one of her legs up over his shoulder. He starts pounding her pussy, stretching it out and giving Chloe the pleasure she needs. She looks up at him and asks him how does it feel to be fucking your nanny. It feels great. She wants it from the side and he gives it to her in a hot spoon fuck that goes balls deep. His cock penetrates her pussy hard and fast, keeping it wet. She tells him he’s going to give her more bruises with the way he’s fucking her. She gets into doggy position and gets hammered from behind. She tells him she loves feeling the way his cock pounds her pussy. She slams her body back and forth into is and tells him to pull her hair while he fucks her hole. The reverse cowgirl fucking is just as hard or harder than the doggy and Chloe is having fun bouncing up and down on his pipe. She straddles him cowgirl style next and rides him hard until he’s ready to cum. He pops in her mouth and chin. She sucks his cock as cum drains down her tits. After swallowing his load, she looks up at him and tells him now he knows how she gets those bruises.

Scene 5: Elsa Jean and Mark Wood

DVD starlet Elsa Jean fucks her boss Mark Wood in this scene. She recounts in her diary how horny she was one day that she called Tony over to fuck her. The kids are asleep and Mark went out so she is ready to fuck Tony. He comes over but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He’s nervous about the whole thing. She tells him to lighten up and she puts his hand on her pussy. She puts both legs over his shoulders and tells him to eat her pussy. Tony buries his face between her legs and starts smacking on her snatch. Elsa rubs her tits in pleasure while he eats her hole. That’s when Mark walks into the bedroom and can’t believe what he’s seeing. He walks up and screams what the fuck is going on. He tells Tony to get the fuck out. He can’t believe what he’s seeing. Elsa is so sorry. She says she is horny and she thought he was out on a date. Mark was stood up and that’s why he’s home early. She starts rubbing his cock and tells him she knows how she can make up for this whole thing. She helps him unzip his pants and starts sucking his cock. She strokes his meat and keeps it in her mouth, making his dick hard. Elsa spits on it and swallows his meat, enjoying his prick.

She lies on her back and Mark shows her no mercy, fucking her pussy hard and holding one of her legs up over his shoulders. Elsa is finally getting the cock she needed after being so horny. She gets on all fours in doggy position for more hard pussy pounding. He spanks her ass cheeks while he plows his cock in and out of her pussy, telling her to stay right there so he can fuck her. She looks back at him while he slams her hole then she sits on his dick cowgirl style for more. He keeps fucking her harder and harder, keeping her wet. The reverse cowgirl is just as good to her as she fingers her clit. The spoon fuck then she sucks her pussy juices off his prick. She lies on her back again for more deep penetrating pounding then she begs for his cum. Elsa drops to her knees, opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue and waits until his jizz fills her mouth. She grabs his cock and sucks it, swallowing all his load. He beats her cum-filled tongue with this dick.

Final Thoughts:

Diary of a Nanny 8 captures the sexcapades of 5 horny nannies who journal about everything and keep a diary of their sex sessions. The flick stars Elsa Jean and includes Kleio Valentien, Josie Jagger, Alexis Adams and Chloe Amour. I say watch this one online. The overall production quality is good and the set ups to each scene are fine. You will enjoy watching Josie Jagger’s hot fuck session with Johnny Castle, especially when she hangs from the kid’s bunk bed and gets fucked in a standing cowgirl. The chemistry between these 2 is great and she enjoys fucking him. This flick is a collection of Naughty America webisodes and watching them online is the way to go.

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