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Desire For Sex

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/25/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, Romance, Erotica

Director: Roma Amor



Note: The Chapters menu has Anna and Antonia's scenes reversed.

Cast: Antonia Sainz, Ana Rose (Credited as Anna), Blanche Bradbury, Adam, Ricky, Ridge

Length: 1 hour 19 minutes (not the 120 minutes the cover mentions)   

Date of Release: September 22, 2016

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superbly shot by Roma Amor for SinfulXXX and presented in widescreen. It's shot in very low light, with plenty of deep blacks. I suggest you watch this in a darkened environment for optimal viewing. There is some background music at the start of each scene, but absolutely no dialog. There was a glitch in scene 2 that kept causing playback to stop and I would have to restart the disc and jump a few seconds past that point and it would be fine.

Overview: Three erotic couples-friendly scenes. It's a very romantic feeling movie, shot almost entirely by candlelight. The atmosphere is great. The sex is soft and sensual.

Scene 1: Antonia Sainz & Adam "Diner D'Amour"

Antonia Sainz

The pair are in a dark restaurant, completely surrounded by candles. They share some champagne as they toast softly and silently while music plays. Antonia is  wearing a see through, black, lace dress and stands to show off her body. She then slowly crawls across the table to engage in a kiss; her auburn hair highlighted by the candlelight. She lies on her back while her man softly caresses her secret garden. Her breasts are pulled out of her dress, glowing in the soft light as he tongues between her legs ever so gently and slides two fingers into her. She holds her stockinged legs up, panties binding her at the knees. She sits up to kiss her man and the tablecloth shifts with her. (I was expecting glassware everywhere, but it stops short of the edge.)

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Antonia Sainz

She sits in a chair, undressing Adam, her profile looking amazing in the warm light as she strokes his cock. She makes love to it with her mouth and her ass is beautifully shown in the wide shot. A cut brings us to her lying on the table, legs in the air as she is slowly penetrated, breathing hard and back arched. It is all very soft and sensual, each shot well composed. Adam holds her legs wide, gripping her ankles as he starts to thrust a bit harder. He makes love to her from behind, as she kneels on the chair; the camera panning across her candlelit body. The focus is on her face as she has a totally believable orgasm right before it pans back down to catch him cumming on her beautiful butt cheeks.

Scene 2: Ana Rose & Ricky "Piano Sonata"

Ana Rose

The scene starts with Ricky sitting at a piano in a tuxedo and then moves to Ana lying on a table between candelabra, wearing sexy black lingerie that matches her hair. Ricky caresses her, slowly removing her bra to reveal beautiful small boobs in closeup. She turns onto her stomach and he caresses her backside, her ass firm and round. The caressing is making Ricky hot and he undoes his tie as she kneels on the tabletop to kiss him. Her body is absolutely fantastic as they passionately trade tongues; the camera work phenomenal. He deftly undoes her garters one handed as she puts her ass in the air so he can tongue her from behind; her lips expertly lit as he caresses them with his tongue. She sits in his lap and they make out passionately as he rubs between her legs.

Ana Rose

He takes more time to enjoy her orally and then she returns the favor with a hand assisted head pumping. She makes good eye contact as she licks the tip of his shaft as he leans back against the piano. The two trade places so she can rub her clit into the camera's view as her BJ continues. She stands and he takes her from behind her hips meeting his thrusts halfway with each stroke. She sits on the piano keys and he plows into her, causing my disc to reset to the menu during multiple viewings. I had to skip a few seconds there to the next position where she's in a chair and they are going at it causing him to pop on her little black patch shortly after she has a body quivering orgasm.

Scene 3: Blanche Bradbury &  Ridge "Sweet Dreams"

Blanche Bradbury

Blanche is in bed, dreaming that she puts on a little black dress and meets a muscular man downstairs, sitting in a circle of candles. He massages her shoulders and then she sits on him, ass exposed as he pulls her dress down to expose her sculpted boobs. She stands and he kneels to remove her clothes and caress her thighs. He takes time to taste her neatly shaven slit, her red soled stilettos high in the air as she lies in a chair. They reverse positions so he can enjoy some tonguing and then he takes her from behind. They have good eye contact as the camera switches back and forth between close and wide shots.

Blanche Bradbury

He lies back on the floor and she slowly slides his shaft into her snatch. The camera titlts up and down her body as she bounces on him. She rubs herself as she squat thrusts on him faster and faster. The camera zooms into her face as she bangs her ass against his balls, making herself cum. She quickly jumps off of his cock and jerks it rapidly causing him to splash all over himself as her dream fades away.

Final Thoughts: It is a very soft and sensual set of scenes. It would probably work very well playing in the background as you and a loved one enjoyed a nice glass of wine together. Couples are obviously the intended target market, and for them I'd say it is worth a rental. There are absolutely no extra features on the DVD and I'm not sure how much replay value it has, so I'm going to say Watch It Online when you are in a romantic mood. The camera work is absolutely stunning and the lighting is fantastic and flattering. I had no idea of what to expect when I popped it in, but I was impressed with the beautiful visuals. No harsh lighting, no sudden camera movements. It's very artsy and I liked it.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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