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Young & Beautiful

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 10 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Riley Reid and Megan Rain with Bree Daniels, Anya Olsen, Blake Eden, Christian Clay, Jean Val Jean, Mick Blue

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Website Info


When director Greg Lansky launched his Vixen.com studio, he described it as a studio that will deliver high-class porn featuring the natural beauty of adult performers. It would also be the place for well shot movies, involving storylines and luxurious locations. In his brand new series Young & Beautiful, Lansky stays true to his word, presenting more stunning beauties in visually pleasing scenes that send this flick to the top of the porn stack. Young & Beautiful stars AVN’s 2016 female performer of the year, Riley Reid, and fan favorite Megan Rain. These 2 share industry favorite Mick Blue in an hour long opening scene that shows why Riley and Megan are hardcore sex superstars. These 2 steam up their scene early on with girl/girl action in the pool then are introduced to Mick’s dick which drills their wet holes until they squirt and cum. These starlets are joined by Bree Daniels, Anya Olsen and Blake Eden across 4 total scenes of erotic sex that runs for over 3 hours. In addition to the two-time winning AVN male performer of the year Mick Blue, these all natural, always horny girls feast on the cocks of top performers Christian Clay and Jean Val Jean. I highly recommend Young & Beautiful. In addition to the high level production, the chemistry in every scene will keep your attention. Riley and Megan are inseparable in bed and they aim to please with no limits. Watching their threesome with Mick alone make getting your hands on this DVD worth it.

Scene 1:  Riley Reid, Megan Rain and Mick Blue

Riley and Megan are enduring the most boring day ever and it’ so hot. They are sitting around bored and hot and they don’t know what to do. These 2 have been best friends since elementary school and they have done everything together. Everything! After school, they would hang out and smoke and party with the boys. They love to party and they don’t care what anyone thinks about it, including their parents. In the unbearable heat, Riley tells Megan that her neighbor has this awesome pool and he is never home. The girls jump the fence and get into his back yard. They strip to for a little skinny dipping, jumping into the pool to cool themselves off. Riley finds herself getting turned on when she sees Megan strip down and get in the pool and splash around. The whole thing is so wild and crazy for Riley. She always wondered what it would be like to kiss Megan. Riley is feeling adventurous and she pins Megan against the side of the pool and starts kissing her. Megan responds with more kisses and the 2 engage in hot girl on girl in the water. Megan lifts Riley’s legs up over her shoulder and starts eating her pussy. Riley holds on to the side of the pool as Megan sends her into ecstasy, licking her pussy. Right in the middle of Megan telling Riley her pussy tastes so good, Mick walks up and asks them what the fuck are they doing. The girls have broken into his property. They tell him to chill. It’s a hot day and they were just cooling him off. They invite him into the pool, telling him not to be a bitch. They don’t wait for him to take his clothes off. They pull him into the pool fully clothed. Both girls start kissing him and are desperate to see what’s inside his pants. Before they can get to his cock, Mick spreads Riley’s legs open and picks up where Megan left off, kissing and licking her pussy. The girls are still curious about what’s inside Mick’s pants and they get him naked pin him up against the side of the pool and start sucking his cock. Megan works on his dick first then shares it with Riley.

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The threesome gets even more interesting when Megan sucks his cock and Riley eats Megan’s pussy at the same time. Everyone agrees that this has been an interesting way to cool off on a hot day. Mick leads the girls inside to his bedroom for more foreplay. They kiss all over each other and soon the girls are back to eating his meat. Riley is sucking his prick and Megan gets behind Mick and starts eating his ass. The girls are sandwiching Mick in oral delight. Mick turns around and puts his cock in Megan’s mouth and his ass in Riley’s. The girls are gurgling and dribbling all over themselves. They continue to devour his cock, being sure to share it with each other on the couch and then on the bed as they bend over doggystyle side by side. The throat fucking goes on for a long time as Mick satisfies their mouths with his meat. The girls lie on the bed on their backs side by side and Mick licks Riley’s pussy so good it makes Riley cum. Megan encourages her to cum, gripping her around the neck. Before Mick sticks his cock in Riley’s pussy missionary style, Megan sucks it off, slobbering all over it and lubing it up. He fucks her pussy then pulls out and feeds his cock to Megan. She loves the pussy to mouth and Mick does it again and again and again. With Riley’s pussy stretched open, Megan opens her leg wide and gets a tongue lashing from Mick. He drills her hole missionary style and does the same pussy to mouth routine with Riley. She bends over and takes Mick’s cock doggystyle and Megan’s tongue in her ass. Riley can’t believe how good it all feels. There are great closeups of Riley’s holes getting stuffed. Megan sits her pussy in Riley’s face and encourages Riley to eat it. While she eats it, Mick continues his doggy drilling that sends Riley over the edge. Megan is next up, bent over on all fours and squeezing his cock with her pussy while she gets fucked from behind. Mick crouches on top of her and fills her tight hole all the way up while sucking Riley’s toes. She calls Mick such a naughty neighbor. Riley rides him reverse cowgirl style and squirt all over his cock. Megan quickly licks it all up then she sits on his shaft, bouncing her ass up and down. Mick stretches her pussy more and more, keeping her pleasured. The threesome sizzles as Megan rides his cock and Riley sits on his face, smothering Mick with her pussy. Megan is the recipient of his jizz once he pulls out and pops directly down her throat. The 2 girls cum swap and kiss each other and tell Mick they need to use his shower.

Scene 2:  Bree Daniels and Christian Clay

Bree is in law school and it’s really hard. She has to study a lot but what she hates the most is having no money. Everybody around her is broke. She is frustrated about not having the money she needs so she goes onto a sugar daddy dating site. She is turned on by older man and is curious about meeting someone. She sets up a date with an Italian man, Christian. She is nervous and excited at the same time. The date is going well. They are having a glass of champagne and the conversation turns to sex. He says he loves to dominate his partner and he really loves to punish his girls. Because Bree was late, Christian tells her he has to punish her. The sexual tension and anticipation between this 2 is hot to watch. Bree is looking forward to being dominated. He instructs her to strip out of her clothes and bend over his knees and that’s when he starts spanking her ass cheeks and making her count the whacks. He ass cheek turns red as Christian spanks her harder and harder. With the spanking over, they kiss passionately and Bree sits her pussy on his face. Christian tongues her hole, making her body shiver.

She climbs off his face and reaches for his hard cock, putting it in her mouth and sucking it. She runs her lips up and down his cock slowly then works it further and further down her throat. He spanks her more and grips her ass cheeks while she licks his dick. This part of the scene is very steamy and the right mood is set for a hot fucking between Bree and Christian. Once in the bedroom, she continues to suck his cock from her knees then she lies on her back on the bed where Christian fingers and licks her pussy until she shakes. She invites him inside her wet snatch missionary style. Christian penetrates and stretches her pussy, making her moan and grip him behind the ears. His cock slams her hole. After licking his wet cock, she sits on it cowgirl style. Christian grips her ass cheeks and holds them open while he fucks her pussy. Bree is cumming from the hard pounding and keeps bouncing up and down on his dick. She bends over doggystyle on the bed and takes more hard ass spankings from him. He eats her pussy then spanks her ass. Soon his cock is back inside her snatch, plowing it from behind in a downward doggy. The doggystyle fucking heats up and makes Bree’s body shake. Christian crouches on top of her and punishes her pussy from behind. She screams thank you, thank you while her pussy is drilled. Before riding his cock reverse cowgirl style, Bree sucks it, swallowing all of her wet pussy juices. Then she rides him and makes herself cum on top of his cock. Bree takes a big hot load of spunk down her throat when Christian pulls out and pops all over her tongue. She looks up at him after swallowing his load and says thank you sir. She ask to take a shower and this leads to a final round of intimate fucking against the shower wall.

Scene 3:   Anya Olsen and Christian Clay

Anya and Bree have really hit it off in school They moved in together and got really close. Both girls are broke until Bree started seeing the rich Italian guy, Christian. The more stories Bree tells Anya, the more she is turned on by the whole thing. She thinks it’s all kinky and hot. One day, Bree tells Anya about the last time she fucked Christian. It was in the shower. Bree shows Christian a picture of Anya and he wants to meet her. Anya is excited and asks Bree what she should do. Bree tells her to be very submissive and let him dominate her. If she is, Christian will take good care of her. Once Anya gets to Christian’s house, they enjoy a glass of wine and Christian shows her around. When they get to the kitchen, he asks her if Bree told her what she likes. Anya says yes. Christian says she should say yes sir! This means she needs to be punished. He turns her around and bends her over the kitchen countertop, flips up her dress and starts spanking her round ass. He spanks her hard, making her jump. He makes her count the whacks. Her ass cheeks are bright red now. Christian keeps her in the standing doggy position, unzips his pants, takes out his hard cock and fucks her pussy from behind with hard, sharp thrusts that make Anya’s eyes roll back into her head. She looks back at him as he slams her pussy with his prick and spanks her ass. They take their fucking from the kitchen to the bedroom where Christian rips Bree’s top off and tells her she is going to do anything he wants.

She says yes sir and drops to her knees and worships his cock in her mouth. He instructs on how to suck his dick, telling her to look up at him while she gags on his cock. After licking his balls and making a dribbly mess all over his cock, she rides it cowgirl. The action gets intense as she rides faster and faster on his pole. She sucks him, foot fucks him then rides his cock again but this time in reverse cowgirl position, telling him to keep it nice and slow. Christian doesn’t keep it slow for long, using his cock to drill her pussy in over drive like a hard working piston. The best part of the scene for Anya is her doggystyle fucking on the bed. She can’t stop saying yes sir, yes sir, yes sir as Christian’s cock fills her wet pussy. He licks up her pussy juices then gives her some anal love, plowing through her ass hole with his hard cock while she bends doggystyle. He crouches over her and stuffs her ass hole with hard cock. Anya is grinding her teeth and gripping the bed sheets while her ass hole gets a big cock massage. Just like her friend Bree, Anya takes a mouthful of cum as Christian pulls out of her ass and blows his loud in her mouth. She swallows and says yum then sucks his cock and tells him next time she wants him to fuck her and her roommate.

Scene 4:  Blade Eden and Jean Val Jean

Blade closes out the Young and Beautiful flick. She reminisces how it all happened. She was hired for a big photo shoot. She was nervous but excited at the same time. The gig paid well and she got to work with a French model named Jean. She could tell during the photo shoot that Jean really likes her because he keeps flirting with her. These 2 are hot together, showing great chemistry during the photo shoot, rubbing their hands across each other’s bodies. On the last day of the shoot, Blade is relaxing at the pool and getting a tan before she leaves for New York. She thought she was alone until Jean shows up with a glass of wine. He joins her in the pool and before she knows it, they are kissing each other. The chemistry between these 2 continues to heat up as they let their passions develop in the middle of the water. Blade isn’t shy about reaching for Jean’s cock and pulling it out of his trunks. She stars jerking him off while he kisses her tits. She bends to suck his cock then they both take off their swim trunks, leaving them floating in the water while they go to the bedroom.

He tells her he has wanted her since the second he saw her. Blade smiles then bends over to suck his cock some more. This time deep throating it, sending her lips all the way to his balls. She spits up all over his cock. They kiss each other, swapping spit then Jean lies her on her back and swipes her clit with his tongue, keeping her moaning. She tells him it feels so good. While she’s in missionary position, he slips his dick in her pussy, pumping her hole and keeping his tongue down her throat. Blade gets fucking in a standing doggy slam that has her screaming her loudest in the scene. She says you fuck me so good! He spanks her ass and then slams it with his body, driving his cock deep inside her. After a round of pussy to mouth cock sucking. She gets fucked missionary style and hard. He grips her around the throat while his dick splits her snatch, making her cum. With cowgirl and more pussy to mouth behind her, she bends over doggystyle, telling him don’t stop as his dick gets swollen inside her pussy. Here we get some extreme closeups of her pink pussy getting filled by Jean’s prick. She loves the way it feels deep inside her. Jean fucks her in a downward doggy until he pops on her, beating her tongue with his cock then driving his dick down her throat. He spanks her tits with his hard cock and she sucks his cock again, licking it clean of cum.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Young & Beautiful, the new series from director Greg Lansky. This flick is from the recently launched Vixen.com vault and has all the trademarks of a Lansky flick, high quality production, beautiful babes and hardcore sex. The flick stars Riley Reid and Megan Rain in an incredible opening scene that alone is worth getting your hands on this DVD. The chemistry between these 2 is a turn on to watch and their playfulness and sex drive lead them to hot girl/girl action in a swimming pool. Mick Blue adds his dick to the party, turning these girls into sexual savages who won’t stop fucking until they make each other squirt and cum. Reid and Rain are joined by Bree Daniels, Anya Olsen and Blake Eden whose pussies are stuffed with cocks from Christian Clay and Jean Val Jean. The high quality porn production, luxurious backgrounds and interesting storylines from Lansky are all present in this flick. What makes this movie even better is the chemistry present in every scene. Each girl has fun fucking on film and it shows up on their faces every time their pussies get drilled by dick.

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